Loaded With Leather – Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

EDC GLOCK 27 Everyday Carry CCW

There’s just something about the look, feel and smell of cowhide. It also does a nice job of cradling your carry gun — even a GLOCK – keeping it secure, protected and right where you need it.


  1. avatar michael in ak says:

    Does that all get carried in a purse?

    1. avatar Forward Assist says:

      What? No tent and sleeping bag?

  2. avatar dph says:

    How do these people keep their pants up? My EDC today: Shield 9 in a DeSantis Scabbard, Benchmade MiniGrip, car and house keys, wallet, lighter, hankie, and Samsung Galaxy.

    1. avatar Jeremy D. says:

      These have turned from “this is what I carry every day” to “these are all the things i may possibly be carrying on any given day”

      Edit: Nail clippers? Really?

  3. avatar ORCON says:

    I try to keep it simple. Keys, phone, wallet, Walther, flammenwerfer.

  4. avatar Patrulje68 says:

    I have that pocket knife on order.

  5. avatar JW says:

    That’s…. a big pocket.

  6. avatar Paul McMichael says:

    I just wonder how long it takes him to put all that IN his pockets.

  7. avatar Kenneth G Maiden says:

    I’m confused. Leather and a plastic weapon? Ain’t this a violation of some tacti-cool rule? Well, I do spot a bit of para cord and maybe the person has has some tactical tats.

  8. avatar pieslapper says:

    Missing a Leatherman.

  9. avatar Strength & Honor says:

    how does he keep notes if he only carries a notebook without a tactical pen?

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