Major League Baseball: No Guns Allowed. Still.

Last year, Major League Baseball (MLB) instituted a “no guns in the clubhouse” policy. This year, the league put signs up to that effect. And the media goes wild! Over this: “Individuals are prohibited from possessing deadly weapons while performing any services for MLB.” Vague much? Loophole a lot? You betcha! ABC News reveals that The “Major League Baseball’s Weapon-Free Workplace Policy . . . prohibits the possession or use of deadly weapons in any facility or venue owned, operated, or controlled by it.” Banned weapons include “firearms, explosives, daggers, metal knuckles, switchblade knives, and knives having blades exceeding 5 inches.” Explosives? Really? Explosives? Presumably, the player’s union-approved prohibition doesn’t include Nerf guns or baseball bats. Players and employees are allowed to carry said items in MLB parking lots where allowed by law. Oh, and Major League Baseball has granted itself permission to grant exceptions. Stalkers beware! Ish. [$20 for any TTAG reader who can email me a picture of the sign by 10pm EST]


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