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Our man Nick has one on its way to Texas right now for a complete TTAG-approved test. But, for now, hopefully MAC can satisfy your itch for more information about the Tavor.

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    • I’m no theologian, but isn’t that only if something is ‘thy neighbor’s?’ Pricing seems right to make it yours and let your neighbors be the sinful ones.

    • “I am going to hell for sure.”

      Not if you believe on the Lord Jesus William: he was in the world and the world was MADE by him and the world knew him not. Jesus the Christ came, died for our sins according to the scriptures, he was buried and he rose to life again the third day according to the scriptures. If you believe on him then you have eternal life and it is a free gift–it has nothing to do with any “works” or being a “good person”. Read it in the King James Bible:

      “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” — Ephesians 2:8,9

      “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6

      • Sorry, I don’t believe in Jesus… but I do believe in Colt and the 45acp…. where does that put me? 🙂

        • Well Joe if you want the answer to that, you came into this world without either Colt or a .45 and you will leave this world without either of them too: we all die eventually then what will you put your trust in? What will your confidence be in then? If it’s not Jesus then you are gonna go into hell fire. Don’t end up like the rich man in Luke 16, change your mind now while there is still time.

  1. Or you could just swap it over to eject on the left side rather than bouncing brass off your beard. Is that feature missing from the US model?

    • I think point is switching shoulders while in the middle of something. Taking the rifle apart to change out bolts isn’t exactly conducive to that.

      • True, and as a “anybody can pick it up and use it” feature, that’s a good thing.

        I was just saying that because it takes less than 30 minutes to swap (I haven’t personally done it yet, but former IDF guy I know says that’s about the time).

        Looks pretty straightforward in the armorer’s guide. Yeah, I’ve been waiting since I saw the “US version” at SHOT. In 2002…

  2. I had a stg-556 and gave it up because you cant really transition to left hand without getting hit by the casings. He says this one is different but he does change his cheek weld. Look at his nose in reference to the rail. When shooting lefty, its further back and higher. He also does not change his stance as you would if you were pieing a corner to your right. I do like the mag release and bolt release setup and I do like bullpups. I now own a PS-90. It, the FS2000, and the Keltec RFB are the only ones which you can shoot left or right with no adjustment.

  3. When people talk about using a 5.56/.223 rifle for home defense, this is what I envision. With a holo sight it would be much better than an AR for in-house use due to how compact it is and the ergonomics.

      • MSRP is $1995 for the basic model. Dealer cost is $1750 if memory serves, but I don’t have that data sitting in front of me.

  4. my question is does it take pmags? this is one of the only short commings that i found when considering a fs2000 awhile back. me no likey usgi mags.

  5. He put optics on it but otherwise it looks like a flattop. Does it have iron sights? Are they pop ups? I like the concept better than an AR but I want to know about the sights.

      • Yep. Very few pictures of them online for whatever reason. They don’t look super sturdy, but IIRC, the front post is tritium-lit. Good enough for backup sights.

  6. Never will care for Bullpups that the most retarded name for a rifle. Sounds like a NY women clothing store.

  7. Again with these ugly bullpups? I thought I was done seeing these threads. And who the hell wants an Israeli firearm? In most the footage I see of Israeli soldiers they are using M16s. Must be a reason for that.

    • Lars -Old footage. The Israelis have been transitioning to the Tavor over the M16. The reason the M16 has lasted so long over there in service is because of how cheaply purchased they were from the US. We sell them to the IDF at a ridiculous price point, which has made them stick around.

      “And who the hell wants an Israeli firearm? ”

      Why not, if it’s a quality firearm? Do you have something against the Israelis?

      If I had the spare cash, I’d buy one. So far, this is the best bullpup design I’ve seen come to market. The FS2000 is up there, but the lack of functionality with most any non-aluminum magazine kills the appeal. The Tavor can, as far as I have been able to determine, run all the AR mags out there.

      • I have a friend that made his FS2000 able to accept pmags, and never removed the gasket. I’m guessing he just removed the nubs that fit in the GI mag grooves, but I’m not sure. I was happy to throw a few mags in a dusty/sandy pile of dirt to try to prove him wrong. Silly me.

        Until the bullpup design that allows true ambi operation and mag diversity comes along, I’ll stick with my trusty AR. The price on the Tavor is just north of ridiculous as well.

        • Funny thing is, $1800k seems to the going price for an AR these days as well.

          I figure for that price, I might as well get a gun that’s a blast to shoot AND useful in a home defense situation.

        • I was fortunate enough to buy 2 stripped lowers for $65 a piece just before the gun nation picked the market clean. I’ll be building a 7.62×39 AR (bought mags before said event) when the kit arrives, and have plans for my first SBR when I can afford the stamp and trust. A good AR could be built for less than $600 if you know where to shop. Now a days it’s closer to $700.

        • Rambeast>$65 a piece? Nice… definitely a wise investment given the current craziness.

          You now have the advantage of both being able to build the rifle you want, or selling the parts for a good chunk of change for a future prospect. Good choices to have.

  8. I could not tell from the video how exactly you activated the mag release. the lever seems very close to your hand. any chance you could hit it by mistake and catch it on brush?

    could you post a video show the exact action and comment if these concerns are unfounded?

  9. His cheek-weld was not the same firing left handed, and in fact from the camera-view over his left should, you can see how far forward his RH cheek weld actually is. If he used the same cheek weld firing LH he would be catching brass in the jaw.

    • It looks like when he switched to the left side that he continued to use his right eye (dominant) to sight with.

    • I noticed that too. I don’t feel like this would work for my son and me (he’s a lefty and I’m a righty) without converting to left-side ejection each time he uses it … I don’t believe that converting the Tavor to left-side ejection is a tool-less process.

  10. I’ve always liked the look of the bullpup design, particularly for a HD rifle. But this gun is so full of evil features fail that I don’t think I’ll see one out here in California in the forseeable future. Or my lifetime, for that matter. Major bummer.

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