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  1. You’ve got to be shitting me… That’s the only video that you could find to link? Are you just showcasing the reason why we’re all f***ed? “OB for life”? What the hell is that

  2. Any hope I had remaining for this country seeing a new enlightenment and pulling out of its nose-dive, has been completely and utterly dashed by this single video.


    I’ll just go now…I need to finish sand-bagging my door anyways. *sigh*

  3. Could not make it though more than a few seconds. Not sure what was more barf worthy the president or the gum smacking ewe.

  4. So the point of this exercise is……………….? Seeing that Shaneeqwa could give a flying f*ck over what el presidente has to say………..If so I am glad I noticed it in first few seconds. Took me longer to type this than the time I dedicated to the vid which was about 15 seconds if that much.

  5. Oh come on people, this was a joke!

    A joke by the person who made the Youtube video and a joke from TTAG by posting it.

    Get a grip fer gawd’s sake.

    • 1. as much as I despise the guy using a caricature like this woman was a cheapshot.
      2. that demeans TTAG.
      Sorry to be so blunt but there it is.

      • Um…..most of ‘those people’ (heh heh heh) are indeed caricatures. Single digit IQ combined with limited education and no emotional control.
        Liberalism is a mental disorder.

        • And by “those people” you mean Black folk?

          Yeah, you’re helping the country aren’t you?

          How ’bout you cross the line and join those who want to take our gun rights from us you bigoted POS since yo’re just as bad as they are!

        • Lowne, hey dork. Think Libtard, not color. Watch the vid and make up your own mind. Since 96% of ‘black folk’ voted for ‘The One’ (proving that THEY are the racists) instead of the moderate war hero McCain, they are dead to me (because thats the same percentage as Donald Duck and Hitler). Blacks swallowed the statist (Big Gov), cult of victimology that has devastated their community since the mid 60’s great society fiasco.
          I win, you lose.

      • Seriously? The woman in the Youtube video is joking. If she was not, then yes, bad on TTAG, which has heretofore done an awesome job of dealing with a political issue without becoming overly political in the party-politic sense. But she clearly is doing a parody. So relax, Francis.

      • If one reads the bottom tag on the screen, one will see the words “urban news and comedy channel” appearing.

  6. The arrogant one sure hates to not get his way, or have his ideas questioned. A perfect (and perfectly creepy) political animal.
    The lady is either mildly retarded, or a brilliant parody.

  7. Obama knows his anti-gun push isn’t goin anywhere. In part he’s just trying to “gin up fear” among the ignorant for the 2014 election but I believe a bigger part of this is to district the nation of the disastrous rollout of ObamaCare. He doesn’t want people focused on how terrible this law truly is.

    • I cut out as soon as the “ginning up” line came out of the closet o’ cliches.

  8. I’d be arrogant too if I was salesman of the year for the AR industry. He needs to put a sock in it or just start shovelling so the bullshit doesn’t pile up so much, Randy

    • BHO has made bullshit the USA’s chief export. It’s about all our economy is churning out these days.

  9. Yeah, he’s really listening to both sides. Turns out we’re all ginning up fears. Who knew? I thought not wanting the Federal Government to put an entire class of extremely desirable firearms and the OEM standard capacity magazines they come with off limits, not to mention letting the feds keep records of every single gun transfer in America were valid concerns. Guess I’m just unreasonable.

  10. They only way I got through it was to put my hand over the screen so that I could not see what she was doing , the voice and the clapping and the inane comments agreeing with everything he said. I kept finding myself trying to figure out if she was serious and really an idiot, or if she was making fun of a stereotype. It was the first time ever, that I wished someone would shut up so that I could hear what Obama was saying. How bad is that.

  11. The fact that he mentions listening to both sides and then say that he cant understand how people can argue against his “common sense legislation” I have really only in the last few years taken my responsibility to pay attention to politics and be informed seriously, so its my fault that it surprises me that he can literally stand there and call out bold face lies, and nobody calls him on it. I listen to this and I feel angry and resentful and defeated. How do we change the minds of the masses when they believe what is so obviously a lie? How do we win when we are the only ones who have to fight fair? The masses are ruled by emotion, and swayed by pretty speeches that say nothing of substance and infer that somehow I am the bad guy. The proof that we are not the evil people they think we are is everywhere. The fact that Feinstein hasnt been shot with one of the scary black rifles that she is so afraid of speaks volumes to our civility and restraint. I fear for our future as a nation, truly.

  12. Jumpin’ jeezus kee-rist on crutches you folks sure are white enough aren’t ya?

    I’ve been visiting this site for quite a while but never thought I’d be ashamed of having done so due to narrow minded twits who think the worth of a man (or woman) was directly (and solely) linked to the color of their skin.

    I’m ashamed to have ever visited TTAG after having read this bullshit.

    • I havent read anything that disparaged her based on her color. Her vocabulary, her insistence on clapping, singing praises, being drunk on the koolaid, and reinforcing a stereotype, sure. I think she is a twit, but not because she is black.

    • I believe any form of discrimination based on race is beyond mentally retarded but I have to take offence to your statement. The first thing you did when race was brought up was group all white people. I refuse to feel guilty for being white just because some morons out there choose to be bigots. A person should be judged for their actions and nothing more. Now I know you were not trying to attack me personally because I was not part of this conversation but you did the exact same thing your trying to speak out against, you put me into a category because of my race.

    • Yours are the only racist comments that have been posted under this topic, as of this reading. How is it racist to post this? She recorded it and put it on the internet specifically for people to link to it and watch it. Then she got eviscerated because she acted and looked like a moron. YOU were the one who made the jump from that to racism. So it seems while we equate anyone acting like she did as being an idiot you equate lack of intelligence and general stupidity with being black. Pardon me for saying, but that is a little racist and you should revisit your hypocrisy.

        • I’ve been flipping my wig about this particular hypocrisy since Fellowship of the Ring came out and a bunch of far left nutbags started ranting about how the orcs were black people.

          None of them realized their instinct to equate the two was the only racist aspect of the situation.

    • Exactly. Their continued vehemence in denying this goal only serves to illustrate their commitment to it’s pursuit.
      Echoes Bill Clinton’s, “I want you to listen to me. I’m going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time; never. These allegations are false!”

    • I saw the same thing in the bill (S.649) which is just the wording from bill S.374 introduced by Senator Schumer.

      The vague requirement to create regulation recording the transfer and the poor family exemption (gifts only, no sales) are technical reasons to oppose the bill. There is also the philisophical agrument of regulation private sales and the fact the very few (<2%) of criminal guns aquisitions would be affected by this bill.

      We should all contact our Senators immediately opposing S.649.

  13. Hey Lowne,

    Most of us know that it isn’t about race, it’s about ideology. A large percentage of Obama supporters are minority, which does bring about certain stereotypes, some of which this woman (who is a comedian) is portraying. That’s no excuse for bigotry and racism. Those of you express such lameness should be ashamed, and should take a moment to reflect on the ignorance that just spewed forth from your fingers.

    The ONLY way we can begin to successfully fight for our rights is to come together as AMERICANS in a united stand against this madness. We have to shed this petty racist bullshit so that we can fight against this EVIL together.

    United we stand. Divided we fall. You would all be wise to remember that.


      That’s precisely what I’m talking about.

      They only win while we’re focused on what the left hand is feeding us ( ‘White vs. Black’ ) when the right hand is snatching our rights and our money!

      I’ve proudly considered myself a hillbilly for years but some of the rednecks here at TTAG (Pat) need to get a damn grip.

  14. Robert…you sir owe me eight minutes and 39 seconds of my life back. That actually hurt….bad.

    • He only owes me about a minute and a half. Between her voice and her accent, I didn’t make it very far.

  15. thanks TTAG.

    because this is the most horrid, repulsive, vomiting thing i have ever seen.

    and now i can never un-see it.

    so thanks.

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