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This particular gun has popped up before in pocket dumps, but what interests me is actually the note the owner of the gun included: “As I came into my room and prepared to relax a bit, I removed these items from my pockets and thought to share them as they lay. I would’ve organized them, but this shot was how I arranged them in my rush to get to the restroom following a half gallon of water.”

So… he took his gun off to use the bathroom? Yes, I understand many people feel no need to wear their guns at home or in their hotel rooms, but why not? I’ll be that guy, the one saying perhaps you should consider how quickly you can reach said gun if someone kicks in your hotel room door or walks into your home’s back door after you – oops – forgot to lock it. And if you’re going to the bathroom, I have news for you: you should leave your gun holstered and on your belt. If I can do it, you can do it.

How many of you carry at home or in hotel rooms on trips? If you take your gun off, take a moment to consider whether or not you can reach your gun before an attacker reaches you – or simply gets in your way.

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  1. This hotel door is pretty stout, made outta steel, big locks. LOL But I can push on it an the hole frame moves,LOL fail… I’m new around here, don’t know nobody, don’t want to. The guns on the floor in the John and on my hip when it ain’t. This is the first in a long time since I’ve carried 3mags too

  2. to eliminate a half gallon of water i wouldn’t have to remove anything. again, as mom says, “handy picnic item.”
    of course with one gun already pulled, you’re a step ahead.

    • The daily recommended amount is half a gallon. More if you’re in a physically demanding job or have worked out. Lot’s of construction workers drink a gallon plus a day during the hot times of the year.

      It’s gotta get out sometime.

      • a half gallon wants out a number of times. point was, no need to drop trou.
        if you have gout and want to drink ipa with grilled asparagus, you better drink at least that.

  3. i don’t know about wearing one all the time at home I am always doing stuff either working on cars or truck cutting and welding running a forge or doing wood work or something like that the two things that I do that one would not get in way is reloading or ham radio so I just keep one close to where I can grab one or two

  4. When I am home and the place is all buttoned up, I am not carrying a gun. I do have guns in places, not many, but then it’s not that big a house.

    When I have traveled on my own vehicle and stayed in motels and hotels I was always carrying. Yes, including into bathrooms. And unlike some fellows of a law enforcement persuasion, I thought about the gun when using the facilities. No gun left on a toilet for falling on the floor for me, thank you very much.

    When traveling for my employer I had to be unarmed. Not up to me, didn’t ever like it but a man has got to work for a living.

  5. welllll, since i only carry a teeny tiny pitiful excuse for a gun, i drop it in my front pocket when i put my pants on in the morning, and i take it out when i go to bed. it’s the last gun i would want in a gun fight, but i always have it….

    • What do you carry Joel?
      I often times have my North American arms 22lr in a back pocket or robe pocket. Maybe not the best but it’s always there.

      • I have a Black Widow .22mag.

        I also occasionally still carry a pocket .380, but these days the BW wins out 8 out of 10 days. It has very good sights and i can hit what i am aiming at out to 25 yards. If i am going out with the fam (movies, out to eat, etc.) I also carry my LC9s.

  6. I do always carry at home. When I need to use the head, I un holster and place it on the small table next to the john I made for just that purpose. Most of what I do around the homestead is wood working, gunsmithing and metal working, all of which allows me to comfortably carry.

  7. “If you take your gun off, take a moment to consider whether or not you can reach your gun before an attacker reaches you – or simply gets in your way.”

    One of the things you learn living in a shitty neighborhood is that stashing guns around your house strategically is not a bad idea. If you don’t have children there’s really not much risk to it and if it’s done right it’s pretty hard for someone to enter and be between you and every gun which means since you’re the one that knows the locations and the layout of your pad you can generally win the race to your gun.

    Since you know where the guns are and the intruder doesn’t you have a very significant advantage in that regard. Even if he’s armed he’s still counting on the element of surprising you. Your surprise at his entry is countered by his surprise that you’re armed. From his point of view at best he’s put you both on a level playing field. From your point of view that level playing field is the worst case.

  8. I have handguns around the house and keep one on me/plus a rifle in a central location. Shit, I’m at the farm tonight. 1000 acres of hunting land and an alarmed hunting camp. Lots of firearms. Handgun on me now. Always be armed. If you need a firearm, anything else is a poor substitute. Advice from an old cop.

      • N. FL. We shoot decent bucks here. Rut just getting started. 130-140 B&C. Rather shoot quail though. That’s fun! Alarmed means we have an alarm on the place. It’s pretty nice for a hunting camp. Got a call from the zone deputy yesterday about the alarm. Dale set it off. Nice thing about being retired from a local agency. Everyone knows you.

  9. I always carry a gun. Too many horror stories out there not to protect the fam. When I dump, just take the gun out and set it on the countertop so it doesn’t fall out when I’m sasquattin’.

  10. A real concern is when out in public and the need arises. I try to pick a stall that has a wall on the left so when your drawers are on the floor the hardware isn’t laying there in plain sight.

  11. I rock climb, ride motorcycles, and sometimes run with scissors. I am not adverse to risk. I am willing to take a piss in private (i.e. not a public bathroom) without having a gun immediately available to me.

    Sometimes when I hear guys brag about having guns in every room I think the caricatures about certain gun owners have something to them.

  12. My gun is on me 24/7 even in my home. I have a belly band holster for around-the-house wear, and the pistol goes under my pillow at night. I don’t even make a trip to the john without it. I have been called crazy and paranoid by certain friends, but I have a story to share: a few years ago a neighbor of ours was walking down his staircase and was shot to death by 2 home invaders. His shotgun was under the bed and his pistol was downstairs out of reach. Very tragic that he was legally allowed to own firearms but could not get to one in time.
    I know a few people who have their CCW permits but they only carry about 50% of the time. They have a false sense of security thinking that they are in “safe” areas, and only need to carry in “bad’ areas. That to me is completely illogical, people get attacked and killed in the “safe” areas daily!
    I don’t stash any guns in the house, my wife and my son also carry 24/7 so we are all armed, always. The rest go in the safe. The problem with stashed guns is A. if you are faced with an attacker suddenly you will may not be able to get to that stashed gun (in the case of someone getting in your house without your knowledge). Many people operate on the assumption that they will hear and know someone is breaking in, but that is not always the case—what if they are already IN your house hiding when you get in from work, etc..? and B. stashed guns CAN be found by criminals and children alike. Children are especially skilled at finding hidden things, that’s why Christmas gifts have to be hidden off-site or wrapped (which still does not make them safe lol).
    I carry everywhere that does not have metal detectors/wands/patdowns. The beach, amusement park rides, the zoo, the theater, the mall, restaurants, doctor’s office, church, work (well we own our own business and we are extremely firearm friendly. All of our employees have their carry permits and they are allowed to be armed at work).. Psychos attack anywhere, the worst feeling would be to know that you HAVE a weapon but just not ON you when the worst happens. We pray that it NEVER will, but you have to be prepared in this day and age..

    • Yup, according to FBI stats, a home invasion occurs 8000 times per day across the US. Home invasions are not simple burglaries, they are robberies, and often very violent. I live in a rural area but that makes little difference. That’s exactly why I always carry at home.

  13. Most of the time I am naked when at home. I am having a party tomorrow, you are all invited, bring your wives/girlfriends/sisters. See you.

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