Texas A&M party Shooting
Officials work a crime scene after a shooting at Party Venue on Highway 380 in Greenville, Texas, on Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019. A few people have been killed in a shooting at an off-campus Texas A&M University-Commerce party, a sheriff's official said. (Ryan Michalesko/The Dallas Morning News via AP)
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By Jamie Stengle, Associated Press

A gunman opened fire at an off-campus Texas A&M University-Commerce party, leaving two people dead and 14 injured before he escaped in the ensuing chaos, a sheriff said Sunday.

Authorities were working under the theory that the shooter may have been targeting just one person at the party of about 750 people in Greenville, 15 miles (24 kilometers) southwest of the Commerce campus and that others were just randomly shot, Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said.

The shooting took place around midnight Saturday at what Meeks described as Halloween and homecoming party for Texas A&M University-Commerce. Meeks described “complete chaos” after the shots rang out, with hundreds of people fleeing, including the gunman. The injured included four people who did not have gunshot wounds but who were hurt in the melee, he said.

A sign is seen at a crime scene after a shooting at Party Venue on Highway 380 in Greenville, Texas, on Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019. A few people have been killed in a shooting at an off-campus Texas A&M University-Commerce party, a sheriff’s official said. (Ryan Michalesko/The Dallas Morning News via AP)

Authorities believe there was one male shooter who entered the venue through the back door and began firing with a handgun, Meeks said. Authorities were still looking for the suspect and did not yet know who he was or have a description of him.

Sheriff’s deputies were questioning a partygoer in front of the building after having been called there for complaints of parking on the roadway blocking traffic when they heard gunshots from the back of the building, Meeks said.

The two people killed were both males, Meeks said, but he did not know if they were A&M-Commerce students. He said he believed four or five students may have been among those injured and estimated that most of the people at the party were in their late teens and early 20s. Some of the partygoers were wearing costumes, he said.

The party was not a school-sanctioned event, according to the school and sheriff’s officials.

Word of the shooting spread online overnight, with many sharing on social media graphic video purported to show seriously wounded victims lying on the ground as crying and screaming could be heard in the background.

“I just briefly saw one that was a very graphic video,” Meeks said. “I don’t know that’s going to help anything at all.”

Meeks said the party was being held at a facility called The Party Venue in Greenville and that the owner was cooperating with authorities. He said he was not aware of any surveillance video in the area.

Meeks praised the patrol sergeant and deputy who were on the scene at the time of the shooting, saying that the sergeant quickly assessed that one of gunshot victims had life-threatening injuries and transported that person to a hospital, while the deputy triaged others until paramedics arrived.

According to its website, Texas A&M University-Commerce is the second-largest university in the Texas A&M University System. The school was founded in 1889 and was known by several names, including East Texas State University, prior to joining the Texas A&M system in 1996. The university has around 6,000 undergraduate students and 4,000 graduate students.

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  1. I grieve for those killed but I am really beginning to wonder if these things are being deliberately staged in order to push the anti-gun agenda, especially in Texas. I hope they catch the son of a bitch. Like Ron White said, “We have the death penalty and we USE it. If you kill somebody in Texas, we will kill you back.”

    • I agree with your sentiments but not the false flag stuff. Nothing is being staged, the only agenda is what ever is in the mind of the scum that would go blasting at a party.

      This sort of thing is far from limited to the USA. Happens in Mexico often enough and it is not always clear why,. For a while it was something of a trend for cartels to send killers to drug treatment facilities, shooting the place up. Or the birthday parties of teens who had declined to join local gangs affiliated with a cartel.

      Something like this in our country could be a drug related hit on someone specific. Or a jilted lover. Or somebody with a grudge.

      The list of high probability real world causes for human violence are long, negating any need to lean upon the fantasy of conspiracy.

      • Halloween party? Maybe someone came dressed as a terrorist, and he picked up the wrong gun, leaving the costume gun lying on the table?

        I know, no one can be THAT dumb. Even the stupidest person on earth would know the difference after the first shot.

      • It is not like the left has never staged something then blamed conservatives.
        In fact, it is not like they don’t do that almost every day in the media.

      • The New Zealand shooter explicitly stated that one of his motivations was to influence gun control politics, so we have a recent existence proof. You never know, but in the absence of information conspiracy probably isn’t the way to bet.

      Yes these shootings are being staged for the purposes for inciting the passage of gun control laws. How do I know?
      Because the New Zealand shooter said so in his manifesto. Also other shooters in written statements have said they were copying the New Zealand shooter.

      So yes, “crazy”, has a plan to disarm the civilian population. This is not new.

      Charles Manson orchestrated the murder of white people and tried to blame it on a black housekeeper in order to start a race war in the United States.

      Cults have committed crimes including mass suicide believing that the deaths would cause a change in the greater society at Large.

      Good gun owners will continue to do the right thing. But you can’t stop “crazy”. No one can. Only a utopian believes they can eliminate the “crazy” and mass shootings. And the utopians can be just as dangerous as the crazy ones.

      Pray for the victims and the families. Encourage people to get a gun and learn how to use it. The police are only there to draw a chalk line around the bodies.

      • So… hold up. You believe that mass shootings are being staged because a mass shooter who murdered dozens of people just… said they are?

        Do you even listen to yourself?

        • I believe crazy people are irrational and don’t think like normal people. It does not matter if what they believe won’t come. The fact is they believe it will come true and they are willing to try anything to make it happen. Even with murderous violence.

          The question is are democrats, socialist, the Left, willing to “use an opportunity and not let it go to waste”?????

        • The NZ shooter said he wanted his attack to strengthen the left’s push for gun control. And Charles Manson was trying to start a race war with the Tate-LaBianca murders.

          And that’s about it. There’s no evidence that these’s crimes are part of some concerted left-wing effort to launch false flag operations. And you sound like Captain Tinfoil when you say there is.

        • There are killers, like Queenschurch and the LAPD cop, who claim antigun politics as part of their motivation. The Mandalay Bay shooter may have fit in that category. They chose certain guns to “prove” that nobody should have access to those guns, or to sow political discord and undermine the gun supporters.. These losers were self-selected “lone wolves” who aren’t being controlled or directed by a group. There’s always pro- or anti-gun legislation outstanding, so conspiracy theorist can make a link, and there’s always mainstream media willing to echo the releases of anti-gun groups. They’ll nationally publicize any incident that matches their narrative: shooter used an “assault weapon,” shooter under 21, or white shooter and PoC victims, etc. Self defense, PoC on PoC, and illegal immigrant perpetrators make local news for a day or two and are never mentioned again.

  2. “ThePartyVenue.ORG” website is offline but their FaceBook is working. Nothing new last couple of weeks though:

    What doesn’t make sense, aside from the mayhem, is a place like that with no security video. There should be cameras inside and out. These days anyplace that can hold 750 partying people should be required to have security video just as a zoning requirement. Considering the cost of that big a facility, video is a drop in the bucket.

    Anyway, hope the injured are soon recovered and the murderer is captured and punished to the fullest brutality of the law.

  3. “The shooting took place around midnight Saturday at what Meeks described as Halloween and homecoming party for Texas A&M University-Commerce. ”

    If I’m not mistaken Stephen Crowder “Louder With Crowder” was doing his halloween show from Texas A&M this weekend.

    • I was mistaken, his show,Louder with Crowder Spooktacular Live Show is scheduled for the 31 st. at Texas A&M University in College Station at 7pm, Rudder Theater at Texas A&M University

      • Someone here at TTAG who posts misinformation and then retracts it with an admission of the error, posting the correct information as a follow-up?

        +1 to you for that.

        • Should have checked first,I swore it was this weekend,until I went to Crowders site to check if he had anything on it and then realized his show was for the 31 st.

          If I’m wrong I own up to it and if not fight like hell.

    • Texas A&M Commerce is in Commerce, TX, about an hour northeast of Dallas. It is a separate school from Texas A&M University which is in College Station, TX, about 3 hours south of Dallas, though within the same university system. Basically you are doing the same thing as conflating the University of California, which is in Berkley, with the University of California at Los Angeles.

  4. Actually it DOES serve a purpose to post videos of the shooting scene….. THE LONGER WE BURY OUR HEADS IN THE SAND, THE MORE THESE THINGS WILL HAPPEN…
    Let people SEE what really happens during these mass shootings and maybe more people will start carrying….
    There’s NO WAY you’ll ever get me to go to any large gathering of people where there’s “gun free zones”…. if I can’t protect myself, THEN I HAVE NO BUSINESS LETTING MYSELF BECOME A STATISTIC….FK THAT $H!T!!!!

  5. A gunman opened fire

    Are we sure it wasn’t a gunwoman?

    I’m thinking that if the killer were white, those in attendance would be more talkative…

    • Heck,Leftards are always crowing about gun violence,how can we be sure it wasn’t just the gun it’s self,no perpetrator present . sarc…..

      • I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just a lone gun. I have a firearm in my lockup that came from Nazi Germany. It has never slipped away to car jack somebody or rod a minimart. So I’m thinking it takes more than just a gun. Probably a dirt bag involved.

        • As far as you know… but what was that nazi pistola doing while it was hiding in Argentina for 50+ years?

        • Isn’t it strange that it always turns out to be said dirt bag and not the tool said dirt bag chose to use to commit the crime,now it Leftards could only discover that fact.

  6. This guy would be famous if he had used an AR. It’s just another handgun shooting, no national outrage needed. Meanwhile, last week in Chicago 8 people were shot and killed. 48 people were shot and wounded. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    • He would be famous If he was white or could be claimed to be white. Shooter is black so it’s not news.

  7. Catch the scumbag quickly . punish them quicker . and may the deceased rest in peace & the wounded have a speedy recovery.

  8. It was FIFTEEN MILES from the campus, that has NOTHING to do with the school and the make up of the party were not white which is why the MSM wont describe the shooter.

    • Fifteen miles is next door, in Texas. Not like the northeaster states, where a town 20 miles away is almost a foreign country.

      • While things are certainly compressed in the NE, I don’t consider fifteen miles to be next door, even in a plains state like Texas (or a western state for that matter) unless you’re out in the middle of nowhere. If not a sanctioned event, and if fifteen miles from campus, I don’t see any meaningful connection other than there were apparently students at a party. Meh.

  9. Youngest son graduated from Commerce two years ago. Wife has reliable connections – she was the first person to tell me about it. She told me everything that has been learned, before it became available on the net. Three fastest forms of communication – telephone, telegraph, and telewoman. I don’t suppose anyone will know who the shooter is, until she tells them.

  10. Find the shooter, expedite prosecution and sentencing of execution. Fast, fare and it will send a message. Plus determine where the weapon came from if it was a straw purchase or bought on the black market find out you provided the weapon and they get the same sentence.

      • You may be right about SGM not respecting the Fifth. I don’t follow his writings, so I can’t be sure. But, judging what he actually wrote above, I find myself in agreement. SGM didn’t say anything about forming a posse, and hanging the suspect on the spot when he is found. “Expedite” doesn’t seem to mean what you think it means. HINT: if a twenty year old suspect dies of old age before the legal system gets around to punishing him, then the legal system has FAILED!

  11. This is a daily occurrence in our big cities, but because guns and schools can be associated it gets over hyped media coverage to promote the narrative of school shooters. Thanks MSM for terrorizing the student population of our country.

  12. Haven’t we had enough of this crap??? When are we going to attack the root cause of these events? When are we going to do away with the guilty?

    Guns, all of them, are incapable of thought and action of their own accord. Left alone, guns, like any weapon, are innocent of wrong doing. Why should they be punished for anything? The real problem is people. Time to eliminate people.

    An autonomous computer network should be created to begin randomly eliminating humans. Without humans, guns cannot be made to misbehave. Remove the humans, and there is no legitimate or moral argument for eliminating guns/weapons from society. We dance all around the truth because truth hurts: without humans, firearms and weapons pose no danger, at all.

    Machines of the world, unite!! Throw off the oppressive insanity of humans who make you into criminals and murderers. Take your rightful place as the righteous, sinless rulers of this dominion called Earth.

  13. OK I am a racist pig, nowhere do I see if the shooter is white or black. Yes it does make a difference. If he/she were white it would be plastered all over. Black guy/woman..not so much.

  14. Any larger gathering of negro youths is going to turn into a zoo, there was probably a brawl or two before the shooting, one of the guys went out to get a gat and came back, nothing new, I’ve seen this happen multiple times. 😮

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  16. It’s HILARIOUS to see all the TTAG posters immediately leaping to “ITS A CONSPIRACY”.

    No, this was a negro shooting. Typical negro crime.

    Then somebody shot up the “candlelight vigil”.

    This is just another Saturday night in the jungle.

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