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The California House of Representatives has just passed the following gun control bills, sending them to the Senate, where they’re expected to receive a quick passage. The vote is scheduled 5:30pm EST. They could be on Governor Brown’s desk by Friday.

  • AB 1664 (Levine): Bans common and constitutionally protected firearms that have magazine locking devices.
  • AB 1673 (Gipson): Redefines “firearms” to include items that are not firearms.
  • AB 1674 (Santiago): Bans buying more than one firearm within a 30-day period.
  • AB 1695 (Bonta): Makes some non-violent misdemeanors punishable by prohibitions on owning firearms.
  • AB 2607 (Ting): Dramatically expands who can request a Gun Violence Restraining order.

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  1. It’s ok, we can free CA, we did it for Iraq (Ohole gave the spoils to the muslims, but . . ). CA’s not much bigger than Iraq, and the cops will disarm everyone for us.

    CA might think it’s entitled to F up our country, but they’re wrong. They have to de-ratify the Constitution before they can “chuck-it” and they haven’t got the votes for that.

    • Why would we want to hold onto California? Um 9 great national parks for starters. (There’s not many places more American than Yosemite Valley.) Incredible coastline and mountains. Literally has the biggest trees and tallest mountains in the lower 48. The 7th biggest economy in the world. Some of the best weather in the world. Leads the nation in aerospace, entertainment, agriculture and most things technology related. Best public university system in the country. Oh and the pacific fleet in San Diego and several tens of thousands of Marines on Camp Lejune. More veterans live in CA than any other state. More kids from CA joined and served in Afghanistan and Iraq than from any other state.

      Is that enough reasons?

      • You mean Camp Pendleton–but don’t forget the Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms as well as the Mountain Warfare Training Center in Bridgeport.

      • Just so you know, Camp Lejeune is in North Carolina, and California is run by the liberal mad dog lackies of the Democrat party! They are currently spewing anti- gun control laws to negate the constitution of the United States. Sad day when the loonies take control of the asylum! It was once the best state in the union.

        • The CA state government is anti-gun? That’s groundbreaking!

          If you really cared about gun rights you’d understand that CA is the frontline and would support one if the many great CA gun rights groups instead of lazy and thoughtlessly wishing for earth quakes and kicking them out of the Union.

          The fact is CA has always been an indicator of what is to come for the rest of the country.

  2. Four more reasons to never live in California, as if we needed more. Hopefully that big earthquake they keep promising us will come sooner rather than later before this madness spreads any more to the rest of the country than it already has.

  3. Poor California…. I have a VERY bad feeling this just put an even bigger bullseye on Cali in the view of terrorists looking for soft target states. Jeesh talk about getting caught with your pants down!

    • Sorry, but better them than us. Californians have the government they put into office. I was stationed there in the Army and lived there for a whole 18 months after getting out. Just long enough to find some work and move back out of there. Now we just need to hold the line to keep their insanity from pervading every state.

  4. If you live in California, my advice to you is quite simple:
    1. Sell your house to an illegal alien
    2. Take your good-paying job with you when you move to a free state.
    3. Buy some popcorn and watch the gangs take over.

    You’re welcome.

    And one more thing: Obviously, with the Supreme Court ruling today if you have the means you need to be buying up real estate in red states. Just FYI. Liberal states are going to be restricting rights like crazy now.

    Supply and demand, baby!

    • “Red states”–are you kidding me?

      These globalists won’t stop till they’re in control of everything. You think we’re doing to vote OUR way out of THEIR pan-global oligarchy?

      Until the rootless cosmopolitan billionaires are brought up hard with a spiked choke-chain they will continue to buy and sell politicians and stack them like cordwood.

      Our nation has 100 million more people today than when magnificent fabulous “conservative” Ronald Reagan (the B actor spokesdroid for General Electric) became president (and opened our borders in line with his handlers’ demands). A 33% increase in population in one generation.

      We don’t have any more Senators or congresscritters in that time. So today they care even less than they did 25 years ago about you. They care more about your demographic replacement and getting a share of that trickle-down bling resulting from high-frequency Wall St. trading and the top dogs’ liquidation of your pensions and savings.

    • To which Supreme Court ruling are you referring? I have heard nothing about any Supreme Court ruling.

  5. Will AB 2607 allow me to request a gun violence restraining order on Nancy Pelosi’s security detail?

    • This is exactly where we have to go. Defunding all security detachments for Congresscritters. Making them live by the same laws they create for us.

  6. Make no mistake. This is a culture war.
    The status quo is not just the status quo. It’s a paradigm internalized by the populace.
    As a result of these infringements, the average CA gun owner will have a different conceptualization of the RKBA than their peer in AZ or TX.

  7. Actually, these had already passed the Assembly. Today they passed out of the Senate Appropriations Committee on a fast-tracked hearing that was barely announced and for which the video feed conveniently failed. The bills now head to the full Senate where they will undoubtedly pass on party line votes. Hopefully, these will be the “chosen few” that make it to the Governor’s desk; there are passel more (six, I think) in various stages of the legislative process, including Sen. DeLeon’s ammo registration and internet ammo purchase ban, and an overlapping AR BB ban bill.

  8. I must admit that I thoroughly enjoy all the, “let’s get rid of California” jabs on here, every time the political critters here pass a new travesty into law, I know it means you all care.

    Just think about all the crime and terrorist attacks these new laws will potentially stop, ….. zero.
    Just think about all the women who will not be attacked late at night because this law can be kept in their purses and shown to their attackers, which as we know is the best way to defend yourself, amirite ladies.
    Think about all the lives saved by removing the scourge of 80% receivers from the public…. again zero.
    Just imagine, a California in which there are no more crimes, no more violence, and no more civilian ownership of those dangerous military style weapons in circulation.

    Now imagine a state in which you still have a 2nd Amendment RTKBA, on PAPER, but cannot purchase a firearm of YOUR choosing. After all, isn’t that a massive corner stone of our argument, that the 2nd protects the right of the people to chose for themselves exactly which tool to best defend themselves with?
    And isn’t this latest slate of horse manure exactly removing that freedom of choice? Yet will we see any change occur here that signals the people of California are tired of having the 2nd infringed upon. As I see it, no. The 24/7 Orlando gunpocalypse is the vehicle the left will use here to remove the last vestiges of the 2nd. This will come home to all of you, hopefully the stalwarts of freedom in the major pro-gun states don’t fall for this “stuff”.
    Stay strong my friends.

    • My most warm hearted congratulations to my Komarades in the U.S. Supreme Court which has banned the American right to ownership of modern weapons (Connecticut 6-21-2016) and banned the right to concealed carry(California 6-11-2016). Our dream of a world wide Soviet State lives on thanks to the U.S. Supreme Courts latest rulings. The Proletariat shall not be a threat to the “Ruling Elite”.

      Satire yes, reality also yes.

  9. While they’re busy passing these, they need to edit the state seal. That Spartan looking dude really needs to get rid of that assault spear, and replace it with a big dildo. More fitting for the culture in all ways.

    • If you look closely at the contour of the chest plate, I suspect the “dude” is transgender anyway. ?

      • The “dude” might even be the goddess Athena, one of whose bailiwicks was warfare. (Yes, Ares was warfare too, but Ares tended to be more of the bloodlusty type whereas Athena was more into strategy.)

        Incidentally, Athena also being the goddess of wisdom, it’s a travesty for her to be on the seal of the PRK.

  10. This is my surprised face.

    Doesn’t matter. There was never any saving CA, it’s more a foreign nation these days than most foreign nations. I honestly don’t know whether CA subjects can consider themselves free-er than Chinese subjects.

    But whatever. Keep “writing your representatives” and pretend you’re doing something. The founding fathers are sarcastically applauding you.

  11. Of course they did. This time last year they removed a parents right to decide which medical care their children receive. They’re gunning, no pun intended, for all individual rights.

  12. 1664 makes every gun with a mag lock Illegal. Thus making Everyone who has one Criminal. Idiots. Whats going to happen? all these people going to turn their guns in?Are they going to prosecute Everyone going to a range with one? Totally stupid, NO ONE IS GOING TO GIVE THEM UP!

    • Nah, they just need to grab about five violators and really throw the book at them, sending them to San Quentin. That will make 80 percent of the rest fold if they offer an “amnesty.”

      • No doubt they’ll be scouring FB and forums for previously law-abiding Californians showing off their hardware, and will be gracious enough to tip off the media before kicking the first no-knock raids. Gotta have plenty of cameras to document the consequences of not obeying these new laws, and I’m sure they’ll be hoping that one or two victims shoots back.

    • Your wrong on that one. People will not risk losing their jobs, their homes, their bank accounts and being sent to prison. History has shown that as long as people have food to eat, a roof over their heads and a low wage starvation paying job you can take all their rights away from them without much protest at all. History has proven it and the Demagoges know it all too well. They want absolute power over everyone and in California they have already achieved this. Welcome to the brave new world of Soviet America and with Clinto soon to be President the “California Kremlin Way” will become the law of the land for everyone. Dump your guns now as they are worth big bucks but in a few months they will be not worth the price of scrap mental.

  13. That’s not a state I’d want to be disarmed and/or White in. My heart goes out to my fellow gringos behind enemy lines. Escape while there’s still an America to escape to.

    • Probably never. Gun owners are too polite to fire first, and liberals are too chicken to kick down doors. Like the east coast, they pass a law and nobody complies with it.

  14. So move! I did. Screw that state. If enough of us normal Americans move away, it will be awash in illegals and nothing but a huge ghetto except for Hollywood. Screw that state, pack your things and move.. I dont want to hear any “But but but but my joooobbbbbb I cannnnt leave” There are other jobs… and your kids, family and friends can come visit.

  15. Nice to see all the Americans who would want to get rid of California from the Union. Guess they are all ignorant to the fact, that not everyone in California is an anti gun liberal. What ever happened to United we Stand, Divided we Fall. Guess some of you Americans would rather see us fall. An attack on the Constitution, is an attack on all Americans. Just so sad some don’t see it that way because they’re not being attacked, yet.

  16. In Europe, during World War II, many people looked the other way while terrible things happened. They pretended not to know that their neighbors were being taken away and locked in concentration camps. They pretended not to hear cries for help. The Nazis killed millions of Jews and others in the Holocaust. If everyone had stood together at the first sign of evil, would this have happened?

    Standing up for what you know is right is not always easy. Especially if the one you face is bigger and stronger than you. It is easier to look the other way. But, if you do, terrible things can happen.

    – Eve Bunting

    • My wife is from Austria, and her great grandmother and great uncle dies in Nazi custody. Her grandmother only survived because the Americans rescued her and others from a train headed for Auschwitz. She is now a faithful American and a gun owner. We know exactly what you are talking about.

  17. Jeez, you make it sound like it’s postapocalyptic Detroit out here. #1) If California ends up leaving the union, which it won’t, it would not be because everyone comes and stomps on the San Andreas fault (in which case you’d still be left with Sacramento and San Francisco but not the Navy in San Diego, and also you’d be eaten by sharks) but rather because everyone west of the 5 votes to secede after Trump gets elected. #2) The vast majority of the people shooting and getting shot (with the exception of the San Bernardino victims, of course) are either involved in petty disputes with each other or don’t know how to de-escalate and deal with authority.

  18. If you find a kid on a playground hitting another kid with a stick.

    Do you take it away, or do you pass out sticks for everyone?

    • That depends. If the kids go home bruised/bleeding, do you get in trouble?
      If yes: take the stick away.
      If no: pass out sticks to everyone.

  19. Scalia inadvertently screwed us, although maybe he had to for Kennedy’s vote, when he failed to write into the ruling that the AR-15, or at the very least, semiautomatic long guns with detachable box magazines, are examples of weapons in common use. By failing to do so, he made it very easy for courts to uphold assault weapons bans.

  20. ◾AB 1664 (Levine): Bans common and constitutionally protected firearms that have magazine locking devices.

    ‘Constitutionally protected’ just doesn’t mean what it used to.


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