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Announcement due to start at 11:40 am EST. (Note: the President is usually late to these things.)


Thank God they’ve assembled an appropriately multi-cultural background for this dog and pony show. And what would any Obama gun-related pronouncement be without a grieving father?

“The president can’t do it alone.” Really? It seems no one has told him that, as that’s exactly what he’s proposing to do today. Again. Still.

As he entered, the President has a decidedly grim look on his face, something that’s sure to change when he tees off later this afternoon. And Uncle Joe looks to be perusing the assembled background props for someone to grope during the photo op following the announcement.

Drinking game (coffee, of course…it’s before noon in most of the country): take a sip each time BHO says the word “I”. You’ll wired before he gets to the first executive order.

Let’s repeat the lie again: the United States is the only advanced country on earth with this kind of mass violence. When you have court stenographers instead of an actual press corps covering you on a daily basis, why not go with what works…whether or not that’s true?

If he’s going to do this “without impugning other people’s motives” this will truly be a first for his administration.

“We’re here not to debate the last mass shooting, but to try to do something to prevent the next one.” Sadly, no one told Josh Earnest.

“I taught Constitutional law. I know a little about this.” Coffee everywhere. 

Using the “fire in a crowded theater” justification for his actions is utterly fallacious in limiting Second Amendment rights. What he’s doing is prohibitive, not punitive.

“This is not a plot to take away everyone’s guns.” Why does, “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan” come immediately to mind?

Praise for Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey. Both with (formerly) ‘A’ grades from the NRA. Fortunately for all of us, they collaborated with Uncle Joe, one of the most inept bumblers in the history of the federal legislative process. Thanks, Joe and Pat.

“How did we get here? How did we get to the place where requiring a federal background check means taking away people’s guns?” Maybe it’s because that’s the long game the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex has been playing for decades. Just a thought.

They say brevity is the sole of wit. We’re more than 15 minutes in and he’s STILL droning on. The narcissist in chief is inthralled by the sound of his own voice.

“Their guns have not been confiscated, their rights have not been infringed.” Well, he’s batting .500.

There’s your evening news sound bite: “The gun lobby may be able to hold Congress hostage, but they can’t hold America hostage.”

“Until we have a Congress that’s in line with the majority of Americans….” The electoral/legislative process has always been a terrible inconvenience to the Obama administration, damn it all.

Expanding the background check to cover violent criminals with gun trusts? Name…just…one.

“We’ll do everything we can to ensure the smart and effective enforcement of firearms safety laws that are already on the books.” If that happens, it will be a first for this administration. Will he get a question as to why that’s taken him so long to put in place?

“We’re going to ensure that mental health records are submitted to the federal background check system.” HIPAA laws be damned.

“In the greatest, most technologically advanced nation on earth” we need smart gun technology to make guns safer. “If there’s an ap that can help me find a missing tablet…there’s no reason we can’t do it with a stolen gun.” Wireless, remote gun tracking. What could possibly go wrong?

Apparently some retailers have “stepped up” to refuse to sell semi-automatic weapons and “high capacity” magazines. Again, name one. I’m sure the People of the Gun would love to know which retailers aren’t worthy of their gun-buying dollars.

Listing some of the country’s worst shooting incidents, the President lapses into his best Jesse Jackson imitation, to the sound of thunderous applause. Tears and all. Bravo.

“All of us need to stand up the gun lobby’s lies.” What was that about not impugning those with whom he disagrees?

“The reason Congress blocks laws is because they want to win elections.” Thank God he’s always been above such mundane consideration, keeping only what’s best for the country in mind.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends,” the president intones in memorializing Zavion Dobson.

And with that, he concludes. A virtual re-run of every post-shooting speech on guns the President has given over the last seven years. More security theater sound signifying not very much, with virtually no effect on actual gun crime on the streets. Stay tuned for more coverage and analysis on the executive orders and what they’ll mean for America’s gun owners.

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  1. I can’t watch this shit. Tell me when it’s over…..I’ll be on the phone with my Senators / Rep’s offices.

    • Same here.
      I can give a running refutation of all the lies and half-truths that I hear him utter, but he has the camera and microphone — he’s on just about every channel, including two Spanish language that I skimmed through.
      We must wait our turn, and use it well to show the deceit and emotional manipulation that is the hallmark of all his ilk.

      • That’s just it. He gets to talk, but no rebuttal is allowed.

        I am frankly floored at the number of cognitive disconnects, obfuscation and outright deception pouring from his mouth.

        • Quite so. Obama had the stage, complete with his claque of enthusiastic supporters, and the usual bevy of sympathy engendering victims of “gun violence”. But those he wishes to pretend are victims of “gun violence” we must now show to be actually the victims of “gun free zones” and “civilian disarmament”.

        • The Vicar of the fourth Reich speaks before an enthusiastic audience of adoring fans declaring the obsoleteness of duly elected congress and there inability to do the correct thing in defending weak and unprotected Americans from a very dangerous tool of destruction known on the streets of backward America as ‘ The Gun ‘ . This man knows what Americans really want and need and must have . He alone holds the power to protect the unprotected until everyone comes into the enlightened fold and realizes the folly of their backwardness and arcane ways of thinking . Like screaming fire in a crowded theater so is having an outdated non computerized wheel gun . We must change with the times and join the cowering masses all over the world hiding behind their desk in cartoon drawing offices and gun free zones , waiting for their protectors to save them after they have laid out a protected perimeter around the kill zones .
          I just love the way HIS voice changes as he grows condescending and trite , don’t you ?
          He da man !

        • “I am frankly floored at the number of cognitive disconnects, obfuscation and outright deception pouring from his mouth.”

          That’s called politics, Billy.


    • I left after the stupid comment regarding “0n line” gun purchase does not require a NIC – Total nonsense, Anyone who has ever purchased a gun on any on-line store knows the weapon is shipped to an FFL, who runs the background check before letting you walk out with the gun – anyone who has never purchased on-line may not know that but you can bet it’s been pointed out to the President

      • It was pointed out repeatedly to El Presidente that people who had health plans they liked would be canceled since they didn’t meet the minimum ‘standards’ of the ACA.

        Did that stop him *once* from proclaiming “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”?

    • Infuriating!…..What about those innocent people you killed by releasing GITMO prisoners…and claiming Bowe was an American Hero….

      • “…and claiming Bowe was an American Hero….”

        Bowe *is* an American hero.

        He’s a Progressive American hero, you and I call them ‘traitors’.

  2. I herald my unconstitutional pronouncements with ceremonial waving of the bloody shirt and a parade of dead children and their corpse pimping parents.

  3. when will this asshat stop shouting out that anyone can buy a firearm online? does he not understand that it cannto be shipped to your door? it has to get shipped to a FFL and a background check is performed before it can be taken by the owner

    • This is the one that drives me nuts as it only takes the most basic search to find out that a gun bought online cannot be shipped directly to your house! If that was the case I would be in big trouble.

    • He knows it. The common sheep don’t and are just looking to be angry at someone, so they eat it up without researching or thinking. This is how free nations die.

      • Just like the line after line of bullsh_t that was just spewed from the mouth of Barry , so to the endless pages of garbage that will accompany every stroke of his EO ink pen . He did admit that he and old naked swimmer had been working on this bullsh_t since Sandy Hookwinked and and everyone here knows that it’s actually the agenda of folks who have been ‘ working on the problem ‘ since , well Teddy R. or W. W. at the least .
        Old naked swimmer and Barry S.
        What a pair of diaper dandies . Good job low or uneducated , low information voters , those who got their news from Steven C . and John D. for the better part of a decade .
        Better plant your gardens full this spring and use non hybrid open pollinated seed too .
        Corn , beans , for canning , grain for storage and potatoes if you can store them .

    • Although deciet of the unknowing public is most likely the goal, it is possible he’s talking about sales on sites such as Craigslist where a deal is made online, but the actual transfer is in person, therefore not requiring a NICS check. However, good luck requiring background checks for all of those

    • My favorite so far (besides the online sales lie) is the, “if we can prevent children opening aspirin bottles we can prevent them pulling a trigger”, nonsense, while failing to mention the number of children that die of drug poisonings is much higher than accidental shootings involving children. Glorious facepalm!

        • Of course. Why not child-proof table-saws too? Lets just make every tool available to adults, and not intended for children, child-proof too. That way children can safely play at any construction site or machine shop with no worries. If it saves just one child…..


  4. The liar in chief is at it again. How much did we as taxpayers pay for this “public relations” firm messaging?

    Of all people to claim he is for freedom of speech and to use that absurd “fire in a theater” argument.

    If he was concerned with lives taken, drug overdoses and alcohol deaths would get this speech, but they don’t. Both individually exceed “gun violence” deaths.

    I hate to say this but I may never vote Democrat again. The party has become a lying party willing to say any lie to get back in to office or worse pursue a ideology to gain more and more power and view any that question them a enemies. Some “conversation”.

      • Yup. The fallacious comparison equates a criminal act with legal ownership. It would be like trying to make people pass a background check before they could say the word “Fire” in polite conversation.

      • Strange, how they never mention that it is wrong to “FALSELY cry fire in a crowded theater”. If you knew there was a fire and failed to give warning, you might be held liable for any injury that resulted.

        • You’re right. I forget to actually say that and tend to think it’s just assumed. I’m going to try to remember.

          I suppose the 2A analog to yelling fire in a crowded theater that is actually on fire is stopping the threat.

      • It’s not your omission of “falsely”, it’s Obama’s and every other anti-gun propagandist who tries to show “rights are limited” by this comparison.
        Sure, and 2nd Amendment rights do not justify armed robbery, armed assault, armed rape, etc. That is how the RKBA is limited, just as the 1st Amendment is no excuse for libel, slander, perjury, fraud, incitement to riot, etc.

    • I’ve always been an independent “best-candidate” voter, but my votes used to go about 75% Democrat. No more. The party’s collective insanity after Sandy Hook opened my eyes to a lot of things I hadn’t noticed before — turned me off to them forever.

      Now that I’ve seen the party for what it really is, no Democrat will ever get my vote for any office at any level. Doesn’t mean I’m a Republican; just means I’ll do what’s necessary to make sure the Democratic party doesn’t have its way in our country.

      • Please don’t fall for the Trumpmeister .
        Our only hope for restoring States rights , Constitutional law , Three equalizing branches of government , less Executive Branch Theocracy and maybe even a gradual return to a Constitutional Republic , is Teddy Cruz .
        I vote democrat myself , living in West Virginia and registered as an independent . quite often . I lean Libertarian and vote for what I believe to be the most Constitutionally bent candidates and even though one may believe I would lean Rand Paul , I have a hard time with all his playing politics with the progressive big government traitors of our country .
        I’m going Cruz all the way .

      • It’s not your father’s Democrat Party.
        It used to be the “working man’s party”. Now it’s an amalgam of welfare sponger’s, socialists, assorted wackos, and self-styled “progressives” sheparding their merged herd of sheep to the polls with promises to “Get the rich, and make them pay”.

  5. I’d like to see one of these online gun retailers who will ship to your house without going through an FFL for a NICs check. Or are they just talking about private sales? What the hell kind of criminal opts to go to an FFL to do a NICs check on a private sale when they can just trade cash for a gun in a motel room or alleyway.

  6. He skillfully sidestepped the actual reason the background check bill failed – the addition of items that have nothing to do with background checks.

  7. I wonder why he isn’t proposing arming teachers, movie theatre attendants and public servants?

    That would eliminate 75% of the body count.

  8. The new NFA rules do zero to stop crime. No NFA item has ever been used in a crime. (other than tax evasion maybe.) It is just intended to slow down the NFA branch of the ATF by making them sign off on every member of a trust for every transfer into or out of the trust. It is nothing more than a middle finger to gun owners.

    The ATF admits in their own notes on the rule change that exactly 6 trust members have committed crimes that they are aware of in the past 20 years. And none of those crimes involved NFA items in any way. So what gun violence does this address?

  9. Did he seriously argue that Americans should have their civil rights doled out from a secret government list?

    His statement on using the “watchlist” to restrict gun ownership is in effect a Blacklist. Do the people clapping understand the concept of Due Process? Apparently not.

    Does anyone see it as ironic that he argues that we not be prejudiced against “Muslims” using a list that is probably mostly “Muslims” to disarm people?

  10. Meh. Typical communist-jihadi sympathizer POTUS BS speech: crowd of ass kissers who clap at end of every paragraph, “nothing to see here” dismissive tone, snarky shots at conservatives, false statistics. Are we part of the EU yet? Is this part of the process? Was this on the application?

    • Either he doesn’t understand the current process of purchasing a firearm or is choosing to blatantly lie in order to push this insane agenda.
      It’s scary that both possibilities are likely true…

  11. 40,000 deaths in USA caused by aspirin and painkillers …

    “Conservative calculations estimate that approximately 107,000 patients are hospitalized annually for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)-related gastrointestinal (GI) complications and at least 16,500 NSAID-related deaths occur each year among arthritis patients alone.” (Singh Gurkirpal, MD, “Recent Considerations in Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Gastropathy”, The American Journal of Medicine, July 27, 1998, p. 31S)

    If you can childproof drugs yet have more deaths from nsaids than from guns, what is wrong with his argument?


    • Acetaminophen poisoning is especially insidious. It’s in so many OTC medications that it is increasingly easy to OD (causing liver damage) simply by taking several OTC cold/flu medications.

      • The scary part of a lethal OD of tylenol is that there is no antidote and it takes weeks to die, unless you’re lucky enough to get a liver transplant. But according to the .gov, people are assumed to be smart & responsible enough to not OD on it; yet the same doesn’t apply with guns.

  12. The retailer is probably Dick’s Sporting Goods. While they did not stop selling semi-autos entirely, they did remove all the modern sporting rifles and mags over 10 rounds.

    • And then they bought the name Field and Steam and moved the MSR’s over there. I love their creativity as a retailer!

  13. I am feeling the fierce urgency to get involved in voting out these corrupt liars.

    First step is donating to SAF and NRA.

    Any other suggestions welcome.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if old naked swimmer and Barry boy weren’t investing funds in all the leading mfg. of firearms just before every announcement .
        Were all those wheel chair people up there victims of crazy or deranged or criminals with guns or was that some of the diabetics that had limbs amputated before Obama Care ?
        If he really cared about the children or the so called 30 thousand gun victims he would be doing what the head of the Swiss Army just did . Tell people to arm themselves .
        I did notice his britches were smoking near the end of his charade .


  14. He doesn’t have the power to make it any more difficult to get and stay armed than it already is in California, so all his rhetoric is pretty much moot here. LEOs NDs all over the place prove that the ‘safe handgun roster’ is a complete misnomer when even ‘trained, professional law enforcement’ can’t keep their finger off the trigger.

  15. All he did today was ensure another record year for the gun industry, and adding more people to the “52%” column.


  16. What a sad site this is…. The blind stupidity. Your rights are not in jeopardy when we take sensible steps to limit gun violence. Quit being patsies of the gun industry.

    • Sweet, my first opportunity to counter a statist, government worshipping fascist with the words of their own propagandists.

      The NYT wrote a front page editorial calling for illegal, aggressive civilian disarmament. So, yes, they are out to disarm us. And you can’t hide from that anymore.

      By the way, what sensible steps are you willing to take to give up everything you hold dear? For the common good, of course.

      Quit being a fascist patsy.

    • What sensible steps to limit gun violence? California already prohibits private firearms sales without going through a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder who has access to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS.) It does nothing to stop a felon from trading cash for a black market gun in a motel room, dark alley, or any other location outside of the view of police. It also does nothing to stop people intent on committing a crime, but have no prior criminal record. All this does it make it look like the politicians are doing something, when in reality, these laws only affect the law abiding, and the law abiding are not the ones you worry about having guns.

      • As has happened for the past 250 years, better men than you will worry about the serious stuff while you smile and reap the rewards of freedom.

    • OK sir, Ill bite. Please name one thing on this list of executive actions that will do one thing to prevent crime? I’ll also tell you what my criteria on judging your response will be- it can’t already be illegal or be a purely administrative function like hiring employees

    • If you don’t think this will eventually lead to confiscation just ask the Jews in the 30’s. Hitler was the first to invoke a national registry under the guise of safety…how’d that work out Mr. Facist?

    • Sigh. Sorry Private Citizen, but I see you as simply another gun grabber speaking from a place of absolute ignorance.

      It’s called transference. You place on those of us that actually stand for individual freedom and personal responsibility. your own position of being a “useful idiot” for the states attempt at “monopoly of force”.

      Not that I don’t understand your being brainwashed by the progressive paradigm. I grew up in a very progressive environment. The Bay Area, to be exact. It was not until someone tried to mug me that I started to wake up to and reject the power of the meme I had been implanted with.

      May you be given the same gift of being freed from the mental prison you are currently in.

      Hopefully with out major injury.

      • You’re far kinder than I am.

        I hope ‘Private Citizen’ slips on a sidewalk and has his head crushed by a passing vehicle.


      • Remember Thomas , the Barry S. and Constitutional scholar of 2001 said his problem with the document was that it was a charter of negative liberties stating what the states and the Federal government could not do to you but it didn’t spell out what the states or the Fed could do for ( to ) us on our behalf .
        That is to infringe on our God given right to protect ourselves and our families and our property to the fullest , which is enumerated by our 2nd amendment .

    • How do does an ant eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

      Obama, Moms Demand Action, The New York Times, etc., lack the power to “eat” the Second Amendment in on bite. Today was one small bite. When the gun control Obama unveiled today fails to to do anything(and it will fail), another small bite. That’s the strategy.

    • Said in typical Liberal douche bag fashion.. you have no problem charging ahead on the 2A and glossing over the attack,…. But if your freedom to raise false flags was being regulated and dissected you and the rest of your illk would be standing in line to catch yourselves on fire in protest…

  17. After the first 5 minutes I had to shut it off. Even he admits none of the new infringements would have stopped the shootings he touted about.

  18. Jesus. This site is so great for their reviews and industry news. Then up comes a political post.

    Most of these comments sound absurdly paranoid. I’m a big advocate of the “just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me,” but the level of outrage expressed here is ridiculous.

    My gun safe is full. I’ve got a 1000rds on order. Not worried about my 2A rights.

    BHO took the much needed first step to limit firearm sales to people who have shown they cannot handle the responsibility. About damn time. For the rest of us responsible gun owners, carry on.

    • Paranoia or not..historically every government either falls or takes over its citizenship. You don’t think the tracking technology for stolen firearms would eventually be used for confiscation? You don’t think that it will happen eventually in this country? Maybe not to us but our kids or grand kids? I’ve got a bridge to sell you buddy..

      • I’m up for another bridge (good return, they tell me) but need to wait for the paperwork on my first one to clear. It’s taking forever!

        I’d be surprised if the tracking bit ever happens. Like LoJack for guns? No way. Privacy laws get in the way there. But restricting the free-for-all gun show sales? Seems like a good idea. Want a gun. Great! Go to a licensed dealer and buy whatever you want.

        I get more pissed at ATF’s tax stamp and waiting period than I do at any kind of background check.

        • Now we know you’re a poser if you think you can go to a gun show, talk to a licensed dealer and bypass the back ground check.

        • So, let’s say background checks are made mandatory. Win for you and other fascists. The government decides to simply direct the ATF to ignore background check requests.

          De facto ban.

    • Don’t worry, you’re next. They never stop.

      Fascist enablers like you who don’t worry about infringements until they’re right in your face are why free nations fall.

      I take it you think the government should be able to define who “Can’t handle the responsibility?” Guess what, you’re on the list, along with everyone who isn’t a government enforcer.

      • Phrases like, “fascist enablers like you,” fail to promote a sensible conversation.

        So, guns for everyone? No. Of course there should be some restrictions. And who should make those restrictions? Of course it should be the government. A govt elected by the people, for the people. Who else? You?

        • Well Gun control was a product of facism. Stalin was a big fan too…You say a government elected by the people for the people yet these same restrictions were rejected by the body of ELECTED officials that are the ones responsible for making law…way to leave that out…

        • Actually, oppressive fascists fail to promote a sensible conversation, given their end goal is totalitarian oppression. I refuse to have a “sensible conversation” that results in me giving up my natural rights. Can we have a sensible conversation about the societal benefits of putting your children in internment camps?

          Get back to me when we have a government elected by the people ,for the people. All I see are criminals breaking the law and not being held accountable.

          With Americans like you, who needs ISIS?

      • Chunk , chunk , slice , slice , slice , chunk , bit , slice , bit , bit , chunk , slice , chunk .
        I’ll never forget going into Sears at the ripe old age of 9 and picking out my first 22 Marlin , I was allowed to shoulder it and look down the iron sights .
        48 years ago .
        I also remember taking my L C Smith over under 20 gauge to high school and showing it to my principle and basketball coach on the parking lot and then slipping it back into it’s sock and laying it in the back seat of my unlocked 65 dodge dart only to find it there when I came out to leave .
        Progress is so so wonderful , isn’t it ?

    • California already requires a background check for all firearm purchases including private party sales. Felons either steal their guns or buy them through black market transactions. These laws are lip service. The government can not stop the black market, so they put more restrictions on the legal market just so they can claim to be doing something.

    • Well yeah. The short term impact of these executive orders is minimal.

      But are you really OK with a presidential lies, distortions, and demagoguery about basic constitutional rights?

  19. The tears were a nice touch.

    Well thank phycopaths and home bodies for our upcoming hassles to exercise our rights and protect ourselves.

    but hey, as long as they “feel good”

  20. In the immortal words of the internet: Meh.
    Big ol’ dog an pony show. No substance. Both sides (pro and anti) were waaaaaaaay off in their estimations of this man. Again.
    Clarification on what makes a “dealer” a “dealer?” The ATF already makes that arbitrary rule whenever is suits them. Means practically nothing in current context.
    NFA changes are a net gain, really. CLEO signatures needed to go away, just for the sake of function. The ATF has so many of my fingerprint cards and pictures already, I wonder if they play “Go fish” with them. “Got any of him with a beard?” “Nope!”
    Smart guns….sigh. I know the Gov is going to waste my money pretty much regardless, but come on- the reason smart gun technology doesn’t sell is that it doesn’t work. Let’s revisit this in another decade.

    And in a revolutionary first, I actually agree with the notion of enforcing existing laws that already address much of the crap he’s running on about is a great idea, and an actual use of real-deal common sense.

    Just remember to tell your left-coddling friends that Barry totally gave it to us on this one, and we’re totally upset and ravaged on our 2nd amendment rights.

  21. There’s got to be some way to discover who in this Administration owns stock in Ruger, S&W, etc. I don’t think that all this incredible anti-gun nonsense is not being used as a financial opportunity by politicians at the highest level.
    Wasn’t there some suspicious activity in oil futures before 9/11?

    • I’m of the school that believes the only reason sufficient for a man to cry is the death of his dog.

      After that, he’d better be in a lot of pain.

      Obama’s behavior is yet more signaling to the enemy in the middle east that we are led by a very weak man.

  22. No need to watch this particular enemy of Liberty and of the Constitution at work selling his snake-oil.

    His desires, goals and intent have been clear since the beginning, just as have those of the remainder of the collectivist-rabble that make up the Republican-wing and the Democrat-wing of our single political party, the Globalist-Collectivist Party.

    Neither he nor they have any constitutional authority to do the things that they do, so they can all go piss up a rope and then pound copious amounts of extra coarse sand directly and vigorously up their ass.

    I refuse to comply, will disobey and otherwise nullify such collectivist anti-Liberty horseshit. I will also defend against any force applied against me in any attempt to abrogate my fundamental essential Liberty, by whatever means becomes necessary.

    Not gonna debate it, not gonna discuss it, not gonna listen to rationalizations, justifications or excuses as to why ‘we’ need to consider or accept such anti-Liberty horseshit.

    Any who fit that bill or who do not like my stance or my approach, go fuck yourself.

    That is all.

  23. @Joe says:

    “Phrases like, ‘fascist enablers like you,’ fail to promote a sensible conversation.”

    Demonstrate that you’re capable of having one.

    “So, guns for everyone? No. Of course there should be some restrictions.”

    There is no “except” clause in “Shall not be infringed.” So, of course, there should not be some restrictions.

    I think your “of course” comment proved that you fail on the sensible conversation scale. But thank you for playing.

  24. Did he actually use the ‘fire in a crowded theater’ justification? Because that abortion of justice was overturned by the Supreme Court over 40 years ago.

    As a ‘Constitutional Scholar’ he should know this.

  25. ECK-sorry I can’t look at Bury Soetoro(or hear that voice) without vomiting a bit. Kinda’ like the trolls infiltrating TTAG lately…

  26. Now I don’t know EVERYTHING about the US Legislative branch but isn’t:

    “Until we have a Congress that’s in line with the majority of Americans….”

    an oxymoron? I thought Congressman were elected by a MAJORITY vote?

    • Wal-Mart’s decision was partially financial. After the Sandy Hook rush Wal-Mart started having a lot of inventory sitting around collecting dust. Not only did Wal-Mart clear out MSRs the also cleared out optics, and other parts. My local Wal-Mart cleared out their knife selection and then tripled their knife case.

  27. Summation:

    Shed some fake tears.

    Feigned self righteous outrage.

    Self-referenced 76 times.

    Said some other stuff.

    Went home and jerked off in the mirror.


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