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Three Democrat Maine legislators are using their position to demand the biggest gun store in Maine stop selling rifles the lawmakers disapprove of. Kittery Trading Post has been a successful business since 1938.


The Democratic lawmakers wrote a letter to Kittery Trading Post, asking the store to restrict gun sales and to discontinue sales of what the lawmakers said are assault-style rifles. The letter was written by Deane Rykerson, Lydia Blume, and Patty Hymanson — who represent York and Kittery — alongside others from Maine and New Hampshire.

“Your store to us has been a symbol of a good business that is involved in the community and the area in which it does business,” said the lawmakers in the letter.

The legislators cite the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, as one reason for the request, and say boycotts and protests are planned if the store does not respond to their letter.

Using legislative positions to force actions that could not be accomplished within the political system is an abuse of political power. The legislators have far more power than ordinary people. They threaten boycotts and protests if their demands are not met. Ordinary people can boycott and protest within legal limits. Adding the power of legislators to the efforts, aimed a at singular local business, becomes an abuse of power.

Nice business you have there. Be a shame if anything was to happen to it.

This legislative bullying is all the more disturbing because it’s aimed directly at the Second Amendment of the Constitution. The Second Amendment draws especial vitriol because it is a direct and shining example of a limit on government power. The very essense of progressive ideology is unlimited government power.

The attempt to bully Kittery Trading Post is particularly noxious. Rifles are used in only a tiny fraction of murders in any given year, about 3%. Semi-automatic rifles are used in an even smaller percentage than that. One of the clear purposes of the Second Amendment is to provide for the arming of local militias. It’s hard to imagine a better or more appropriate militia weapon than an AR-15.

AR-15 style rifles weren’t used in a mass murder until 2007. And that rifle was a police-issued rifle. It was wielded by a member of the Sheriff’s tactical team, in Crandon, Wisconsin, in a domestic mass murder.

AR-15 style rifles became more common in spree shootings as the media emphasized their use and pushed for more infringements on the Second Amendment. The media push for more Second Amendment Infringements was, in effect, an incentive for mass murderers to use AR-15s. Many mass murderers crave fame, hoping to achieve immortality through media coverage.

A study presented at the American Psychological Association projected a drop in rampage mass murder by at least one third, if the media would stop glorifying these events.

Numerous cases illustrate this effect. One of the most famous is the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania, Australia.

The legislators, by pushing for greater media coverage of mass murder, and by calling for the banning of AR-15 rifles, are effectively promoting mass murder with these style rifles.


©2018 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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  1. I hate to say it but this exactly why we have a 2nd Amendment. These Pol’s are tyrants who aren’t above using force. Enlightened and progressive my @$$.

    • I don’t hate to say it. I would look each one of those tyrants in the eye and and say, “We have the Second Amendment because of people like you.”

      • i would also call them a traitor to the values of liberty that the US was founded upon and therefore a traitor against the american people.

        also the AR15 that was supposedly used in port arthur had been a vic police weapon that had been slated for destruction according to one version. the other is that it had been handed in to vic police in an amnesty pre 96 and was supposed to have been destroyed. either way it was supposed to have been destroyed yet for some reason was not and ended up in the hands of a mass shooter (and there is enough doubt as to whether Martin was the actual shooter for a multitude of reasons) as well as a number of people that knew martin that said that the person definitely was not him

        • “also the AR15 that was supposedly used in port arthur had been a vic police weapon that had been slated for destruction according to one version. the other is that it had been handed in to vic police in an amnesty pre 96 and was supposed to have been destroyed. either way it was supposed to have been destroyed yet for some reason was not and ended up in the hands of a mass shooter”

          This is my surprised face.

          A gun ‘turned in’ to the Victoria police ‘somehow’ didn’t get destroyed as required?

          Well, for the safety of the American people, I decline to turn in any weapons that the cops might steal them and sell them to criminals…

          • it does not surprise me at all either. even as a kid i did not really have much respect or trust for ANY “Authority” figure be they doctors, police, judges, etc, and my family were very strictly law abiding. i actually find it interesting that the gun they put most of the blame on for it came from the source it did when there is so many other things wrong with the whole “official” story

      • Curtis, I would amend your suggested statement to read: “We have the Second Amendment TO PROTECT US FROM people like you.” They are blatantly espousing legislative blackmail and extortion. Could we bring back use of the good, old New England forms of punishment using stocks and pillories for these three as an example of public humiliation to serve as an example to others? It seems as if it would be especially appropriate in this case as it was an accepted means of punishment in New England during our colonial times.

    • Did not the legislators swear to uphold the constitution of the United States. this circumvents the constitution and is contrary to the oath they took when the attained office. Impeach them for violating the oath of office.

    • There is an online petition supporting Kittery Trading Post – this is the link.

  2. What happened to legislators asking their citizenry for their input as opposed to asking them to submit to their personal will.

  3. Do these cretinous politicians realize Kittery is the only reason to stop and spend money in their shitbag town?

    • You are right. The guardian of our freedoms is the 2nd Amendment.

      The town is not a shit-bag. What you might have meant is that the town is a shit-hole.
      Those politicians are the shitbags!

      Hope everyone has a great July 4th!

      • Thanks for the correction. I was somewhat agitated.

        For you who live in the free states, Kittery Trading Post is a mandatory stop for deprived POTG in MA, CT, NY, and NJ driving through to ME. They have the most interesting used gun inventory anywhere in New England.

        There are two reasons to stop in Kittery, Maine: To take an explosive shit from the fried clam basket you just ate in Portsmouth NH, or to check out the Trading Post.

        • As a local let me give you a stellar piece of advice. Directly across the street from the Kittery Trading post is the Weathervane seafood restaurant, skip that N.H. garbage and eat there…THEN head across the street to the K.T.P. The used gun section alone is AMAZING…I really hope they don’t cave to these liberal doushebags. This state has become increasingly liberal since I moved here, to the point I am now looking for a new state to move to. It’s super hard (re:impossible) to find a state with a good economy, good gun laws (shall issue at a minimum, but preferably constitutional carry), REASONABLE income and property taxes and is NOT under threat of being ruined by liberal transplants in the next five years, because I’m tired of moving.

        • Then stop moving. It’s your town and those legislators work for us, not vice versa, and they need to know that. If you love where you live, fight to keep it that way or there won’t be anywhere left to go.

        • Ed,

          As a Shire-ite; I’ve had decent food at the WV, but Petey’s in Rye Beach is still my favorite. Check it out if you get a chance; better than Newick’s IMHO…

  4. I hope the store will stand their ground and not cave into this kind of harassment. They only need to look at what happen to Dick’s if they cave in to the anti-gun Democrats.

  5. Sorry, but fuck these POS legislators. Even better, the citizens of this district conduct a recall on them, just like the citizens of Colorado did to the idiots who passed their anti gun bills.

  6. This is why the SCOTUS candidate is *critical* for gun rights.

    Speculation is that Trump may nominate Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

    If he does and gets confirmed, Kavanaugh recently wrote an opinion expressly calling semi-automatic weapons like the AR-pattern rifles as being covered under the 2A.

    If that’s true, we *really* want Judge Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS.

    Then we’ll just have Roberts as the one vote to worry about stabbing us in the back…

  7. If only all legislators would ask politely instead of issuing edicts and sending armed thugs to raid non-compliant businesses.

  8. Conspiracy theories aside the gunman in Tasmania killed family friend with knife and stole the two rifles. Evil will find a way

      • and the AR15 somehow came from vic police when it had been slated for destruction. by one of the stories it was ex police issue slated for destruction and in the other that it was handed in pre 96 and was supposed to have been destroyed. either way it was supposed to have been destroyed

    • That’s what he’s saying now… Statements from politicians, especially statements from Democrats about 2A related topics, tend to expire the day after election day.

  9. So are these same legislators demanding that all the liquor stores in the state stop selling alcohol too? Far more people die from alcohol related incidents than school shootings.

  10. The store should respond to the letters on business letterhead. After salutation the body of the letter read thus: “No!” Then sign it and mail it. Nothing more need be said.

  11. Extortion, blackmail and outright threats…and we are surprised how by Democrats using their traditional playbook??

    The voters of Maine should hold these demagogues accountable for their dictatorial abuse of power.

  12. KTP is a rip off. These Pols need to STFU and do their jobs and leave a business that provides jobs alone. Ban politicians!

      • Actually had to listen to Shaheen and Kuster invoke that motto while complaining about family detainment at the border. My head nearly exploded to hear them, after all their totalitarian shit, use “Live free or die.”

        List of signers:

        The letters were signed by Maine state Reps. Deane Rykerson, Lydia Blume and Patty Hymanson, as well as New Hampshire state Reps. Peter Somssich, Tamara Le, Gerry Ward, Laura Pantelakos, Becky McBeath, Pamela Gordon, Jacqueline Cali-Pitts, and state Sen. Martha Fuller Clark.

        Somssich moved to NH in the 80’s.
        Tamara Le “moved to New England.” Not sure where from or when.
        Pantekalos is a crazy old biddy that isn’t aware of her surroundings.
        Becky McBeath moved to NH in ’89.
        Gordon’s family has Berkley roots.
        Cali-Pitts and Clark are also dementia ridden biddies.

        Notice a pattern? They’re either ignorant of the state from which they fled so long ago they still think it’s a good idea to emulate their failed states here or their brains are failed states rotting away in their septuagenarian skulls. Either way they are unfit.

        I used to be a wall building fanatic to keep Massholes and the like out of here but the more recent refugees I meet the better they seem. Fleeing a burning trash pile like MA, NJ or CT to come here gives them a perspective the long-ago movers don’t have since when they left back in the 80’s or 90’s things may have seemed pretty good to them so why not ruin NH the same way they ruined their state?

        • Don’t worry. As soon as the ‘wind of the populace shifts, so too will the torches that these idiots carry change in lock-step. It’s the Dumbocrats way.

    • Good call.
      I was hoping to see that in the comments.

      I’m kind of a freak on state mottos, flowers, birds, etc…

  13. Kittery Trading Post should reverse that and begin a campaign to
    recall Deane Rykerson, Lydia Blume, and Patty Hymanson and put them out of office. Let’s see how much they like it when the shoe is on the other foot.

  14. The is is very bad reporting. Why are the names of the other legislators from Maine and New Hampshire not listed?

  15. Gun grabbers resorting to extortion? Say it ain’t so!! Kittery should officially report them for it. That’s some serious ethics violations.

  16. Protests and boycotts?
    If I owned that store I would say, “Bring it!”
    Just think of all the free publicity that would generate for the store. Meanwhile, POTG have a history of supporting businesses that are victimized by such tactics. Kittery Trading Post should offer to help promote those protests and boycotts on their web site.

  17. Why no mention of the petition that supposedly has 10K signatures?

    Which likely 99% of them are “from away” as we Mainers call em.

  18. I take this letter as a good sign that these legislators don’t have the votes in their respective states to pass any sort of AR-15 ban. Let them protest. The first day, there will be 8 people who show up. The next day 2, and so on.

  19. The dems really are getting more and more bold with their threats. Hopefully, the voters react accordingly.

  20. I remember going there in the 1980’s and 90’s. If I remember correctly, the modern sporting rifles that they are referring to were never out in the racks but behind the counter where you had to ask a clerk to handle one. The mini14’s got a pass. They were plentiful and in the racks.

  21. The legislators mentioned in the above article need to understand what “an assault rifle” actually if, as they seem not to, or perhaps blinded by the Bad Fairy that peddles the fantasy of Gun Control, or wallowing in ignorance, simply do not care. They seemingly disregard the important difference between the commercial AR-15, and our current service rifle the M-16, which is the Selective Fire capability of the M-16 rifle, compared to the quite similar appearing, but mechanically different AR15, which fires semiautomatic only. Of course, it could be utilized as a single shot rifle, but why bother, when single shot rifles are available.

  22. As to the threatening letter sent, the store no doubt has a shredder, to which the threatening letter should be fed, unless other action is deemed appropriate.

  23. Assault rifle??? Really???!!!!!
    A firearm must have at least the following characteristics to be considered an assault rifle: 1) It must be capable of selective fire; 2) It must have an intermediate-power cartridge: more power than a pistol but less than a standard rifle or battle rifle, such as the 7.92×33mm Kurz, the 7.62x39mm and the 5.56x45mm NATO; 3) Its ammunition must be supplied from a detachable box magazine; 4) It must have an effective range of at least 300 metres (330 yards).
    The Second Amendment did not address assault rifles because it did not need to, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. However, it is moot, as AR15 (an AR 15 is not an M16) and other such instruments are not in any way “assault rifles” (cf., above)

    • The Second Amendment did not address assault rifles…

      I completely disagree. The first clause of the Second Amendment states the reason for its existence.

      A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State…

      That purpose is for the Militia—AKA, We The People who are physically able to fight—to be able to engage in whatever fighting is necessary to be able to keep the “State” (the country or individual states) free; which unfortunately can include open, full-scale warfare.

      Any restrictions on weapons which are necessary to fight and win a war—weapons like assault rifles—is a violation of the expressly stated, primary purpose of the Second Amendment, and is thus an infringement of the core reason for that Amendment’s existence.

    • CR, first let me establish the fact that I am not on the side of the Dumbocrats and a ban on the ‘AR’ firearms. While I don’t own one as I am not a big fan of the ‘black rifle’ format (no matter what color or material it is made from) or the Com Bloc offerings either, it is NOT my place to force my views/choices on other gun owning citizens. Personally, I prefer small caliber target style firearms; witness my choice of first firearm purchased – a stainless steel Ruger Mark III, 6-7/8″ barrel. .22 target pistol and am trying to start acquiring some ‘collectible’ vintage firearms such as a 1909 Argentine Mauser that I have my eye on (and it keeps calling me late at night telling me to get it out of the store. LOL). These are MY choices and preferences but I can see myself getting something along the lines of a MSR with the way our society keeps deteriorating and our legislators becoming far too zealous in limiting what we may or may not buy. While I don’t understand the sudden craze regarding the SBR platform, I can understand why suppressors are gaining ground. If the ‘neighbors’ can’t hear me enjoying my pastime, they are less likely to whine and bitch about it to the authorities. I’ve no issue with others enjoying their choices of platforms that differ from mine. We are of one mind; shooting guns is FUN and a good way to develop certain skills and coordinations in a safe and healthy manner. Let us all just agree to enjoy whatever activity we enjoy and agree to use the Dumbocratic legislators for target practice.

      • I forgot to add that the only one of your list of requisites that I don’t see the AR fulfilling is that of being capable of Selective Fire. It SEEMS to me that it meets all the other criteria including the effective range. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

  24. If I was a store owner, I’d agree for $250,000 into my bank account every month. For each of my stores.

  25. How about all of us call Kittery Trading and talk to the owner/managers that if the DO comply with these elected clowns the WE will all boycott them. I believe that most customers of the Trading Post are gun enthusiast and hunters that do not need their rights trampled by a bunch of pussy Trump haters. Let them know how their REAL customers feel. I doubt ANY of these ‘representatives’ have ever stepped foot in one of their stores.

  26. they should be hung ,like any other the very least put in stocks on state property near barrels of rotting veggies to be thrown at them …

  27. Suggest you write Kevin F. and Bob Adams, co-owners of the Kittery Trading Post and offer them your support and ask them not to buckle. This needs to be taken to a nationwide social media campaign.

    Call out these “legislators” who I’m sure in their oath of office swore to defend, uphold or support the Constitution of the United States……..which includes the Second Amendment

  28. I have to believe this is a violation of state ethics standards, and as such these alleged ‘legislators’ can be brought up on charges. Kittery Should file against them on those grounds.

  29. There is an online petition in support of the Kittery Trading Post – this is the link.

  30. When a person graduates law school and becomes a lawyer and cannot succeed they go back to law school and teach if they cannot teach they become a politician. Nuff said.

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