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It’s a locked breach shotgun! It’s a slam fire shotgun! It’s both! Well, you’d expect something kooky for a gun made for low-G environments. Oh wait. The Ljutic Space Gun was designed by a former boxer turned machinist of the same name for earth-bound trap shooters. I’m not sure Big Al’s Space Gun afforded the competitive shooter a competitive edge, but it sure looks edgy. Could it be disguised as a crutch? It could! So there’s that.

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    • Yep, have a friend with a couple of them.
      One virtually pristine.
      Offered it to me at a very good price, but I am at that point where trap shooting doesn’t agree with the aging body as well as it has in the past, and even a good price is a lot of moola for one of these today!

  1. Too bad the bolt doesn’t lock back. It looks like you have to remove the shell and load it while holding back the lever, that seems awkward. It also won’t allow the action to be held open which is a safety rule at most trap ranges. You would need an obvious plug of some sort to assure others it was clear.

  2. Top Sci Fi weapons:

    1.) Star Trek Type 2a Hand phaser. (Re: ST:TNG Dolphin designs from Nemesis.)

    2.) Star Trek Type 1-b Pulse Phaser pistol from JJ Abramsverse/ST: Beyond.

    3.) Star Trek Type 2c Pulsed Phaser Pistol from The Original Series/ The Wrath of Khan…

    4.) Star Wars Han Solo Blastech DL-44 (re: Pulsed accl.Tibanna gas /Plasma.)

    5.) Bladerunner (RE: LAPD “Blaster” 2019. Unknown function.)

    6.) Logans Run (re: Deep Sleep pistol…Burst/or continuous fire…Unknown energy weapon.)

    7.) Babylon 5 (re: Earth Alliance P.P.G.= “Phased Plasma Gauss pistol…Discharged super-heated and accelerated Helium 3…)

    Good to Get your inner geek on!

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