NYPD magazine assault rifle clip
Courtesy New York Police Department
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“If it wasn’t for the diligence of these court officers, who knows what tragic events could have unfolded.” That’s dire warning came from New York Supreme Court Officers Association President Patrick Cullen. He was referring to the discovery of a 9mm “assault rifle clip” in the bag of someone entering the Bronx Supreme Court building Friday.

As the New York Post reports . . .

Isaiah Brown was on his way into Bronx Supreme Court at 10:30 a.m. Thursday for a housing-court case when he was caught with the ammo as he was coming through the magnetometers, the source said.

Oops. More from Mr. Cullen.

Our fear is that the ammunition could be paired up with a weapon that is already in the building or could be coming in at a later date.

But wait. How could that be? As we all know, New York City has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. So strict that it’s not legal to transport a firearm from your home to any other location in the city other than a shooting range.

And then there’s Governor Cuomo’s famously effective SAFE Act. Under those restrictions, it’s illegal to own a magazine that will hold more than ten rounds. And even then, the law says you can’t put more than seven rounds in at any one time.

Court officers confiscated the fully loaded assault-rifle magazine with 24 rounds, including a hollow-point bullet, which expands on impact, according to the source.

bronx courthouse assault rifle clip
Courtesy New York Police Department

What was Mr. Brown doing with such a dangerous “assault rifle clip” like this in the first place? And how could someone have possibly secreted a handgun into the court house when that’s plainly against the law, too?

The Post reports that, upon further investigation, it turns out that Mr. Brown, the man who was caught with the magazine in his backpack, has “gang affiliations.” He’s no doubt cooling his heels now on Rikers Island while the NYPD tries to figure out what a dangerous item like that was doing in their city.

It’s almost as if criminals don’t really pay attention to gun control laws, no matter how strict they are. In fact, you’d be forgiven for concluding that the only people whose behavior is affected by laws like New York’s are law-abiding citizens.


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    • Or just failed to feed period, junkiest mag on the market, might have thrown it at someone could do SOME damage i suppose…

      • I dunno. I have a few promags that work reliably in walthers and berettas (cx4/92fs).
        However, I’ve had some other “MADE IN THE USA BY AMERICANS” magazines that jammed everything up. bad enough that the feed lips alone were grinding on the walther slides. I had one seriously jam a gun up up right out of the box, and I immediately dumped it and the others from the same company into the trash. Didn’t even think to try returning them since they were clearanced out, dirt cheap. Wasn’t worth the trouble. the garbage was the only solution to make sure somebody else didn’t ever get them.

    • If the guy is a POC he’ll get a wrist slap at most.
      If he’s white he’ll maybe get a little more.

      • Sadly if he’s white they will nail him to a cross, if he’s a minority they will send him to a counseling class.

        I know people that work in that building as Court officers, and the majority of judges in those buildings require the court officers to secure their firearms before entering their courtrooms. So the judges prefer their Court officers to be unarmed.

      • Either way he will cut a plea and be back on the streets in no time! Now that NY doesn’t have any bail, they get summons tickets after they are booked. So it’s a win win!


    • He was gonna shove it up a leftists ass. One shot for every slap on the back of the head of his assault leftist.

      • I can just imagine a cartoon of this. Someone shoving the mag up the person’s ass, then smacking them on the back of the head and a round getting shot.

    • I suspect he was going to throw the cartridges at someone wicked hahd. That’s what we’d do in Boston.

    • He’s probably a guy who is a stasher. They usually will use women for this but guys with little or no record (that’s gone by by now) are used to carry weapons, ammo, drugs etc for use by the ones who have felony records.

      These guys hang out near but not with the bangers before an “event” and after to retrieve the gear.

      He forgot he had it and whoops. Looks to be for an Uzi or a homemade?

      And GOTS DAMMIT it’s freaking MAGAZINE not a CLIP.

    • Inconceivable! And even if he somehow forgot he was in Stalag New Yorksky, he absolutely deserves to have 5-10 years of his life stolen for this, lol. After all, “gang affiliations!”

  1. Fuck Cuomo. Fuck DiBlasio. Fuck the entire government of New York. My sympathies to all New Yorkers who realize what their once wonderful city and state have devolved to.
    That is all.
    PS-Fuck Cuomo and Fuck DiBlasio. With a flamethrower.

    • Waste of a perfectly good flamethrower, if anything give them a room with the “nonviolent” offenders they will no longer hold pretrial.

  2. 1st of all its mag or magazine not clip and the only true statement was criminals ” dont care ” about any gun law or laws key words DONT CARE.so what will it take for the leftist liberal know it all assholes to figure out that no matter what you do or say criminals will get guns so stop screwing over the ones that arent criminals and let us have our guns for self defence,sporting,for food and god for sake going to the range and having fun.

    • It’s not about disarming actual criminals. It’s about disarming the people likely to resist getting put into a cattle car. After all, utopia is just one more genocide away.

  3. Magazine,a clip feeds a magazine,big whoop he was in court with a piece of stamped folded metal and 24 rounds.

    • remember when a “clip” got by me one time…rds showed up green on our machine…by the time I realized what I was looking at the person was long gone…it happens…luckily, nothing came of it….

  4. Assault rifle mag? It’s just a hi-cap pistol promag.
    Sounds like an attempt to change decisions of the current NY case in the supreme court.
    The huge give away is term “Assault Rifle clip” Obviously a stupid liberal.

    • No, they’re going to be needed to kill tyrants like Cuomo if they keep infringing the rights of citizens enumerated in the Constitution.

  5. This has to be one of the stupidest stories Ive ever read here.
    NYC is going to explode over this errant mag right?? Or clipazine with 1 whopping hollow point. Ohhhhhhhhhh yah no gun to use with it.

    • Sad to say this is just plain vanilla, another day at the office BS in NY. Between unSAFE, NYC licensing scheme that essentially prohibits everything for everyone, the brain dead Mayor (now POTUS candidate), a eunuch Police Commissioner, a corrupt legislature, a megalomaniac Governor and a runaway MSM, NY is done.
      I’ve lived in New Yorkistan my entire life except for my years in the service and it just gets worse by the hour.
      The governor recently signed a law that eliminates bail for ALL MISDEMEANORS and many FELONIES. They are pardoning cop killers, trying to give incarcerated felons the right to vote…from prison and just on and on and on.

      Can’t wait to put this place in my rear view mirror…but until then, yikes, it sucks.

      PS. I hope they suspend this guys pistol license….oh, right, never mind.

      • Feel your pain, unfortunately the more affluent of your zombies have migrated to my once great state of Vermont to enlighten us about our wicked hillbilly love of guns. First thing they do when they get here is run for public office. Need I say more?

        • On behalf of the few remaining decent folk here, I apologize. One of the awful, perverse even, by products of NY’s PhD level sucksabigoneness is when people leave here they tend to bring the very attitudes and political philosophies they left here to escape with them to their new paradise.
          We will be headed to Tennessee ASAP but even there, refugees from the northeast have changed the flavor of many parts of the state. I regret not buying 5-6 years ago before property values climbed by double digits…because the exodus from NY, NJ, MA, CT have created a housing boom.
          A friend who lives down there now refers to Nashville as “Nashvegas”. Very sad. We ruined Myrtle Beach and other places.

          VT is still paradise but be careful not to let the Massholes and NY’ers muck things up too badly. Ironically, VT has always leaned left but they haven’t jumped the shark the way most other places are.

          • Great advice my friend, but sadly in the past decade they multiplied enough that our legislature is now made up of escapees from the apple and the Massholes . We now are the proud owners of some Doomberg type new laws, and the Governor doesnt understand why the natives are leaving!

        • Look at the damages ex NYers have done to Florida. The Libitards screwed up NY and the North East. Now they have had 20+ years to mess up here too. Palm Beach and Broward Counties are so far gone. The President wanted to punish us by filling the place with illegals. I say put them on planes. Open the doors over Mexico and shove them back out.

    • Ghetto load. 23 rds, 1 HP and probably a mix of 115’s, 124’ steel case…bla, bla, bla.
      There are probably 2 dozen mags, 500 rds of assorted ammo and a shoebox full of knives in the bushes outside the courthouse. The skells dump on their way in and then go back and pick up their goodies when they get RoR’ed after a no so stern stink eye from some 24 y/o ADA from Scarsdale.

  6. It’s NY….what’s the problem, if anyone gets shot were not losing any Trump supporters!

      • I would argue but for the city the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor. Also my Polish in-laws would agree and probably feed you.

  7. This must be fake news. There’s no way anyone could get around Cuomo’s no-nonsense laws.

  8. Isaiah Brown is very lucky he wasn’t choked to death by one of those ever-diligent NYC cops.

  9. So I am to assume that he smuggled in an unloaded gun at some point and I am to assume that hid it somewhere in the courthouse and then I am to assume that on a separate trip brought in the ammo for the gun? A single “fun stick” style mag on top of that. Something usually reserved for the range.

    Or… He forgot it was in the bag.

    Apply Occam’s razor.

    • “I smuggled it one, piece at a time, and I didn’t have to do a dime (in the joint)…” Yeah, ‘unlikely’ is stretching it a bit

  10. There’s no telling how many people he might have beaten over the head with that “deadly” magazine, I mean “clip”!

  11. If you choose to live in The Big Crapple & the State of New Dork or San Franshitsco & the State of Crapipornia you get what you Deserve. No Excuses either Enjoy being a Slave or Get the Phuk out. These Socialist Paradises are Quickly becoming Soviet Gulags. I won’t give 2 Sh!ts about either State next time something Bad happens.

    • The also-burning truth, is your post is very poorly written, regardless of your sentiment, and no one can take it seriously as a result.

  12. O look they ar calling a pistol mag a a“Assault Rifle clip and a cheap one at that

    • Well, it is a ‘stendo, after all, so much better suited to one of many subguns that takes Glock mags (not that this poor yokel likely had one; he’s probably the guy that was gonna somehow load it into his revolver for Instagram)

  13. The sad part, is the crappy public defender he will be saddled with won’t have the competence to demand the court explain exactly how anything he did was dangerous. “He could find a compatible gun somehow & load it” is downright delusional by logical or legal standards, and the court should be held to account for this overreaction. He’ll likely be tried & comvicted in that very building, where the authorities made their ignorance and shocking bias on the subject public.

  14. As dramatic as the msm tries to make this sound, the fact of the matter was that this individual had the magazine, inside a building where it wasn’t allowed…just like the security checkpoints at airports, I’m sure he “just forgot” /sar…

    • As obvious as you would like that to be, the fact of the matter is that any law restricting where such a magazine can be owned or carried is called an “infringement”.

      • I had cause to glance through the Constitution this morning and I’ll be damned if I can find anything that gives any level of Government the authority to place ANY restrictions of any kind on anyone where firearms and firearms accessories are concerned, I could not even find anything that gives any level of Government the authority to grant themselves the power to place restrictions on anything related to firearms ownership. Now having followed a number of different articles on this site and even commenting on one or two it strikes me that out of all these people there must be one Constitutional Scholar that can help me understand how we got to the point where “elected” government officials (who swore to protect and uphold the Constitution) can just write and pass about anything they want as long as they leave the spirit of 2A intact (that single shot 22 will do nicely) Thought they might use the Interstate Commerce Clause, but I’ve read Article 1 Section 8 (powers of Congress) top to bottom, didn’t find any confusing words or tricky phrases and I can’t find any such authority being granted…. Maybe they just see a different wording in 2A than I do, my copy says “shall NOT be infringed upon” So maybe mines a misprint or theirs says shall be infringed or maybe they have a dictionary that defines “infringed” differently than mine or the definition of the word “not” is in question (I remember all the trouble they had with the definition of the word “is”).. Sure could use some help…

        • I agree with you 110% and these are the same people that are protected by armed body guards that carry a minimum of a handgun that carries more then 7-10rds and some carry smg’s but the laws dont apply to these people.this is the same city that elected a woman that didnt know the 3 branches of gov. And was a waitress and now is worth millions how is that possible with a job that makes now maybe 250,00 a yr but every law maker some how making millions in office.they are all crooks that need to hang for what they doing to this country because if a everyday joe did anything close to what they do he or she would be in prison,but the stupid people of this country keep voting in the same criminals over and over again.

  15. The mere presence of a mag like that loaded is enough to destroy NYC as they know it

  16. Aside from all the above, my habit is when going anyplace of a sort that has security checkpoints I take my briefcase, luggage, gym bag or whatever I’ll be carrying and dump it out on the bed. Fully open all the pockets and check for loose rounds, a forgotten pocket knife, anything at all that will overly excite the snowflake brains.

  17. Yes, it makes total sense to try and smuggle two items of contraband through metal detectors and risk getting caught twice instead of once.

    • that’s an x-ray image…it would never have gotten through a magnetometer….[“metal detector”]….

  18. As a New Yorker and to be specific from NYC where these laws apply, I want to thank those that actually have a point to say and are helping us trying to change these laws.
    To everybody else how think that making fun of our current laws and the people that live in this city is actually helping our 2nd amendment’s rights, I say to you today is us tomorrow it might be you.

  19. I have never seen a 9mm “assault rifle” in fact the thought of such a weapon brings visions of the enemy standing a hundred yards away laughing their asses off while pointing their AKs or ARs at the idiots assaulting them with a pistol cartridge with an effective range of less than fifty… There are three losers in this story Mr Brown for being to cheap or stupid (or both) to buy a reliable magazine, Mr. Cullen for showing his lack of knowledge about firearms and creating even more hysteria about guns in NYC and of course Mr. Zimmerman for taking this crap seriously enough to bother writing the story (unless it was intended as a joke)…. and I guess taking the time to respond too this BS does not say too much for me either….

    • Strictly speaking there are many 9mm assault rifles in that a short barreled rifle with select fire was manufactured in various patterns and legal statuses.

      • There are a number of AR “patterned” rifles that accept various handgun style magazines but these are hardly “assault” rifles.. No matter what you choose to call the gun it is still loaded with 9mm pistol ammo running 1100 to 1150 fps and 300 to 350 ft/lbs at the muzzle, haven’t seen numbers at 50 yds but probably laughable….. With prices running from low to mid 200s for a Hi-Point carbine to 1600 plus for an IWI Tavor Bullpup… I can find better uses for my money and I’ve still not seen a 9mm “Assault Riffle” or anyone claiming to build one… Anyone with reference to a manufacturers ad claiming to sell a 9mm ASSAULT RIFLE would be appreciated.. Otherwise my view that the statements referenced in that article were moronic, repeated by an idiot and really do no not deserve all of this attention….

        • Fair enough and yeah any NY news outlets covering firearms needs a freedom interpreter to cut the double speak. I was just being contrary and alluding to past 9mm actual assault rifles (except for caliber) that I hope will be legal again someday (see fairytale level of likely)

        • Didn’t we have an article on the Sig MPX(?) suppressed select fire SBR in 9mm? I’m thinking that is assaulty enough for me, I hope to live long enough to buy one.

  20. Attempt at re-labeling every weapon as an ‘assault rifle’. A loaded magazine (not clip) is useless without a weapon to put it in. I’m sure the LEO community is patting themselves on the back with this story.

    • True… but they don’t bother changing the law to reflect that, which is kind of ridiculous to begin with.

  21. Oh, Heaven’s to Betsy! Thank God he didn’t have the dreaded “shoulder thing that goes up!”

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