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The folks at LMT have been cooking up some interesting new stuff. Their latest Compressor rifle is built with an eye towards executive protection, providing as small a rifle as possible without compromising reliability or compatibility. The lower receiver has been optimized to reduce the overall length as much as possible, but it will accept any standard upper receiver with the addition of a single weight for the bolt carrier . . .


With most compact stocks there’s a need for a special bolt carrier and buffer assembly to make it work. In this case, LMT has designed a drop-in weight for the bolt carrier that allows it to work with their system. This also allows the Compressor to use any standard AR-15 upper receiver with their specific lower, which is great for choosing a specific upper receiver for the intended mission.


The gun shoots great. The trigger is nice, the recoil is minimal, and while the stock is short it is very useful. The only thing I can knock it for is that the short barrel length meant that the massive fireballs it was throwing off kept knocking the insulating material off the roof of the range.

For the few minutes I shot it on the range, I really liked it. The gun worked remarkably well, had a pretty nice trigger, and was dead accurate for whatever I wanted to hit. Needless to say we’ll get one of these in to review ASAP.

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  1. Reducing the giant buffer tube of the AR family is always a nice thing, and not only for SBRs, they could have the most compact 16″ AR in the market.

  2. That name is a really bad idea. I thought it was some sort of air rifle that had some sort of funky air compressor or required an air compressor to work … -25 for their marketing group.

    • I use a BB gun while I operate operationally to minimize the auditory signature of my CQB protection of HVTs in the AO.

      Tacticality. I has it.

  3. LWRC’s UCS gets just as small for a lot less money. Uses normal bolt carriers and no extra weight, just a special buffer and spring. It’s good kit too.

    • Not sure if its an apples to apples comparison. The LWRC kit knocks one inch off of the standard length. According to Colt’s website, the specs for their 16″ barreled tactical carbine state that overall length is 32″ with the stock retracted. So, with the LWRC add-in, you’re at 31″. The LMC Compressor is 24.5″. That’s a pretty substantial difference.

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