Black Women Guns michelle tigner
Marchelle Tigner, a firearms instructor, goes over a firearms safety tips during a class in Lawrenceville, Ga. Tigner's goal is to train 1 million women how to shoot a gun in her lifetime. She is among the nation's black women gun owners who say they are picking up firearms for self-protection. (AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane)
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It was the persistence of gun violence that helped convince Nesrine Malik that certain myths propagated by the right wing were creating an alternate American reality.

A London-based columnist for The Guardian, Malik believes the never-ending slaughter is partially a function of corporate and elite interests convincing the public that buying guns is a fight against the “political correctness” of gun control, and that this also plays into the myth of a “virtuous history to justify gun ownership as foundational to America.”

But, adds Malik, whose new book, We Need New Stories: The Myths That Subvert Freedom discusses six current social/political misconceptions, the whole gun myth “typifies why myths are bad for everyone. Firearms increase violence in a society for everyone and claims lives across social classes and races. We think that guns create a society that is based on freedom, but actually gets in the way of people living free from fear and grief.”

— Lewis Beale in Equating Guns With Freedom Is a Toxic Myth That Hurts Us All

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    • “that isn’t worth my time to read that marxist slop”

      Ignore it at your peril.

      That is a warning on how they are planning to attack the 2A in the near future.

      What must be done is to get our side to counter that Marxist crap with our own scholarly works, Fisking it thoroughly…

    • It’s hardly Marxist; telling lies to get control of a society goes back to Plato, who maintained that the only way to keep order in society is for the elites to lie to the people.

      • Marxists didn’t invent the concept of the noble lie, but they fully embrace it. You can be sure that this “intellectual” screed is Marxist from front to back.

        • The AP embraced the Nazis so they could stay in Germany and report the news?????? Their photographers were Nazi SS Commanders???? It wasn’t until we captured Auswhitsh we discovered the truth. The AP did a piece on this and concluded it was nessessary to work with the Germans so we could stay there and report the news?????
          Four years ago there was an AP reporter, Mallory, who wrote an artical about the hotel CNN, Hamas and the AP were coexisting in and how they had to slant their views to be allowed to stay and report the news????? Film families with children coming to the hospital, turn cameras off when combatants came in, etc.
          Now CNN put Israel leader through the ringer about it being a lie Hamas was in the building with the AP.
          Liars are the greatest threat to humanity. If they are allowed to go on humanity will die. Transparency rules.

    • Not slop but poison. And you can’t effectively treat a poison without knowing how it works to kill.

    • “Firearms increase violence in society” signals a lie without any other input. Women above all others, regardless of race, should recognize this without even thinking, except for the constant barrage of entertainment depicting women beating hell out of men. If that were true, why do women almost NEVER compete directly against men in any contest of physical strength or stamina? And miraculously, when they do, they lose. Generally speaking, a woman adequately trained and in good physical shape can successfully defend herself against a grown man so long as she shoots him 3-4 times first.

  1. The US doesn’t cook its books like the UK to cover its homicide rates up.

    Also, how are those blunted kitchen knives coming?

  2. Yup, like the U.K. is a 100% violence-free society…must be, no guns = no crime. With all that State surveillance the Brits must feel free, free, free.

    I know several former Brits, who have naturalized as U.S. citizens, who firmly believe in the Constitution, and especially, the Second Amendment

  3. It’s always fun to read an article completely uncontaminated with factual evidence and logic.

  4. “A London-based columnist for The Guardian, Malik” at that point there was no need to read the whole thing, I did, but anyone with half a brain can stop at that point.Moron.

    • AMEN. Started scrolling for the comment section right after that. Pretentious British prick. And I mean that in its most positive way😉

    • Subjects of the British crown can never hope to understand the concerns of free people.

    • You lost me at “journalist for The Guardian”.

      From Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister:

      “The Times is read by those who run the country. The Guardian is read by those who wish they ran the country. And The Sun is read by those who don’t care who runs country.”

    • British people don’t have names like “Malik.” He may be there. He may even have been born there. A cat can give birth to kittens in a horse barn. That doesn’t make the kittens horses.

  5. I remember the story about a guy in England that defended himself against a home invasion using a legal shotgun. He only wounded the criminal and the government financially supported the criminal in suing the defender and he wound up serving a prison sentence for defending himself. Also remember the pleas from England for U S citizens to send firearms to them to defend their homeland against the Nazi’s during WW 2. They never seem to learn do they.

    • @Ed

      Don’t forget that England destroyed the loaned firearms rather than return them to the USA after WWII.

      It is meet and proper for the Queen’s Men to have firearms…but, not the peasants.

    • Actually, there’s a little more to the story.

      “Martin had his shotgun certificate revoked in 1994 after he found a man stealing apples in his orchard and shot a hole in the back of his vehicle.[8]

      On the evening of 20 August 1999, two burglars – Brendon Fearon, 29, and 16-year-old Fred Barras, both Irish Travellers from Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire[9] – broke into Martin’s house.[10] Shooting downwards in the dark with his shotgun loaded with birdshot, Martin shot three times towards the intruders (once when they were in the stairwell and twice more when they were trying to flee through the window of an adjacent ground floor room). Barras was hit in the back and both sustained gunshot injuries to their legs. Both escaped through the window but Barras died at the scene.”

      He shot them as they fled, that is murder.

      And the earlier incident where he shot a hole in the rear windshield of the car would be attempted murder in the US.

        • Sure, I think any person in America who is above the age of 21 and has passed a mandatory class including both instruction on the laws and responsibilities of firearm ownership, as well as demonstrated their proficiency in a live fire exercise at the range, should be allowed to carry a firearm concealed.

        • Because the Second Amendment says that the privilege of keeping and bearing arms shall be restricted only to a certain few with plenty of time and disposable income on their hands, right?

        • Miner, that’s a great idea. Let’s make the same rules apply to voting and the military! What a maroon.

        • @Aaron

          …and attending college, driver’s licenses, signing contracts, jury duty, traveling on any public carrier, attending any religious service, buying gasoline / propane, purchasing sugared soft drinks, public libraries, barber / hair salons, coffee shops…ad infinitum.

          Miner wrote his conditions as being “above the age of 21″…I guess he means 22 and older….English can be such an imprecise language.

        • No Miner49er. People like you have never supported teaching children in school about their civil rights.

          “Ammiano was instrumental in getting rid of San Francisco’s High School competitive .22 cal rifle teams, and worked to put an end to the junior ROTC program in San Francisco’s High Schools. Ammiano supported the ban on allowing gun owners to carry an unloaded gun in public. “Whether a gun is loaded or not, it’s still an act of intimidation and bullying,” Ammiano said.”

          But for some reason people like you want to lower the age of consent, to the age of “eight before it’s too late”.

        • “Curious as to why you specify >21 as your minimum age?“

          Brain development milestones.

        • “People like you have never supported teaching children in school about their civil rights.“

          You must have me confused with someone else.

          Sorry, I have very little in common with a gay politician from San Francisco.
          But you can think about him all you want, whatever floats your boat…

        • “Miner wrote his conditions as being “above the age of 21″…I guess he means 22 and older….English can be such an imprecise language.“

          I’m sorry to hear you have such trouble with English, it can be confusing for foreigners.

          Above the age of 21 means that you have reached your 21st birthday +1 second.

        • @Miner

          “Brain development milestones.”

          …and, yet, many persons of your political bent are in favor of granting the right to vote, arguably our most cherished right, to 16 yo inhabitants of the USA. In your belief that one does not have the maturity to comport themselves as an adult with a firearm until >21, then, how can you justify their being mature enough to rationally examine, choose and select the leadership for an entire country at 16?

          BTW, not a foreigner since the Irish and Italian immigration waves in the mid 1800’s. Never said that English was confusing…only that it can be an imprecise language.

          As you wrote “above the age of 21” it leaves room for misinterpretation and your rationale is also subject to interpretive bias. There appears to be numerous ways to state “having reached one’s 21st birthday”…the term as used by you is deemed ambiguous at best and most people desiring clear communications shy away from such ambiguous statements when they are trying to persuade people of their point-of-view.

        • @Miner

          Would you also advocate that the voting age be raised to 21 and that you must take mandatory training on how to register to vote and complete a ballot?

        • It is as predictable as the sunrise – any time Minor IQ accidentally shows a flash of rationality (which is extremely seldom, I agree), he feels an irresistable urge to follow up by posting something so bomfozzlingly stupid that only he, enuf, and the nameless cowardly troll could embrace it. Witness our latest effort by Minor Annoyance – he is from the party that champions voting at 16, but wants to require a minimum age of 21 (at least that’s what I THINK he means; his use of the English language leaves much to be desired), and a government-mandated ‘training class’ to limit our INHERENT right to keep and bear arms.

          News flash, Minor IQ, you dipwad – 21 years of age is NOT a “brain development milestone”. Most developmental scientists agree that ‘mental maturity’ TENDS to occur somewhere around 24-25, but, of course, it differs for each individual. 21 year olds TEND to be more mature than 18 year olds – but that is a generality, not a data point. 24-25 year olds TEND to be more mature than 21 year olds; ditto. But, if 18 year olds are not “mature” enough and lack sufficient “brain development milestones” (whethever the hell THAT is) to own and possess firearms, what in the blue-hammered hell makes you think the are mature enough to drive, vote, serve in the military, or (in most states) run for elective office????? Oh, you have no reason, just your stupid, blind prejudice. OK, glad we cleared that up.

          As for “government mandated tests” – EVERY state government controls issuance of driver’s licenses, and requires government mandated tests (many require some form of government mandated training). And you NEVER drive down the road, see a moron doing something stupid in a car, and say to yourself, “What idiot gave that @$$hole a license?”, amirite????

          Minor IQ, don’t compound your emotion-based prejudice with childish illogic. Take your “L”, and walk away. Don’t go away mad, just . . . go away.

      • I got to thinking about shooting the guy crawling out a window, after breaking into your house is murder.
        So if a possum is stealing your chickens, but makes it to the hole in the hen house with a chicken in its mouth and crawls through, your not going to shoot it.
        Im beginning to like you Miner49er

    • I will NOT support saving Europes ass for a 3rd time when they get overrun by Islamofascists.
      I’d pay for my sons expenses to avoid that draft.

  6. This is straight up communist propaganda. Everything she said is either simply not true or is actually the opposite of what she claims. For example the left is far better funded and organized than the right. Leftist organizations are generally far older and have more expansive networks. It is the left that has captured the opinion making class. It is the left that controls government and education and media. It is the left that is censoring and shutting down the right. Believers in gun rights don’t only believe in them for rich white males. We believe in them for everyone. God created humans but Sam Colt made them equal (and John Moses Browning, and Gaston Glock, and Eugene Stoner, and Mikhail Kalashnikov, and many others). We cannot live in peace with people like this. They will never stop trying to force their communism on us. They will never leave us alone.

    • “…free from…”

      Another vocabulary lesson from Marxists. Freedom isn’t about being “free to” think, speak, act, work, worship, etc. as one would like.

      Rather, freedom is about being “free from” whatever the left defines as bad, based on the convenience of the moment. “Free from” requires an all-powerful, highly proactive police state, so that my freedom to think, speak, act, work, worship etc. can be stopped from interfering with your right to make me a serf.

      No wonder the 2nd amendment is such an inconvenience to these people.

  7. Americans of all races, sex, or nationalities own guns from many reasons. The number one reason is self defense, the number two reason is we don’t trust our government or any other countries government. The moron who wrote this story forgets that American would not exist at all without “white men” who built, fought and died for America and all of us. These leftist as just POS’s

    • @S_V

      Thanks for the link. Interesting reading. Sad that my Mini Griptilian would land me in gaol with no defence or that an assisted Kershaw cannot be carried outside the home without the same penalty as the Griptilian. I wonder if the benevolent U.K. government nannies grant a one-armed person a licence for an assisted or spring operated knife?

      Queen’s business…nothing to see here lads…move along.

  8. The argument is obviously wrong, but I can’t get over the fact that grammar that bad is considered worthy of publishing.

  9. If this moron knew her history, she would understand that the 20th century saw more people systematically exterminated by their own governments than by foreign invaders. The Rowanda genocide also demonstrated that you are at extreme risk of being exterminated by your fellow citizens after some demigog has whipped them up into a frenzy. The Rawonda genocide was perpetrated primarily with machetes, axes and matches or high capacity, butane lighters.

    • I believe she does know that. You’ve got to break a few hundred million eggs if you’re going to make that glorious Marxist omelet, and she thinks she’s going to be an executive chef.

      • I would like to appropriate your comment for future discussions..sheer poetry.

    • If this moron knew her history,

      Nesrine Malik, being Sudanese is probably pretty much aware of the history of that region which makes the basic premise of her book (that free speech is bad) even more confusing… Much like Somali born Ilhan Omar, they strive for the oppression of Marxism rather than embracing the freedoms they both enjoy in their current environments and yes, even Western European Socialism is way more preferable to the Marxist style regimes running their birthplaces that have been embroiled in devastating Civil Wars and border disputes for most of the last century… Some people just can’t accept success as an answer…

  10. 😂😂😂 It’s hard to fathom myself giving less of a fuck about anything than I do about that that tosser’s opinion, to use the Limey parlance.

    • And lint-licker, Deborah… 😉

  11. Freedom is slavery. UK really is on Orwell rinse and repeat mode at this point.

  12. Well, sounds like they have no clue what they’re talking about. But then, people that fear guns, and fear those that own them, typically are this way. As long as there are wars, and governments that purchase and have weapons produced, there is a need and should be a right for individuals to own similar protection.

  13. Malik should do a speaking tour in the Middle East. She can go express all her opinions in a public forum. They’ll be very open to her social justice initiatives.


    He is delusional – lying to Himself and us.

    He is an example why it was good to kick red coats and totals out. Elitist bigots.

  15. … the never-ending slaughter is partially
    a function of corporate and elite interests
    convincing the public that buying guns is
    a fight against the “political correctness”
    of gun control …

    Nope. The never ending slaughter of human beings is a function of defective human beings. And what are the two primary drivers of defective human beings?
    1) Children growing up without a functional, caring, responsible family.
    2) Children growing up without faith in God.

    And before anyone starts screaming about (2), I am not suggesting that every child who grows up without faith in God becomes a defective human being. Rather, I am saying that some children who grow up without faith in God become defective–and that zero children who grow up with faith in God become defective (since faith in God forbids going around murdering people).

    • Yes, because it doesn’t count as “murder” if one can use one’s faith in God to justify killing as part of some holy cause or another.

      • Yes, I think we should outlaw any religion that advocates killing unbelievers, it is the very antithesis of the idea of America and the wall of separation between church and state.

        “Luke 19:27 ESV / 1,469 helpful votes

        But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them before me.’”

        2 Chronicles 15:12-13 ESV / 1,189 helpful votes

        And they entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and with all their soul, but that whoever would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, should be put to death, whether young or old, man or woman.”

        • 2 things miner, 1 separation of church and state is a figment of your imagination.
          2 context plays a big roll when idiots quote scripture.

        • miner’s habit of looking at instead of along whenever he quotes scripture leads him into error every time.

        • Aaron, I share Thomas Jefferson’s perspective on church and state:

          “I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should “make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.”

        • The state of education in America is just so sad.

          It seems so many have beliefs and opinions that they have never researched, regarding everything from religion to the Founding Fathers disdain of church control of government.

          As all TJ himself said, “what difference does it make to me whether my neighbor worships one God or 20, it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket.”

          From my perspective when I consider the pantheon of the Greeks, Romans, etc. and contemplate the single god of Christianity, I am somewhat encouraged because it seems they’re getting closer to the truth every day.

        • As usual, Minor IQ feels obliged to show his @$$ in public.

          Minor Annoyance, FYI, you cited two passages (incomplete, and somewhat ‘out of context’) from the Old Testament. Being a person of modest-to-no education or intellect, I wouldn’t expect you to know this, but there is this whole, new book called the “New Testament”, that is the part of the “Bible” (as opposed to, say, the Torah, or the Tanakh) that governs what we unwashed peasants call Christianity.

          Find me equivalent quotes from the New Testament. Oh, sorry, what’s that? You can’t find any?? Quelle surprise!!!!

          As for your pathetic attempts to “educate” us on the Founders’ views of religion – also a swing and a miss. The Jefferson quote was from a private letter to a regular correspondent of his . . . now find that language in the DoI or the Constitution. What’s that?? It isn’t there??? The hell you say!! Minor IQ, and all the other Leftists “smart folks” SWEAR that it is, by using a partial quote from an old and poorly reasoned SCOTUS decision. The “free exercise” clause (there’s your first hint) of the 1A was NEVER intended to mean anything other than that the government was supposed to keep it’s damned hands off of religion, PERIOD. Don’t establish it (the ‘establishment clause’ – ), don’t promote a state religion, and don’t try to regulate it.

          Christianity DOES advocate proselytizing – which I am personally opposed to. NOTHING in the New Testament supports or advoates killing adherents of other religions, and certainly not converting them by force. Our pole star for behavior taught by example and persuasion. Certainly, many have turned his teachings to their own uses – humans are flawed.

          You were “educated” in a very pathetic version of U.S. History. Your knowledge of the Founders, the basis of the Constitution, etc., is as pathetic as your ‘knowledge’ of guns and gun rights. Do you ever tire of embarassing yourself?

        • Miner, recall that Catholics have dozens of gods, all manner of critters running loose performing miracles, if correctly prayed to, and often. don’t have to go back to Romans, just to Roman Catholics!

          And Lamp; are you asserting that today’s Christians do not believe in the Old Testament? Because I had not heard that. And 1A restricts Congress alone, does not restrict “government” writ large.

        • As in, Utah had every right under the Constitution to proclaim and enforce Mormon as the state religion, what prevented that was a totally illegal application of force, by way of the US Army committing murder to advance a chosen religion.

      • Serpent Vision,

        When I mentioned faith in God, I was NOT referring to false religions which sanction killing other people for nothing other than failing to publicly swear allegiance to the god/s of the false religion.

        When I mentioned that faith in God is mutually exclusive with murder, I meant exactly that–even as we understand murder in our general society today.

        • “false religions which sanction killing other people for nothing other than failing to publicly swear allegiance to the god/s of the false religion.“

          That would be the Christian Bible you’re speaking of?

          “whoever would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, should be put to death, whether young or old, man or woman.”

        • Whatever religion you wish to discuss considers ALL other religions to be “false”, and usually advocates murder of all their adherents.

      • Numerous sects of the Mormon faith, among others, would beg to differ. Perhaps you could speak with Erval LeBaron about the need for blood atonement by those who have fallen short of believing in God.

        • Are you shooting for “All-Star” status among the brainless trolls, Minor IQ???? enuf and the nameless cowardly troll may have something to say about that.

          Ervil (or Erval, he seems to have spelled it both ways) DIED in 1981 (*hmmm, a little quick math in my head*) – oh, yeah, forty years ago. The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints renounced polygamy September 24, 1890. LeBaron’s CULT was never more than a tiny fraction of the Mormons, and was never accepted by Mormon society.

          Pro tip: yo’ fat @$$ ain’t all that – please refrain from showing it in public.

        • I don’t know WTF Ervil whatthefuck is, but the emperor of the mormon church renounced polygamy because he was promised he would not see another sunrise if he did not, by the US Army! The adherents realized that was not a real declaration by their god and ignored it except when forced at gunpoint, normally to proclaim “extra” young women to be sisters or children, even as they bore more children. All because Congress merrily blew past the clear statement “Congress shall make no law … ” to go ahead and make laws. They should have been hung.

  16. I don’t understand and never will. Why does some, or any, British person care what we do in the US?

    Sad that the POTG do not have a major media outlet that could be used as a bullhorn.. a really loud annoying one.

    • I have a similar confusion as to why some Americans are concerned with the British royal family.

      • Because the royals are endlessly amusing. I do hope we are done with dying for their mistakes.

    • Because, Manse, the Brits (like all Leftists) still believe they are “smarter” and “more cultured” than we are. I personally chuckle quietly, when I can even hear them over the sound of my FREEDOM.

  17. I had to gag when I read the author complain about how right wing think tanks are much better funded. Yeah, we should tell Soros and Bloomberg to keep their money. Oh, right..

  18. Also from the article:

    “[Rich] have an interest in creating an intellectual environment that is hostile to redistributive left-wing ideas”

    Yeah, anyone that works for a living has a stake in preventing redistribution of wealth. As Margret Thatcher said, “eventually you run out of other peoples money”

    Some people are too tied to security, how ever impoverished it may be, rather than embracing freedom with all of it’s risks.

  19. Strikes me as one of those, “You’re not just wrong, you’re stupid” moments. Historically oppressors have a rough time oppressing an armed population… but I’m just a history teacher with three degrees. What do I know?

  20. She makes up some Marxist drivel entirely free of facts or logic and expects all the rest of us to just fall in line and obey.

      • “Hopefully people realize that Black people are not a monolith”

        Actually, I kinda hope the Leftists do just that. It will make blindsiding them all the more sweet… 🙂

      • The Guardian is a publication aimed at wealthy upper class white, socialists/progressives and communists. This black woman is simply hoping to allay the fears all the Socialist white people.

        The news media is well aware of all the pro gun rights non-white people. And they know about the pro-gun-rights non-heterosexual people. And you will not see the opinions of these pro-gun people in their socialistic progressive Publications.

  21. “An Elite Right Wing White Male-Driven Myth” because of course it is. It’s also cis-normative, hetero-normative, grounded in Western ideology…. and whatever other pablum this nincompoop can concoct

  22. “Myths are bad for everyone,” she says. And what role does she envision her precious “new stories” would fill, if not that?

  23. It’s funny that while tribes still to this day trade in slaves it’s white males that fought and still fight to stop it. Morons like this would have railed against ending the slave trade because doing so would have killed black owned businesses and infringed on the traditional practices of indigenous peoples.

  24. I’m getting pretty tired of the British continually bashing the U S constitution and bill of rights,
    We kicked your ass’es once, & I’m sure we can do it again.
    Oh ya, please take back the ungrateful couple Harry & Magen also, since they think America needs to change. We were a lot better without them spewing hot air all over the place. Maybe you can convince Opra to go HOME with them & give us a break.

      • Actually, won’t that make it the third time?

        War of 1812 being the second?

    • The US is clearly a horrible country, just ask Meghan and Harry! Say, aren’t they both foreigners, free to leave at any time?

  25. The United Kingdom wants America disarmed. -Again-
    theBiden is doing his best sweetheart.

    • A good thing critters have sharp teeth and claws, eh, Possum? 😉

  26. Oooo! Next do “The Federal Reserce creates prosperity and doesn’t fuck poor people!” then can we hear the one about how the War on Drugs totally keeps us safe and doesn’t shred our rights?!

    Then, for a bedtime story can we hear about “body positivity”? That’s my favorite sleepy time children’s story from Cosmo!

    • “Then, for a bedtime story can we hear about “body positivity”? That’s my favorite sleepy time children’s story from Cosmo!”

      I prefer the bedtime story from Eddie Murphy’s ’48 Hours’ movie :

      Eddie – “Daddy, tell me a bedtime story!”

      Nick Nolte – “Fvck you!”

      Eddie – “That’s my favorite!” 😉

  27. I don’t like how it’s implied that being driven by white males is somehow a bad thing.

    I like guns culture because I am a white male, and guns is one of the last safe spaces I have left.

    • I’m tired of being demonized for being a white male. America was a white country before the 1965 Hart Celler Act. Big companies openly boast about discriminating against white men. You boomers don’t realize how bad things are for young whites.

      • fyi

        “Imagine if two blacks, two American Indians, two Hispanics, two Jews, two Muslims, two homeless people, two illegal aliens, two soldiers, two hippies, two gays, two lesbians, or two transsexuals were refused service at this or any other place of business.”

        “No matter how small a town it happened in, it would be national news for weeks.”

        “Since discrimination is not aggression, force, coercion, threat, or violence, the government should never prohibit it, seek to prevent it, or prosecute anyone for doing it.”

        “The Hypocrisy of the Left on Discrimination”

        • How about, no shoes, no shirt, no service .., or,,, We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone….?
          Remember when, Nobody cared,,, then came the KAREN’s, now we’re fu_ _ ed,
          Blame the public schools for teaching unAmerican principles. Commi Basterds.

      • My son, who’s 12, already knows being a white, straight, male means he will face active discrimination in the names of “fairness” and “virtue signaling”.

        I knew this over 30 years a go.

  28. I guess “Malik” never heard the old saying; “opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one”!!!

  29. Weird having someone who doesn’t know what freedom feels like trying to tell free people how to be free.

  30. This is a post about another article that is about Malik’s book.
    The point of her book is not about firearms at all. The point of her book is about how free speech is bad and ought to be curtailed.
    Seriously. That’s not a joke. That is her premise and conclusion and firearm use example is just one of the tools she uses.
    Her book is yet another layer of the veil lifted on the liberal lie. She’s coming right out and saying that freedom is a toxic goal of the “right wing”. Freedom itself must be greatly limited in order for society to progress, the “liberal” goal .
    She is, like the majority of the British and all liberals, championing serfdom.

    • Free speech is bad , I’m going to write a book about it.
      I’m using a captive typewriter

    • @JWT

      I read an old Sci-Fi short story the other day about group think. The story was originally published in October 1956. The title is The Happy Herd by Bryce Walton. It is available from Project Gutenberg on-line for free, takes 30 – 40 minutes to read it. Consider taking a few minutes from your day (or evening) and reading it…strong parallels to modern Progressive thought / actions.

    • The white socialists/Progressive, communists, desperately need a black person to say publicly they do not support freedom. That’s what this is all about. They White communists, need compliant dark skin slaves, to pass on the message.

    • “The point of her book is about how free speech is bad and ought to be curtailed.
      Seriously. That’s not a joke. That is her premise and conclusion and firearm use example is just one of the tools she uses.”

      Yup, as I pointed that out above.

      Ignore or laugh at it at *our* peril. Because that book will be cited in the future SCOTUS case that nullifies the 2A…

    • Must be a common thought in Britain, even Prince Harry said our First Amendment is “Bonkers” but then he is only permitted to talk when Meghan says “speak boy speak”….

      • It seems Prince Harry wants some protection against what is printed regarding him in the newspapers.

        He shares Donald Trump’s sentiments about restricting free speech by the media, Trump supporters should get behind the idea because Donald Trump wants to control the press:

        “I’m going to open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money.”

        The idea that one could sue a media outlet because they wrote a ‘negative’ article is directly opposed to the United States Constitution first amendment guarantee of free speech.

        • “horrible and false articles”
          …again, you ignore the whole quote to support [sic] only the political drivel you spout.

        • sue a media outlet because they wrote a ‘negative’ article

          I could see your point IF all of that “negative” crap was true… However, you FAIL to mention that 99% of ALL the “negative” stories about Trump were made up, based on UNNAMED sources or just flat out lies… Four years of “we have ALL the evidence of Russian collusion” Yet none was EVER produced… I think it’s sad that a supposed “credible” news agency can continuously perpetrate a fraud and present it as FACT to the American people in bold headlines on the front page and then, when they get caught they bury the retraction somewhere in the middle of the paper… THAT is Communist China stuff, THAT is the way shit gets done in third world countries, THAT is NOT how a responsible FREE press conducts itself… But, I suppose YOU are alright with the way certain news media outlets conduct theselves simply because most of your BS is based on lies, half truths and shadowed innuendo just like them… Hope you’re enjoying that six dollar a gallon gasoline, if you can get it…

        • Minor IQ,

          Reading is Fundamental.

          “I’m going to open up our libel laws so when they write PURPOSELY negative and horrible and FALSE articles, we can sue them and win lots of money.”

          Supposedly, that is already the Sullivan test, but the courts have screwed up even that standard. He pretty much wanted to make the LIBEL laws what they were intended to be. Now, quote me the part where he wants to control their speech. Ya got nothin’. Making someone responsible for their lies and knowing falsehoods is a far cry from “censoring” them.

          You’re welcome. My bill is in the mail.

        • There was no hint of preventing the press from publishing whatever they wished, only to hold them responsible for irresponsible/deliberate publishing of LIES, which they did about Trump continuously, almost daily, for over 5 years. I agree with him completely.

  31. Yeahhhhh no, I read up to “London-based” and stopped there. I’ll take comments from Miner with more interest than I will an opinion from a Brit, and that says something.

  32. We think that guns create a society that is based on freedom, but actually gets in the way of people living free from fear and grief.”

    “Freedom to” or “Freedom of” are the only real kinds of freedom. “Freedom from” is an old rhetorical trick from authoritarians to turn the meaning of the word on its head. Inmates in supermax prisons are “free from” the burden of working for a living, free from hunger, free from the demands of parenthood, free from burden of deciding what to wear. They are not free.


  34. What kind of MARXIST DRIVEL is THIS garbage?!? Oh, THAT’S right – I just SAID that! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  35. And what does Malik actually know about Americans, white men, guns or reality? Not a damned thing.

    • Nesrine Malik is a Sudanese-born, London-based columnist and author. She writes for The Guardian and is a panellist on the BBC’s Dateline London.

      She doesn’t even know dick about OnceGreat Britain. 4th world shitholes, she might be an expert.

      born in Khartoum, Sudan and educated in that country. She attended the American University in Cairo and the University of Khartoum, following which she completed her graduate studies at the University of London.

      Laughable drivel.

      • Like a toddler presented with an unfamiliar food, Ms. Malik has never tasted liberty – but she’s quite sure she wouldn’t like it.

  36. I renewed my permit about this time last year in Fulton County, GA. The democrats in charge made it hard as hell. In the room with me was around 125 other folks. As a person of pallor, I was in a small minority. There were lots of black men, black women. asians, indians, mexicans – you name it. Diversity was everywhere. It was a good sight, and one that would trigger the hell out of even a passive liberal.

  37. “…person of pallor…”

    That is a good phrase.

  38. From Beale’s article:

    “It all comes down to messaging. Malik notes that the opinion-making class in the U.S. is overwhelmingly white, male, and politically center, right of center, or right-wing. She also points out how the right has created an intellectual infrastructure of think tanks and institutes that promote its values, leaving the left in total catch-up mode.”

    Wow. Just, wow.

  39. It just makes my day every time some “intellectual?” British “SUBJECT” gives their opinion on MY thoughts and motives… Maybe their time would be more well spent by studying history and writing books like “Why Americans Are Not British Subjects” or “Why America Does Not Have A King” OR how about “Why GERMAN Is Not The Primary Language Of England And ALL Of Western Europe” then they COULD just STFU and tend their OWN business…

  40. Andrew Sullivan, Christopher Hitchens, Piers Morgan, etc. The left continues to import these anti civil rights leftists from England and everywhere else. Those of us who are sane believe in closing the U.S. borders. To everyone.

  41. “Firearms increase violence in a society for everyone”

    Citation needed. In the U.S., in excess of 99.9% of the population is NOT involved in firearms related violence each year. If the firearms are increasing the violence, where is the violence?

  42. Who the hell cares what people in Great Britain have to say about our guns and Second Amendment? Sit down and shut the hell up already, and keep bending over to the monarchy the way you have been, and leave us the hell alone already. Those guns are what we used to glean our freedom from you pricks in 1776. And, it is what we used back in World War 2. For it was not for those big, bad, scary guns (among other machinery), you dumb fools would be speaking German right about now.

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