Magpul Introduces the New PRS Lite Rifle Stock

Magpul PRS Lite stock

Courtesy Magpul

From Magpul . . .

The PRS Lite provides similar adjustability and features of our PRS GEN3 Stock with the added benefits of reduced weight and a price that’s almost half of its fully featured counterpart. At 10 ounces lighter than the PRS GEN3, it provides an optimized shooter interface with .8” of comb height and 1.4” of LOP adjustments for carbine/SR25/A5 extension tubes for .223 and .308 receiver-pattern rifles.

Magpul PRS Lite stock

Courtesy Magpul

The low-profile rubber butt-pad is adjustable for height and cant and provides a stable interface with the shooter’s shoulder. There are multiple attachment options for slings, including an ambidextrous 1.25” footman’s loop, a reversible QD sling swivel cup, and space for another optional QD sling swivel cup.


  • Adjustable LOP from 13.85”-15.25″ and comb height from flush to +.8″
  • Weight: 18.2 OZ
  • Sling options include a 1.25″ ambidextrous footman’s loop in the rear, a reversible rotation-limited QD sling swivel cup in front, and a QD sling swivel cup in the rear


Black, FDE and ODG





  1. avatar possum says:

    Wow that’s a hell of a nice price for a stock nowadays. And lighter weight to boot, cool , that means I can hang more sht on my lightweight gunm. Not. Really nice stock and if I owned an AR I’d probably buy this.

  2. avatar Country Boy says:

    Sorry no 18+ oxz stock for me.Too heavy for my carbines.

    1. avatar Anymouse says:

      It’s not intended for carbines. It’s for long-range precision rifle, where you care about a consistent cheek weld to get a good view through the scope.

  3. avatar Mantetude says:

    Hmm, eighteen ounces isn’t too bad for a precision stock.
    I may have to look into that for the Pork Sword…

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