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Where did America go wrong? The problem isn’t the guns. The problem is us. Our taste for gun violence is a uniquely American crisis. And I say that as someone who has lived in Switzerland, a country armed to the teeth but with zero school shootings, annually. 

It is the sense of exceptionalism our nation is known for, and the reckless interpretation of those 27 words in the Second Amendment by gun lobbyists, the NRA and their supporters that have, since the late 1990s, had a devastating effect on American life. I mention the ’90s because it was in 1999, at Columbine High School in Colorado, when two students went on a gun rampage, killing 13 other people. 

Every time a Republican posts a picture of themselves and their families snuggled up to the muzzle of a semiautomatic rifle immediately after a mass shooting, I wonder what the Founding Fathers would think if they knew that this was what was to become of the Second Amendment. 

Surely they would find it infinitely sad, infinitely pathetic that we have not made necessary changes. 

We are the source of our own tyranny. We are also the solution. We must look to our God-given common sense to solve this uniquely American crisis.

— Carli Pierson in Guns aren’t the problem. People like Rep. Lauren Boebert and the NRA are.

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    • Switzerland has one of the highest firearm ownership rates in the world. As well as being a Shall Issue Nation. It ranks 19th with 28 firearms per 100 residents.

      • Nothing is as disgusting as an ivory tower pompous clown who actually thinks they know what makes the Founders “sad” and in the same breath uses the acts of criminals to denigrate America and its Second Amendment.

        If political scam artists like carli pierson did not have the acts of criminals to lay on the table she would reach into her toilet of ideas and come up with something else like where commas are in the Second Amendment, etc.

        The Acts of criminals are the habitual go-to for criminal coddling Gun Control democRats. And at this point in time law abiding Americans are fed up with democRats who think they can advance their beloved Gun Control by connecting law abiding American Gun Owners with the acts of criminals.

        When it comes to being sneaky lowlifes who get their panties in a wad over photos which equate to free speech it is a tossup between those like carli pierson and the criminals they depend on to carry their Gun Control water.
        Time for the nasty nice carli pierson to fact check the following and post her findings…

        1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

        2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

        3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

        • Carli Pierson thinks “What Would the Founders Do” and is constantly amazed how it precisely matches what she would do.

    • I can’t speak as to the founders because there was no photography but 150 years ago when photography became widespread it was common to pose with your firearm. Not just gunfighters but farmers, ranchers etc. The firearm represents independence and self sufficiency, the American spirit. The problem is these people don’t want that. They want to be taken care of.
      Comfort and a sense of security is all these toddlers really desire.

    • Yeah I agree, but Carlie needs to be more accurate. It is the people, but legislators do nought and shrills like her put blame on law abiding gun owners.
      It’s the criminal woman, the criminal !!!! How about getting your efforts onto the legislative clowns in NY and CA who release murderers and rapists back on the streets as well as allowing undocumented, untested medically illegal aliens into this once wonderful country.

      Legal alien from down under.

  1. “I wonder what the Founding Fathers would think if they knew that this was what was to become of the Second Amendment.”

    They couldn’t help but question why their descendants – with much better weapons – would tolerate much worse infringements than any King George ever contemplated.

    • Please excuse me little Swiss Miss, act’s of
      violence by young people and others has nothing to do with the ability to access of firearms. How
      ever when the value of life is not taught by parents and other people of authority television and other forms of media corrupt the understanding of life and blame an inanimate object for the taking of a person’s life,

  2. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Damn shame his is so wrong. I do believe the Founding Fathers would be ashamed that the legal process in America is slowing ruining the country. When criminals are considered victims and the victims are said to have some blame for being attacked, something is bad wrong with our Nation’s legal system. What ever happened to taking personal responsibility for our actions?

  3. Carli Pierson appears to represent more of a problem than anyone or anything else, if you want to look at truth. She establishes 1990 as a baseline, so lets go with that. Check out the crime statistics over at the website and look at murders involving a firearm. Ooops, firearm related murders have decreased significantly since 1990. DECREASED crime overall during a time when the number of people owning guns increased by over 20% (by many estimates) and the number of firearms legally in private hands nearly doubled (by the estimates of the anti-gun groups).

    But I am a mean old coot, so I’ll take it a step further. There is one area where firearm involved crimes have increased by big numbers. Murders, assaults, rapes, and robberies, by illegally armed young urban black males have increased nearly every year since 1990 and now represent over half of all crime in the United States. Let’s be clear, urban drug gang members, comprising less than 1% of the US population, commit OVER HALF of the crimes, over half of the murders, over half of the robberies, over half of the assaults, over half of all reported rapes.

    If you were to consider crime in America, exclusive of the crimes committed by young urban black males in drug gangs, the USA would be one of the 5 safest nations in the world. And for most of us, the more than 90% of all people in the USA who are not involved in illegal drugs, America IS the safest place in the world! I would argue that if folks would get rid of the leftists and socialists running cities like Chicago, LA, NYC, Philly, ATL, Houston, and Miami, where the drug gangs control more of the cities than the police, and then actually attacked the problem and ended the drug gangs, then all of America would be safer.

    I also insist that armed citizens are the very first line of defense in protecting this republic from criminals and all enemies foreign and domestic. More guns make a safer nation.

    • “Ooops, firearm related murders have decreased significantly since 1990.”

      Is it ignorance (incompetent journalism) or intentional lying (propaganda)? Her underlying theme is Republicans Bad, so I’m going with propaganda. What fool still reads the MSM after they’ve been caught lying about every major story with political implications in the past five years?

    • While I would argue the more than 10% of the people in the US have been/will be involved with illegal drugs at some point in their lives, the rest is very true. Back when, smoking wacky tobaky was fun, you got giggly and it made beer and snacks taste so much better. I was young, had a temper, drank, and knew firearms were not for me.
      When I saw people getting robbed at gun or knife point for $10 worth of giggle herb, I quit – it wasn’t worth it.
      After I grew up and stopped heavy drinking, I got interested in firearms and figured out that I was responsible enough to own firearms. They also have remained responsible, they have not left the safe on their own, brandished themselves or shot themselves off. I am so glad I picked responsible firearms.

  4. No sir…..guns are NOT the problem, neither is Boebert, NRA, or anything else you mentioned (blamed)! In your home country what happens to the people who DO commit heinous crimes , especially with Firearms? I’m willing to bet they’re dealt with harshly. And THERE lies the problem, stop tip-toeing around it!!

  5. The Second Amendment is to celebrated and exercised by ALL Americans who are not somehow prohibitted via a prior criminal or mental history.

    What better way to show this than to not hide this right, and one’s committment to it? While there is little to be gained by rubbing the bedwetter’s noses in it, there is no reason for any of us to be ashamed of owning a MSR, or firearm of any type.

  6. Something else Switzerland doesn’t have is a crime issue made far worse by turning loose hardened criminals as soon as they catch them. They don’t have a problem telling illegal aliens to get out either.

    • Along those same lines, most leftists would bemoan the fact that Switzerland, like most low crime nations, has very little actual racial, ethnic or religious “diversity”, certainly not as compared to the US, Central Europe, Japan and the like. I’m not saying one is better than the other- only pointing out the obvious.

  7. Yes, we are the source of our own tyranny.
    Isn’t that how Brandon ended up in the White House?

    • ‘Isn’t that how Brandon ended up in the White House?’

      No, that was voter fraud.

  8. so wait… they’re saying that switzerland is heavily armed but doesn’t have these problems?
    I’m pretty sure that STRONGLY suggests that the presence of arms is not the root cause.
    Maybe she should put 1 and 1 together to get +2 instead of -2

  9. Funny…. I do believe the second amendment allows everyone to have firearms. After reading the constitution and the bill of rights, I saw nothing that states they were sad about it.
    On the contrary I do believe weak minded, spineless, and people who are eternally offended by everything make the founding fathers sad.

  10. If we could find a way to take asinine opinions, bottle them and use them for fuel, USA Today could fuel the world.

  11. Every gun not sold to a civilian because of dumb and unconstitutional laws like the NFA or machine gun ban makes the founding fathers sad. And angry. They’ve started a revolution over a 2% tax on tea, just sayin’…

  12. Something else Switzerland doesn’t have is a bunch of left wing jerks telling their children that they are horrible oppressors due singularly to their skin color.

    • This!

      The only real racism I see today is anti-white racism. Through immigration and a culture hostile to white family formation, Whites will be a minority in the US in 20 years.

      Whites are a minority now in California.

      Whites are a minority in the military!!!

      Whites are a minority under 18.

      You demsRtheRealRacists people have no idea how bad it is for young whites today.

      • It was white people who said it was a good thing, to flood the United States with thousands of dark-skinned people. Who are illiterate in their own language of Spanish. And have no proof of any education or technical training or skills.

        Now why would white people want to flood the United States with a illiterate dark-skinned people???

        • Not to mention that these invaders do not want to assimilate. When you take a look at Tejano or Southwest Chicano culture, you will find mostly like minded working class families that support the US, the military, their church, in other words, great Americans. The Latins coming to the US illegally are fiercely nationalistic and are here to make money to send home.

  13. I think the founding fathers would be sad. Sad that we fail to protect our children from sociopathic killers. The children we let live in the first place, that is.

    But weren’t they racist slave owners who’s opinions should be rejected? Invoking the founding fathers on the left after you’ve be smearing them doesn’t seem like a winning argument.

    • You mean the founding fathers that passed the Naturalization Act of 1790? That limited citizenship to free White person(s) … of good character”?

      Think how much better our country would be if we followed their spirit :/

      • We still limit citizenship rights to persons ‘of good character’. Convicted felons aren’t allowed to vote or possess firearms. Even misdemeanor domestic abuse gets you banned from exercising your 2nd Amendment rights for life. Also note that (in your words) only FREE white persons, a distinction that implies that not all whites were free. Many whites arrived in this country as indentured servants, for all practical purposes, slaves. The practice continues today. You don’t think all those impoverished illegal immigrants came up with $20,000 to pay the coyotes (drug cartels) prior to immigrating, do you? No, they are slaves to the cartels until they pay off their debt. So we have followed their spirit.

        • Indentured servants were one thing, but many of the whites that were sent to the Americas were slaves, the men basically worked to death and the women bred to death, many to African slaves. Many Irish were sent off the land of their birth by the English landowner, it was NOT indentured service, it was slavery.

        • “..Many whites arrived in this country as indentured servants, for all practical purposes, slaves…”
          One of my ancestors on mothers side was.

  14. Well let’s see, political prosecution of enemies by the state, whether a crime occurred or not. Ignoring crimes of their friends and allies. Left Wing Mobs being allowed and encouraged to burn down cities and prosecution, not for them, but for those whom stand-up to protect their communities.

    Rampant repeal of bail laws to foster a “Catch and Release” Policy, that literally kills people to what benefit? Denial of Bail to political enemies, even veterans and people with no history or accusations of violence. Zero prosecution of theft and property crimes, leading to large groups of armed thugs raiding stores for fun and profit.

    Medical Tyranny in violation of the Nuremburg Accords, designed to make sure that these type of Nazi Crimes would never be visited upon people again.

    Weaponization of private companies to do the government’s bidding of censorship and non-personhood in the public space and the establishment of a social credit score like communist China to further classify, identify and possibly eliminate political opponents.

    Confirmation of government orchestrated False Flag Attacks on Jan 6th and the phony Lincoln Memorial Protests of “White Supremacist”, who were masked FBI agents, from the same agency that proposed, planned and financed a kidnap plot against a sitting governor to entrap a couple of YouTubers.

    Nothing to see here, hand in your guns “For the Children” and to stop “Gun Violence”. Its your civic duty to give up your ability to resist tyranny, as the government and their allies have the best of intentions. The sooner you comply and obey, the sooner we can achieve the “Great Reset” and take society in a more just direction. Our leader, President Poopy Pants has almost stated that they will use F-15’s and Nukes against you, so you have no chance with your “Evil Assault Weapon of War”, that you will probably only use to kill your family members anyway.

    1984, Fahrenheit 451 and Brave New World were not met to be instruction manuals. OMG

  15. Again…as usual…upside down and backwards

    The people that used firearms specifically to put down tyranny are not likely to tell their countrymen to get rid of them when there is tyranny. This is absurd. It isn’t like the 2nd Amendment was just created under Trump. But they talk about it like it was.

    No, the problem is not guns.

    Yes, the problem is us.

    Half of us think that guns need to go away and everyone should look to government for all the answers in life. THAT’s the problem. Getting rid of the guns will NOT make everyone safer. As has been correctly stated, the problem is not the guns. What would make this nation safer is for people to stop trying to force everyone else into socialism. What would make everyone safer is for people to me more self-reliant. THAT is what the founders were trying to do. That’s what they wanted.

    You cannot fix a problem by getting rid of things that have nothing to do with the problem. Doing that just pushes the can down the road ignoring the problem.

  16. The founding fathers would be greatful the nation kept the state from establishing a monopoly of force well over 200 years later and lament the parts we actually did lose.

  17. Liberals are offended by images of people holding gun’s. And Christians are offended by the image of the artwork “Piss Christ”.

    I think liberals and the left need to grow a thicker skin.

  18. Right
    It’s not the foreign interventions, selling out to China, mandating behavior, 24/7 panopticon technocratic surveillance and censorship that’s making the founders sad.

    It’s an elected official embracing the first two amendments that’s doing it.

  19. Yes Carli – who says she has NEVER seen a photo of the founding fathers hold a gun.

    Dimwitted bimbos – atta be a law.

  20. The photos of politicians with guns is pure pandering to a base. Nothing more. They’re pretty cringey.

    That said, this post has all the calling cards of an ignorant leftist – particularly reference to their favorite punching bag, the NRA.

  21. Switzerland has a population of 8.7 million vs the USA population of 333.7. That is over 38 times. The people are mostly of the same racial and cultural stock. Responsibility is taught at a young age, kids with anger issues/mental problems are dealt with at the time, the problems are not allowed to fester by themselves.
    In the US, most of Latin America and even Canada, kids in the favelas and slums look up to the drug cartels and gangsters that work for them because , other than sports, that seems to be their only way out. The family down the block with a 2 parent household is poor, both work their butts off and don’t get anywhere, so the kids do not respect that life. They don’t realize there is a way out with hard work, because they do not see it.
    If you are a citizen in Switzerland, the world is much easier. If you are not a citizen, you walk a fine line with the law and could(and they follow through) end up deported.

    • And, if memory serves, merely being born in Switzerland does NOT convey automatic Swiss citizenship. I.e., if you are born in Switzerland but your parents were there on a visa, as refugees, or are there illegally, you and your offspring do not automatically get Swiss citizenship.

      That’s actually the law in the vast majority of countries. That the US doesn’t follow it (and thus allows “maternity tourism” and “anchor babies”) is due to a very poorly reasoned SCOTUS opinion generations ago.

  22. The founders would have assigned men to guard schools against mass shooters. And anti-gunners would have been seen as lepers at best.

    Unfortunately being a man isn’t what it used to be.

  23. “Surely they(founding fathers) would find it infinitely sad, infinitely pathetic that we have not made necessary changes.”
    The founding fathers “would find it infinitely sad, infinitely pathetic” that people like you are too feeble to realize the real problem is bad people. And upon that realization, they “would find it infinitely sad, infinitely pathetic” that criminals are treated as victims

  24. Let me get this straight…

    Someone who is singing the praise of a country that sat out WW2 and the fight against Nazi Germany wants to give me advice on morality? GTFOH.

    • actually the Swiss didn’t sit out WWII.

      The Swiss military had the home court advantage of being able to utilize their terrain effectively, and due to this the Germans did not invade. The German high command decided an invasion of Switzerland would be too costly in material and man power and would ultimately get their butts kicked. The Germans could not utilize the blitzkrieg concept their army was designed for, the Swiss terrain being held by the Swiss military military negated it and the Swiss maintained their stance to be ready to repel the Germans. The German air force though did try strikes in Switzerland, and overall the Swiss Air Force kicked their butts.

      During the war over 6,000 Allied and Axis aircraft violated Swiss airspace. There were even Swiss aircraft shot down by American aircraft when the Swiss attempted to enforce the no-fly zone. Swiss cities and railway lines were repeatedly bombed by Allied aircraft during the war, beginning with minor attacks by the Royal Air Force on Geneva, Basel, and Zürich in 1940.

      So the Swiss ‘sitting out the war’ – not really. They mobilized, defended their country against invasion with military force, and fought both the Axis and Allies to maintain their sovereignty.

      • So the Swiss ‘sitting out the war’ – not really. They mobilized, defended their country against invasion with military force, and fought both the Axis and Allies to maintain their sovereignty.

        In other words, they bet that other countries would do the hard fighting.
        One way to determine if something is moral is to ponder what would be the result if everybody made the same choice.

        • No, they didn’t bet that other countries would do the hard fighting. They just wanted to stay neutral and maintain their sovereignty, it was the best choice for them to save their people. They did not have the military strength to go beyond their borders and did not have the military manpower to contribute to the Allies. Had it not been for their terrain the German army would have rolled right over them. They stayed home and ended up fighting both the Allies and Axis. Had they not stayed home their citizens would have been slaughtered. They made the best decision for them. You try getting attacked by the “bad guys” and the “good guys” at the same time and then tell me you were just sitting it out betting that others would do the hard fighting.

          The United States remained neutral during the first two years of World War II as Hitler rolled across Europe, from September 1939, when Nazi Germany invaded Poland, to December 1941, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

          In Europe, there were other neutral countries besides Switzerland, these were:

  25. Pierson hit the nail on the head so to speak. The disingenuous Founders of Capitalvania were no more sacrosanct than Adolf H or Genghis Kahn, Pol Pot.

    The vaguely written 2A was the greatest hoax ever put over on the ignorance of the Far Right.

    But let us supposed that 2A had been written in plain English stating that the people had the right to own and use arms. Would that have been an unlimited right? Of course not as every right in the Constitution is subject to the rule of “common sense” and is not unlimited when it endangers the life or liberty of the people. You cannot yell fire in a theater which results in the death of innocent people or build your own atomic bomb to annihilate your neighbor because his dog pissed on your lawn.

    • Laws that cut way down on the ability of criminals and psychopaths to acquire deadly weapons are in place in all civilized nations of the world and have been for decades, its just that Capitalvania has failed to become a civilized nation and the mass murder and mayhem in it prove that to all but the most paranoid people of the Far Right who cannot reason logically due to their mental illness. The lower mass murder rates in foreign industrialized countries proves beyond all doubt that their gun control laws work far better than our complete lack of such laws.

      Until all gun sales including second hand guns are thoroughly vetted and ghost guns outlawed any criminal or lunatic will be able to acquire a deadly weapon faster than he can by a hamburger at a fast food joint. Our current rate of mass murder certainly proves it. To argue the point only proves the person ranting is suffering from advanced mental illness.

      • We must not overlook the fact that Capitalvania does not have the social programs in place to help the mentally ill and the unemployed and underemployed either. Job retraining is far more available and affordable in foreign industrialized countries than is available in Capitalvania.

      • “Laws that cut way down on the ability of criminals and psychopaths to acquire deadly weapons are in place in all civilized nations of the world and have been for decades,”

        No they don’t “cut way down on the ability of criminals and psychopaths to acquire deadly weapons”. What they did was change the reporting so it appears like their laws are working. For example, Switzerland reports gun crime in stats if someone actually gets shot where as in the U.S. we report all even if someone did not get shot, in reality if in context with the U.S. standard and Swiss population you consider all gun crimes in Switzerland they outnumber the rest of Europe and even the U.S. in most categories.

        • to Booger Brain

          Have a 5th grader explain my post to you. I was speaking of mass murders bird brain and no matter how much you lie your drainaged ass off the U.S. has the highest rate of mass murder and homicides by gunfire than all of the other industrialized countries.

          Booger Brain has claimed to be in all foreign countries and almost all U.S. cities and personally viewed every crises. He would have had to live 10 life times to accomplish even 10 per cent of what he rants about.

          I particularly enjoyed one of your rants on Germany where you gave the impression German police do nothing to arrest people even when they were standing only across the street. I will not comment any further as nut case statements like that speak for themselves.

      • dacian, the dunce, Oh PULLEEAASSEE! Criminals don’t go to the corner gun store to buy a gun. Maybe in your neighborhood, but then the gun store would be violating State and Federal law. There is NO “gun show loophole”. Each state REQUIRES that the seller submit the NCIC information to the Bureau.
        Your nonsense about the “universal background checks” is NONSENSE. Criminals don’t go to the gun store. They buy their weapons on the “black market” which does not and never has or will do “background checks” except to ask if the buyer is a cop. “Background checks” don’t include mental illness information due to this thing called HIPPA.
        Where is this place you call “Captivania”? Never heard of it. Mental hygiene programs are just about universal. I don’t know of any place in the country where you do not have access to mental hygiene.
        What is this “job retraining” nonsense? Whose responsibility is it to get a job? Last I heard it was the individual. If you want to be “retrained”, pay for it your damn self.
        Where do you think all this money you want to spend with zero results is going to come from? You do know that money does not grow on trees?

    • dacian, “vaguely written” 2nd Amendment? What part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED don’t you understand? Sounds pretty succinct to me!

  26. Really, Carli?

    To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace. A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined. – George Washington

    To preserve liberty it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms… – Richard Henry Lee (1788)

    The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed. – Alexander Hamilton (Federalist No. 46)

    Americans have the right and “advantage of being armed”—unlike the citizens of other countries whose “governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.” – James Madison

    A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercise, I advise the gun. While this gives a moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks. – Thomas Jefferson

    It appears you don’t know the Founding Fathers as well as you think you do, Carli…

  27. I suspect that if our founding fathers were alive today, the sight of Congresswoman Bobert holding an AR-15 would provoke lust for the gun as well the Congresswoman rather than sadness.

    • All things considered

      They might be sad for the lack of real mean in Washington being replaced with spineless twitts making it so that women have to step up like this. Women that understand the need and are willing to take the stand that the others in Congress are so afraid to do.

  28. The Founding Fathers would indeed be sad, sad to see mass killings in places where the law abiding are prohibited from protecting themselves.

  29. Well, her article originally appeared at USAToday’s website where, wait for it, comments were not allowed. However, her byline included her twitter handle. Those of you who posted good stats, quotes, etc. may want to mosey over to Twitter, if you have an account (for a good cause, so we’ll excuse it) and let her know. Let’s see how many of them get through the filters. I doubt she’ll show up here to defend her position.

  30. If she had any God-given common sense, she would look around and notice whom it is that is committing the majority of gun violence in America.

    And it is not Christmas card photos of law-abiding citizens.

    • Hit the nail on the head there…..satire follows…..But for that answer you will be outed and your address and phone will be published so all can attack you and your children. Bitter clingers deserve this.

  31. I have to ask a question here. Just what law, restriction, or ban would actually stop a criminal, or someone with crimminal intent, from getting a firearm? We have had the so called back ground checks for years. Never stopped any convicted felon from purchasing a stolen gun, or from bullying, or coerceing a friend spuose or relative into buying it for them?
    The only way to stop criminals from committing crimes is to catch them and remove them from society.

    • @oldmaninAL

      “I have to ask a question here. Just what law, restriction, or ban would actually stop a criminal, or someone with crimminal intent, from getting a firearm? ”

      According to gun-control freaks any law or restriction or system they would impose would stop stop a criminal, or someone with crimminal intent, from getting a firearm.

      But here on planet Earth its been proven time and time again that such laws or restrictions or systems the gun-control freaks would impose do not stop criminals, or someone with crimminal intent, from getting and using and carrying a firearm.

  32. Here is your ‘road map’ to repealing the second amendment.

    Article V of the United States Constitution outlines basic procedures for constitutional amendment.

    Congress may submit a proposed constitutional amendment to the states, if the proposed
    amendment language is approved by a two-thirds vote of both houses.

    Congress must call a convention for proposing amendments upon application of the legislatures of two-thirds of the states (i.e., 34 of 50 states).

    Amendments proposed by Congress or convention become valid only when ratified by the legislatures of, or conventions in, three-fourths of the states (i.e., 38 of 50 states).

    Best of luck with that.

  33. Countries with lower crimes rate than the US also have very different demographics. Eureka! Maybe that’s the reason why their crime rates are lower!

  34. Does anyone know what a “gun rampage” is? What does it look like, etc.? Anyone who has watched the MSM has seen a bit of “people rampage”, more commonly known as rioting, vandalism, or “peaceful protests”, but I have never seen a gun go on a rampage. Just wondering….

  35. Those founders upon whom she rails so hysterically did a few things that are no longer done today.

    They PUNISHED crime in says that minimised more crime. They EXECUTED murderers, forced theives to work to restore their ill-gotten goods, they freely carried their personal firearms everywher,e even mandating that the MEN carry them along as they went to church meetings (whicih almost al of them attended faithfully), they drilled and practiced with their weapons so as to be prepared for any need, most had their weapons handily mounted on the wall in their homes,along with powder and shot, many of them made firerams at home, some selling them to make their livign, some giving them to those who had none, they also trained their young children in their safe and EFFECTIVE use, as those immolements were essential to daily life and survival in those times. They pooled their money in mnytowns and bought quantities of powder and shot (ammunitions) and even stored them in common “powder houses” readily availble to any resident who needed some. In fact, since before the “tea riot” of Boston, General Gage had been systematiclly attempting to steal the powder and shot from tneir town powderhouses as a means of disarming them. Lexington and COncord were merely one more day of such powder raids, except this time the Patrios refused to obey the orders to “lay down yuor arms”. That led to shots fired, and returned, and by the end of that day the COlonists were at war with the greatest gvest equipped andmost feared military on the planet. And they beat them soundly. Took a few years but once started they finished the job.
    No, crazy lady, our Founders would NOT be doing what you say. They would be taking strong direct action agaisnt the lawlessness rampant in this nation,

  36. Paraphrasing: “Guns are not the problem. Therefore, the problem is people who don’t allow more gun control laws.”

    Er, ok?

    There is no reason to separate gun murder and murder committed with any other object. Murder is murder, a result of the intent to kill another unjustifiably. Guns without murderers don’t cause any murders, but murderers without guns do.

    The US murder rate with objects other than guns is higher than the total murder rate in those other countries the left likes to haul out for comparison. Are all of those murders with knives, bats, poison, rope, etc., also the result of politicians posing with guns?

    Mass shootings, in schools or elsewhere, are a tiny percentage of murders. Why are you judging the whole by looking at edge cases? We do have higher murder rates than other western countries, but we also have a less homogeneous populace. More than a hundred years ago, before the US or the UK had any substantial gun control, the US murder rate was still about the same percentage higher than the UK rate as it is now.

    For the record, we interpret Article II of the Bill of Rights correctly. The right of the people (that’s us) to keep (own) and bear (carry) arms (guns and other weapons) shall not be infringed (restricted in even the slightest way). There’s no other interpretation possible for people who are not trying to pretend it doesn’t mean what it plainly says.

    No, lefties, the preamble of the 2nd (“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,”) does not in any way change the meaning of the operative clause, the part that I cited above. It simply explains why the framers thought the right of the people to keep and bear arms should not be infringed, and if it is read with any knowledge as to what the words in the 2A mean, it perfectly backs up the operative clause.

    The word “regulated” did not mean what it does now when the Constitution was ratified. In modern English, the Second Amendment’s preamble would read “Since a well-trained and disciplined militia is necessary to the security of a free state…”

    But perhaps that isn’t clear enough either. “Militia” is not the National Guard. It’s the whole of the people themselves. It’s you. It’s me. It’s us, with military-grade armament. Yes, those “weapons of war” we keep hearing them say we don’t need are in fact the ones that are the most protected by the Second Amendment. It was never about hunting.

    So if we expand the preamble a step further, and add the operative clause back in, we get:

    “Since a civilian populace that is well-trained and disciplined in the use of military arms is necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    See how much sense it makes then? That’s not a perversion of what it means. That is, in fact, exactly what it means, translated into language that even the author of the aforementioned screed can understand.

    We are all the militia, and as the Second Amendment says, one of the duties we have as citizens is to be familiar and reasonably skilled with military weapons. It’s rather hard to attain that level of skill without having any access to those weapons, so our right to own and carry them is protected in order to make it possible for us to be reasonably skilled in their use, and ready to use them in the common defense if it should ever become necessary.

    I am doing my part as a citizen, lefties. Are you? Do you know how to operate an AR15 (and by extension an M-16)? To field strip it? Can you clear a simple stoppage? Do you know what a ‘clip’ really is? Do you know what “the thing that goes up” is really called?

    Can you hit a baseball sized target at 100 yards with a rifle or at 15 yards with a handgun? These are easy tests of a basic level of marksmanship.

    Do you even know the basic rules of firearm safety? (If your name is Alec Baldwin, we know the answer to that.)

    Guns are not the problem, and therefore neither are politicians and organizations that seek to preserve our Constitutional right to own and carry them. Even a blind pig finds an acorn every now and then, but sometimes it just thinks it found an acorn, but it’s really a rock. Keep searching for that acorn. It’s not Lauren Boebert or the NRA (which I don’t care much for, as it is a gun control organization. It just wants less than the rest of them. It’s a difference in degree, not type).

    Also, why is the site telling me I have entered an incorrect email address, when it is in fact my actual email address?

  37. America is awesome without your pie hole tripe.Go back where you came from and pound sand witch. Being kind with verbiage,she can pound sand into you know where !

  38. I have no clue who this carli pierson person is nor what her ‘qualifications’ are to opine about her hatred of firearms (has she ever even touched one?). By her ‘snuggling up to muzzles’ comment she shows her abysmal lack of knowledge about firearms and safe handling of them and dares to denigrate all 110 million (at least) Law Abiding Citizens who do not share her anxiety.
    I think I’ll just ignore her.

    • There is a great uprising in the works, an uprising that will rid the world of Carli Pierson and her ilk. It is the duty of every liberty-loving American to make ready, and act decisively when the moment for action comes—and it’s coming.

  39. Yawn, Carli Pierson’s an Idiot who doesn’t understand the issue at all, she only thinks she does. Switzerland, the land, government and banks that tacitly aided and abetted God only knows how much wealth the Nazi’s looted.
    Who knows how many millions still sit in the the banks of Switzerland.
    Don’t lecture me about modalities. The Swiss have none.

  40. WHO WROTE this GARBAGE Piece?!? Aren’t they FIRED already? Let’s defend what is OURS, our GOD GIVEN rights! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE AREN’T going away!).

  41. The tag from her USA Today opinion piece.
    Carli Pierson is an attorney and an opinion writer at USA TODAY. Follow her on Twitter: @CarliPiersonEsq
    I can’t imagine anyone would want to hire a lawyer who can’t understand the Bill of Rights.

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