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“A man carrying a rifle entered a Macy’s store at a mall in Washington state, shot dead four women and a man, and vanished into the night,” reports. “Authorities believe only one person fired the shots Friday night at Cascade Mall in Burlington, about an hour north of Seattle.”

A search is underway for an armed man who headed toward Interstate 5 after the attack, said Sgt. Mark Francis, a spokesman for the Washington State Patrol.

Francis released a blurry surveillance photo of a man described as the suspect. His motive or relationship to the victims, if any, are unclear, he said.

More details as we learn them.

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  1. Wow, that doesn’t look like an Black MSR he’s carrying there…the narrative may take a hit on this one.

    BTW, I’m assuming this was a gun-free zone.

    • >>the narrative may take a hit on this one.

      Heck no, remember we have “sniper rifle” queued up and waiting in the wings so they can go after the fudds next.


    • Maybe it’s one of those “high-weapons” that Sarah Kendzior was rambling about in yesterday’s article?

      Except for that wood stock appearance, it almost looks like a Cricket .22, based on its size, but I can’t really tell much from that picture.

    • It will be referred to as another ‘weapon of war’. Expect the usual call for more gun control as soon as Obama tears himself away from the golf course.

    • “No guns allowed” signs don’t carry the weight of law in Washington, aside from government buildings, bars and schools. They can ask you to leave if your gun is spotted, and if you don’t, they can get you for trespassing, but otherwise you’re good, legally speaking.

      • Also as I found out, and not the hard way, marijuana stores. There was sign on the front door and like always, I ignored it.
        Come to find out after reading comments here on TTAG and then checking Washington States Liquor and Cannabis Board website, since Marijuana stores are regulated by the state, as such they can prohibit carrying firearms in them also.

        I’m not buying though to put everyone at ease. A long time friend of over 40 years has Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and can no long smoke it. I took him to a store to check out oil and other edibles. Oh, and those edibles knocked his dick in the dirt!

    • Typical government protocal to hide the obvious, always say opposite of truth, call shooter a mexican, no possible terrorist ties, every time, even if shooter says alyack bar, and wears a I SUPORT ISIS SHIRT, Nope, no possible terrorist link here, move on, these are not the droids were looking for, how stupid do they think we are? Very, in their minds….

      • It’s getting harder and harder for the press to keep suggesting that the most dangerous people in America are those conservative NRA members. Over and over, these shooters turn out to be Muslim terrorists, and the ones that aren’t are liberal nut jobs.

  2. Too bad they cant CSI magic that picture up. Truly terrible quality. Cant identify rifle type, race (I know theyre saying hispanic, but the msm always blames white right wingers until it turns out to inevitably be an obama voter regardless of color), or even what is on his tshirt.

  3. News said “hunting rifle” (whatever they think that is) but I’m getting SKS … or Sasquatch. At any rate someone didn’t read the code of conduct.

  4. News report calls it a “hunting rifle”. From the picture my first guess is something like a Mini 14 or maybe a .30 carbine. They’re also calling him an Hispanic, based on an eyewitness, and there are certainly lots of Hispanics in Washington, but a panicked witness could easily mistake a middle-eastern jihadi for a Mexican.

  5. He could have been stopped by a good guy with a gun
    I take my concealed weapon everywhere
    Even the mall

    • Yep! Without force of law, malls, movie theaters and such, can just forget about me not carrying my weapon.
      Heck, there is a utility near me, who I won’t name… Modern Electric, that has a no weapon sign on the front door. I ignore that also. They used to provide service for my shop, but no longer.

    • Or maybe not. Being ambushed sucks. Not an argument against carrying, just acknowledging that sometimes there’s nothing anyone can do.

  6. Another mass murder in a Free Fire Zone. This is why the real enemy of freedom, self-determination, common sense, civilization, peace, harmony and of sanity, is the liberal/regressive and statist.

    The belief system based on denial and delusion. Based proudly on being a victim. Being loud and proud and claiming the right to be defenseless, powerless and helpless.

    In the end, America cannot be defeated by an outside threat. We can only be defeated by those claiming to be fellow Americans; willing to give up basic freedoms and rights, for the illusion of safety and security.

  7. I see three possible scenarios.

    (1) Targeted hit with the elimination of witnesses.

    (2) Domestic disguised as a spree shooting.

    (3) The next level of spree shooting — the serial.

    When I first heard about the incident I assumed a handgun and a targeted assassination. It takes the cool head of a sociopath to walk up to someone l, shoot them and walk away. Now with the picture and a long gun I am going with domestic. Still the actions of a sociopath.

  8. Glenfield 60 (looks like it has a curved buttstock? It might even be a bolt action judging by his finger placement.

  9. License plate scanning, facial recognition traffic cams, look thru walls thermal imaging, cell phone tracking, internet usage tracking. . .
    Your government (a/k/a: your fing stupid neighbors who needed a job) tax you mightily to have you dead-to-rights, and further demand that you are stripped of the means of defending yourselves, just so this mall shooter perp can remain “at-large”.
    F it.
    F it all.

  10. Another Goat roper doing his thing for God and Virgins, must be a sex maniac, Democrats are behind this so they can push to make Obama first Dictator of the USA. you know 1st half breed in the white house and a credit to Neither race!
    let the terrorists into the country provide them with everything as long as they follow orders from the Democrat black opp team! {IRS, BLM, FBI, Attorney General, Supreme Court} especially since Hillery’s chief of staff is Muslim, Kerry’s son in law is Muslim, Obama’s Half brother is a member of the Muslim brotherhood, etc. etc. get ready boys and girls it is going too get real ugly real fast.

  11. 10 year olds have better picture and video capabilities on thier phone than this mall surveillance system…

    I bet it records to tape too.

  12. Spanglish huh…? I see middle eastern. Sorry but this sure as hell won’t help you guys in Washington under siege…

  13. Interestingly, the Seattle Times, which of course quotes the usual anti2A people regarding the frequency of “mass shootings” in Washington State, just shows the shooter – they cropped out the boring wooden rifle.

  14. Malls need higher res cameras. Or blade runner movie tech that clears the images with a touch of a button. Or get rid of gun free zones.

    • that’s the thing. they say he walked in as tho he was unarmed and next thing you know (magics?) he has a rifle and is blowing away ladies in the Macy’s.

      BTW, I was listening to the scanner and was surprised to hear the police seemed to be a bit disorganized and at one point trying to clear a hot mic (for a good while). You could hear the frustration in the CO’s voice- so effing pissed.

      Also, they seemed to be spending a lot of time at a near by house (1 block north?) of the mall. Maybe that’s where they thought this dip shit walked to? still can’t believe he was able to just walk away

      • All it takes to be an assassin is to be a sociopath. You can learn most of the technical stuff needed to take out an unprotected target from watching a couple of seasons of Burn Notice. Only a sociopath can calmly walk up to someone, shoot them in the face and just walk away.

        Defense against run of the mill criminals is relatively easy because you pretty much know what to look for. If someone who knows what they are doing wants you dead you will never know what hit you.

  15. Malls and banks* apparently spend as little as possible on video gear.
    High angle, low res, late 90s gear.

    *There are exceptions to the dated gear but they are few from what I have seen.

    • A rifle at close range in a GFZ. Even a .22 allows good shot placement at these ranges.

      How long did it take from the time they were shot til the emt’s were cleared to go in? In Orlando it was 3 hours.

  16. What’s being hidden ? Game cameras take better pictures. There must be hundreds of cameras around , loss prevention is job # 1 at stores ! Why do we not have a CLEAR picture of the face or the writing on the shirt…. ? This is BULL….!!
    Police on news said ” They were ‘ unaware ‘ perp. walked away as they were arriving and doing first search ” WRONG ! Scanner broadcasts gave description and last seen direction of travel as — ” Grey shirt walking along Interstate – 5 ” –.. they said it Multiple times.
    Legal Eagles …Is a mall liable for your security if they ban firearms for self defense ?

  17. Latest reports note he entered mall “without” the rifle then appeared in Macy’s ten minutes later with it.

    Baggy clothing – hid it on his person in a take-down condition?? And reassembled in a restroom or dressing room?

    • You can see the images in my link. He either pre-staged it, had help, or the rifle is a 10/22 takedown.

  18. Again, rinse and repeat…

    These incidents don’t happen in europe, canada, japan and australia on a daily basis.

    And now more innocent people now have to deal with an act of gun-lobby sponsored genocide.

    How long is this going to keep happening?

    All “bad guys with a gun” started off as a “good guy”…Until they’re not.

    So please tell me again how relaxing the laws are going to stop incidents like this when it’s been statistically proven it hasn’t.

    The US has a homicide rate 4X higher than the UK, Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia.

    • Subtract out the Ghetto and America’s homicide rate is about the same as Europe’s. And you should know that the UK doesn’t report a homicide rate. They report the conviction rate. The data from coroners inquests shows a homicide rate just slightly lower than non Ghetto America.

      Do you support physician assisted suicide?

    • “The US has a homicide rate 4X higher than the UK, Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia.”
      Citation needed.

      • It’s more like 2-3 times higher. But what makes the comparison irrelevant is the demographics and by demographics I mean the lack of a gang culture in Europe. Demographically, the US is more like Mexico than Europe, Canada and Japan, and I am not talking about the influx of Hispanics. Going back to the 19th Century America’s urban centers have been dominated by criminal gangs. That is why the US murder rate has always been higher than our peers. Outlawing guns, as our dimwitted troll suggests, won’t yield Europe’s murder rate. It will make us like Mexico or Brazil. Without private ownership of firearms all constraints on criminal behavior will be lifted and criminals will become more aggressive.

        As for Japan, their actual murder is probably not much lower than the US. Family murder-suicides are classed as all suicide because of need to protect family honor. In Japan you are much more likely to murdered by a family member than by a stranger.

    • And the guns in Australia are owned by the following:

      Licensed firearm owners. The only checks more stringent than one for a firearms license are government level security checks (and I know because I have both).

      Criminals (unlicensed using unregistered firearms)

      Wannabe jihadis (note that there is also a high correlation with this group and criminals)

  19. Many have questioned the claim that he walked in without a rifle then appeared later with the rifle…..the answer is obvious….

    He 3d printed it in the dressing room.

  20. Is it just me or does that look kind of like a M44 Mosin Nagant? That shade of wood is rather distinctive.

  21. This has potential to have been gang related. This is my area and its flush with hispanic gangs galore. The mall there is a dump, as is the area itself, and getting worse. The Burlington mall, like practically all malls here, is GFZ. As others have said the sign carries no weight, and even if I did I would STILL carry and do so. All victims were in the Macy’s cosmetic area. The suspect entered once, then returned to the store armed. Obviously they were targetted. He ditched the weapon on site and fled. The freeway literally is next to the parking lot, not even 500-600ft from Macy’s. There is also a walking path that leads through town and under the freeway through a tunnel, and once on the other side its small shops and large fields, along with plenty of small roads to get picked up on.

    If this WAS gang related then he has filth hiding him. Round ’em up, convict ’em, then a wall-bang-ditch.

  22. The shooter may be in the wind; long gone, While I still think this was personal, he is furnishing his credentials as a professional. The shooter wasn’t acting out of emotion. This is calculated event.

  23. The Washington State Patrol has arrested the perp.

    Surprise, surprise, surprise! He’s a Turk.

    Yep, A Hispanic Turk.

  24. 20 years old, born in Turkey, fourth degree assault record, a Facebook posting where he apparently is a Clinton supporter, with a 22LR rifle.

    • DUI issues, domestic violence as well and a court order barring him from firearms possession.

      Thank goodness that legal admonition was in place……..

      • Well, that’s going to be a good piece to use to rebut the anti-gun fetishists who think that words on a piece of paper will stop someone from possessing, much less using, a gun in an act of premeditated violence.

      • I see seven things on his record, all from Island County District Court. The latest from 5/29/2016, other than the murder, but that doesn’t show up yet, with the first being 10/28/2013
        No superior court cases. Seven things in three years at his age certainly is indicative in a steady decline of some type!

  25. Turkish guy named Arcan Cetin was the shooter. Weaselzippers has Foolbook pics of him showing off a Saiga 12 shotgun and what appears to be a Ruger single action pistol. Hardly “assault weapons” but not certain if he used either in the shooting. Shooting appears to be targeted at a ex girlfriend and family members, but who knows if there were random victims. News reports on this event are horrible, as usual from lame stream media.

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