Louisville Mayor Will Have the Firing Pins Removed From All Confiscated Guns

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[Louisville Mayor Craig] Greenberg made it clear his new policy is just a start, saying it’s the best the city can do right now as it relates to seized gun policy — while still abiding by state law.

“Basically, they’re just creating a lot of busy work for law enforcement and gun dealers to put the gun back in a position where it can be sold again,” [Openrange Gun Range President Barry] Laws said.

He demonstrated how long it takes to remove a firing pin from a Glock pistol, and then put it back in.

Each process took less than a minute, granted that’s for someone who’s done it many times before.

On Thursday, Greenberg said in order to abide by state law, the package sent to KSP would include both the gun, the removed firing pin, and a warning label saying the weapon may have been used in a Louisville murder.

Laws says while it may add inconvenience, federally licensed buyers ultimately will know how to get them working again. 

He believes the cost to have professionals remove firing pins from hundreds of confiscated guns a month outweighs the benefit.

His call is for city officials moving forward to reach out to shops like his to be a part of the discussion.

“[It’s] like going to a roller-skating rink and never [have] roller-skated and tell them how to do things,” Laws said. “Come see us, and we can discuss what would really make a difference.”

The mayor’s office believes amending state law is the answer, advocating for House Bill 325 which would allow for consolidated local governments to destroy confiscated guns.

— Isaiah Kim-Martinez in ‘It Really Doesn’t Do Anything’: Gun Store Questions Impact of Louisville Mayor’s Seized Firearm Plan

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  1. well … I suppose that’s not the worst thing they could have come with.

    But, really? This isn’t even good PR.

    • Grasping at straws to sooth his itch for Gun Control one can only imagine what mayor wacko really wants to do to firearms and Gun owners…After all history confirms Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide and those attributes never, ever go away, those attributes just ride along waiting for an opportunity to pounce. So like Slavery Gun Control cannot be trusted or reasoned with and must be abolished.

  2. The Lefts objective is to just make anything to do with firearms more of a pain in the ass, and more expensive.

    • And as of 01/01/2023, the State of Kentucky has imposed a 6% sales tax on most services. Specifically for firearms repair I don’t know, but most likely.

      Anything to squeeze out cash…

      • Bon Wall — below is a list of the services to be taxed starting this year in Kentucky.

        Photography and photo finishing
        Public opinion and research polling
        Executive employee recruitment
        Website design and development
        Website hosting
        Facsimile transmission
        Private mailroom
        Residential/nonresidential security system monitoring
        Private investigating
        Process server services
        Repossession of tangible personal property
        Personal background checks
        Road and travel services
        Condo time-share exchange services
        Short-term rental of space
        Social event planning and coordination
        Leisure, recreational and athletic instructional services
        Recreational camp tuition and fees
        Personal fitness training
        Non-medical massage
        Cosmetic surgery
        Body modification (piercing, tattoos)
        Testing services
        Interior decorating and design
        Household moving
        Specialized design (fashion)
        Lapidary services
        Labor and services for commercial refrigeration
        Labor to repair or alter apparel, footwear, watches or jewelry
        Prewritten computer software access services

        end of list.

  3. Where this will suck is if any of the seizures are oddball stuff. No one will care of the Glock or AR that people typically use.

    I am surprised he hasn’t figured out the legal definition of “destroyed” constitutes the receivers and he can destroy anything but. I mean I’m saying the obvious here but probably shouldn’t. I wonder if the peculiarities of the law state “as confiscated condition” or just “destroyed.”

    • Why does any confiscated guns have to be destroyed??? The USA and state police forces could make 100% profits and benefit from the funding if confiscated guns were put to local auctions.

      • Don’t you know? If that gun has killed before, it will probably kill again!!! You just can’t trust those things out of your sight!

      • isn’t this someone’s property?…at the very least they should be compensated if they can show legal ownership…

    • In KY I believe the law stipulates that they may *not* be destroyed prior to being given to the state police for auction to FFLs. So, this guy is giving them to the state police in partially disassembled form since he can’t destroy them. It is dumb on a galactic scale.

  4. There must have been a secret ordnance passed that requires the brains of these left-run city mayors to be removed….. hopefully, they just throw the defective organs away instead of attempting to reinstall them.
    Maybe just dispose of them in a diaper, as I don’t think anyone could tell the difference.

    • Biden and Fetterman’s brains were removed prior to their election, while Kamala never had one at all. Doesn’t seem to affect them.

      • The difference between Brandon and the “Fetterwoman” is that the latter has realized he’s in over his head (they won’t let him wear his hoodie and shorts ensemble) and is trying to get kicked out with his hospital stay for “depression”, look for his Brazilian bisexual wife to assume the seat after being appointed by the new Dem governor…

        • Yes, she strikes me as being a gold digger, and getting into the Senate usually puts you into the money. Nursing home for him, and then Senate, divorce court, and Senate for her. Wake up, Pennsylvania!

      • They don’t want thinkers. Sometimes thinkers have their own opinions. They want rubber stamps for the puppet masters.

        • you want to win in PA?….run better candidates…seems to be a problem for the repubs….it came down to a choice between a doofus and a carpetbagger…..

  5. Just more craziness.

    But it does mean ‘modifying the firearm’ from factory original. So what happens when the firing pin gets serialized as part of the Democrat left’s push for serializing EVERY single individual part of guns? Then there is this nonsense about microstamping. Can this be construed as ‘tampering with evidence’? Anyone else doing this would likely get them arrested. But really…it isn’t as if no one can get new pins and restore the firearm to working condition quickly.

    But hey, on the upside if a drug dealing gang member idiot gets a pinless pistol and can’t fire at one of his gangland rivals, it just might get them killed.

  6. That’ll keep those scary black guns from jumping up and shooting innocent bystanders all by themselves.

    Wait … what?

  7. “On Thursday, Greenberg said in order to abide by state law, the package sent to KSP would include both the gun, the removed firing pin, and a warning label saying the weapon may have been used in a Louisville murder.”

    “…the weapon may have been used in a Louisville murder.” ?

    Louisville isn’t sure if the gun was used in a murder or not?

  8. What a moron, what does that do? If the gun “might” have been used in a murder the police lab will just have to put the firing pin back in to fire the weapon to get a sample projectile, extractor and firing pin marks for comparison… This stupidity accomplishes nothing… If the gun was used in a crime, isn’t it standard policy to destroy the gun after there is no longer a need for it?…

    • Anytime there is a situation with multiple guns the pins would more likely get lost, damaged, or mismatch resulting in a mistrial. Things like this gun with that guns’ pin was destroy already.

    • Kentucky Law does not allow the firearm to be destroyed; that is the Mayor’s beef. So is goal is to make them inoperable (temporarily), thinking it will prevent it from being used again in a crime when it is sold at auction. The state makes a significant amount of money off of Auctioned seized weapons; money which goes back to law enforcement across the state to purchase equipment for them.

      • If the potential buyer knows it doesn’t function due to missing parts then they are much less likely to buy it resulting in lost revenue for the state. Unless the buyer is looking for this specific thing for some reason. But then it’s too easy to do so why go to an auction for this?

        If the potential buyer doesn’t know about this then that could easily result in a fraud based lawsuit against the state.

        This is a lose lose situation.

        • Hmmmm, do they disclose the fact that the firearm was used in a homicide? Not sure I’d want that in my collection…

        • @MADDMAXX
          I don’t know but I do know there are collectors interested in the firearms used in high profile cases. But I would be more inclined to think those would go to Quantico.

        • MADD – Its an inanimate object. You think that Mauser, Garand, Lee-Enfield may have shot/killed? Don’t be a Karen.

        • The gun isn’t really non-functional as the law requires that the firing pin be packaged along with the gun and the Kentucky State Police are auctioning the guns to FFLs who, I’m pretty sure, know how to put the pin back in. This is noting but worthless virtue signalling.

        • “neiowa”: Fuck your “Karen”, I don’t want to be put in a situation that might jeopardize MY freedom even briefly because some underpaid clerk somewhere failed to clear a fucking gun for sale and some overzealous cop decided I might be a killer… I don’t give a shit how many people were shot/killed by the damn thing. I can afford to buy any gun I want I don’t need to “bargain” hunt at a police auction, maybe you should look INTO a statement instead of “jumping” to your own conclusions about what was “actually” being said.. I know I have guns that “killed” in combat but they are not in some law enforcement data base as being associated to a fucking homicide…

        • MaddMaxx the gun is not what killed anyone. It is an incapable nert non-thinking nonacting component of the crime. Jus cause it was used once to kill or harm, that does not make it “more likely” to do soagain.

          Remember, NOT ONE FIREARM ever has picked itself up off the table and killed anyone.

          If a car haad been involved in a crash that killed or seriously injured someone does that make it mor capable of a repeat?

          You sound like some of these iggerunt pawl a TISH uns. thinking the GUN is the actor.

          No more so than thinking it was the carpenter’s framing hammer thrt built your house. Nope it was te carpenter did that.

        • You sound like some of these iggerunt pawl a TISH uns. thinking the GUN is the actor.

          Are you two really that fucking “stupid”? Where, in anything I’ve posted on this does it say that I believe the gun is capable of killing on its own and once it has drawn blood WILL always want more… YOU are a mentally challenged idiot on the level of a dacian and hardly worthy of the time I just wasted responding to you and the other context challenged moron…

        • “Hmmmm, do they disclose the fact that the firearm was used in a homicide? Not sure I’d want that in my collection…”

          Pfttttpt. Perhaps that person needed what they got…

      • Maddmaxx, there is probably nothing to worry about. As others have pointed out, the PD there apparently doesn’t do any forensics on confiscated guns and doesnparticipate in the national database. So a gun you buy from an FFL who got it from the state police at auction was never linked to any crime.

        Plus you have your sale paperwork from the FFL to prove that you got it years after Pooky shot Ray Ray with it.

        Plus, even if a gun was used in a crime, was in a database, and you got it other than from an FFL it is unlikely they can connect you to the crime. I can almost guarantee that any time Lil’G knocked over a liquor store and shot a clerk I was someplace else far far away at work, asleep, or at a medical appointment for my wife. My cell phone tracking data will prove it.

        • Explaining all that to a cop who’s pumped up on adrenaline while you are handcuffed in the back seat of a cop car watching your motorcycle being loaded on the back of a flatbed truck is not my idea of a fun Saturday night no matter how remote the possibility… My lifestyle is risky enough without adding unnecessary bullshit into the mix…

        • maddmaxx maybe better stay inside all the time, cuz the sky just might fall down on yer haid. Oh wait, but if hou stay inside the house might fall down on yore haud……

          Life is terminal.

        • maddmaxx maybe better stay inside all the time,

          Is your display of ignorance on purpose? do you talk like you write; do you think it makes you speashullll? It actually just amplifies your stupidity, don’t you worry your “little” brain about me, I do just fine out in the real world… You’d do better to pull your dumbass troll shit on someone who gives a fuck what you think…

      • I can just see some smart defense attorney saying that the gun is inoperable and winning because the prosecutor can’t find the original firing pin, or installing the pin changes the dimple on the used cartridge, so he can claim that gun was not the gun that did the deed.

  9. So Laws is offering to help the anti-mayor make guns more difficult to make operational again according to the limits set by state code before they are auctioned off. What an asshole turncoat.

    Good thing you posted his business name Grace, now we know the collaborators place of business to avoid like the plague. That comment needs to be spread far and wide on social media so it is a commonly known fact.

  10. I just assumed this was to prevent them from being used if they got “lost” in transit but when I got to the part saying both the pin and gun would be shipped in the same package I’m out of even the most insane lefty ideas to justify this move.

    It’s purely an unabashed “looks like we’re doing something” move that everybody knows is wholly useless. Even the progenitors of the idea.

    • Since money laundering/embezzlement is typically their number one priority, I would normally say follow the money. They create these schemes to toss some contract work to their buds. With this involving gunsmiths and a dem mayor, I’m at a loss. Perhaps place it within the “we must do SOMETHING, even if it’s wrong” file.

    • Yup, completely useless. The guns, after being disassembled, are turned over to the state police who then auction them to FFLs. The FFL then puts the firing pin back in and puts the gun up for sale. Utterly, completely useless.

    • “It’s purely an unabashed “looks like we’re doing something” move that everybody knows is wholly useless. Even the progenitors of the idea.”

      A far more likely outcome is the ‘gunsmith’ making a ‘mistake’ and putting the wrong pin in the wrong package…

      • That may (IANAL) violate KY state law which would put the Mayor of L’ville and his whole stupid idea in jeopardy. My understanding is that the locals are not supposed to destroy, or render permanently inoperable, the firearm.

  11. Guess I didn’t realize by reading the article, that the mayor is actually attempting to render the firearms useless (temporarily) with his plan. Reading further into the issue in Kentucky, the concern of the Mayor seems fair; guns that were seized once again being used in a crime after being sold at auction. Removing the fairing pin won’t prevent that, as mentioned by the FFL in the article. It will just be another expense to the Louisville Police, and take away from time spent actually policing. I personally wonder if guns being seen in a crime again were actually SOLD at auction to a properly registered FFL? Are there specific dealers, guns being seen used again are being sold from? Seems there would be some serious investigation into more details of the sale that could possibly shed light on the issue. Do they even know if the seen used again firearm ever made it to the auction?

    • I have some. We have a local dealer who specializes in sales to LEO and military and they have a Gunbroker auction site. They auction the confiscated weapons and they will sometimes tell you and the guns will still have the agency’s tag and evidence number on the tag. Sometimes, it’s even engraved on the weapon itself. I bought a Sig ST220 for almost nothing and they advised me it had been used in a suicide. I found blood in the under the grip and I took it down as far as I could and sprayed it out with Hornady gun scrubber.

  12. Tampering with seized but not forfeited property could incur unforseen costs on Louisville’s part.

  13. The Mayor also looks like a cuckold when enjoys watching his wife with other men like the beta that is the dad of one of the kids in the show Big Mouth.

  14. Smith & Wesson, Ruger and Glock all just called and said, ‘Yes, please change the law and destroy the confiscated guns. We’ll make more.’

    • I’m sure they would be fine with that, I would be too if it weren’t for the fact that, occasionally, they will destroy something irreplaceable. S&W can make a new 686 but not a new Registered Magnum.

      • Not to mention that the local taxpayers will have to pony up thousands extra because the city paid for the firearms to be destroyed instead of selling them to fund their pet projects. When you think about it, destroying firearms is basically a taxpayer funded subsidy for the gun industry that the politicians hate. Kind of a self own.

        • Yeah, a self own and all-around circle jerk. It really is all about the “do something” optics where the targeted audience is completely ignorant of reality but still has the ability to vote.

          I have no idea, really, what the cash-flow reality of destruction vs. sale is. I’m sure there is a lot of bureaucratic nonsense that consumes countless taxpayer funded hours involved in the processing of these guns that nullifies much of the “profit” from sale. That said, I’m still in favor of laws like those in Kentucky because, if nothing else, they reinforce the notion that the guns themselves are not at fault and that the resources the state has should be returned in as efficient a manner as possible to the people.

    • Brandon in Ukraine is another ruse to draw attention away from his innumerable failures, most recently the chemical spill stupidity in Ohio, allowing a Chinese spy balloon to traverse the US and hover over nuclear weapons sites and using a million dollars’ worth of air-to-air missiles to shoot down a twelve-dollar school Science experiment…

      • It’s funny how the “environmentalists” aren’t making a big stink over that disaster. It’s almost like they don’t really care about the environment unless they can use it to gain power and make us poor. When will dems catch on to that?

        Maybe they’re in Ukraine for some easy rah-rah, go team. I feel like the enthusiasm for war is finally beginning to wane.

        • I work with a ton of self-proclaimed environmentalists.

          They pollute like mad, consume every gadget and plastic product they can, nevef reuse anything, eat out all the time, drive around on weekends as a thing to do, are perfectly happy egging on WWIII and they always have the heat and AC jacked.

          They don’t care about the environment. Climate change is just an accessory like jewelry or a t shirt with a slogan so they can fit in with their chosen clique and bully the other.

          Most actual environmentalists I know are homesteader types who reuse everything, never buy anything, travel as infrequently and efficiently as possible, bellyache over packaging, emissions and recycling and are by all accounts very conservative. And are very concerned over the dioxides in Ohio and the war in Ukraine.

        • Dude
          no kidding, if I spilled 5 gallons of waste oil the state and fed epa plus a handful of environmental groups would say I just contaminated 2million acres and the whole Mississippi river.
          In this case it’s all ok and not a peep from the tree huggers. Mmmmmm

      • Might be that it was “suggested” by the handlers hoping Putin would be stupid enough to take a shot him, Brandon is expendable, and they still have Kammaltoe…

        • Pretty much nothing says we don’t want you like putting you in a active warzone.
          They would use the 25th amendment on Kamala by March.
          That crazy bitch isn’t sane and could choke to death on a balloon.
          Wouldn’t that make Kevin McCarthy the POTUS?

        • Especially after they called the Russians and admonished them to NOT (wink-wink nudge-nudge) shoot anything at Kiev from 6AM to 6PM on Feb 20 and especially don’t fire on ANY trains running between Kiev and Poland on that date… Yes McCarthy IS in line after VP provided she doesn’t have time to appoint a new VP…

        • Let her think about it for a while as Acting President.
          “Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.”
          “Harris has an IQ of 54, which would make her mentally retarded.”
          I think even the left would vote her out. The ultimate coup.

        • If Kamala becomes President, even if she “had time” to nominate someone as the new VP, the odds of the GOP House confirming her nominee are between slim and none.

          Why would they? Something happens to Kamala, and it’s President McCarthy! Plus it would mean that Sistema and Manchin would be back in the kingmakers business — if either of them vote against a Dem bill / nominee, it’s 50-50 and there’s no VP to break the tie, so the measure fails.

        • And if McCarthy got the nod there’s no way a “Chucky” led Senate would vote for HIS pick as VP, THIS would turn into THE “Constitutional crisis” that they have been trying to gin up for the last 15 years or so…

        • Easy fix, We make Chucky the ambassador to Ukraine with a BIG ceremony in Kiev. He hasn’t done a thing in the Senate so why not make him an ambassador even if he kicks and screams?

  15. There’s dumb and then there’s this.
    The guns get auctioned and lets be serious, how many are striker fired Tupperware?
    Kentucky loses out because smart people know it doesn’t take much to buy a striker.
    A few minutes at most to put it in but who wants to buy a non functioning gun?
    Hell, yeah I’ll buy that inoperable Glock for $100.
    Then I’ll buy a $15 striker from Midway USA.
    A $115 Glock, Thanks Craig Greenberg.

    • My understanding, based on looking a little more into the state of things in Kentucky, is that the firing pin, though removed, must remain with the gun. Kentucky law requires that the seized guns be turned over to the state police who then auction the guns to FFLs. Meaning, no need to buy a new striker, it will be in the box with the gun. The FFL then puts it back in and puts it on the shelf.

      It is a stupid bit of virtue signalling on the part of the Mayor. He says he is doing this to make the gun less likely to be used again but, all he is doing is wasting a few minutes per gun. I expect that many of the FFLs, when they buy a used gun at auction, strip, clean, assemble and function check the thing before they offer it up for sale anyhow. I know I do when I buy a gun. Hell, I do that with a brand new gun.

      This is dumb on par with the Colorado mag ban that, while banning the sale of magazines over 15 rounds, still allows the sale of parts for those mags. If you want a new 30rnd Pmag in CO you can’t buy one but you can buy the box, the spring, the follower and the floorplate.

      • It would save me $15 so now it’s just a matter of finding out when and where they have the auction. As for the serial number argument, I have a few relatives that could run it and see if it’s still in a criminal gun database.

        • That could be a problem but I do know a few.
          “We’re going to Kentucky”
          Too much ATF crap involved especially in Illinois.
          JB got rid of 50% of our FFLs when he first got in office.
          I don’t want the ATF at my house and I’m sure not inviting them.

  16. The art of “doing something” instead of “doing something useful” or “doing something right”. Then they wonder why nothing ever changes.

  17. So are they also going to remove all “steering wheels” off cars and trucks and impound said vehicles that have been in some type of road incident…..

  18. Look! I am doing something!
    (Just what I am doing is dumb, and the average low information, no information voters will think it is a great idea!)

  19. The law should require a notice if a particular serial number has been run by a state or federal agency.You may not want one that was as bureaucrats don’t always follow up.

    Just imagine using one for self defense and then it is run and found to be connected to a hold up or murder with incomplete records. Now you have become a “felon they have been looking for”.

    • less than 1% of firearms used in crimes are tied to the crime by the serial number, with the exception of stolen guns being tied to the the theft of the gun. Serial numbers are simply not that useful in solving or prosecuting crimes (less the exception I noted) simply because the investigation and prosecution still has to place that gun in the criminals hand during the crime and show that specific gun was used by that specific criminal to commit that specific crime no matter what the serial number is or if it exists or not.

      Its one of those false logic lies put out by the anti-gun and gun-control agenda that serial numbers on guns solves the ‘violent crime’ problem, for example, “If we can require serial numbers on home made ‘ghost’ guns it will help solve the ‘gun violence problem’.” is a false logic lie.

      • Yep. I was actually surprised the first time I read the real Stat. Having been conditioned on how important the SN is to solve “crime” most of my life.
        Still, they’ve been vomiting that lie since 68′, and this whole pipe dream of micro stamping. All it will really do is raise production costs.

  20. I think filling the barrel full of JB Weld would be a whole lot easier. Then when you drill out the JBWeld you’d fuck up the rifling and the bullet wouldn’t tumble and be less deadly then a tumbling bullet from a rifled barrel.
    Probably what’s going to happen in the future is no one is going to be able to by gunm parts unless you have an ffl license. Register everything.

    • That would probably be illegal in KY. The local authorities are required to turn the guns over to the state police without destroying them.

      I kinda hope that some ham-fisted cop in Louisville breaks a firing pin (preferably an odd, hard to find one) while disassembling a gun for this stunt and, thereby, puts the Mayor’s policy in a position of running afoul of state law.

    • or, ya just buy a new barrel and replace it which is less than the price of new, and most used, guns. But if ya are intent upon using the existing barrel, a much better way is to dissolve the JB Weld with chemicals under low pressure ‘rinse/was’ style and not mess up the rifling at all, then rinse the barrel out and clean as normal (its been done but takes a while).

  21. I don’t need anymore firearms & I surely wouldn’t buy any like those. What I need is more ammo & ammo boxes.

  22. If I were to buy a gun that had been seized by the police, I’d probably change out the firing pin and do a little filing to the breech. I don’t want anything tracing back to me in case they did ballistic matching on it. If they find an old case, it can’t be matched to the gun in the current state. If they find a new case for some reason (criminal tossing around range brass), they have nothing to connect to me.

    • A whole lot (probably a majority) of those seized guns don’t really have a “ballistic signature” on file.

      Consider this common scenario: Billy Bob is driving with expired plates. Billy Bob is a convicted felon on parole. PoPo pull Billy Bob over because of the plates, get his id, run it, discover he is on parole. Billy Bob is a bit twitchy and, since he is on parole, the police don’t need consent to search his car. Under the driver’s seat they find his gat. Billy Bob is now under arrest for being a felon in possession and the gun is seized. The police aren’t going through the time effort and expense of ballistic analysis of the gun because the crime didn’t involve discharge, just possession. So, after Billy Bob is adjudicated, the gun (in KY) is turned over to the state police and then auctioned off to an FFL. You go into Kentucky Carl’s Gun Shop and buy it. The end.

  23. Watching the video there is an interview with a light-skinned black woman. Who claims to be a gun owner and support the Second Amendment. But she also has a poster of Angela Davis on the wall in the background. She is just another example of a person on the left who is a hypocrite Pig.
    She certainly wants her guns. But no guns for anyone else.
    Especially darker skinned innocent black people who are trapped in the Welfare Industrial Complex. Where the father was replaced by a welfare check. And that Father’s Love and discipline was replaced by the Guns of the big city police department.

    And she completely supports this government takeover of the traditional family structure.

    I don’t care what a self-describe liberal leftist says. They will always support the local government police agencies having and carrying guns.

  24. Maybe that town need to find a mayor that is smart enough to figure out how to keep these guns in custody from “escaping” with “help” from his “trustworthy” department goons…..

    or maybe its HE that needs to be checked out by a shrink.

  25. Perhaps he could just do what Swagger did in “Point of Impact” and shave a few thousands off the firing pin.

  26. I’ve bought guns at police auctions. One had some blood under the grips. it was involved in a robbery, the complying victim got shot. Cleaned up and works perfectly.

    I’ve talked to it and asked it what happened. I was testing the anti-gun claims that guns are living intelligent species that sneak out by their selves to do harmful deeds, and what better test subject than a gun that has been involved in one of these evil deeds. It apparently has chosen not to answer, but if it ever answers I’ll let you know. I keep a close eye on it though, just in case Decepticons are real.

  27. I read the linked article. Still have no idea what the intention of the referenced mayor is. I have an excess of useless information in my head. What does removing the firing pin accomplish?

      • What does removing the firing pin accomplish?

        Well, it DOES render the firearm inoperable, at least until someone with a functioning brain puts a new one in it…

        • Don’t even need a new one. Louisville cannot destroy, or render permanently inoperable, the firearm so the firing pin is in a zip-loc bag with the rest of the gun. “Some assembly required” is the sum-total result of this policy.

          I’m wondering what is gonna happen when L’ville seizes a gun that requires some specific tooling, a spring cramp, two different pin punches and a torque wrench to remove the firing pin. If they break the gat, they have violated the requirement barring destruction. Stupid with a side of ill advised.

  28. Louisville and Jefferson County have become a very sad example of urbanization frying brain cells. The people constantly complain about the escalating crime rate, traffic problems, poor policy decisions, bad schools, and a gross lack of control on the part of their leaders, yet the majority continue to vote for those who support the same failed policies. I have no doubt they would vote for Hitler as long as he was the Democratic Party candidate.

    • “I have no doubt they would vote for Hitler as long as he was the Democratic Party candidate.”

      Why always the reference to Hitler? Stalin was worse, a true master of tyranny, a much more efficient and effective killer than Hitler.

      • I’ve wondered the same. Here’s what I came up with.

        Hitler is viewed as right wing. Stalin is viewed as left wing. Stalin was a Communist which Lefties adore.

        The Left has controlled our culture for many decades. They try to ignore left wing atrocities. Notice how they always call us Nazis and Fascists, but they never accuse us of being commies.

        • “Hitler is viewed as right wing”

          Always fascinated that a socialist is ever considered “right wing”.

        • MADDMAXX February 20, 2023 At 17:37
          Your comment is awaiting moderation
          Always fascinated that a soshullist is ever considered “right wing”.

          Anything in Europe that was right of Kommunism was/is considered “right” wing… Soshullism was considered center right wing, Fascists were EXTREME right wing… Hitler was a Fascist who started out hiding under the guise of Soshullism…

  29. @MADDMAX
    “…Hitler was a Fascist who started out hiding under the guise of Soshullism…”

    Based on my reading, Soshulists are all Fascist.

    • Varying degrees between Kommies and Fascists across Europe and Asia… No more REAL Kommunists just hard left soshullists… Fascists are on the other end of the same spectrum…

  30. “Fascists are on the other end of the same spectrum…”

    Yes, that has been the propaganda since I can remember. However, Fascists represent a viable Leftist threat to classic Communists/Socialists. Thus, the classic Communists/Socialists had to persuade everyone else that Fascists were/are hard right-wingers.

    • And apparently everything I’ve posted on this either went over your head, you just choose to ignore it or you are just arguing for the sake of argument (when we are both saying the same thing), yes fascism IS to the FAR right of SocioKommunism BUT it is STILL FAR to left of CENTER by American standards… RIGHT wing in Europe does NOT mean the same thing as RIGHT wing in American politics… ANYONE who believes Hitler is comparable to Conservatives, Libertarians or Anarchists (TRUE FAR RIGHT WING) has not been paying attention…

      • “ANYONE who believes Hitler is comparable to Conservatives, Libertarians or Anarchists (TRUE FAR RIGHT WING) has not been paying attention…”


        But here is where I disagree that fascism is far-right:
        1. often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

        The above defines Leftism. I am not convinced that both ends of a “spectrum” result in authoritarianism. If a “spectrum” is involved, I would posit that on one end you have authoritarianism, and on the other anarchy. I see the “spectrum” as a linear movement from utter chaos, to absolute dictatorship.

        • Fascism isn’t Right or Left, though it’s often wrongly defined as Far Right. In truth, defining Fascism is like “nailing jelly to a wall” (Kershaw) because its defining characteristics crosses into all of the other “isms.” It can be used by the Far Left just as easily as by the Far Right.
          Socialism/Communism can very easily drift into Dictatorship as we’ve seen. Dictatorships inevitably become totalitarian.
          ANTIFA is very Fascist, and uses many of the same political tactics of Fascism.
          Of the two parties in the US, the Democrat’s have embraced elements of Fascism the most closely. One Party Rule, Silencing All Dissent, Total Government Control Over The Smallest Factors Of Citizen’s Lives, Disarming The Population, Suppressing Speech, and so on, but these elements are also products of other political ideologies as well.
          We could discuss it till the end of time, but it really is “jelly nailed to the wall” because the defining elements cross so many boundaries.
          I agree with you Sam, calling Fascism a Right Ideology is pure Obfuscation.

  31. I’m curious how he is getting around Kentucky state law doing this. Kentucky preempts ALL gun laws at state level. AND the enforcement mechanism in the law makes it a misdemeanor crime for a local official to propose gun laws at the local level. Has anyone explained that to him?

    • Uhhh . . . and THIS is supposed to do what?!?”

      Send a message; a finger in the eye of the state.

      The mayor is prohibited by state law from destroying the gun. Thus, the mayor is protesting by causing the state to spend money putting the firearm back in operating condition.

      Finger poking by 2A defenders is not dissimilar.

  32. Really, this will achieve nothing. Empty Virtue Signaling, as others stated, is all it really is.

    Frankly, removing and destroying the magazines would be more effective, as the cost of replacing a Magazine far exceeds the cost of most firing pins in today’s market.

    What will this achieve? Not a damn thing.

  33. @Bemused1 Berserker
    “…calling Fascism a Right Ideology is pure Obfuscation.”

    Thanks for the “jelly on the wall” concept; and the courteous conversation.

  34. Just when you think the watermark of stupidity has been set…….
    “Shall not be infringed” is only 4 simple words, a 7 year old can comprehend them
    Don’t you secretly hope these people find themselves in situations where having a gun would have saved their lives?

  35. There must be a vacuum sound coming from Louisville since most everything said by its mayor sucks.

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