MAIG Celebrates End of Imported “Military-Grade Weapons”

M1 Garand (courtesy The Truth About Guns)


Joint Statement of Co-Chairs New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino: 

“Today, President Obama enacted two important executive actions that close a deadly loophole in our background check system and prevent military-grade weapons from flooding our streets. Military-grade weapons have no place in our communities, and the White House’s action builds upon proposals made by Mayors Against Illegal Guns. By enforcing the existing ban on the import of these military-grade firearms, President Obama and Vice President Biden are taking concrete steps to ensure that our streets are safer for all Americans. Every day, 33 people are murdered with guns in our country, and it’s time for Congress to stop dragging its feet and pass common-sense reforms that keep criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from illegally buying guns.”


  1. avatar DrVino says:

    [snicker] ok…. nobody say ANYTHING…..
    other that express outrage and indignation over the heinous infringement of the second amendment this represents [snicker]

    1. avatar Adam S. says:

      I admittedly had to re-read. It really has some truth to it. Right at the end. I had my SO read it and she agrees “That doesn’t make sense at all”.

  2. avatar OkieRim says:

    Good, then that means that all AR-10/15’s, etc that are “modern sporting rifles” are not military grade weapons and are no longer verboten to His Majesty and the Royal Court Jesters (DiFi, Chuckie, etc).

  3. avatar Hazzard Bagg says:

    Military-grade weapons have no place in our communities…

    The truth is precisely the opposite.

    This current effort to strip out our capacity to provide for our own defense against whatever predator comes our way should be cause for alarm on the part of The People.

  4. avatar Robert Seddon says:

    I think they may have mixed up ‘ASSAULT” and MILITARY GRADE.. since when was a Mosin Nagent used in a crime, especially if you can not find any ammo for it. How often has a 8 mm Mauser been used to rob a 7-11? How about a 7 mm Nambu? (if you can ever get one to fire to begin with..) At 4 feet long with a full wood covered barrel stock it is just the weapon to have to whip around in a bank .. RIGHT????

    If these mayors would just stick to bankrupting their imndividual cities, we would all be better off. At least they KNOW how to do that .. spend twice what you have coming in, just like Obama, the fearless leader.
    Robert Seddon

    1. avatar Craig says:

      In all seriousness, on Surplusrifleforum, they do track stolen guns and they did see a news article where a guy robbed a gas station with a M38.

      Exception to the rule however. Criminals don’t care if its a shoe under their coat or an Ed Brown M1911.

  5. avatar Nine says:

    Okay, I’ll say it.

    How far do you think it’s gonna go before the powderkeg finally blows and we’re in a Civil War?

    1. avatar Chris says:

      When this traitor decides he doesn’t want to leave office if not sooner.

      1. avatar Jus Bill says:

        If Caesar Obummer changes things to get a third term I think there will be a revolt in Congress that may lead to his impeachment.

    2. avatar Jeff says:

      Civil war? Doubt it will happen. However, at some point, someone in law enforcement is going to get shot while trying to forcefully confiscate some type of newly-banned firearm, or confiscate firearms of people who have refused to register them (e.g. NY SAFE).

      What will happen at that point, I do not know.

      However, it will undoubtedly shine a light on the fact that confiscation DOES happen, and is a desired end-game by gun banners.

      The thing that bothers me is when this topic is broached and gun banners say something to the effect of “well, if we find ourselves under a tyrranical government, you cannot hold off the military or police with your guns! they have tanks and planes!”

      There almost seems to be more or less a secret desire on the part of these people to have this happen.

      Unfortunately, if it really does happen, they will probably be the ones shaking in their boots. Many of them will realize that it’s too late – the things that the “gun nuts” were saying were true.

      Still, some of them will just shake their heads at the dead bodies, and think “those gun owners had it coming!”

      1. avatar Rich Grise says:

        I don’t think they’ll be shaking in their boots. They’ll be bowing down, kissing the feet of their masters who will “keep them safe” from “all those gun nuts” and give them all of the “free” crap that they’ll have stolen from us. “Oooh! I love him because he gave me this free phone.” “I love him because I can go to the doctor for free!” “I love him because he’s given me this nice luxury apartment for free!” and on, and on, and on. It might take a few years, but when reality fetches up and bites them in the ass, those same masters will be using all of the weapons that they’ve been stockpiling to put down the riots that will happen when the well runs dry.

      2. avatar ItsmySecret94 says:

        to anyone who says “with their tanks and planes” simply look them in the eye and reply: “Afghanistan, where we’ve been beaten by a smaller, lesser equipped, less organized force for the past ten years; and half of them even blew themselves up for us!”

        1. avatar Rambeast says:

          The only thing I think of in A-stan is attrition. How many of them died in comparison to our soldiers?

          The numbers won’t be as far apart in the event of a CW, but I believe that the military has a distinct advantage in crew served weapons and superior munitions. The military also has the home field advantage with permanent bases blanketing the country. Surveillance tech and mobility are also huge advantages for the military here as well.

          Either way, there will be unthinkable amounts of death and injury. Both sides will be fighting for their homes, families, freedom, and most importantly their lives. If the last CW is any indicator, any future one will be beyond anyone’s comprehension. Pray it does not come to that.

        2. avatar Christian says:

          Do not trust to hope. It has forsaken these lands.

        3. avatar JT says:


          I doubt the government would that much of advantage. I doubt there would be many in the military that would be ok with fighting US citizens. You would see a lot of defections where they take the heavy weapons/tanks/planes with them.

        4. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

          @JT, if the civil war is any indicator of what a future domestic war would look like, you could count on about half of the armed forces joining sides with the rebels. Robert E. Lee considered long and hard whether or not he thought he was a citizen of the US or Virginia first and foremost. I sincerely doubt it’ll ever come to that though.

      3. avatar Ing says:

        LotR FTW!

        Christian wins the Internet today.

  6. avatar Smitty says:

    I’m so sick of all this bullshit.
    Big O and all the Dem’s don’t give a damn about any of us.
    The country would do well to start hanging career politicians.

    1. avatar Rich Grise says:

      Let their loyal sheeple do it when they suddenly find that the free stuff has run out.

    2. avatar Jus Bill says:

      Two words: Term. Limits.
      And recall elections.

      At least that would cramp their graft-taking style a little.

  7. avatar Jeff says:

    It’s funny that they either A) willfully lie about what is actually covered by the EAs, or B) they really don’t even bother to figure out what it means.

    They seem to think that Obama suddenly just waved his hand and banned ALL “military style” firearms, and banned all silencers/machine guns/whatever – I’m not sure about that second part, because most anti-gunners do not understand the NFA and have zero idea what is involved in owning a select-fire weapon, suppressor, or short-barreled long gun.

    1. avatar C says:

      I’m pretty convinced that most people in general think that an off the rack AR is select fire.

      1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

        You said “think.”

        Bad C! Bad! Bad! Bad!

        1. avatar C says:

          I know, i know. And rob, let me rephrase. “…has a giggle switch.”

      2. avatar Rob1285 says:

        Well…technically, it is? You can select to fire it, or not.

  8. avatar JeffR says:

    Do we have to sign all of our posts now? I thought that was reserved for Chuck(les)? I am just glad to have the site back. Withdrawal isn’t pretty.

  9. avatar KAT says:

    Has there ever been a criminal incident with military grade weapons in the US?
    Urban thugs, gang bangers, southern survivalists, southwest border militia, anybody?

    1. avatar Jeff says:

      you mean NFA firearms? sure, but not that many.

      ironically, the most reported case involves a former police officer – you know, the type of person who people think should be exempted from these ridiculous laws.

  10. avatar Matt F says:

    Oh my God, thank the lord that dangerous 8 shot AWB compliant rifles are being banned. No we need to close the loop hole that allows criminals to buy a military grade gun on line and have it delivered to their door with no paperwork of background checks, Ban flint lock muskets.

  11. avatar S.CROCK says:

    I’m still not clear of all the facts on this issue. so as i understand it obama passed some laws using executive order to stop the import of mil surp firearms like mosin nagants, sks’s, and m1 garands?????? is this already in effect or will it be enacted in the near future?

    1. avatar Hal J. says:

      As I read it, the order only bans the importation of US weapons that have been given to other countries, such as the M1 rifle & carbine. As bad as that is, I hope that’s all this order affects…otherwise, the value of all surplus rifles is going to go through the roof.

      1. avatar BillH says:

        This is correct. It especially affects the large number of Korean War era rifles that South Korea has been trying to get rid of for a long time.

        1. avatar Jeff says:

          I would even go so far as to say that it SPECIFICALLY affects those Korean-leased firearms, since the Obama admin has been grasping for straws the last couple years to prevent those M1s from coming back stateside. I believe they pulled some strings to block the importation last year when it looked like they actually might make it here – now, forget about it.

      2. avatar S.CROCK says:

        uggg, i hope what you said it correct because i am not paying $800 for a mosin nagant.

  12. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    Someone needs to adjust the President’s meds.

  13. avatar disthunder says:

    Eat a dick, MAIG. I hope your bus catches on fire, and no one pisses on you to put it out.

    1. avatar Seth says:

      I’m not positive, but i think i read online that the canceled the bus tour because a lack of interest.

      1. avatar DisThunder says:

        Really? That’s not bad… would’ve been better.

  14. avatar Roger says:

    It’s a law that only bans weapons sold by the U.S. from being re-imported, and is ment to specifically block the reimportation of several hundred thousand M1 Garands and M1 Carbines from South Korea. These weapons would not “flood the streets”, but would become conversation pieces for collectors on a budget. This law isn’t meant to do anything but serve as a “victory” for gun control advocates, a talking point for their gun-ignorant supporters, and as a big “F**k You” to gun owners.

    I think tumblr user thearmedgentleman said it best: “If the cause of gun control was so great, you wouldn’t need to blatantly lie to promote it.”

    1. avatar Damocles says:

      That is a wonderful quote, it should be spread around.

      Yeah, great job Mr. Prez, because we all know that gangbangers and criminals love to keep their cheap 25 autos at home and commit crimes with vintage milsurp rifles……

  15. avatar Larry says:

    . I’m taking my Garand to the range tomorrow. Lets see how many imaginary Bloomturds I can drop at 100 yards.

  16. avatar RLC2 says:

    These were the M-1s that were on hold for coming back to the US from Korea.
    A bunch of old rickety guns that would have otherwise been sold by CMP to kids from Appleseeds, and older collectors with a fondness for the past. In other words, responsible gun owners.

    Like gangbangers were really going to be interested – when they can get UZI’s and MAC10s, and AKMs, smuggled in from Central America and China,

    and the MILSURP M-16s that State/CIA gave to the Mexican Army, that were then sold to Narcos by corrupt cops and army deserters, to supply their wholesaler drug distribution channels in the US- the M13, Crips and Bloods in Chicago, LA, NY and DC.

  17. avatar Neal Williams says:

    Ok kids, if we all keep quiet about this thing which doesn’t actually do anything, we’re cool. Everyone be cool. No laughing, no gloating, have some sad faces, and quietly laugh to yourself.

    1. avatar Steve D. says:

      That is true, but I’ve also been wondering if the majority of “the king’s men” don’t have level IV armor – making cheap 7.62 NATO rifles a big threat against their future plans.


  18. avatar john Lin says:

    Since when is a M1 Garand military grade? 1945???! Will Muzzle loading black powder rifles also fall under this? Ooops NM with those they are passing EPA laws banning lead ammo. No more black powder rifles either. Dems really are trying to reduce us to Bows and spears.

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      A well placed arrow or spear can really spoil somebody’s day.

      1. avatar Rob1285 says:

        I used to be an adventurer, till I took an arrow to the knee.

  19. avatar Venator Magnus says:

    I’ve always wanted an M1 Garand . . . something about watching Saving Private Ryan as a teenager. My father was even willing to evenly split the cost of one, which we would both share at the range. Now the likelihood of that happening is minimal. Adding 10,000+ Korean-era Garands to the market would’ve made them much more affordable, and not just limited to old relics in gun shops or overpriced racks at gun shows. Certainly one of the best rifles ever made.

    1. avatar Sixpack70 says:

      Get your order in to CMP now if you want one for a decent price. It took about 60 days to get mine during the worst part of firearmageddon. I went and shot it this weekend for the first time since buying it. Totally worth it!

  20. avatar Kyle says:

    You can get reproduction M1 Carbines I know, not sure about Garands. Also not sure of the build-quality of the reproductions.

    As for MAIG, either they actively mislead or they are a bunch of imbeciles. In a way, I hope that they are just imbeciles, because it is more comforting to know that the opposition is just stupid and ignorant as opposed to willingly deceiving.

    1. avatar DisThunder says:

      There are still a lot of good M1 Carbines out there- these couple hundred thousand would’ve been nice, but there were MILLIONS made. The only downside is the price will probably stay in the $600 range for the decent ones, instead of the much friendlier $400s they were. But even a beat-up carbine can be restored to sewing machine, thanks to the tons of parts available. Just avoid the Universals, since they don’t except GI parts well.
      I’ve also heard the new Auto Ordinance ones are very nice, just more expensive than they should be.

  21. avatar DerryM says:

    As with most everything else, Obama has made it look like he “did something”, so we should flood the ant-gun websites with glowing messages about how great this was and how it solved all those gun “problems”. Maybe, like Obama, we can “fool the rubes”, too (doesn’t seem to be too hard), and get them to refocus on something else, like how disposable baby diapers are creating bio-hazards in landfills…

    1. avatar Rich Grise says:

      I think this is a great idea! “I used to be a gun nut, but I’ve seen the light!”
      Nothing to see here, move along.

      We can lie, too, you know. (heh, heh, heh)

    2. avatar Old Ben turning in grave says:

      Perhaps it’s time to bring out the campaign against dihydrogen monoxide again?

  22. avatar james boguszewski says:

    so how many times have these weapons been used in crimes?
    cause I don’t remember ever hearing about it
    if they haven’t been used in a crime I don’t see a reason to stop them from being bought

    1. avatar Rich Grise says:

      Well, duh. The reason is to just get that much closer to complete confiscation.

      1. avatar DisThunder says:

        The last time I can remember was probably when Patty Hearst packed around her sawed-off Carbine….

    2. avatar CharleyM3 says:

      Only one that I’ve ever heard of was in Chapel Hill, NC in January 1995. The active shooter used a Garand.

  23. avatar Greg says:

    If these guys had brains they’d be dangerous! Our streets & inner cities are just AWASH in Nagants, M1s, Lugers, Mouzers. Hell I just saw a REALLY TALL guy pull a Mouser out of his jacket/pants/shoe, swing it round (clearing an 8-10 ft area) & stick up a hotdog cart. By the time the guy got it out, cocked & ready, the hotdogs were cold, had cob-webs & the crickets where the vender was we’re quite loud! It gave me a headache. These “Military Grade” weapons endanger the public with Old Age!

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      “I just saw a REALLY TALL guy pull a Mouser out of his pants”

      Tengo el gato en mi pantalones.

      1. avatar Derrick says:

        Cougar or Tabby?

  24. avatar Ryan says:

    so what does this mean? does it mean that $150 mosin nagant now is going to be $500?

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:


  25. avatar Ron Kelley says:

    easy fix, VOTE them OUT.

  26. avatar Tama Paine says:

    Robert, please change the header at the top of your item. This was an “executive action” (whatever the hell that means), NOT an “executive order.” PLEASE let’s be precise in discussing these matters legally, technically, and administratively since the GC crowd is not.

    My guess: this is St. POTUS’s effort as well to destroy elements of gun culture and American history and memory.

    The M1 Garand is loved by entire new generations of Americans, many of whom learned about this firearm through the Civilian Marksmanship Program or Project Appleseed. I’ve heard much talk among younger people that they hope the American M1s once given to South Korea will be released to their generation(s), so they can share in this tradition. This will lock them out of that ownership. At least not at prices they can afford.

    Between pricing firearms ownership and use out of the reach of working and poor people, and making more and more rules restricting what we can do with our private property while alive and in our legacies, they will manage to destroy 2A in practice, since they cannot in law.

    Remember, St. POTUS is a lame duck who is running for some post-POTUS global position that is probably being cooked up even as we speak. He has always been a figurehead, and he has another 40 years of that ahead of him. (Imagine the commemorative plates in 2059!)

    Greg, if a guy tried to hold up a hotdog cart with a 91/30, he could just skewer the dog on the bayonet, pull the trigger, and flame-roast it himself. Six feet in front of him, of course.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Tama, you’re correct about the distinction between Executive Orders and Actions, but the text above is a word for word reproduction of the press release that MAIG sent out, with “orders” in the header and “actions” in the first sentence of the body.

      I was going to show it to you on MAIG’s website, but they don’t even have it published there yet. I guess the good part of that is you won’t be giving them clicks. But here it is at Reuters:

  27. avatar Lars says:

    Military “assault” rifles are the absolute least used weapon in gun murders in the United States. I think it’s less than 1%, and I believe rifles in general are less than 5%. Why do these stats not reach the gungrabbers brain? I mean I know it’s about disarming us of all guns, but you’d think most or some of these gungrabbers would come up with legislation that would actually reduce gun murders and not be just about disarming us.
    Obama and Biden and the rest of these traitor governors are using and promoting the idea that the majority of citizens in our nation are against the actions the congress took by ignoring and voting down new gun control legislation earlier this year. They think that citizens will vote out pro-gun politicians, even democrats, that voted against or failed to support more gun control measures. They are dead wrong and it almost as if they ignore the facts. And the facts are MOST voting Americans are for existing gun control laws and not new ones, we’d have even bigger numbers if voters would actually do their homework and realize gun control doesn’t work to combat criminals.
    It’s just getting so sickening, that we have to hear about more gun control legislation every fricking month by the anti-gun politicians and these anti-gun groups who really have no support from the average American.
    Please, tell your family, tell your friends, tell everyone you can that will listen that they must not vote for politicians who wish to take away the 2nd amendment. Vote libertarian if you can, republican if you have to. But only a very few democrats, not one single progressive, and really unfortunately not one single independent supports the 2nd amendment anymore.

    No Hillary or Biden in 2016!

    1. avatar Andy says:

      Amen brother!Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

    2. avatar ThomasR says:

      According to FBI Crime stats; all murders committed with a long gun, rifle and shot gun; is 1.5%.

  28. avatar Lucas D. says:

    Jeez-us, Bloomberg; can we have just one news cycle without your little group poking its ass into everything? I’m running out ways to tell you to go f*ck yourself over here!

    1. avatar JaredFromTampa says:


  29. avatar Praveen says:

    Actually, most people do think that off the rack ARs/AKs are select fire. I had a conversation with a highly placed individual in Oracle corp. and the conversation turned to gun control. After the word ‘sprayed bullets’ came into the dialogue too many times, I had to ask him. So, how do you think a semi-auto works? And he said, ‘can’t you just load a mag and just spray bullets onto people?’… at that point, I shook my head, told him to educate himself before speaking ‘anything’ and walked away. These are the educated ones.

    1. avatar Pete says:

      Maybe that’s why we can’t get an update to java that lasts more than a few weeks without a new zero day exploit.

  30. avatar DaveL says:

    Question – if I get a replica Baker Rifle, is that considered a “military grade firearm?”

    1. avatar Ing says:

      Ah, I would love to have one of those! I could join the greenjackets in the skirmish line and keep an eye out for French Voltigeurs…I’ve read the Richard Sharpe series a few too many times.

  31. avatar Andy says:

    This proves that Boobama wants to disarm law abiding gun owners,since when do gang bangers and criminals use M-1 Garands,M-1 Carbines,And 1903 Springfields in the streets?Maybe0.001% of the time that is almost never.Just one more way to take away our freedoms.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  32. avatar Carry.45 says:

    33 people are murdered with guns each day. Now how many of those people are killed with rifles. Let alone military rifles. This is the scariest part about it. Rifles are not used in most murders but they are the best tool for most other combat applications… Like fighting an imposing government. Fighting the gov with pistols would be a joke. Maybe it is time to by a bury rifle.

    1. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

      A “bury rifle”? As in put one in the ground for later contingencies? That’s actually not too bad of an idea. The IRA did that for years, except they usually buried crates of Enfields, AKs and M-16s. I hope we are not at that point though. I frankly and very sincerely hope it never comes down to that. Such a conflict is responsible for my family emigrating to the US from County Cavan in the 1920s. The sad thing is, these days the USA is a more polarized country than Northern Ireland.

  33. avatar Jay W. says:

    Anyone want to take the bet that in 2012 that the ratio of people killed with M1 Garand’s versus a hammer is at least 100:1 or more likely greater than 1,000:1?

    My guess is no.

    1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

      The way you worded that implies one hundred to one thousand times as many m1 shootings as hammer attacks.

      On those terms, I’ll take that bet.

      Put me in for $500.

  34. avatar Matt says:

    They’re clearing trying to implement whatever restriction they can wherever they can. Doesn’t matter what kind of firearm it is, they’re just going for an overarching “less firearms” and achieving that “less” any way they can.

    I’m curious though, at what point restrictions will start being ignored, because theoretically, as soon as they pass a law/action that widely criminalizes gun owners to the point where its unavoidable to be involved with firearms unless you break a law, whats the incentive would many of these gun owners have to follow a single one of the gun laws? If they were to ban semi-automatics as a whole, they could essentially criminalize so many people who, are at that point willing to be criminals, that said people might just end up turning all their firearms into select-fire SBRs.

    I don’t know a lot about prohibition, but I’m sure there were probably many small rules and regulations leading up to it that people dealt with, but when prohibition itself was implemented, since everyone was a “criminal” at that point, none of the rules that had been previously followed were anymore.

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      That’s called “Nullification,” sometimes called “Popular Rebellion.”

  35. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    Y’know, if the Republicans would get right with the environment, equal wages for equal work, gays, “women’s issues,” “no banker left behind” and so on, they could clean the Democrats’ clock.

    Personally, I see the two heads of the American One Party system as believing that we’re too stupid to live our own lives, or that we’re too inherently evil to do so.

    Still, I could see the Republicans expelling the frothing at the mouth types who spout edited Leviticus. It’s a damned sight more likely than the Democrats ditching the frothing at the mouth collectivists, anyway.

    Maybe we’ll just implode like the USSR, the victim of our own inaction and the need on the part of much of government to micromanage our individual lives, whether in the bedroom or the boardroom.

    See y’all at the barricades.

    1. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

      + 1 Mr. Bixby. I try to be optimistic, but everyday it gets harder and harder. The young men and women of my generation has been fighting for more than a decade to secure freedom for countries across the seas only to come home and see those freedom being eroded. It’s sickening.

      1. avatar Rambeast says:

        “The young men and women of my generation has been fighting for more than a decade to secure freedom for countries across the seas…”

        This is not quite right. They fought for a foreign initiative that was “more free” in that country’s eyes, but not freedom in the true meaning. If those countries haven’t secured freedom on their own, our involvement won’t either. The US military’s involvement overseas is always a political, corporate, or financial move. It’s time we say no to sticking our nose in other nation’s affairs, and alliances. Do business with them, but never join their fights.

        1. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

          Oh, I totally agree. I didn’t join to free the Iraqi people, I joined because I wanted to go to college, and my family has a military tradition. I’m glad I did well enough on the ASVAB to ensure I didn’t have the opportunity to die for overseas adventurism and nation building. It doesn’t help me sleep any better at night to think that good friends of mine died for nothing though.

  36. avatar Ryan says:

    I genuinely want to know the last time an M1 rifle was used on ” the streets” to commit a crime.

    1. avatar CharleyM3 says:

      January 1995 in Chapel Hill NC is the only one that I know of. M1 Garand

  37. avatar Hazzard Bagg says:

    The greatest impediment preventing the power and money elites from moving their agenda of total control to the next level is the threat posed by a determined and armed middle class.

    Since it is clear that these “military-grade” guns aren’t likely to be used in the commission of any crime, the only conclusion that one can draw from the President’s Executive Action is that it is part of a sustained campaign to disarm this nation’s middle class in preparation for what is to come.

    1. avatar Old Ben turning in grave says:

      Well, it does show that the admin would rather see those rifles in the hands of foreigners than in the hands of Americans, whatever his motive may be.

  38. avatar KY1911 says:

    Do something!!!! Anything!!! For the kids!!! So we’ve gutted CMP sales and prohibited what are the most responsible gun owners – collectors of historical firearms – from exercising their rights. Meanwhile, I can still get an AK-74 for $500. Go figure.

  39. avatar Ralph says:


    “My name is Midget, King of Kings. Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair.”

    1. avatar NavyVet73 says:

      LOL — Obamandias!

  40. avatar AJ says:

    “it’s time for Congress to stop dragging its feet and pass common-sense reforms that keep criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from illegally buying guns.”

    I think someone has not bothered reading existing law. Criminals and dangerously mentally ill persons are already prohibited from buying guns LEGALLY, so the only way they can get them is to buy them ILLEGALLY. How do you enact tougher legislation to address that? Make it DOUBLE illegal? I’d call them retarded but that would be insulting to people who actually suffer from retardation.

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