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In a speech tonight made in the Oval Office, President Obama once again proved that he does not have the backbone to move on gun control without the backing of Congress and chose instead to chastise their lack of action rather than pursuing executive actions himself. From his speech, President Obama demanded that Congress ignore the 5th Amendment when it comes to gun owners, and stated that people who might possibly be terrorists (or associated with possible terrorists, or be Facebook friends with a possible terrorist, or be in the same McDonald’s line as a possible terrorist) should be treated as “guilty until proven innocent” rather than follow the principles upon which our country was founded.

From the speech:

What could possibly be the argument to allow a terrorist suspect to buy a gun?

Obviously Obama, a “constitutional scholar,” doesn’t understand the importance of the 5th Amendment. He doesn’t understand how gun owners could be frightened that the Government wants to use a secret list that is trivial to be added to but impossible to get removed to restrict a basic and fundamental Constitutional civil right. We have discussed this in detail before, and Their comment is being rightly torn to shreds on Twitter right now for those interested in watching an idea crash and burn.

He then went on to demand that an “assault weapons ban” be enacted once more.

Our law enforcement agencies … cannot identify every mass shooter. What we can do and must do is make it harder for them to kill.

The idea of an assault weapons ban has been found unpalatable by Congress in the past, and even the Obama administration’s Department of Justice have stated in internal memos that if a new one were to be enacted its impact would be so small as to be undetectable.

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  1. Obama is a weak man. Despite sitting at the helm of the most powerful nation on earth, he lacks the strength of character to back up his bold words.

    • Only weak abroad. He hasn’t shown much timidity when imposing his unpopular agenda on the USA through unconstitutional executive actions. He hasn’t hesitated much in thumbing his nose at Congress and the Courts. I think it’s a mistake to think he lacks will. He just isn’t interested in representing or fighting for American’s interests abroad. Regarding the domestic part (civilian disarmament and suppressing free speech regarding Islam), I think we can trust him to act, with or without the support of Congress. I was frankly astonished that he didn’t announce executive orders last night. Right before Christmas or New Years Eve, perhaps.

  2. Note, he did call for an “assault weapons ban”, referring to the .223 as a “high power” weapon.

    He called for technology companies to spy on us on behalf of the government.

  3. ‘In a speech tonight made in the Oval Office…’

    I think you meant in front of a green screen with the Oval Office superimposed.

  4. “and stated that people who might possibly be terrorists (or associated with possible terrorists, or be Facebook friends with a possible terrorist, or be in the same McDonald’s line as a possible terrorist) should be treated as “guilty until proven innocent” rather than follow the principles upon which our country was founded.”

    I’m pretty sure we all qualify as terrorists in his eyes and those of his minions. They’ve said as much repeatedly.

  5. Now, I’d actually like to be fair to Obama on ONE point here.

    He is a constitutional scholar that has done much to undermine the constitution, furthered the unitary executive, etc.

    However, he seems to properly recognize this is a problem only congress can “solve”, and the presidency does not have the legitimate authority to meddle here.

    It’s not much, and he still believes in the power to deny due process to American citizens abroad, but it’s something.

    • You are too “fair” : Obama has never been a “Constitutional law scholar”, nor even a “Constitutional law professor”; he was a part-time lecturer in Con Law at U of Chicago or some other second-rate school. And he was the only editor in the history of the Harvard Law Review to fail to have any article written by himself published. His ignorance of basic constitutional principles is daily on display.

    • Actually, Obama is only putting the onus to pass gun control laws on Congress so he can blame the Republicans for not doing it and score petty political points with the idiots that still worship him and believe how perfect and totally correct the Democrat Tyrannists are as they convert America to Marxism.

      • He could be setting the table to justify his upcoming executive order by claiming he asked Congress to ‘do something’ and didn’t.

        Since Congress didn’t act, as President, he will be justified in acting unilaterally.

        • Anything is possible until it happens. I think that very unlikely though, as there simply isn’t enough declared or undeclared secret law that we know of that would make abrogating civil rights and giving the president that wide of powers… and there’s still so many interested stakeholders, it would easily kick off mass disobedience. Sure, it could happen, and secret law has happened before 🙁 but usually only to the unpopular that can’t defend themselves.

          Things will get VERY interesting if he somehow gets it in his head that he has those kind of powers.

  6. He believes he can do what he’s done before, calling out congress and shaming them with hopes that his rabid media dogs will jump on board and his mindless herd of followers will start emailing and calling congress. My guess is it will work with the media (as it started some time ago)… but I don’t think it will resonate with the public much more than the shootings already have. That’s were gun control fails the most, with the people. Either way, I always feel that every time he speaks, he’s dividing the country more and more. Scary times.

  7. This will go down as the “Hey you uncouth Americans be nice to Muslims and forget about your rights” speech.

  8. My fellow Americans…I stand before, trying to get you to do the job I can’t…

    You see with the help of Nancy and Harry, I’ve burned so many bridges with Congress in the first two years of my Presidency, that there’s no way I can do anything, so I come to sniviling, disrupting your Sunday evening TV, before I go schlob the knob of some stars at the Kennedy Center.

    Basically, I want to to suspend the Constitution, your beliefs, and reailty and follow me down the rabbit hole of failed liberal policies. Because, I’ve selected a team of rank amateurs, we’ve chosen to ignore the lessons of history and make them all again myself, bringing shame and disgrace upon the country as I do so.

  9. Dems will us the war on terror to advance the gun control agenda so we can be conquered by our enemies or simply fold to the socialist state they covet so much

  10. Watching the President, it was clear that he is weak. Directly after, I hung my NRA STAND AND FIGHT flag in front of my house. Tomorrow, I’m going to complete my order for two complete lowers and on Tuesday night, I’m taking two newbies to the range.

  11. This is a pretty bad idea, I’ll admit…but run with me for a moment. The logic is just as valid as our president’s.

    Rather than violate the rights of all the law abiding gun owners,or enact useless further anti-gun legislation, why not instead FINISH violating the rights of the people (terrorists) on the watchlist first, arrest them, interrogate them, figure out where they fit in the actual terrorist spectrum and then chuck those dangerous people into jail where they can’t bother the rest of the nice folks in this country.

  12. Well if this insanity actually happens, every member of the NRA had better lock and load, the dems have always said the NRA is a “terrorist” group.

  13. Methinks Bury Soetoro may want to leave the door open for a hildebeast victory party. Either that or Moo-shelle got the knife out and did the deed…

  14. The democrat party is incapable of leading the country to victory in war. But they are very capable of fighting a war with only one hand, just as they did in Korea and Vietnam.

      • They’ve always done it, but is was more blatant and widespread in 2012 for sure. If the GOP wants to win in 2016, they must do so by at least 5 points. Perhaps more. We may have seen our last fair election quite some time ago.

  15. What could possibly be the argument to allow a terrorist suspect to buy a gun? If you can’t convict ’em they’re innocent, how’s that?

  16. What possible argument is there for allowing a “terrorist suspect” to buy a gun? How about the fact that he is only a “suspect”–and apparently not even enough of a “suspect” to meet the “probable cause” standard for indictment?

    • Are you expecting a self-proclaimed “Constitutional Scholar” to actually understand the Constitution?

  17. This is a weak, confused, and morally paralyzed man.

    I thought I’d never advocate this, but in Obama’s case impeachment is in order. Joe Biden, the Clown Prince, would actually be an improvement as POTUS.

    • I fear you are not correct. I think he’s very clear on what he wants to do, and has the will to push it forward regardless of US law. He wants the Constitutional Republic of our founders to fall, and to remake it as a province in a global, collectivist authoritarian government. He’s done about as good a job as he can so far. I see no reason to believe he will not continue to do so unless he’s stopped.

  18. It was largely a completely vapid speech, rendered even more disposable by the juxtaposition of the vaunted liberals’ champion of Constitutional rights (Obama) talking about obliterating the rights of people based on their inclusion on a secret list which isn’t subject to judicial review, contest or appeal.

    I’ve never studied a lick of law, and I’m sure I have a better grasp of ConLaw than Obama has.

  19. That speech reminded me of the last time terrorists succeeded in killing people on American soil when GWB stood on top of the smoldering pile in Lower Manhattan and talked through a megaphone.

    Or not…

  20. We should give the President his due. Not only is he the world’s greatest gun salesman but he has also made people more willing to support and defend the Second Amendment.

    I say we have Mr. Obama all wrong. He is obviously the NRA’s Trojan Horse in the castle of left.

    • Things went well for gun interests. In general though he’s been an effective* policy maker. We’ll be living in a world somewhat according to him for a long time. That concerns me in general and particularly with regard the gun situation.

      *not saying I like it, just that he gets his way

  21. This whole idea of barring people on the Terror Watchlist from buying guns is just a huge Straw Man. What if someone is on the list and already has a gun(s)? Why would they give a rat turd if they cannot buy another gun(s)? If their intent is to commit a terror attack and they don’t have a gun(s). what do you want to bet they can get a gun(s) despite this stupid law?

    Pass an ineffectual law and tell the Public. “See? We DID something!” Yeah something as useless, Constitutionally illegal and practicably ineffectual as all the other gun control laws the criminals, crazies and terrorists ignore and violate as they murder honest people in gun free zones who are not allowed to arm themselves in Public.

    • Aside from the fact that they will continue to get any gun they need, they really don’t need guns anyway. A vest will take out more innocents in less time. How ’bout that scenario barry?? Is your assault weapon fixation clouding your big picture view of the situation?

      • Bombs and suicide bombers actually creep me out worse than being shot at…so sudden and unexpected.

        • Ban assault religion!
          If the religious doctrine includes convert or die then ban it!
          The world needs to ban assault religions

  22. Sorry guys, he backed off of executive action because he doesn’t want to hurt Hillary in her bid for his job.

    If she gets it, it will be done.

    O taught for 4 years, his classes ended when no students showed up. He is a tool for Soros, et al.

    • “Sorry guys, he backed off of executive action because he doesn’t want to hurt Hillary in her bid for his job.”

      It’s an open secret that Obama despises both of the Clintons.

      He *might* be backing off so he doesn’t impact the ’16 election.

  23. A speech behind a podium, in front of a desk, in an empty room, with a teleprompter that must have been mounted ten feet off the floor (or has he had tall bleachers of adoring fans added to the Oval Office?) I can see why he wanted to be standing; craning your neck up like that while sitting would look a bit funny, rather than “profound”

  24. The king/queen of the teleprompter is at it again. Lies and dumber lies. Maybe someone needs to point out that semi auto rifles have existed for well over a century now. Unlike him and the douchy news folks, it is not some new phenomenon. See not so hard to comprehend, potus

  25. If he can come to grips that all levels of le cant stop this call to violence then why can’t he comes to grips that every sane law honoring American carry everyday and start throwing it back to these vermine.
    Constitutional carry for all,everywhere.
    The American people take care of their own safety.

  26. I, for one, would expect any such legislation pushed through by this administration to work about as well as the affordable care act.

    The congress only need reply: “Well, we’re not going to do something stupid just to appear to be doing something. We seem to have heard that argument from someone else over the course of this administration.”

  27. There’s an old phrase in Russia: “The severity of Russian laws is balanced by the laxity of their enforcement.”

    In our case, the tyranny of Obama’s ideals is balanced by the weakness of his will. And thankfully so!

  28. If I were in Congress, I would give Obama a big “ask and ye shall receive”. Then proceed to act. I would work very diligently to change gun control laws. I would work to repeal as many gun control laws as possible. I would work to establish national constitutional carry. But then again, I am essentially un-electable.

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