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It’s time for ostensibly republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to piss or get off the pot (as the Brits are wont to say) re: the raft of post-Newtown civilian disarmament bills sitting on his desk awaiting his signature. Or veto. Here’s the updated list of gun ban bills passed by both the houses of the New Jersey legislature, incorporating the three passed yesterday. Note: provides the description of the bills (e.g., the .50-caliber rifles is the most powerful weapon ever created by hand of man), not me. Oh and there are 12 more headed down the proverbial pike.

A3668: Bars state pension fund from investing in companies that manufacture or sell assault firearms for civilian use

A3687: Bans those on the federal terrorist watch list from buying guns . . .

A3717: Requires state to submit data on those who should be barred from owning guns to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System

A3796: Gives those who possess illegal guns 180 days to dispose of them

A3797: Requires New Jersey enforcement agencies to report information on lost, stolen and discarded guns to federal databases

A3583/1613: Establishes School Security Task Force

A3788: Turns state regulation that firearms owner info is not public information into a state law

A3659: Bans the .50-caliber rifle — the most powerful weapon available to civilians

S1279: Upgrades penalty for unlawfully transferring a firearm to an underage person; permits transfer for instruction and training

S2715: Requires Department of Education to prepare and distribute pamphlets on how parents can limit a child’s exposure to media violence

S2720: Clarifies that information concerning the total number of firearms purchaser identification cards and permits to purchase a handgun issued in a municipality are public records

S2804: Makes unlawful possession of firearms a first-degree crime; increases mandatory minimum sentences under the “Graves Act”

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  1. Well, if the bills are really on his desk, maybe they’re under a jumbo pizza box where they’ll never see the light of day.

    One can hope.

    • No, quite the opposite, one cannot only hope. If he chooses to do nothing with them, they become law as per NJ law. Doing nothing is just as bad as signing into law.

      • I believe most of us are aware of how bills become law. Maybe offering an opinion would be more helpful.

        • On the federal level, at least, if congress adjourns before the president’s 10 day period to review the law is up, the bill does not become law. This is called a pocket veto. If the president takes no action, but congress is still in session after 10 business days, the bills become law. This comment was germane to the conversation, because it clarifies that this (excluding the 10 day limit, presumably) holds true under New Jersey law, as well -lest we be tempted to think that Christie is trying to Pocket Veto all these bills by simply sitting on them.

          He is probably spinning his wheels at the moment, trying to figure out what course of action will piss off the liberal Jersey electorate least, and possibly doing some behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing to see what kind of political favors he can get in return for not vetoing.

      • Thanks for the info, EagleScout. Interesting that the governor does not have to sign the bill into law like most every other state. I did not know that.

    • You just described the worst possible scenario!

      Let’s face it, a jumbo Pizza is just a snack for him. After he demolishes that pizza he is going to want more. so he is going to call dominos and have a 30 minute wait. During that wait he is going to clear the empty box from his desk to make room for the incomming new one. So now we have a fat rino with 25 more minutes to kill and these bills stairing him in the face. Since everyone knows the fastest way to make time pass while at work is to do actual work, and the last thing he wants is for the next 25 minutes to seem like 25 minutes, he is going to start signing.

      Best scenario is an earthquake or other act of god causes him to be stuck in his office with no way to get food delivered. It would only take two, maybe three hours tops, before he starts looking for something to eat. If all he can find are these bills, he may just eat them. Then the only question would be does new jersey law consider consumed bills to be vetoed or passed (pardon the pun) by default.

    • Perhaps if a large number of people remind him not only the poor suffering souls of N.J. vote during pres.preliminaries. If thinks he has any chance in Hell of winning.

  2. “S2715: Requires Department of Education to prepare and distribute pamphlets on how parents can limit a child’s exposure to media violence”

    Seriously, what is this ganna do? “Hey dad, my school is now required to give out these pamphlets!” “Aww gee son I guess you cant watch The Walking Dead Anymore!”

    The media is on THEIR side!!! We all know that bad parents let the TV babysit their kids. Just because the school is required to do something dosent mean the parents will.

  3. He talks a good game,
    But he’s in it for himself,
    And 2016.

    Christie will sign any POS bill that makes it to his desk, because he knows that he will be bashed over the head for any bill he vetoes.

    • I think that’s why he won’t sign it…then he can claim he didn’t veto it AND claim that he didn’t sign it. For the average low information voter that is all they need

      • Sometimes doing nothing is the best answer. Especially when you’re a walking Zeppelin like Christie or Sergent Shultz. We should make Christie shirts that say “I DO NOTHING! NOTHING!!! Unless Obama tells me to do something.” Just like Shultz and Hogan…

        Seriously, no Christie for 2016. America is already viewed as overweight retards by every other country. Christie would make that stereotype come true, and he would be even worse of a fake conservative than Romney. Rand Paul!

  4. S1279: Upgrades penalty for unlawfully transferring a firearm to an underage person; permits transfer for instruction and training

    Hmm. I coulda swore I read something in the “Armed Citizen” some time ago…,-fairbanks,-ak,-5.aspx

    Well, not the one I’m looking for, but under that NJ law, mom would be going to jail. The whole list is full of cowflop and dangerous ideas, ad if Christie doesn’t veto the whole stack, the people of NJ might do a Gray Davis and recall him.

  5. A3659: Bans the .50-caliber rifle — the most powerful weapon available to civilians. They should ask Oklahoma City if they can think of a more powerful weapon.

  6. anyone with a small amount of gray matter…knows what this rino will do with these bills…they all will be passed.. I refuse to call them’LAWS’…they are FREEDOM KILLERS…imho

  7. Wow. This fat bastard gives the rest of us fat guys a bad rep. Just remember, Lanza doesn;t represent all AR owners and Governor Shamu doesn’t represent all us fat guys.

  8. I’m not understanding what is so bad about all these.

    A3668 (investing in companies that make assault firearms) seems pretty stupid

    A3687- terrorist watch list can’t buy guns. So what?

    A3717- submist data to Instant Check system. So what?

    A3796- illegal possession must be disposed of in 180 days. Stupid… but already illegal? So? (i’m not saying that it’s right that certain firearms are illegal, unless they’re talking about people that are prohibited from possession of firearms)

    A3797- Report info on lost, stolen, discarded guns. So what?

    A3583/1613- School Security Task Force. Doesn’t sound so bad unless it’s MAIG 2.0

    A3788- Firearm owner info not public. This sounds good.

    A3659- 50cal ban. Sounds like one of the stupid and bad laws.

    S1279- upgrades penalty for unlawfully transferring firearm to minor. So what?

    S2715- pamphlets to limit media violence. So what? Would it hurt (besides the pocketbook)?

    S2720- total # firearms in an area are public records. So what?

    S2804- increases penalties for unlawful firearms. So what? Sounds good.

    • “A3668 (investing in companies that make assault firearms) seems pretty stupid”

      Maybe Im misunderstanding what youre saying but you have no problem in a company being investigated for not breaking the law? Im just torn between when you say you dont understand what is so bad and then this is stupid.

      • Investing, as in buying stocks/bonds, not investigating. And any reputable fund manager should investigate before investing. 🙂

        Prohibiting a pension fund from investing in a company based on ideology seems pretty dumb since they could be losing out on a good return, and I find the ideology behind it offensive.

        Maybe I’m used to reading about the anti-gun laws coming out of NYC and Chicago, but most of these aren’t bad.

        • The investment bill was vetoed already. Illegal possession must be disposed of in 180 days are going to include all those .50 cal people already spent allot of money purchasing legally unless that one is vetoed. How much you think you’re going to get for them when the country knows we have to get rid of them or turn them in? But my main concern is A4182 Changes FID and requires everyone to turn theirs in and “Re-qualify” and prove safety training before applying for a new one. Also Too much discretion left to the Attorney general and State Police As far as determining if you “qualify”. Too easy to be denied. Its the only Amendment in the Constitution you must “qualify” for. Also Ammo purchases must be reported to State police. Most companies that won’t sell to California now won’t sell to NJ so we’ll have a permanent ammo shortage and pay premium prices. In Virginia you cannot be denied a CCW without valid reason. In NJ you cannot get one without valid reason and not many people have one yet we still have high crime.

    • What gets you on the terrorist watch list? What process is there to clear your name if you do get on it? What court determines that?

      Report lost/stolen guns to the Feds, potentially a back door gun database.

      Illegal possession as in, if you own a gun that is legal today, but is made illegal you need to dump it at fire sale prices or move it out of state. Not possession as in you are a felon etc.

      submitting data to NICS, what information? is there even a process to have it added to the DB? Would it be used by the feds for other things? What due process is being used to determine the submissions? Dr diagnosis? Court order? What is the process for it to be removed?

      More penalties for unlawful possession…these are very rarely enforced against the actual criminals. If you own a gun that is deemed to be in violation of some arbitrary rule you are now a felon…which bars you from owning a firearm.

      These laws will do little to nothing to fix the real root of the issue. They will however be used to nail otherwise law abiding citizens to the proverbial cross. The gang bangers will have all the gun charges plea bargained off. If we were fully enforcing the existing laws and having issues I might be more inclined to listen.

      • Here’s a link to the redress procedures for the terrorist watch list: and I’m sure it’s burecratic and probably not easy.

        If the local law enforcement already have a record of a gun being lost/stolen, the it’s already in a database. If the Feds have knowledge that a gun was stolen from me too, this hurts me how? There are 20 other ways to know I’m into guns from credit card purchases at Midway, browser history at TTAG, probably something in the mail, to digging through the trash and finding empty boxes of ammo, receipts for gun stuff.

        Extra penalties for a gun that is made illegal, we’ll it’s still illegal even if we don’t like the law. We’ll either decide to break the law or not.

        I agree with you on the last part, that existing laws should be enforced. But they’re not nailing law abiding gun-owners anymore, those gun owners are illegal … even though we might not agree with all of the laws like something banning an AR-15 or a 30 round mag.

        • But how do you get on the watch list? My understanding is that the Government refuses to release that information. So some unknown process determines if I can own a firearm? Not to mention what happens when they decide that the NRA is a terrorist organization? Maybe that will never happen but there are many things that people thought would ‘never’ happen 30 years ago.

          My point on the last part is that if they can back door a felony onto you by making convoluted and hard to understand regulations on what constitutes a legal vs illegal gun then they can take them all away. For instance some Ruger Mini 14’s are legal, others aren’t(in some places, not sure about this NJ law) and how many people own one of the Mini 14’s and don’t think twice about the AWB since they don’t own an AK or an AR? Yet that could make the a felon.

          It sometimes makes me wonder if they really are building a mess of laws just to have some way to get anyone if they really want to. Atlas Shrugged style…

        • J in Ga: No, they are still going after law-abiding citizens for unlawful gun possession. It happens all the time in NJ. It’s one of the most common ways the state intimidates and persecutes citizens for exercising a fundamental right.

        • They made them unlawful owners. I can’t think of any time at least in my 60 year life that a law abiding person was forced to dispose of legally purchased items or become a criminal, and I don’t know of any other amendment in the constitution that an American citizen must qualify for.

  9. If he signs them he can kiss any 2016 chances goodbye. He already has enough anti-gun baggage, but if he signs any of this filth, it’s over. He hasn’t even consulted any of the 2A groups in NJ about the bills. He’s an anti through and through, might as well just switch parties if he sings this garbage.

    • Romney signed the Mass AWB and invented ObamaCare. Before that, it was John McCain who was now gone soft and was in favor of the Manchin Toomey Compromise. I wouldn’t throw Christie out of the race for a 2016 nomination just yet, even if he does sign every one of these and says “Jersey doesn’t need any .50 caliber rifles”, just like how Romney said “Mass doesn’t need any Assault Weapons” 10 years ago.

  10. Well if they aren’t seeking to outright ban the AR-15 and further limit magazine size, consider yourselves in New Jersey lucky.

  11. Hey Chris forget about running for president,me thinks you have pissed in your Wiskhey.Guess you have come out as a RINO,the way you embrace Boobama’s ideology,and kissed his liberal butt after ya’ll’s hurricane,did it help to get you more money for your lap-band?I guess ya’ll will join the DemocraticRepublic club that has taken off in a lot of east coast states along with Kalifornia,and Kolorado.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  12. I’m thinking that it was Crispy Creme Christie himself who initiated the 50cal ban bill. He certainly isn’t going to veto that one.

    This is only round one, there’s more to come. After all, it’s New Jersey, isn’t it?

  13. Wow, I’ve never realized just how large that guy is. Talk about pork-barrel politics. He’s just another political fat cat.

  14. The end of that video should tell you all you need to know about how these bills will go.

    He says that if he “had been a little bit tougher, maybe they wouldn’t have died”.

    This guy feels that individuals can not make responsible decisions and live with the consequences of those decisions. He feels that he NEEDS to make these decisions for people since they can not make responsible decisions themselves.

    A real conservative would advise and assist until the situation puts first responders at risk. After that point, those that stay are on their own.

    A real conservative would allow people to decide their own fate.

    Trenton has turned a deaf ear to gun owners in this state. I expect Christie to do the same.

  15. The .50 cal thing is just full retard. Oh noez, a civilian can have a .50! Has anyone ever been murdered with a .50 BMG in the history of the US? I could not find a single incident of one being used in a crime. Maybe someone else can find one.

    I bet they’d be SHOCKED…shocked…to find out that the ATF lets you have a HUGE black powder canon. Oh no! Someone might hold up a gas station with it.

    What is funny (actually, it’s not funny, it’s rather sad and scary) is that they use arguments like “but but…someone could shoot down a plane!”…*facepalm*. And then they supply muslim extremists in the middle easy with weapons actually capable of shooting down planes “but but but we can control where they end up, the terrorists we don’t like won’t get them, honest!”


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