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  1. Guns don’t have rights. People do.

    It’s long past time to retire the “gun rights” label. It’s no better than “abortion rights”, a term that polarized people every time it was said; the left eventually changed it to “women’s health issues”.

    I say we drop “gun rights” and change it to “self defense rights.” People have an obvious, inherent right to self defense — heck, every creature alive has an obvious, undeniable, inherent right to defend itself. Besides, the 2A doesn’t say anything about guns, it says “arms” — to include swords, knives, etc. I don’t see anybody clamoring about “sword rights”, so why do we use such a polarizing term as “gun rights”? Take the left’s argument away from them. They’ve polarized “gun”, turned it into “the gun lobby” and “gun violence”, so let’s take their word away from them and use the term “self defense rights.” They can’t argue against that. (They will, of course, but they can’t.)

    • I do the same thing- I never refer to my “gun rights”, rather to my rights to protect myself and my family.

      My reasoning is more over the fact that saying it this way removes any possibility that I’m talking about solely hunting and target shooting, but your reasoning makes sense as well.

    • Absolutely, a friend of mine said the same thing..The 2nd amendment means anything that can be used for self-defense, that is lethal, or non-lethal…as Anti-Personnel weaponry that can be utilized by hand and by shoulder.That would include any knife, dirk, dagger, bowies, short sword, hanger, cutlass, rapier, club, self-defense sprays, tazers , etc ..We should be untied with “the knife rights people “! Since knives ,etc….Have also suffered under anti-freedom intuitives in other states….

  2. Again , We the people need to make laws enforcing our US Constitutional-Bill of Rights…By protecting every amendment pertaining to the citizenry…To make it a “Capital Crime ” for any Politicians / Law Enforcement agencies /government body/ Private corporations/ Landlords, etc.. From infringing, and-or depriving a Lawful US citizen of any of their constitutional rights! With severe repercussions, and circumstances !


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