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New From LUCID: P7 4x Weapons Optic (plus L5 6-24×50 initial impressions)

When the Shaolin Rifleworks guys informed me that the scope I had been using on their AR-10 has an MSRP of just $449, I was pretty darn surprised. The optics of the LUCID L5 6-24×50 were really good, and my initial impression was that I was behind some premium glass that’s beyond what I would personally spend. Shaolin said they were sharing the LUCID booth at SHOT Show and asked me to swing by, so swing by I did. As you’ll see in the video above, the owner of LUCID walked me through their new product for 2015, the P7 4x Weapons Optic. . .

The P7 is a fixed 4x zoom red dot-style optic. It is built on an aluminum frame coated or wrapped with a rubber housing. A standard AA battery provides 2,500 hours of illumination time. The P7 reticle allows for MOA ranging, and the reticle is available in the STRELOK app.





I was impressed enough with the L5 6-24×50 that I took one home with me. A full review will likely come in a couple of months.


  1. avatar Sammy says:

    Their LUCID L5 6-24×50 offers only 50MOA range????? For a 34mm tube?? I realize its only a $500 scope but you can’t get much distance with only 50MOA movement.. Nightforce has 125MOA for the same 34mm tube

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      It’s a 30mm tube, not a 34mm tube. Now, I’ve definitely seen a larger adjustment range in a 30mm tube before, but I can’t say I’ve seen all of the features or quality of this one (at least at initial shooting and visual impressions) at this price point. It’s on Optics Planet and other places for $389 and less all day long. It has so far exceeded my expectations, but I’m not going to expect it to compete on features with a multi-thousand-dollar unit either…

    2. avatar Pete says:

      I suspect that the 6-24x is more of a “set it and forget it” deal. zero it at 100 yards and use the built in holdovers for longer distance shots. So the lack of elevation adjustment should not be a big deal.
      Personally I prefer a capped style turret on this type of scope and exposed knobs on a “tactical” scope, where you would dial in elevation and windage to meet each situation.

  2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Really, really looking forward for a review of the 6-24. That’s a really good price point.

  3. avatar Vendetta says:

    Lucid releases an ACOG. The world rejoices. Love the Lucid products.

  4. avatar TT says:

    What does “fixed 4x zoom” refer to in the red dot description?

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      It magnifies 4 times larger than the naked eye, and it’s fixed at that level of zoom. You can’t zoom out so it doesn’t magnify and you can’t zoom in more. LUCID does also make zero magnification red dots, a flip-to-the-side magnifier (to add zoom to a red dot), and some variable zoom power scopes.

      1. avatar Defens says:

        Still not very clear, Jeremy. So is it a a binary choice – either 1x or 4x, but not 1-4x? I think “zoom” is the adjective that’s throwing everyone off….

        1. avatar Jeremy S says:

          Not binary. No choice at all. It is fixed at a 4x magnification. I’m sorry, I guess I should have said magnification in the first place. I used “zoom” (noun) as a substitute for “magnification.” Fixed 4x magnified, fixed 4x magnification, fixed 4x zoom… all really the same in my head. Sorry for the confusion!

  5. avatar Locke_n_Load says:

    So is the P7 a sub-500 dollar T1 killer?

    1. avatar Locke_n_Load says:

      EDIT: at 19 oz, a little on the heavy side.

  6. avatar Pascal says:

    Waiting on review before clicking the purchase button on the L5 6-24×50. Would be using this for completion/BR. The 50MOA adjustment limit does not bother me. If I really need a long reach, I will use a 20MOA mount. As it is, 400yrs is the longest range I have access to, I am not all worried.

  7. avatar neiowa says:

    Where is it made?

    I refuse to fund the R&D for the PLA. I’ll but goods made in Chicomland (hard not to) but not where it’s tech that will directly advance the military capability of our enemy.

    1. avatar xwing says:

      Their site says “assembled” in China for some and all are designed/engineered here. I assume the lower end ones are really “made” there as it seems foolish to make the parts here, ship the parts to assemble them in china and send them back.

      I like this fixed 4x, but I’ll have to really look at what I’m getting over the Burris AR-332 which I’ve enjoyed a lot so far.

  8. avatar Rick says:

    First focal plane or second?

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      RE the 6-24×50:

      “The L5 reticle is set in the Second Focal plane. this is done intentionally to allow the operator to be able to back off the magnification and gain substantially more distance in target striking capability. By backing off the magnification this changes the field of view and increases the “Hold Over” distances available to the operator in the field of view with meaningful and precise reticle increments.”

      1. avatar Rick says:

        Thanks, I missed that, obviously. Sure wish they’d make one in FFP.

  9. avatar Brian says:

    I love the P7 4X.

    I bought it for my ruger mini 14 after much research & trial of optic scopes.

    It holds dead on at 100 yards, in comparison of the rumors circulating that the mini 14’s grouping is horrible.

    I must specify that I bought the ranch rifle & not an AR.

    I would highly recommend it. Though I paid $349 at a local retailer here in Oklahoma & not the $400 plus as seen advertised.

    Haven’t taken any longer shots yet with it. That’s soon to come after I familiarize myself with it more. Will post a YouTube video demonstrating my results.

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