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Right now, live on C-SPAN, the U.S. Senate is debating the current set of gun control proposals. Those interested can click on this link here to watch the live stream — for some reason C-SPAN doesn’t want top let people stream it on their own blogs. FYI, the live vote is currently scheduled for 5:30 PM Eastern time. Stay tuned for our live coverage of that event.

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    • She’s freaking 85 year old! She shouldn’t be debating anything except whether to change her Depends now or wait until after dinner.

  1. Police have no duty to protect individuals. State and Federal government fail or ignore known threats ..IE : open borders – illegal Criminal Aliens / Terrorists / Visa overstays ……….. SO Lets Disarm Everybody … DERP.

    These traitors LIES are public record ………. make them regret this BS. Vote ‘Em All OUT !!

    Keep calling … hold times only around 2 minutes ; 202-225-3121 .. Call McConnell Too.

  2. Feinstein and her made-up fairytale encyclopedia of bogus gun factoids makes my balls ache with the need to backhand someone into rational thought.
    Just saying..

    • Which is why I refuse to listen. It’s all the same BS talking points that gun shows are evil, blah, blah, blah. I get what they are trying to do, but taking away rights is not something they are allowed to do. Those are rights granted by the Creator, not the government. You want to blame someone, blame the FBI.

      And while we’re at it, repeal the 17th Amendment.

    • Yeah, that diatribe of BS made me want to vomit. I wish the next speaker would go up there and call her out as a liar for every piece of garbage she just spewed out.

  3. Feinstein just called the NRA’s lobbying a “reign of terror.” Gee, I wonder where that line of thinking leads…

    • A disgrace and unfortunately one of my senators. A complete sell out and tool of the country club establishment wing of the GOP.

  4. Both the NRA and the GOA have sent texts out to everyone who is signed up for them telling people to contact your Senators immediately and often. Both mine are a couple of real slime ball Democrats, but I’ve been filling their inboxes and phone lines. Everyone else should do the same and if you’re not signed up for NRA alerts, do it.

    The enemies of the Second Amendment work together, and we need to do the same thing.

    • Mine are Feinstein and Boxer, so I don’t even bother. Feinstein wishes she could make total gun control and confiscation part of her legacy.

  5. Notice how they all dance around the LOSS of your Rights ( when placed on ANY list ) and only will talk about AFTER people are ALREADY ON the UNLAWFUL + UNCONSTITUTIONAL secret list — No FFF’ing good scumbags !

    • I really have no qualms with the government having any list that they want to compile. What they do with that “watch list,” however, is another story. Denying the liberties of American citizens (ability to travel, 2A right to keep and bear arms) simply because they are on that list is unconstitutional, no question about it.

      • You are correct and would think that was common sense. Sadly, it isn’t AT ALL. This weekend I was talking to a fellow gun-owner about recent events. He said something like ” I understand keeping those people (on the no-fly list) from buying a gun”. I disagreed and mentioned that if they are too dangerous to fly and to buy a gun they should be under arrest, not on some ‘list’. He looked puzzled for a minute then had to agree.

        Frankly I’m not too worried that bad legislation will result from this episode. However, the end goal is clear.
        Joe Manchin a US Senator from a relatively conservative state actually publicly stated: “Due Process is killing us”……yes, it just might.

  6. I’ve called my senators today. I was disappointed that there was no real wait time for either one. I sent them emails. last week. We’ll see if they’re paying attention when the votes are tallied.

    Please call yours. We need to tear up the phone lines.

    • Just called mine, Mr Toomey from the great state of PA.

      “Hello this is (redacted) you may reach me at ([email protected])

      I do not support any new gun laws.

      No new guns laws please and thank you. Have a nice night.”

  7. Serious non-troll question.

    Are all the anti-RKBA politcos speaking at length Jewish?

    Our two US senators in WA state are both Roman Catholics and anti-RKBA (Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray).

    I’m an ordained Pastafarian minister so belong to a seriously tiny religious minority. I like to keep track of who likes to see people disarmed and dependent on the powerful and what their religious affiliations are.

    I encourage everyone to contact their Senators on this. Their handlers are nervous–there are a lot of people like me who have become single-issue voters around RKBA and the right to determine and protect the space around us.

    That’s something I take especially seriously in an era where German politicians are telling women who’ve been sexually assaulted and raped in public that it was their fault for not having maintained a “safe space” buffer around them…using nothing but our magickal womyn powers or something.

    I cannot remember when I’ve reviled elected representatives in government more than today. The fact that our Senators are both women, throwing other women under the bus for monetary and career gain, I guess should come as no surprise from a Menckensian and population genetics standpoint. But boy, it frosts me.

    • “But boy, it frosts me.”

      All the better to keep the eternal flow of beer from the ‘Beer Volcano’ cold…:)

      (But, seriously, I hear you. It must seriously suck to have to live in a beautiful location like that and be stuck with scum like them for legislative representation…)

  8. Yeah. Keep contacting your “representatives.” Great. That’s exactly how America became a free nation, the founding fathers sent strongly worded letters to King George and the king saw the light.

  9. Feinstein and other California senator – what you would expect.
    Iowa – Senator Grassley – making sense that the bills violate the constitution. You should have to go to court and be convicted before being denied your right.

    • California politicians are essentially tyrants of an unAmerican police state, they often forget how things work in real America.

    • Pennsylvania – Toomey – Terrorists shouldn’t be able to buy guns. Also, innocent people could be wrongly denied. Gov’ts make mistakes (yeah, he really said that). Continued:

      Feinstein amendment – no due process at all, criteria is all made up.
      Cornyn approach – better than what we have now – AG has 3 days, but hard to do as the AG.
      Toomey had bi-partisan legislation that failed, why vote on this other stuff. AG makes list, court vets list.
      Both gonna fail tonight. Why aren’t we working on something that would actually stop terrorist and at the same time the opportunity for law abiding citizens to clear themselves.

      • Why arenโ€™t we working on something that would actually stop terrorist

        Because the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

    • Nelson – Florida
      Showed MCX and AR15
      Been a hunter all his life.
      His guns are for hunting.
      These guns are for killing.
      If you are not allowed to fly, should you be allowed to buy one of these? 1000 people.
      Other 1700 on other secret list, have evidence they are terrorist, do we want them to buy one?
      5000 on the terrorist watch list, claritory evidence that they are a terrorist, do we want them to be able to buy these weapons?
      Would not have caught Mateen. That’s why Feinstein added his (nelson’s) amendment – if you have been on the watchlist in the past 5 years, when you buy, you get flagged for the FBI so they could make an up to date decision. If they had seen Mateen buying this knowing he was on the watchlist, they would have gone to talk to him.
      All this is is the NRA locking down it’s votes.

    • I was going to write down updates. But I just realized, the dems never mention the Constitution at all. Always “other places aren’t like this” “shouldn’t own this” “people deserve”

  10. It says a lot about the apathy of America that elected officials can brazenly commit treason on Live TV and not only are there no consequences, but they’re lauded for it by half the nation.

    This pathetic country is lost and it’s never coming back.

  11. If these people are terrorists go arrest them Nelson! If they are too dangerous for a gun, they are too dangerous to be walking the streets

  12. “I have…a number of guns. But MY guns are for hunting. THESE guns (points to AR-15 and MCX) are for killing.”
    -Sen Bill Nelson (D-Florida)

    Go shove it where the sun don’t shine. Your guns shoot bigger bullets than an AR-15. And I hate to break it to you, but hunting IS killing. Finally, killing is not always immoral. Otherwise, you would not support military, police, and your own bodyguards having guns “for killing.”

    I don’t know how much longer I can stand listening to this garbage.

    • Actually, Nelson, “those” guns are for letting citizens fight back against tyrannical government. Ironic, no?

  13. Chris Murphy pushing the “feelings of safety” thing.

    Oh and we must give up liberties in the name of freedom.

    We also armed pilots on those planes to defend them.

  14. “This would force the government to go to court to prevent suspected terrorists from buying one of these guns. It’s just a shield.”
    – Sen Chris Murphy

    Damn straight. Due process protects our liberties from despots like you.

  15. Watching these traitors primp and preen before the cameras literally makes my eyes and ears bleed.

    The grapes of wrath are growing, growing heavy with a most fearsome vintage indeed.


  16. I wish Islamic terrorists feared the American government as much as normal, law abiding citizens did. I guess that would involve the government actually considering them enemies rather than declaring war against American citizens.

  17. Failed! Now I won’t be a considered a terrorist for being an OFWG,conservative NRA dude gun nut…yay?


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