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You may remember Dan Baum. He’s the Harper’s writer taken to task by TTAG for trying to reconcile his liberal beliefs with his infatuation with firearms [Click here to download Happiness is a Worn Gun.] Mr. Baum was not happy that our little community thought he had a political blind spot the size, shape and political orientation of New Jersey. It seems that Mr. Baum is continuing his campaign not to win friends and influence people in the gun world. He’s posted a solicitation on “For a book that I am writing, I am interested in meeting/interviewing people who cache weapons . . . If you’re interested in talking to me, please email [email protected].” So tell a journo about your weapons cache? Much hilarity ensues, followed by the now-typical Dan Baum flash of temper.

I’ve always been of the mind that if its time to bury them, its time to use them. But if you bury them anyway, you certainly don’t talk about it.

Why would I bury the only guns I have?

Sadly, my guns are buried at the the bottom of the lake in my tragic boating accident.

You guys have guns? But-but, those are DANGEROUS!

OP, I think the response that you are most likely to get will be “#1 – The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club.  #2 – The second rule of Fight Club is, you DO NOT talk about Fight Club.”

Everytime I try to cache a weapon I get a fatal error message

And Dan’s response?

Ah, I should have clarified:
1. By caching I mean burying, against the contingency of either confiscation or social breakdown.
2. I can mask the person’s identity and location.
3. I really don’t need any paranoid dickheads accusing me of being an ATF agent. You don’t want to deal with me, fine. But hold off on the insults. Let’s be gentlemen.

To which an astute AR guy replies . . .

You want us to be gentlemen and you call us dickheads? Really? Really?

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  1. If this works, maybe Baum's next article will be about the banking practices of's members. Those who wish to help him write the article can send their banking information, including account numbers and PIN codes, to Baum. He promises to keep the information confidential.

  2. Quoting Farago here: It’s the unwritten 13th Commandment for TTAG writers: Thou Shalt Not Flame a Fellow TTAG Scribe in Public.

    I guess I need to become a TTAG scribe. Someone interested in writing honestly about gun owners, well, those guys you can flame all day.

  3. Dan: If you want to write honestly about gun owners for TTAG, you're more than welcome to do so, either here in the comments or in a full editorial (for which I cannot pay you). I'd be delighted to publish your work.

    Meanwhile, please note that a "flame" is an entirely personal insult such as "you're an asshole." We invite readers and writers to engage in vigorous debate. If you look at our posts over the last few days, you'll see that we've published editorials on both sides of the Open Carry debate, and run pieces that say that the 1911 is good for combat and bad for combat.

    But we do not tolerate flaming.

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