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Gun grabbers aren’t all bad. Not when the one doing the grabbing is the would-be victim of a robbery on the streets of Los Angles.

As the L.A. Times reports, early Saturday morning . . .

…three armed men, all in their 20s, got out of a vehicle in the 1300 block of West 35th Street, west of USC, and approached the other man and attempted to rob him, said Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson Norma Eisenman.

The target of the three armed men apparently hadn’t heard the latest guidance from the Los Angeles Police Department. In these times of heightened criminal activity in southern California, they prefer that you just cooperate with armed criminals and “be a good witness.” Who knows? Maybe the un-named victim in this case heard what the Department had to say on the subject of self-defense, but had no intention of following the LAPD’s advice.

Either way, the robbery didn’t really go the way the three hoods had planned it. Assuming they planned it at all.

[T]he man resisted and an altercation ensued. When one of the would-be robbers dropped his handgun, the man picked it up and shot him, police said.

Seeing what their newly-armed intended victim had just done to their accomplice, the remaining two yoots jumped back in their car and floored it. You’ll be saddened to learn that the stick-up man lying on the ground with the new orifice didn’t make it. He was pronounced DRT.

We’d suggest the the un-named victim think about carrying a firearm in such a dangerous neighborhood, but given that LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva turns down three out of four applications he gets these days, the un-named man isn’t likely to secure a permit.

He may want to consider other options.



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    • The police frown on shooting bad guys in the back. Better to let them run. The known associates of the dead guy will turn up soon enough.

    • yeah…… WHO THE FK WRITES THIS CRAP????
      I bet the same person who took the place of a DESERVING AMERICAN at their little filthy places of deception called “COLLEGES”…..

      • At least he had something to offer in the conversation, unlike you… 😉

        • Now, who can argue with that? I think we’re all indebted to ‘educated idiots put in place by other educated idiots’ for clearly stating what needed to be said. I’m particularly glad that these lovely children were here today to hear that speech. Not only was it authentic frontier gibberish, it expressed a courage little seen in this day and age.
          Furthermore, a lot of it was typed with the Caps Lock key depressed, which ensures us all of its down-home wholesome goodness; One can also glean an overarching sense of reason and order from the plethora of punctuation marks randomly sprinkled withal.
          Clearly, this was a near-quadruple-ellipsis, four question mark, SIX-exclamation mark effort, and thus well worth our time.
          Of course those ellipses could just be a bunch of random periods. That would change everything.
          Never mind.

    • Hush, no they won’t let him keep it. It’s evidence in a homicide. In Florida the other ner-do-wells would be charged with second degree murder. Minimum mandatory life sentence. Should be death. We kill ‘um regular down here. Doesn’t even make the local news anymore.

        • This is to inform you that you are in the lead in the ‘How Many Extraneous Question Marks Can I Use?!’ Competition; The runner-up only used four, and YOU have managed to use NINE!

          Good show!

  1. “[T]he man resisted and an altercation ensued. When one of the would-be robbers dropped his handgun, the man picked it up and shot him, police said.”

    I can see a Leftist Scum DA charge that guy with illegal possession of a handgun for picking it up… 🙁

    • I’m not entirely sure if a confrontation that ends in a death via gunfire counts as an ‘altercation.’ It may be a ‘tiff.’ Or perhaps a ‘squabble.’ ‘Heated discussion.’ It might even rise to the level of ‘serious disagreement.’ But ‘altercation’?

    • I believe that I read an incident that went as you describe. I read a lot, so I don’t remember when or where. But dude picked up a dropped weapon to defend himself from armed attackers, and the DA went after him for illegal possession. DA was either Soros funded, or a complete idiot – but that is redundant, isn’t it?

  2. According to Kleck’s “Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America” – the leading authority on the subject of compliance:

    1. Any form of resistance, except with firearm, carries with it an injury rate of 52%.

    2. Resistance with a firearm carried with it the risk of injury of 17%, but use of a firearm early in an encounter carries with it a risk of injury of 6%.

    Overall, in Kleck, you have a minimum of a 25% chance of being injured if you comply, but you are 4 time less likely to be injured if you have your firearm and are prepared to use it.

    Take away here summary: compliance may still result in injury (which includes death), resistance without a firearm carries a 52% chance of injury (which includes death), resistance with a firearm lowers chance of injury (which includes death) to 17%, resistance with a firearm early in the encounter further lowers risk of injury (which includes death) to 6%

    If you are armed are you willing to gamble that you are not in the 25%?
    if you are not armed are you willing to gamble that you are not in the 52%?

    Compliance or not, resistance or not – is not a decision one needs to make. The answer is already provided, non-compliance via firearms resistance offers the best chance of less injury. But if you want, you can roll the dice and take the chance of being a good-n-dead witness

  3. See,LA County’s “system” for adminstering Mother May I CArds is NOT disfunctioinal. that system allowed these three dirtbag putative robbers to carrt their own wherever they wished. One of them was thoughtful enough to provide their putative victim with his own firearm, which he used as intended . See? The system worked perfectly this time.

    BUT someone needs to take the head Shriff out behind the woodshed and administer some “tough love” such that his eyes are opened and he ORDES allapplicationis from those not debarred the use of arms by their prior history now be deemed qualified to get their Mother May I Caards and carry wherever they wish.
    Had this intended victim been armed wiht his own”heater” I’mmquite certain eh’d have easily been able to take down all three of his attackers. If this were no longer prohibited, it would not be long before the odds of succeeding in armed criminal enterprise would be reduced to a strong negative. Think of all the tax dolars saved, innocent lives spared, and dirtbags having to actually learn to be productive instead of sucking on the public teat for their miserable existance.

    • Although not by much, he is an improvement over his predecessors. Before he started issuing, there were 974 active CCWs issued for the whole county.
      “According to records obtained by The Signal on Thursday, the number of issuances to allow people to carry firearms in public has only increased since Sheriff Alex Villanueva was sworn in as the county’s top cop in December 2018.

      “Sheriff Villanueva has taken a different stance on this,” said retired Sgt. Rich Nagler, who runs Adam’s Armory in Stevenson Ranch. “I already know a handful of people that have already received (a license).”

      In 2018, under former Sheriff Jim McDonnell, 78 total permits were issued in the county. These permits, Nagler said, were largely given to retired law enforcement, judges, reserve deputies and a handful of others. McDonnell’s policies regarding CCW licenses was consistent with decades of previous sheriffs, as well, citing the need to keep guns off the street and out of the hands of gang members.

      But in 2019, the first increase in the number of licenses was seen, with LASD issuing 84 during Villanueva’s first full year in office. By 2020, a total of 238 licenses were issued, over three times more than had been approved in 2018.” [By contrast, northern California Shasta County, one of 38 “essential shall issue ” counties, has over 8000 for a population of roughly 200,000.]

      [P.S.: Licenses have to be renewed every two years.]

      • Mark N.,

        Even in Shasta County (which is effectively shall-issue), only 4% of the population has concealed carry licenses which is well below many/most shall-issue states. In my state for example, 7% of our population has concealed carry licenses. And that is in a state where the enthusiasm level for firearm ownership and carry is middle-of-the-road compared to the rest of the states.

        There is something flat-out weird about the people of California.

        • But compare that to LA County, with its population of nearly 10 million and only (at best) a couple thousand CCWs. Also, Shasta (and Trinity whose stats I could not find)) have a lot of public land where no permit is required, plus a relatively low major crime rate. Gang members (the few that exist) aren’t shooting it out in the streets, homicide is a rarity. Drug crimes and burglary are the toppers on the list. Armed robberies are rare, and the invasion robberies of the drug stores (from unarmed punk kids out of Sacramento) have been stopped with better security barriers. The biggest city in a five county area is Redding with a population of around 100,000. Chico is #2. Trinity doesn’t even have an incorporated city, and Siskiyou only has one. The major crime in Modoc County is DUIs.

          Finally, just because people don’t see an overwhelming need for a CCW doesn’t mean that they are not armed to the teeth. That’s what happens when more than half the populations (as small as it is) lives in remote areas.

  4. Calif’s stance is Citizens should lie down and be a Victim, Let the Perpetrators off easy as the Criminal justice system makes THEM Victims of the system. Citizens have their rights constantly taken away and become pawns of the political system. It’s okay for the politicians to have armed guards but no protection whatsoever for the plain people. Guess society think it’s okay for people to get robbed and killed, while letting criminals off easy. Modern thinking. I bet in States where it’s Legal to carry, Crime is WAY down, Hmm Wonder why….

    • Given another year of this mess I could see the Death Wish movie franchise seeing a resurgence. Didn’t see the more recent one but it was eerie watching the first handful and only noticing the lack of cellphones being a glaring difference from some of our cities.

    • Doesn’t a guy with a big knife attract more attention than a guy with a pistol, or even a rifle or shotgun? I can carry the firearm, no problem. I would feel very exposed walking around with a big knife at my side. I would feel like a very exposed target, to be more accurate. Only big knives I ever carried were a bayonet in the Navy, and machetes when clearing brush or doing other farm work.

      • There is a homeless guy in our town who walks around with a rather large bowie strapped to his right leg. It is still legal in Kallyforniya to carry a sword or large knife as long as it isn’t concealed. I am sure he has had several discussions with law enforcement over the years but I have observed him pass officers on the street and they haven’t said a word.

        I prefer a katana for outside work, myself and a wakazashi for inside work. They both offer slashing as well as stabbing capability and are lightening fast in trained hands.

        However, do not take a sword to a gunfight. See “The Last Samurai” with Tom comoseyama. That battle proved conclusively that a peasant with a single shot black powder rifle is superior to even the best trained swordsman.

    • No, sword canes are concrealed knives over 4 inches and are Verboten in the Peepuls Republic of Kallifornicaitia. Cold Steel is a Kallifornicaitia based company but they sell their sword canes out of AZ where they are legal.

  5. How long until an overzealous prosecutor charges this guy with murder for shooting an unarmed man? Should we start a preemptive defense fund?


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