Clay Higgins
US Rep. Clay Higgins (AP Photo/Kevin McGill, File)
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Facebook removed the post for breaking the company’s “Violence and Incitement” policies, a company spokesperson confirmed late Tuesday.

The picture Higgins attached was taken from news coverage of an armed group of protesters marching in Louisville earlier this summer to protest the killing of Breonna Taylor during a botched police raid.

“We don’t want to see your worthless ass nor do we want to make your Mothers cry,” Higgins wrote.

Higgins is a loud champion of gun rights — including the right to openly carry firearms in public, which is legal in Louisiana — and regularly wears a handgun while in the state.

– Jerry DiColo and Bryn Stole in Clay Higgins says on Facebook that armed demonstrators ‘won’t walk away’ from Louisiana protests

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  1. Hm.

    The man you fear is the man who does not bluster and rant, who does not bluff.

    This sort of tough talk might play well with the voters … but it’s the quiet ones that you don’t know what they are thinking of doing, that you worry about if you are going to start something.

      • The ‘voters’ this statement supposedly caters to ARE The quiet ones you have to worry about. Whether he personally follows through with this promise or not, he is giving fair warning. Not just making noise.

      • I think he is helping a lot.
        He just told the quiet ones ” do not worry, I got your back, when they come from out of state. You guys missed the hold thing, he stood up for the quiet ones & they understand he talking to them & for them.

        • Except that an ARMED response is the APPROPRIATE response to what happened to Breonna Taylor. That was pure, unadulterated FUCKUP on the part of the militarized police state. Everyone involved in that action should be unemployed and awaiting trial for murder. PERIOD. Don’t @ me with “you’re just like those defund the police…”
          No, I’m not. The prohibition era needs to end. What happened to her is the end, net, inevitable result of an unaccountably violent enforcement arm when the politicos keep being allowed to make STUPID laws that dictate how consenting adults behave. The guy running his mouth here(OP, not the commenters) is a fascist. HE is one of the guys who’ll stack up at YOUR door to confiscate your arms if his overlords tell him to. Learn to spot the difference.

        • He threatened to shoot people based on appearance not action. Meaning, that EITHER he was referring to assemblies or ALL militias or just black ones. Either way, he was making it clear that he would not tolerate armed civilians in any sort of protest or formation, MERELY because he feels threatened by them. How is that NOT fascism?

          Also, I am NOT an anarchist, nor do I hate all cops. Don’t conflate my name with any sort of statement. It’s just a nickname I got on a jobsite decades ago…
          I am, however, opposed to unaccountable police violence, of which we have an abundance. This guy is a perfect example.

        • burley, that does not make someone a fascist. Please look up the word, it has a definition. Your criteria does not meet it.

        • “Not sure if most Americans know it, but “Burley” is a derogatory slang term for the police.”

          H’mmm. Reminds me of something :

          First Witch – “When shall we three meet again
          In thunder, lightning, or in rain?”

          Second Witch -” When the hurly-burly’s done,
          When the battle’s lost and won.”

          Bad-boy ‘Billy Shakespeare’… 😉

        • To be clear: in every definition of the word fascism this phrase was part of the definition:
          “Forcible suppression of opposition…”
          How is this not what this guy is talking about?
          The dude is an asshat. You might also be one if you tolerate belligerent cops who threaten american citizens just because they have a particular posture. You are either FOR constitutional rights or you aren’t. What part of “Peacable assembly” and “Shall not be infringed” don’t you understand?
          Be consistent in your position. Are you OK with violence against innocents? If not, you need to recognize this guy in his threats said nothing about their behavior; merely the presence of an armed assembly was enough for him to open fire. He’s murderous, blood thirsty and damned inciteful; NOT fit for the authority backed by a badge. It saddens me deeply that you seem to miss these salient points. I’m so sick of people claiming to care about Truth, Justice and The American Way, only to then condone or even encourage unprovoked violence against those they disagree with. THAT is fascism.

    • Some people have been waaaay too quiet for waaaay too long. There is a line in the sand and reminding those who bully, loot, and burn that there is a price to pay for engaging in criminal activities is prudent.

      Also quiet are the gutless wonders who sat around blowing smoke and allowed politically inept history illiterates to become useful idiots for the democRat Party. How did that happen you ask? The democRat Party has never been held accountable for its long despicable history of racism. The kind of racism that makes what is labeled as racism today look like a harmless fuzzball.

      The democRat Party has whitewashed itself and convinced useful idiots that the Republican Party, The Party of Lincoln is racist. That makes the only honorable thing for useful idiots to do is fight those perceived to be racists. Unfortunately the only thing marching useful idiot drama queens are accomplishing is lint licking the race baiting democRat Party clean of its long despicable history of race based atrocities. Atrocities that spanned coast to coast not just in the South as history rewrites want useful idiots to believe.

      The evidence against the democRat Party for holding the democRat Party liable and accountable for Monetary Reparations is overwhelming. Consider the fact the democRat Party has no problem going back in history and holding tobacco companies, talcum powder companies and a laundry list of others liable for damages so any excuse that atrocities ranging from Slavery to Eugenics to Gun Control and in between was a long time ago doesn’t fly.

      Bottom line…A Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.

      • Very well said. Thank You. We need to tell historical FACTS to our families, our friends, our neighbors. Motivate the vote for conservative politicians this November.

        The Democrat Party has always been the party of racism.
        *Prior to the War Between The States, it was the Party Of Slavery.
        *After the War between The States, it was the Party Of KKK + Jim Crow + Segregation
        *After the Republican’s Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Democrats masterminded the Switcheroo and became the Party Of Eugenics (genocide against black people) & Economic Slavery, stealing the credit for the Civil Rights Act from the Republican Party.

        • “Republican’s [sic] Civil Rights Act of 1964”???????

          Republicans? Like Lyndon Johnson?

          The racist Dixiecrats who were frothing at the mouth over the idea of having to put Jim Crow to rest mostly crossed the aisle and became Republicans. Strom Thurmond was the most obvious example of this (due to his record 24-hour solo filibuster against the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and his participation in the two month filibuster against the Civil Rights Act of 1964) but he was far from the only one. Nixon’s Southern Strategy was based on bringing the rest of the racist southern Democrats into the Republican fold, in terms of voting, if not into the party itself.

        • The “Southern Strategy” is a left wing myth, that they like to attribute to their old bogeyman Nixon. Stop lying, if you want to do that CNN will probably hire you. Maybe you can shine Brian Stelter’s shoes.

      • “Some people have been waaaay too quiet for waaaay too long.”…

        Perhaps, but I’d rather let the election cycle complete itself first and try to manage this in the American manner rather than regress to the common banana republic or communist method of “solving problems”. Much of what we face, right or wrong, is rooted in lazy Americans taking their own vote for granted and wanting someone else to fix things.

        Some of us should get out in the public and try to convince people not in the choir rather than beating our chests here in the easy, safe place. Of course, we’d need to have some facts and figures in order to do this affectively, and might need to learn how to speak in a manner that doesn’t either offend the masses or scare the hell out of them before one ever gets to the actual message.

    • It’s a WARNING, Capt. Higgins spelled out the possible consequences of invading his space loud and clear. BRAVO, someone willing to say (and probably do) what we’d all like to! These words might just keep one or more of those protesting malcontents from losing their lives or serious injury. I’m almost sure that he doesn’t really wanna hurt anyone, thus the reason for the warning. A person wanting to kill/maim others would not have issued one. Would you or anyone wanna actually find out if this is simply a hollow threat? I think not. I see this post as public service with the intent of keeping people from harm and disagree with FB’s decision to remove it. If anyone is killed or injured because of its removal (those that didn’t get the message), it will, in part, be FB’s fault because of their failure in getting the message out.

    • Yes indeed. The ones who even their best friends and wife have no idea how many guns they own. They learned to reload years ago and are sitting on a stockpile of ammunition and components so big they don’t give a shit about the current shortage.

      And when they say they are going to the gravel pit to shoot with some buddies once in awhile on the weekend they really went to train with a local militia.

    • You’re a 100% right.Never let the enemy know what you’re planning to do.Never make the mistake of thinking silence is a sign of weakness for those of us who wait silently in the shadows.When the shit does hit the proverbial fan,we will give new meaning to “they came out of the darkness or woods” (if you prefer).Sleep tight Antifa & BLM terrorists,your murdering,looting and anarchy has not gone unnoticed!!!

  2. Go to Shreveport quite often to gamble , yeah they’ll kill you dead and feed you to the Gators… they say there’s a road from Beaumont to New Orleans with over 200 bodies in those bayous and swamps…

    • Considering that Southern Louisiana and New Orleans were pirate hangouts 300 years ago, and New Orleans has been continuously inhabited by criminals ever since, 200 dead people in a bayou isn’t a lot.

    • I’m from there….and you are correct. BTW, the majority of the law abiding citizens here love Clay Higgins. He was fired for being “tough” with some criminals. Social justice optics being what they are, he was fired. Locals weren’t real happy with that call, so they voted him into Congress.

    • Can’t say you’re wrong. Half my fam is north of, deep in the bayou’s. Cali freaks over a large cache of 10 guns, and that’s normal in Cajun homes. In the living room.

  3. They will never heed a warning, they’ve been told they’re in the right and whatever they do is justified! When the sh*t DOES hit the fan, their handlers will disappear and watch them turn into the cannon fodder they actually are.

    • Sadly, I believe you’re right.

      Time and time again this very scenario has happened and I think it will repeat itself if there is serious conflict.

    • Agreed. He is voicing the opinion of a rather large, normally silent majority. We need a few more people, in his position saying the same thing. It makes for a good defense if and when the time comes, and more rioters start getting shot.

      Small town USA will not tolerate criminal activity wearing the mask of social justice.

      For that matter, small town USA is way less likely to tolerate social injustices in the first place.

      • That was exactly my first thought as I read it. 9mm +P in a carbine. Though those NFAC fellas appear to have chest rigs (panels?) and a bit of extra natural padding from the fried foods that might need a little more oomph to penetrate. I guess his area’s S.W.A.T. doesn’t carry 5.56?

  4. We don’t want to shoot protesters, but once you become a rioter or looter, we will shoot you down immediately. It is fine to be armed, but only so long as you are not breaking any other laws.

    We are armed and we will not tolerate violence

    • With 100,000+ felons released and allowed to develop their arsonist skills, it is past due to shoot looters.

      I’m all for peaceful protesters. In Michigan, the pri 2A group protested peacefully and even cleaned up after themselves. Portland won’t return to normal for a decade.

      This rot is destroying the nation.

      • This is why so many criminals were released from prison. Democrats were rallying their Marxist soldiers. If you want to tear down Law Enforcement, who better to utilize than criminals?

      • Yes, it is a shame that the Republican politicians are releasing hundreds of convicted felons to reoffend, I wonder why they would do such a thing?

        “Former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin departed the governor’s mansion three days ago, but the reverberations of some of his final actions are still being felt across the state.

        Bevin, a Republican who narrowly lost a bid for a second term last month, issued pardons to hundreds of people, including convicted rapists, murderers and drug offenders.

        In one case, Bevin pardoned a man convicted of homicide. That man’s family raised more than $20,000 at a political fundraiser to help Bevin pay off a debt owed from his 2015 gubernatorial campaign.

        In all, the former governor signed off on 428 pardons and commutations since his loss to Democrat Andy Beshear, according to The Courier-Journal. The paper notes, “The beneficiaries include one offender convicted of raping a child, another who hired a hit man to kill his business partner and a third who killed his parents.”

        • You can’t help yourself, because you can’t think for yourself. Your forwarded talking points aren’t helping you, and you’re too blind to see it.

          I wonder why you didn’t mention that California alone released 17,600 inmates, and counting?

          You can’t even recognize your own lies anymore.

        • JW. miner is a blessing. For us. He’s just too damn dumb to realize it. Trump getting re-elected will be as much due to his efforts as ours.

        • “You can’t even recognize your own lies anymore.”

          Please, help me to understand which part of my post was a lie? Is there a particular factt in my post that you disagree with and what is your source for your position, thanks!

    • Exactly. Every American has the right to be armed regardless of any other’s opinion. No UBC’s. No ‘safe handling’ test. No permission slip. Period. Protesters have an absolute right to be armed.

      Rioters and looters have an absolute right to be shot. Armed or not.

    • Yes, this is what was stated. “Recognize the threat”, means more than they are peacefully protesting. Protesting with loaded firearms may not be the smartest choice, but start aiming, putting your finger on the trigger and/or firing off a round, it is on. You done started it and hopefully the good people will stop those actions. Promising to protect you and yours is not a threat, it is putting them on notice to behave.

      perfectly legal.

      • Except for the fact that he stated their mere presence was enough for him to begin the slaughter. Americans get to have guns. PERIOD. Until the begin doing criminal things, the presence of a firearm does NOT make them a criminal. This guy is why we need reform.

    • +1 this ^ (original comment). Be armed all you want. Organize and protest and rally all you want. The Constitution protects this.

      Just don’t harm anyone, or threaten anyone (i.e. point your weapon at anyone who is not a direct and immediate threat). Do not damage property, or steal, or attack anyone.

      But peacefully demonstrating while armed? Totally fine by me. I see no immediate offense or threat from that picture of armed people.

      I’m an Agorist and I approve this message.

    • A couple of days ago, my uncle wrote a satirical comment on his FB page, and got an unexpected “fact check” flag from Zuckerberg’s Ministry of Truth. He followed up with a vulgarity-laced reply for all to see, telling FB’s Orwellian squad to…well…you know.

      • Bathe in the always relevant and necessary comments of the peerless James Campbell… errrr…. ‘I Haz A Question ‘.

        All Hail.

  5. I don’t know this guy, and I respect his position….

    But….the first thing I think of when reading his warning and looking at his pic with all his wrist bling….

    Is the guy in the pickup with a big “aint skeered” or “no fear” decal across his windshield.

  6. Killing any person in the United States without prosecution, trial and sentence, is an extra-judicial punishment that is against the laws passed by Congress and the state legislatures.

    For an LEO, sworn to uphold the Constitution, to advocate for this lawless behavior which directly contradicts the authority of the United States Constitution, is a betrayal of trust and an abuse of power under color of law.

    It’s unfortunate that his message only makes the point of those who protest excessive police force, he has revealed himself to be a member of the law-enforcement community who believes his feelings are more important than the constitution.

    And frankly, his bluster sounds as if he’s hiding his cowardice. Police officers need less Rambo and more Gary Cooper, less hulk hogan and more Jimmy Stewart.

    And they need to stop being cowards, Kenosha is an excellent example.

    The fact is, no matter how frightened you are, you can’t shoot people in the back. You must wait until they turn around with a weapon in their hand and present a credible threat, or else you’ve just murdered a citizen.

    • “The fact is, no matter how frightened you are, you can’t shoot people in the back. You must wait until they turn around with a weapon in their hand and present a credible threat, or else you’ve just murdered a citizen.”

      This is not a fact. Circumstances matter.

    • Under your ‘rules’ there’s no such thing as self defense.

      Trying real hard to protect your fascist baby rapers, aren’t you?

      • not at all what he said and you know it. If you are in favor of shooting people in the back, you may be a coward. You might want to check yourself.

        • You might want to read up on the history here. What “he” said, is from the mouthpiece of paid subversive shill, that’s who your defending. You might try reading Miner’s posts with a bit more attention to see what he’s trying to do. JWM is one of the good guys, don’t go off half cocked without taking the time to figure out who is who, and what is what around here. I don’t see where he said anything of the sort.

          As it happens, I agree with your position on Higgin’s threatening the law abiding citizens. He’s a tyrant, plain & simple. The founders are explicitly clear on how they should be dealt with.

        • When did I say anything about shooting people in the back? Read his first paragraph. Under that he thinks self defense is not allowed.

          As for baby rapers. 1 of the guys that tried to kill Kyle was a convicted pedo. All 3 had felony convictions. The 3 that were shot.

          miner wants Kyle in prison and he is a well known supporter of antifa. All of whom are brown shirts.

        • “he is a well known supporter of antifa.”

          Well, there’s a bold statement with zero basis in fact and no evidence to support your assertion.

          And you know, the information contained in a post should be judged on its own merit, not derided simply because you don’t like the person who posted the data.

          Again, what part of my post is factually inaccurate?

          To have three police officers there, within touching distance of this gentleman, and to shoot him seven times in the back is an act of cowardice. Or an execution.

    • “Killing any person in the United States without prosecution, trial and sentence, is an extra-judicial punishment that is against the laws passed by Congress and the state legislatures.”

      Not so. Self-defense (aka justifiable homicide) is written into the law everywhere in the United States. Places like the UK have the evil laws you seek.

    • Just a couple of weeks ago you argued that it was legal to use deadly force against a young man who had fallen down with his back turned, because that young man was, as you described, “a fleeing felon”.
      Now you say deadly force against a fleeing felon is illegal.
      Were you lying then, or are you lying now?
      I suspect you have no idea. You are can’t even recognize the truth anymore. You lie as a matter of course.

  7. A true person of action doesn’t telegraph their actions they simple act. Running your mouth simply makes you a target of not only the enemy you plan to destroy, but also in this case every shyster Lawyer and Prosecutor around. Generally people Bloviating in this manner are looking for attention over substance. As we’ve learned from every good terrorist Actions first, then the Claim of responsibility or better yet Silence. The best example is that of the Mafia. Do the Deed in such a manner the Message is unmistakable. The Silent Warrior is the Deadliest. Hail the “White Feather”.

    • That may be, but according to Mr. Higgins, he doesn’t want to be the deadliest. According to what he wrote, he is trying to avoid any death at all.
      He is doing nothing more than warning people of a potential danger.

      • Running your mouth (Mr. Higgins) in that manner in the wrong company. Can best be said: Get you left stewing in your own juices. Even from those on your own side. Mafia Rule#1 Keep your mouth shut. The Boss will tell you what to say and when. Rule#2 Never bring light onto “The Business”.

  8. You have my blessing congressman! It DOES help naysayers. How many rioters & looters showed up the day after young Kyle “took a bite outa crime”?!?

  9. Captain Clay Higgins is saying out loud {albeit posting publicly online} what many Americans are thinking to themselves.

    As the Democrats ramp-up to make a new hoax-scandal out of the Election in November and mostly violent protests continue and, if ANTIFA/BLM’s promise to “Occupy the White House on Sept 17” comes about, probably a lot more people will be saying this out loud.

    Many people might be wondering why President Trump does not invoke the “Insurrection Act” and deploy Federal Troops. I found this article that explains it very clearly:—p–n2575501

    Now if we could just find one as comprehensive about organizing local self defense Militia.If you’re Middle Class and a Patriot, you’re gonna need to when the Dems FUBAR the November Election no matter who we think got elected on Election Night. It would probably be best to get organized before the Election.

  10. This is what we refer to as “peak-cringe.”

    The equivalent of a Punisher / Blue line sticker on the back of your truck.

  11. Had someone with this thug’s attitude been at the capitol in Virginia or Michigan during one of the armed protests, would they have started gunning down protesters just because they felt threatened by the scary people with guns?

  12. If anyone condones this idiot’s ramblings, I feel sorry for you. He sounds like a fake tough guy who is giving fodder to the anti-gun establishment.

    Standard rules of engagement are that you aren’t in danger until a weapon is pointed at you. However, he said if you’re armed around him, he’ll shoot you. So in other words, he’s armed and it’s okay but it’s not okay for you to be armed. He’s the last moron I want representing me with hypocritical thought like that.

  13. I’ve met Congressman Clay Higgins. He’s not kidding. He’s a straight shooter, literally and figuratively. Love that guy.

  14. We’ve seen one on one incidents.

    We’ve yet to see a mass activity with 20 or more participants. That’s going to be interesting to see what LE does.

    If antifa tries to flee and retreat will they be followed? If antifa wins are they going to claim territory?

    This won’t go well at all.

    • 2015 motorcycle gang shooting in 2015 seemed to go well for the police, not so well for the bikers. At least as far as the shooting was concerned. Didn’t go well for the police legally, as I don’t think they ever got a single conviction of the supposed gangsters.

  15. You can check YouTube for some of his videos from St Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office. They made a huge contribution to his popularity in Louisiana. Here’s one he did on 2015:

  16. I respect where Miner49er is coming from and he’s right – but this is where we are also losing.

    Alinsky says “Use their rules against them”. This means, they know that we, as a people, respect law and order and adhere to the rules and the constitution. Guess what? THEY aren’t. They know we tie our own hands and sit back and go “But the constitution and laws say we can do this and can’t do that. They have no constitution or laws.

    They aren’t playing by any rules and they are tearing this country apart and everyone is sitting back hoping that it will calm down (it’s not going to) or the police will get ahold of the situation (they aren’t) or the troops will come in (good luck). Remember, it took a mere 3% of patriots to start and win the revolution. They’re doing the same thing right now and we’re all sitting back and doing nothing.

    So don’t act confused and bewildered when the government goes Socialist and ask “How did this all happen?”

    • If you respect where Miner49er is coming from, that just means you haven’t been here long. He is the embodiment of the problem you just described.

    • Jasper:
      You have seemed to miss the fact that the rioting leftists are being protected by Marxists that hold positions of power. If conservatives of any flavor caused wanton destruction, they would be tossed in the clink so fast that their heads would spin. Notice that the leftists that are arrested get released so fast that it makes your head spin.
      I have to agree with others that possessing a firearm is not a crime until until it is pointed at a person who is not a threat. A blanket statement about protesters (who are peaceful) that are armed should be shoot is just throwing gasoline on the fire.

  17. Here is a video of the latest victim of stupidity not racism from DC. Obviously, practicing safe distancing as well as proper firearm safety. All though a shame, parents, educators and the community have failed to instill an understanding In the youth, choices have consequences, and the bill will come due, here is a prime example of that failure. Now Bowser is seeing the monster she fed is out of control, its kind of like playing with fire what these demonrat politicians have been doing, and now lost control of it.

    The article below has a pick of the gun, he got shot holding. Questions? If you’re going to riot, riot over stupidity and bad choices, some one make take you serious then.

    • How sad that people, on here, are criticizing a politician for being vocal pro 2A and wanting these terrorist put where they belong. Such descriptions as “he’s not helping”. The FUDD mentality is a worse disease than communism.

      • You said “…a politician for being vocal pro 2A…”
        That is unequivocally NOT what this asshat is saying.
        He literally STATED flatly, that if you are ARMED in HIS territory
        …let’s break that down: here’s a list of behaviors he did NOT include:
        1. rioting
        2. burning
        3. assaulting
        4. looting
        He simply said assemble while armed. Meaning, this guy is NOT pro Constitutional rights. Please read carefully. This dude made a public threat to execute american citizens simply for exercizing Amendments 1 and 2 in “HIS” town. We are either FOR liberty or we are NOT. Pick one…

  18. What a stupid post. He better hope he doesn’t actually ever have to shoot anyone, because guess what is going into evidence?

    “Because some of We, like me… We, are SWAT. Nothing personal.” Okay, someone take grandpa’s facebook away from him.

  19. WTF He’s not alone, ex=military or not, Americans will fight these terrorists, we will not let them destroy our America. U don’t like it here get the hell out, china,iran,russia,nk, all accepting dumbocraps/rinos

  20. Maybe he should recant this and say something along the lines of “I (and we) changed our minds. So go ahead, bus in your DNC and Soros paid domestic terrorists to reek havoc here like they’ve done in so many wonderful democrat controlled cities. We’ll stay out of your way because (insert reason… covid, you’re entitled…).”

  21. I don’t have any problem with a voter or voters, going to their elected representatives home. And if the home owner, or who ever is inside the house, wants to come outside with their guns. That’s a good thing too.
    From 2015. I have not forgotten.

    NJ pro-gun law protesters post up on Sweeney’s front lawn

    We talked about this on TTAG back then. But I can’t find the original TTAG link. This prevents me from checking to see who is a hypocrite. I do recall all of the “freedom of speech freaks” supporting the KKK marching thru blacks neighborhoods while carrying guns. Or the American national socialists marching in skokie ILL. All supported by the ACLU.

    It all depends on Who’s ox is gored?
    You can protest in someone else’s neighborhood. But “not in mine”.

  22. Christ on a pogo stick!
    The level of anti-liberty screed on this thread is disgusting.
    How many of you are simply going to tolerate this cop/politician literally threatening to execute AMERICAN CITIZENS if the act like Americans. Read it again, without the emotion of having just watced Portland on fire for another night and imagine that if the sheriff in the county where portland is had shown a picture of a different shade of militia and said the same thing. You’d be calling for his head.

    • You should read it again. He is saying that if you are threatening public safety, he will take you out. Nothing wrong with that statement.

      • He said that MERELY being assembled and armed(the implication here is plainly that armed and assembled can ONLY be interpreted as a threat to public safety) was enough for him to execute. YOU read it again.

  23. burly, Hannibal, Random NYer…
    Y’all just need to come on down to enjoy a crawfish boil and get a clear understanding of southern hospitality. We can help you remove your head from your rectum while your down here visiting.


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