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It seems that all of California’s gun control laws — more than any other state in the nation — haven’t been enough to make Los Angelenos feel safe. Which is apparently why the mayor and the city are finally doing something.

On 22 May, dystopian ads for gun violence insurance will appear around Los Angeles, with headlines like ‘Living With Everyday Gunfire?’ and ‘If There’s a Shooting Are You Covered?’

The organization hopes they are just preposterous enough to make people stop and wonder if they’re real. Much like an insurance company might sell different products, this campaign has ads that speak to the different ways Americans experience gun violence – mass shooting insurance, accidental shooting insurance and daily gunfire insurance.

All ads direct Angelenos to 1-833-GUNSURE, a “hotline” that explains the turn in the campaign, provides an avenue to share personal stories of gun violence, and drives people to the campaign hub,, which explains that the ads are not real – they’re a wakeup call.

The campaign transforms into an uplifting, youth-led call to action on National Gun Violence Awareness Day (7 June). That day the ‘Gunsure Insurance’ ads will be replaced by vibrant posters that urge Angelenos to take action.

– Kyle O’Brien in Los Angeles aims to curb gun violence with ‘Louder Than Guns’ OOH campaign

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  1. If I thought I actually needed such insurance, I’d be annoyed – not uplifted and inspired – when I found out the ads were fakes.

    “…vibrant posters that urge Angelenos to take action.”

    Like what? Search their gangbanger kid’s bedroom and things for a gun? Carry without a permit to have some means of self-defense? Go stand at the mayor’s office and demand another ineffectual gun law? I’m honestly curious what, other than a massive cultural shift, the organizers think will help here.

    • If I lived in Los Angeles, I’d be much more concerned about the hundreds of cases of TYPHOID than the occasional gangbanger natural selection.

      • Was that the latest outbreak this week? I remember something about a disease in that region in the news earlier in the week but never remembered to check.

        • The US doesn’t vaccinate for Typhoid smart one. You’d think a “vaccine expert” like you would know that.

        • Maybe we’ll develop a vaccine for it, just like measles. Then the vaccinated can spread the virus, just like measles. The vaccinated can lose immunity after a year or two, just like measles. We can have a single company monopoly provide the vaccine, just like measles. We can mandate by law that everyone get the vaccine whether they like it or not filling that companies coffers so they have plenty of money to make big campaign contributions to the politicians who passed the mandatory vaccine laws, just like measles. We can have the sucker tax payers pay for it all, just like measles. The company can save money by using mercury and other toxic chemicals in the vaccine leading to bad reactions, disability, death, and autism, just like measles.

          But if it saves even one life………………………….

          Think of the children……………………………………………….

        • Looks like I triggered the anti-vaxxer retards who are happy to live in a society with medieval diseases.

        • Midieval diseases like autism Serge? Triggered? Don’t kid yourself, your posts are comedy gold.

        • If you can prove what causes Autism, be sure to call Oslo and schedule a time to pick up your Nobel.

        • Serge, I’ll try to respect you for a moment….actually not possible, but I’ll reply for any passive reader that might see this…we have 100s Of thousands of parents reporting immediate regression of their children into autism following vaccines, Dr Andrew Zimmerman, pediatric neurologist and former government expert medical witness recently testifying under oath vaccines are causing autism, and he described the mechanism. The CDCs own Dr Thomspon who stated both he and the CDC committed fraud by hiding and destroying data showing relationships with the MMR vaccine and autism. A growing number of animal/biological studies showing relationships with vaccines and their ingredients to autism. On the other side, we have zero childhood vaccines trials or studies that rule out an autism/vaccine connection. I could keep going but we’ve been done this road before and it always ends the same. I think the last time you got caught lying about vaccine safety you asked why I thought childhood vaccine safety studies were even necessary.

        • Bullshit. Case study, Japan ceased giving the MMR vaccine to children for a decade. It saw no drop in their autism rates. You’re full of shit and are relying on one discredited hack.

          The reality is that Autism generally presents in the same timeframe as vaccinations are generally given. Correlation is not causation.

        • LMFAO! So your one paper that proves that ALL VACCINES do not cause autism is an epidemiological paper that only looked at the MMR vaccine? And using weak correlation? Are you fing kidding? Serge, who keeps junk science links like this handy for online usage? Are you a sociopath? Or just an idiot? Real question.

        • It’s logically impossible to prove a global negative fucktard. The only claim your side has made that vaccines are harmful in any way is MMR and Autism. This study shows that claim is full of shit. No MMR vaccine, 50% increase in Autism cases… Logic 101 fucktard, if the MMR vaccine caused Autism, you would see the rates DROP, not INCREASE. While correlation does not prove causation, a negative correlation DOES disprove it.

          It is on YOUR dumb ass to prove that Autism has a specific cause that you can link to vaccines. No such evidence exists.

          Note how I’m linking specific articles from respected sources while you continue to talk out your ass.

        • Don’t bother, Serge. Pg2 is incapable of digesting ANYTHING related to vaccines that isn’t Jenny McCarthy-level stupid. The fact alone that they find autism to be ’caused’ by vaccination is truly… special…

          It is best to just ignore their comments.

          Don’t worry, I’ll be attacked next and called a shill, or bio-pharm rep, or some other banality.

        • Serge, triggered back to his lying and name calling ways. No, you can’t prove a negative. You can prove a positive, IF you look for it. Epidemiological studies are designed and the data easily manipulated to come up with pre determined conclusions. To date, no evidence based studies/clinical trials have been performed, the science has not been done to determine vaccines causative relationship to autism. The only way you can determine a causative effect is with using inert placebos. Dr. Stanley Plotkin himself admitted this while testifying on the stand. If you don’t know who he is, you should, he literally wrote The Vaccine textbook, and has helped design more vaccines than anyone currently alive. Thats a fact, no matter how much you try to temper tantrum your way out of it. Is your next post about how there are MDs in your family, so you must be right😂? Youre either a sociopath or an idiot. Either way, who cares?

        • A note to the anti-vaxxers. The “study” you rely on has not only been discredited but even the author admitted they exaggerated and fudged the figures to present their hypothesis.

          In short, you were lied to.

          Seen any cases of smallpox lately? Vaccination caused smallpox to be almost extinct. And why do the current measles outbreaks happen in areas where there are higher proportions of unvaccinated people? Is it miasma or God’s will?

        • Awww, how cute, a trol-bot spam profile trying to minimize serge’s looking like a fool. Seems to be the pattern.

        • Well pg… since Dr. Mengele no longer doing medical studies, I guess we’ll never be able to do your double blind “study” of injecting children with saline rather than the vaccines necessary to prevent deadly diseases. But when you get put in charge of your crazy tinfoil hat anti-vaxxer death camp you can do all the unethical medial studies you want. Just be careful about those “government shills” who will want to put you in front of a tribunal for crimes against humanity.

        • “we have 100s Of thousands of parents reporting immediate regression of their children into autism following vaccines”

          Ohhh I have NEVER laughed this HARD in days

          Tin foil hat is strong in this one!
          Don’t skimp on the Reynolds wrap…use the WHOLE ROLL from COSTCO!

        • Always ends the same way…serge pretends safety trials for these products exist, then when forced to admit they don’t, he’ll flat out lie and resort to emotion based posts, cause that’s what people who don’t have the facts on their side do, EXACTLY like the antigun interests trying to steal our gun rights. And this will play out again, and again, cause serge seems to like being exposed as the fool who will lie to steal your rights.

        • Whatever you say pg Mengele, just because the safety testing doesn’t meet your insane authoritarian standards that would fly in the face of medical ethics doesn’t mean that said testing doesn’t exist.

        • LMFAO!! This comedy gold!! “just because the safety testing doesn’t meet your insane authoritarian standards..” Newsflash dipshit, it’a called evidence based science. That’s why all pharmaceutical products EXCEPT vaccines are required to undergo vigorous long term RCT using inert placebos. And even that’s far from perfect, how many drugs that undergo the most rigorous safety testing we have still get pulled from the market years later? And the irony of the guy throwing around words like Mengele because he FEELS it’s unethical to properly safety test childhood vaccines which are administered to newborns, infants, and children….you’ve outdone yourself.

      • “If I lived in Los Angeles…”

        If you lived in Los Angeles you probably wouldn’t fit in. But even if you didn’t fit in, you still would be informed enough to actually know what you are talking about. Your real concern would be more focused on the anxiety you would have from being a social misfit.

    • It’s not about gun safety…it’s about LA (and by extension CA) being the first to get to 200 or 300 virtually worthless gun laws (and it is in a very tough competition with Chicago) then being first to declare they don’t work and demand to bang down doors and confiscate ALL firearms from legal gun owners. Afterall there are already laws against the mentally deficient, criminals and felons, illegal aliens, children, from owning or acquiring firearms…

    • The left realizes it has lost its war on guns. They are throwing everything they have at it in a desperate effort to face their epic loss of their wickedness. Every man has the right to defend themselves from evil and have rejected living with their neck stepped on by Jack booted NAZIS of the left. You lost game over tick tock tick tock.

  2. I’ve carried “shooting”‘ insurance for years. Covers legal costs, provides a 2A lawyer, posts bail if necessary, covers possible law suits and gets my gun back. Glad o see L.A. doing something sensible for a change even if it was meant to be more “rat on your neighbor, turn your kid in” propaganda.

    • They are going to have a grand time trying to change behaviour patterns with that population. Can hardly get rival gang members to rat on each other without a major felony plea bargain involved and that’s just in Amsterdam NY. Somehow I see family’s continuing to ignore anything that would impact what they do.

      • So actually it’s pretty much the same as it”s always been, just with more crime, more filth, more taxes, more liberals and a lot more Government “oversight”‘.

        • You r very much right about taxes, rights, it’s just away to get another step closer TO ban and take your rights, freedom, money from you and put more in their pocket. The amount u already pay for insurance for car,home medical is 4 Times what it should be. So everything should already be covered, use what GOD gave us common sense.

    • The Second Amendment and a scoped high caliber rifle are the only insurance polices that a Citizens needs against an unconstitutional government, that restricts self-defense.
      If the state tries to take your Liberty and life, over a spilled thug, then those folks are exactly who the Second Amendment gives the Citizens the right to legally use of deadly force. US code 18 242 also makes it legal for a Citizen to defend themselves from a corrupt public servant.

      I get it that you place materialism over morality, but not all of us Citizens are greedy cowards.

      • (Feet or Knees?) ‘I get it that you place materialism over morality, but not all of us Citizens are greedy cowards.’
        Go fuck yourself, this “greedy coward” spent six and a half years in the Marine Corps and thirty nine months of that in Vietnam, shot three times with shrapnel still working out of my body and responsible for ensuring that a shitload of “Nguyens” died for their country. I’ve pent the rest of my life living with 100% disability and fighting the Government for recognition, adequate healthcare and compensation. Everything I have I earned and if you want to call a man a greedy coward you should get out of your mommys basement and tell him to his face.. It’s pretty hard to lay a scope on someone and start killing in defense of your rights from a jail cell and no matter how “right” you think you are even a righteous shooting can land you there facing a bond of tens of thousands of dollars and possibly a criminal defense costing hundreds of thousands… So maybe you can just start shooting at cops when they knock on your door (which I highly doubt since that would take balls) but I’ll take my chances within the law. So do tell HERO how many men have you killed and how many times have you been shot… A Constitutional scholar as well? Hmmm you are not just an average moron are you?

        • Thank you for your service and contributions to my freedom Maxx.
          And thank you for saying what needed to be said.

        • Then u should know how important keeping our freedom and the right too defend our homes and family if need be.

          • When did I ever say defending life and family was not important… Nobody will speak up for 2A or defend any persons right to defend themselves any louder than I will, I do have a problem with ignorance and I believe anyone who condones “shoot on sight” at a cop is an idiot, it is suicide, the numbers don’t work and I am still waiting for someone to tell me how you can defend anything if you are dead or in jail….

    • Meanwhile, the California Legislature is trying to outlaw “murder insurance.” (AB 1602, passed the Assembly, now in the Senate.) Two years after a bill failed that would have required gun owners to carry $1M liability coverage.

    • So then explain, why do they call it La La land ? And who is ‘they’ anyway?

      • Despite all the associations of ‘la-la land’ with late 20th century Los Angeles, the earliest use of the expression in print is from long ago and far away. A heading in the Los Angeles Times in January 1925 ran:
        Miniature motor cars developed by French engineers amaze American government. ; describes one-man taxis in ‘La-La Land’.
        Presumably, the author had in mind the phrase ‘ooh-la-la’, which was in vogue as a recent import from France into the USA in 1925, when that early form of ‘La-la land’ was coined.

  3. Wonder how much “research money” would have been spent on this from federal $$$ without the Dickey Amendment. Wonder how much Cali Gun Violence Research money was spent on this now that I’ve said that…..

  4. An insurance company could make a heck of a profit in this racket. With all forms of violent crime falling since the 1990’s, frightening people into buying insurance they are less likely to need year after year is a good business plan.

    • Meanwhile, the California Legislature is trying to outlaw “murder insurance.” (AB 1602, passed the Assembly, now in the Senate.) Two years after a bill failed that would have required gun owners to carry $1M liability coverage. The bill allows coverage fro property damage only to be sold, but policies providing the shooter a defense will be outlawed if this is enacted. The sponsor, Assemblyman Low, seems to think that if you shoot someone, even if it is righteous self defense, you are a murderer.

      • That’s okay, they will provide you with the best defense no money can buy a good Public Defender can probably get you off with 10 to 20 if you were right and life without parole if you’re wrong.. thank God they elected no death penalty on my watch Gavin to the Governors office

  5. Everyone complaints about all these authoritarian politicians..But somehow they keep getting “voted” into office, along with THEIR allies ?!?!? And the general population appears ok with THEM stripping out the constitutional bill of rights.

    • Nobody is immune to propaganda everybody does dumb stuff when they are desperate and broke people are easy to control. Knowing this makes the madness easier to understand and harder to forgive.

  6. Anyone else reminded of the movie
    “THEY LIVE” ………………….

    • That hasn’t stopped them. There are a slew of bills pending in the Legislature right now.

  7. So, who the hell do you sue when impacted by gang gun violence with weapons smuggled in with the drug shipments? Have you got a policy for that? Didn’t you piss and moan about the NRA insurance program or was that bad because it was to defend justified shootings? Meet MS-13 in a dark alley and then review your gun safety laws. Machetes hurt.

    • “machetes hurt” but not for long you’ll lose consciousness rather quickly from shock and blood loos then you’ll just bleed out while they hack you into numerous pieces but as long as they don’t use a gun they will be fine..

      • Always entertaining watching the auto bot troll profiles come to serge’s defense when he shits out his mouth. No one mentioned Wakefield, he’s a false strawman, his Lancett paper never made any conclusions about the MMR vaccine and autism.

        • Who the fuck are you talking too.. and what does bleeding out from an MS13 machete attack have to do with your little squabble over MMRs and autism? And who the Hell is Wakefield and Lancett.. You could be in the wrong conversation cause I could give a shit less about SERGE whoever that is..

        • Maxx, pg2 is an auto bot troll that tries to shut down dissent by declaring all others to be the same. He’s just here to make gun owners appear to be nuts. A leftist shill, so to speak.

        • “…an auto bot troll…”

          Uh, if it’s a troll then wouldn’t that be a Decepticon?

        • Madd if you get in an argument with pg2 about vaccines his typical mo is to stalk you through the comment section and harass you even when you post about totally unrelated subjects.

          • I didn’t say say shit to anyone about vaccines, I got no dog in that hunt nor did I know pg2 or any of you until the asshole attacked me for something I supposedly said defending your argument…

    • In Baltimore Md two MS13 embers age 15 and 17 hacked a 14 year old girl to death with machetes out of concern that she might rat them out for a recent burglary. Both were Illegals and had been recently released from jail even though ICE had requested they be held for deportation. Stupid gun laws or Sanctuary City both end with same results.

  8. My first thought was: Yep, I’m covered, that’s why I bought US Law Shield coverage.

  9. The irony of the National Gun Violence Awareness Day (7 June) coming just one day after the 75th anniversary of “The Longest Day” when the men of the Allied forces, using guns, began the march across Western Europe to liberate it from the iron grip of the Nazis is almost too much to bear.

    • Old Hawg: There is no place for irony in the lexicon of Cultural Marxism. Self-reflection simply cannot be tolerated when the survival of the collective is all that matters.

  10. It is probably a good idea if you are dedicated to the chance of being able to kill somebody.

  11. And Pissloser, Dianne Feinsteer, & the rest of the LOSERS in California are worried about GUNs??…
    Nearly 1,000 students, teachers and staff in 32 schools in northern California’s Yolo County have contracted the gastrointestinal illness norovirus.
    Health officials in Southern California are warning residents to be aware of a typhus outbreak that’s reached ‘epidemic’ levels in some areas of the Southland. In a release, the Pasadena Public Health Department reported “epidemic levels of typhus fever this year,” with 20 cases diagnosed so far. Furthermore, California health officials have reported that at least 569 people have been infected with the hepatitis. Five more cases of measles are being investigated by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

  12. “I think I am quite clear about my opinion of the acceptance of others and the number of shits I give about it.”

    A predictable response from a person who has obvious self esteem issues.
    You don’t have to be that fat fuck that hasn’t seen his dick for the last ten years because all you do is sit behind a computer monitor all day throwing condescending remarks to everybody you can. People will accept you the way you are if you just give them a chance. You are probably the single most frequent contributor of opinion on this web sight with hours of daily input which clearly suggests that you engage in very little elsewhere. Do you actually utilize these “freedoms” that you so patriotically speak of ? You sure do talk a lot for someone who claims he doesn’t care. Constantly trying to sway somebody to your opinion perhaps so you can have some sense of human relationship. You may say what- ever to a stranger but you know you feel alone.

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