Local Cops Beautify Pearl, Mississippi . . . with a Gun

You’d think Pearl, Mississippi—infamous for the Pearl High School Shooting—would tread lightly on the whole gun glorification deal. Not so, as the Clarion Ledger reports.

Kathy Deer, head of the city’s Chamber of Commerce, said landscaping will come with several benefits, including minimizing litter and boosting the city’s image to potential new business.

“It makes the city look progressive to prospective businesses,” Deer said. “If they go into an area and it looks like there is blight, they are less likely to come.”

Additionally, statistics show better-looking places are less likely to be littered, said Deer, who also chairs Keep Pearl Beautiful . . .

The Police Department announced last week it is cracking down on litter, awarding the officer who issues the most litter citations a new handgun courtesy of Keep Pearl Beautiful.

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