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“Brumby Elementary School, Sope Creek Elementary, East Valley Elementary, Powers Ferry Elementary and East Side Christian Academy in Cobb County were put on lockdown Thursday as police searched the area for two men who stole a rifle from a Roswell home.” The report from Georgia’s doesn’t say if the police had reason to suspect that the men who stole the rifle had any intention of using it against school children. I’m thinking . . . no. Here’s the 411 on the 911 . . .

Roswell police said a woman running errands Thursday morning returned to her home on Wickerberry Lane and found three men inside.

The woman told police that the men took an unloaded rifle from her house and left in a car. The woman took down their tag number and called police, officers said.

Cobb County police pulled over the vehicle on Willow Grove Circle off Terrell Mill Road in Marietta just after 10:30 a.m., Roswell police said.

Police said the three men ran from officers, but one man was captured. Police continued to search the area for the other two men.

Are the cops going to call for a school lock down every time an armed robber moves within shouting distance? If so, fine. But I thought lockdowns were for active shooters, not fleeing felons. How many times do criminals escaping Johnny Law run into a school and take a hostage? Has it EVER happend?

This action strikes me as an over-reaction in tune with the times. A response that terrorizes children. Or desensitizes them to real danger. More to the point, do we have any evidence that lock-downs actually work? Is there a better way to defend against armed invaders?

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  1. Overreaction, no. An overreaction is a resonable reaction taken to the point of unreasonableness. Locking up the children and playing hide-and-seek with a couple of burglars goes way past overreaction and well into the realm of science fiction. I notice that the gun was stolen from a home in Roswell. Does the name Roswell strike a familiar note? See, like I said, science fiction.

  2. You can't trust anyone from a city that has a McDonalds that is shaped like a flying saucer–in stainless steel no less. Their street lights are shaped like alien heads–no lie. That's only 20 minutes from my jurisdiction. I can't arrest no alien unless the cross to my side.

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