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 Connecticut Minuteman (courtesy

“Gun legislation that advocacy groups call the strongest and most comprehensive to be taken up across the nation moved closer to passage early Thursday as the Connecticut House approved the tough gun measure,” CNN reports with characteristic objectivity. “The vote, 105-44, followed passage by the Senate a day earlier.” Republicans howled in protest at the Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety Act. Or not. House Minority Leader Larry Cafero said gun owners wouldn’t lose their guns or “high capacity” ammo mags “so long as they follow our rules and register.” All that’s left now is for Governor Malloy to assemble some parents of children mowed down in the Sandy Hook slaughter, wave the bloody shirt, trample on Constitution State residents’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms and spike the proverbial football. Given the connection between firearms ownership and individual freedom, I hereby declare Connecticut a slave state.

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  1. did the CT legislature also approve budgetary funds to defend against the eventual litigation and likely payment of attorney fees and expenses to the SAF ?

    • Exactly. I hope they do get taken to court…. ” you won’t lose your guns as long as you follow our rules ” how about you chomp on my balls! There should be no more rules needed. Gun free zones are victim zones. Being a military member could you imagine what havoc I could cause if I knew the Taliban had gun free zones in there compounds and knew exactly where they would be defenseless? Good grief. As the population gets bigger we will have more sick people doing sick things. It’s time we face it and arm up. There is nothing scary about and armed teacher with a discreetly hidden hand gun. Kids would never see it and parents would feel better knowing more good people with guns are out there. Stop making stupid laws that only punish law abiding citizens is ignorant and it shows how out of touch our law makers are. They make these laws and then get escorted to their cars by armed guards and live in gated communities. Sorry folks I don’t live in either of those areas. Right now I am with in a half mile of people who want to kill me if not for our stellar security forces protecting the base while I sleep. Guns got us our country a few hundred years ago. Guns will be here for hundreds more. Its our culture and so far we have been doing a terrible job electing people who don’t have a clue how fragile society is.

      • “As long as they follow OUR rules and register”. Traitor effing pig. I hope he adds to the suicide stat.

  2. Took my last “don’t own a gun but sounds like fun” friend shooting yesterday.

    Because of one crazy person who should’ve celebrated his last five birthdays in a rubber room I could become a felon. Wow.

  3. Connecticut gun grabbers should probably start sending protesters to march outside the gates of any remaining gun manufacturers left in the state. After all, it’s for the children!

  4. This is great. Now every criminal will run down to register his/her gun so in case they commit a crime and leave the gun there, we’ll know who did it, or at least who registered the gun. NOT! This is SO stupid. The legislation will simply create a whole new class of criminals – hundreds of thousands of people who believe the Second Amendment phrase “shall not be infringed” is still valid. Registration is infringement, plain and simple.

    • And the reward for your honesty, registering all your high-cap mags?
      A giant red flag and a top spot on the NUT list.

      • What magazines? I lost all of mine in a tragic boating accident allong with all my guns with “evil” features. Prove that I didn’t. Get a warrant. Or FOAD.

    • But this is exactly what they want. They’re too afraid of the real criminals, so they have to create some who won’t resist.

      • Oh I’ll resist. If those ever happens where I live, I will spit in their eye. My liberty is not subject to legislation. My family dealt with Napoleon, the Csars, the Hitler fan club, and eighty years of commies. We know how to deal with tyrants.

    • Wake the F up! It’s ABOUT creating a new class of citizens. SPECIFICALLY. This is not “stupidity” or “bungling”: THEY ACHIEVED EXACTLY WHAT THEY SET OUT TO DO. They KNOW what they’re doing.

      It’s convenient for some folks here to confront the truth; they’d rather think these people are, to quote Joe Pyne, “ding-a-lings”. WISE UP; your naive blind side is not doing you any favors.

    • I built a trailer – in Kansas, a trailer for personal use needs no registration, but one used commercially does.

      I therefor took it to the State a patrol vehicle inspection station and they stamped it.

      There will likely be some similar mechanism for non-manufactured weapons, although if you’ve a firearm whose serial because was removed they’ll want to know why and by whom, and might even order a magnetograph to determine what it was.

  5. Molloy’s and his cadre of socialist misfits in the Connecticut legislature are nothing but ass-kissing lapdogs for Obama. From the interviews that I conducted with scores of citizens at the Capital yesterday, near-zero compliance to these unconstitituonal, draconian measures can be expected. Sadly, a significant number of Connecticut’s tax-paying citizens, from varying walks of life, are now planning to relocate to freedom-loving states across the country.

    Looks like the “entitled” class will have to make up the difference for lost tax revenue
    resulting from fleeing citizens and relocating firearms-manufacturing companies.

  6. Connecticut Must now drop its “The Constitution State” moniker-it is no longer befitting.

  7. This is step one to disarming the public, wait for the “next” Sandy Hook, then they will come for your registered assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Anyone who registers their weapons is an idiot.

    • If you bought a weapon retail or from the Internet via an FFL in CT it is already registered anyway.

      • Prove that you still have it. Repeat after me…

        “I do not consent to searches. Get a warrant.”

    • The next Sandy Hook mind-controlled killer is on standby status as I write this. COUNT ON IT. His “switch” requires but a word to spring into action.
      If you reflexively choose to dismiss this (as you’ve unknowingly been trained to do!), you’ll never see the truth. DO THE RESEARCH.

  8. All you Obama voting gun owners around here fell for the rhetoric hook-line-and-sinker and thought you were voting for “marriage equality” or some such nonsense. This is the agenda, bitchez. Now DEAL WITH IT.

  9. If you preach “Don’t Comply”, are you willing to be the 1st to test the prosecutorial will of the State? Any unregistered guns will be effectively taken out of circulation as the risk of getting caught with it outweighs the gun owners desire to fully support the 2A. The line at the PVC gun burying store will be shorter than the gun registration line.

    • You’re probably right, but I’ve always had the opinion that if you think it’s time to bury your guns, it’s actually time to dig them up.

    • One of the House Republicans stated that prosecution of many gun law violations was less than 30%. There was just a shooting in Bridgeport, a cop shot a man with a rifle. If they didn’t roll these cases off, there would be less crime.

      “Stukes pleaded guilty in 2009 to possession of a sawed-off shotgun and a silencer. His five-year prison sentence was suspended and he was placed on probation for three years, according to the website.”

      Probation?????? WTF?

      • If he didn’t have a previous record, probation is a pretty good standard to keep the system from being too clogged (which it is anyway). All the drug prisoners should be freed to make more room to hold violent offenders. But prison is about growing the business, and nonviolent drug arrests are a boom business. Release the violent criminals, and the citizenry screams for more prisons for ALL miscreants.

        Which they fill up with even more non-violent offenders, while freeing the violent ones to keep drumming up business.

        It’s so simple a child could understand it.

        • I understand that, but a sawed off shotgun and a silencer should be mandatory jail time. Plus, these are Federal offences. I agree with you about the non violent pot arrests, but hold violent criminals.
          There was just a news story stating this would cost $25m more due to enforcing and jailing these miscreants(love that word, I used it just last week). It will be a replay of CA’s Three Strikes law.

  10. With CO and now CT behind the lines it is time for those people to really arm up before the laws go into effect. Sadly, I just checked four large online dealers that I have used in the past and they are out of everything, including lever action rifles and revolvers. What the hell is going on in this country????

      • Civil War?


        Not as far-fetched as many of us once believed. Given the machinations and manipulations of the current camp of liberal fascists masquerading as Democrats, I can definitely see this propelling us one step closer with extreme fury.

        Long Live the Republic.

        • Read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. It is available for free in .PDF, and e-book versions via Google.

        • We are literally being PUSHED into a civil war situation; it’s what they want. Sadly, there may be no way to respond other than the way they want us to respond.

          It behooves us to consider other solutions, while preparing for the war they want to engage us in.

  11. Lets hope the courts can unravel some of this & get away from the emotion & deal with facts, Randy

    • COURTS? You’re a drowning man reaching for a floating door stop. Courts, that’s a good one.

      Not saying it mustn’t be tried. Prepare for disappointment. Everything else is gravy.

  12. If you comply, you’re a slave.

    God, aren’t there any old WW2 veterans out there on their last legs who want to go out as heroes and take a few domestic Nazis with them? God knows we apparently can’t count on this generation to do what’s necessary.

    • In case you haven’t noticed, the VFW lodges are fonts of pretty much blind obedience to government. The few that remain haven’t fought off anything bigger than mosquitoes for over sixty years.

  13. let me see if your a WW2 vet who joined in 1945 at the age of 17, you were born in 1928 making you about 85, figure 40 percent of those are disabled, your elgibilty pool for direct action is minimal, the good news is that you would issue them M1 Garands and you would only have 8 rounds so its not banned.

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