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The SIG SAUER P210 is by far my favorite handgun that they have ever produced in the history of ever. The gun is an absolute work of art, with internal rails and an extremely low bore axis. The trigger is amazing as well. The problem til now has been that the P210 handguns have been manufactured in Germany and imported in the United States. Limited runs and an import slowdown have made the guns hard to find and very expensive, Now, though, for the first time, SIG is manufacturing the P210 in the United States…and with some minor improvements . . .


The biggest difference between the German and the American P210s is the locking system. The previous version used a 1911-esque locking system with a series of lugs on the barrel that interfaced with some corresponding cuts in the slide. For the American version SIG SAUER decided to go with a locking system more like that of the rest of the Classic P2XX line with a 90 degree shoulder on the chamber. This is slightly cheaper to produce, but doesn’t detract from the shooting experience in the least.


The P210 will be offered in two varieties to start out: a target version for about $1,350 and a standard version for around $1,200. The main difference: the target version will have some nicer grips and a longer barrel.

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  1. You just made my day. Take my money Sig, just take it!

    I actually had never even heard of these until I picked one up at the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville. As soon as I picked it up I wanted one. Then I saw the price of them. This news makes me VERY happy!

      • +2

        Hope they retain/improve the tolerances, material choices and QC. And don’t just offer a watered down, cheapened, lowest-bidder sourced MIM fest.

        • Oh you know that’s exactly what they’re going to do. I purchased a 220 are Elite in 45 ACP about 4-5 years ago And as soon as I got it The takedown lever broke within 25 rounds of shooting the weapon. Of course I disassembled the weapon and cleaned it first And then took it to the range And the takedown lever which is fall down The only thing keeping the slide on the frame was the magazine was still in the gun Keeping it from going all the way off the front of the frame. I paid 1200 bucks for it MSRP was 1400 Total waste of money I sold it for 1100 as soon as I got it back This is one of many 220 so I’ve had issues with over the last 10 years From the US made Sig Sauer.

  2. Figure I’ll wait a year or so for them to get the kinks out, but it is going on the ‘want it’ list.

  3. I’m guessing these are 22 long rifle target pistols?? Can somebody give a little bit more detail Please?

    • Most of them are seen in 9×19 Luger. Some in Europe were available in .30 Luger and .22LR.

      For my money, unless you’re a collector (and the original P210’s are quite collectable), a better target gun for the money would be a S&W Model 52 in .38 Special. Loaded with 148gr wad cutters, it was the choice of the Army Marksmanship Unit for handgun competition in the 60’s. The S&W 52 was tested at the factory for a 5-shot group at 50 yards not to exceed 2″. If a pistol could not group 2″ at 50 yards with a standard 148gr wadcutter load, it was sent back to the bench for rework.

      If you’re seeking a .22LR target pistol, look for a S&W Model 41.

  4. My last 2 Sigs have removed Sauers luster from my eyes. Too many trips back to CS. Both made in Exeter. The German guns Ive always felt are better made in my opinion. I think Ill keep my S&W 7.5inch Model 41. They can keep this one.

    • I like the P210, but your S&W 41 is definitely a keeper. Particularly if it has the 7 1/2″ bbl with the compensator. I have wanted one of those for a while, but it hasn’t bubbled to the top of the list.

  5. Yes I definitely agree I’ve been a Gunsmith for over 20 years and I have seen Sig Sauer when they were stamped made in West Germany Pistols go through the wringer And still come out. I have had personally 3 guns shipped back to sig Sawyer with major problems I’m talking rifling blowing out of the Barrels Spring snapping off in the trigger Systems That cause The gun not to go bang when you pull the trigger And completely on accurate once the rifle and came out of the barrel. I agree the guns made an here are junk!

  6. I didn’t know how Sig USA was going to do it, but I’m impressed how they could utterly destroy another classic on the heels of the P225A. This is no more a P210 than the Holden Monaro was a GTO. Better shop around for a German P210 cause the prices are going to shoot thought the roof on them just like the X5E and X-Five classic have over the last year.

    • Man I wish my wife would let me have that kind of pocket change lol I know it takes all classes! You can dream though can’t you.

  7. Coincidence that all the pictures have the slide locked back? I think not; this new locking system that exposes the whole barrel hood will look really off (not necessarily bad, though), and completely different from the real 210. Hopefully they also fixed the safety lever issue that everyone was complaining about on the Legions.

  8. I live in Europe and SIG guns are awesome, especially the p210.
    So I got myself a SIG716 rifle believing it would be awesome. Unfortunately it was made in the US and imported.

    It was shit to be nice about it.

    Why is it so hard for SIG USA to make anything decent?

    • Yeah the American made stuff I do believe is garbage compared to the German made stuff. If its stamped West German made you know you got a good one!

      • I have heard stories of frames and slides cracking on some of the West German pistols, but I’m gonna go ahead and assume those hiccups were either from the first production run, or people are shooting ammo that’s loaded too hot. My faith in the quality of old guns is hard to shake.

      • I traded a Police Trade In USP45 Stainless for a ’94 German P226 Threaded Barrel.
        I have not regretted it once.

    • Because of the ban in ’89/90, only a few original Swiss made SG 550 rifles were imported to the U.S. Those guns are today’s K31 in fit, finish, and function. Sig Sauer started producing them here and completely dropped the ball by adopting low QC standards, which have carried over to newer models. I once asked a local gunsmith how much it would cost for him to make a new rifle as good as a Swiss original. He said you can get close for a ridiculous amount of money, but Sig still cut too many corners. I’ve fired a couple in the past and they just felt cheap.

  9. I have had excellent experience with all my SIG’s bought new over the last thirty years.
    Three from West Germany and five from Exeter including an early release 716.

  10. Looks like a great idea.

    Sig’s quality and reliability has been, how do we say this charitably, “challenging” over the past decade. That may temper the enthusiasm of those willing to give this one a go.

  11. The gun is no where near the equal of the forged original P210. The new gun has a folded and spot welded magazine compared to the original magazine that had a continuous welded spine, the magazine also does not have the strengthened grooved follower which was stainless steel, the new one is a cheap ass flat steel follower. The internal parts are junk castings as well as the junk cast frame. The fire control mechanism is held in place by a cheap chromed Phillips head screw, now compared to the screw-less original this really made me puke. The new gun has a cheapened lug less barrel that puts all the pressure on the breech face rather than distribute it across a wider surface of the slide as in the high quality original lock up. Grips have modern machine cut checkering not high quality hand checkering that some of the target model originals had. The barrel has modern shallow grooved rifling not the high quality deep cut rifling of the original barrel.

    Still compared to all the plasticky trash that is being vomited out today by the gun industry its nice to see an all steel gun being made even if it is made of junk steel castings. But in todays world of “lets make it cheaper, lets make it faster” that is the best you can hope for. Now you know why I own an “original” P210.

    • I can assure you the frame is forged. You seem to know a lot about this gun, but don’t seem to know the frame is forged… Interesting.

    • I own two original models. When I saw the price of the new ones I was intrigued. Then I read the article about the locking lugs and making it cheaper. It appears you have seen the new ones. Thanks for the reality check. This pistol was never meant for the masses…… But this one is and it is a 210 in name only.

    • All sig Sawyer is doing now in America is living off the name Sawyer that was established in Germany which made absolutely wonderful Firearms. Now that they’re based in the USA it’s like they’re making You go cars or something The quality of the products and the materials that they use to make their products is absolutely garbage Hi overpriced garbage That nobody friggin once anymore. Hey sig Time to get back to over engineering like the Germans did and making a firearm that’s high quality and doesn’t have cool marks on it And Pieces that don’t fit quite right together. You’re making a mockery of the Sawyer name!

      • I can’t tell whether your comment is serious. But I’m genuinely impressed with your ability too ooze hordes that are undeniably incorrect, yet are strangely effective at communicating your sentiments regarding Sawyer’s build quality.

  12. It is Sauer….as in “Sauer and Sohn”, not Sawyer. Origionally Sig is Swiss, but Swiss law and policies prohibited export. So, they merged with the German firm Sauer, and relocated to Germany. It is obvious to me that many commentors have not actually shot an original, or German made P210!

    • Most people use voice text when responding to these Questions And comments. When you say Sig SauerIt doesn’t spell correctly usually. Just a heads up.

    • The Swiss made P210 is the worlds best made handgun If you can find a good one expect to pay $4k or more for it How many ways can you spell great investment A NIB is like a unicorn but better in the hand

      • I am Swiss and just both one from a former Swiss Sergeant last week. I paid 700 $ for it. It came with the Original Case. And the original Ammo that the Swiss had to keep at home as an emergency ammo in case a war would start. The Ammo is federal Ammo dated 1970. When I had all that in my hands I felt that I just made a very good deal. The first shoot a the range 25m was a ten. I was always wondering why the veterans are shooting so good. Now I know. This is not as good to handle as a modern SIG 226 or 320, but it works very smooth, it’s an amazing piece of craftsmanship. I love this original SIG 210 which is called the P49 in the Swiss Army.

  13. The Sig Sauer P210 Legend 2012 although pricey at $2300 is simply awesome. It is accurate, reliable and has a smooth trigger. Hopefully, the new US model will follow the same manufacturing procedures. I probably will buy the new one to compliment my other Sig pistols.

  14. I’m glad I have an older P210-6 and despite the fact that it cost me a bit more I don’t think I’d trade it for two new ones. Call me sentimental if you like ?

  15. I have owned a Swiss 210-6 and now own a DE 210. Both are amazing pieces of engineering. The Swiss model bit me due to the shorter frame tang and the mag release was combersome for me..
    The DE version offered the longer tang, so no more hammer bite! And the “american” mag release is more operator friendly.
    I shoot this pistol on a regular basis, that’s why I bought it! I just wish parts were more easily available. Custom parts are out there, but some makers in Germany don’t export…
    I may take to the CAD and try turning out some of my own..

  16. It’s 2017 and no P210 American as of yet. Maybe they are making them out of unicorn dust. Sorry, I can’t help being pissed off since I’ve only been waiting like my whole friggin life to buy one.

  17. April 2017 — almost a year and a half later and still NOT available.
    I have always loved Sig firearms and own quite a few of them but after waiting for this for over a year I think I am going to spend the money on a Wilson I have been wanting for a while.
    To be honest Sigs policy of announcing guns and then never actually releasing them or waiting years before making them available has forced me to broaden my collection to other manufacturers. I will no longer support a company with this kind of policy.

    • Agreed.

      But what really jacks me is NRA . . . Keefe does announcement SHOT Show video in 2016 . . . then he does it AGAIN in 2017, as if 2016 never happened. SIG is screwing with us; I expect better from NRA.

      Is Keefe so vacant he didn’t remember doing the exact same thing a year earlier? Or is he so tied to vendors that he plays along with obvious manipulation?

  18. If you can find a Swiss made SIG P210 buy it now There were never many imported into the USA and the ones here just keep going up in value if you can even find one. The used military ones are ok but usually well used. Pistol practice was mandatory in Switzerland for any one who was issued one to carry. All the imports have many thousands of round shot through them. NIB is the way to go but try to find one They will be $5k by the end of this year if you even put one in your hand, and if you do you will understand why the going price will only be going up

  19. It would be interesting to see how the new u.s.a. verson compaired to the swiss verson in a vised down group shooting test!

  20. Golly folks, glad I bought the 1st edition legend in 2012. Haven’t the opportunity to even fire 1 round through it. Maybe I will hold off and see about the us version.

  21. Well, my dealer has a German made model and his store had a US P210 for sale. We went down to his indoor range and shot various brands of 9mm through both. At the end of the day, I left with the US-made version. The only thing I liked better about the German model was that the ejection port looked more like the original Swiss pistol, but that wasn’t enough to justify doubling the price in my opinion. We both agreed that both the US and German-made pistols shot equally well and seem to be just as well made in both fit, finish and materials.

    I’ve also worked at a government security job where, for 10 years, I carried a West German made Sig Sauer P226. Our force had about 600 of these pistols that had tens of thousands of rounds put through them. Never a cracked frame or slide. We eventually traded them in for newer ones made here in the US. Other than some initial problems with an “improved” ejector spring, they have proven to be every bit as reliable as the German made models.

    I think that dealing with so many examples gives me a pretty good insight into the quality of these guns. Just what planet do these fanboy haters come from?

  22. Okay, some facts of interest. I read the comment about the Dan Wesson Pointman 9. I own both the Sig Sauer P210 with target grip (US) and the Pointman 9. The Pointman has been back to the factory two times in less than ten months. The Sig P210 recoil spring separated (apparently due to an overtightened screw in the rod) after less than 400 rounds.

    The Pointman 9 is a very nice pistol, one of my favorites. The P210 is very good too, but the sights are harder on old eyes. I am just an average shooter and both pistols shoot better than I can. The Sig is a lot easier to take a part for cleaning, which I do after every range session.

    The moral from my viewpoint is that each manufacturer might have problems, especially when the product is new. It pays to use the product to rid the pistol of juvenile failures. No manufacturer can assure their product will not suffer from a failure as it is used. Both pistols are made by reputable manufacturers and both company have done their best to make my products work well consistently. So far, no additional expense has been assigned to me.

    Hope this helps clarify the situation by someone who owns both machines. —Mike

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