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Had you already booked your flights and hotel for the big 600-yard 1911 shoot? Ouch. Hope that was a refundable fare. Here’s a late email blast we got last night from Charles Henderson for all of you hoping to qualify for that Lippard 600 Yard Club patch:

Please hold off booking airline travel for the shoot September 22, per the information I received from Michael Bane, per the below email. We will see what we can get done on Monday, ironing out the conflicting dates. As John Burtt has notified me, the following weekend at Whittington Center is tied up with the .50 Cal people doing a 1000 yard competition September 28-30 . . .
We still may be able to shoot on the 22nd if Mr. Bane can make some early shooting arrangements on another event. We will have some answers on Monday.
Our concern is to get this shoot done as soon as possible, before our Rocky Mountain weather starts to act up. We may have other days, not weekend days, that we can shoot. I will be talking with Mr. Bane on Monday. If he cannot get himself and his crew free for the 22nd, then I will call Whittington Center and arrange for a new date that does not conflict.
Stay tuned.

We will.

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  1. I don’t get this whole thing. Does anyone NOT know that a 45 round will travel far? Duh…has anyone NOT seen Bob Munden doing 600 yard shots on Jim Scouten’s show like 10 years ago? (I even think he did a 1000 yard shot). Some folks just need to go back to reading those silly things called B..O..O..K..S. Long distance shots with pistol and rifle have been done for well over a 100 years. Go read Ackley or Hatcher about the 3000 yard 45-70 tests. HELLO….stuff was done earlier than 1990 and the before the web.

    • The issue isn’t whether a .45 acp round will travel that distance. Lippard claims he can reliably hit a man sized target with his pistol at 400+ yards, but has never been willing to offer any proof of his claims beyond saying “I did it and a bunch of my marine buddies saw me do it so it has to be true.” That would be like me saying I beat up Superman, if you don’t believe me ask Batman. He saw it happen, you aren’t calling Batman a liar are you?

      In an age when 99% of the cellphones have cameras I find it hard to believe that there has never been any photographic or video evidence taken to back up his claims. Especially since that seems to be the prime selling point for his $5k 1911.

      • Please re-read my post. I made the point that this has in fact been done before. It ain’t magic. Go on Youtube and do a search for Bob Munden. Have you not heard of Bob Munden? He has done numerous pistol long distance shots. Including 200 yard J Frame hits on steel plates. Ditto for 600 yard shots with revolvers. So that part is settled for me. Clearly all the rest of this nonsense is marketing. He came up with a wonderful marketing ploy. He is going to get TV coverage and web posts like here. All for a rather pedestrian 1911. This is all a snooze to me…..

  2. A .45 round will “travel far”… Now, go shoot at a 1000 yard target with a 30/06 and see how often you hit the target. I have three words for Knocker and Lippard…bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

  3. I don’t really understand the reaction here. Yeah, I get “show me the video,” but the weapon system is likely capable. Could I do it? Probably not right away, but others?

    He appears to make a nice pistol. Why do you assume he can’t shoot it?

    I’ve seen first shot hits with iron sites on an M1A1 at 800 yds on a 12″ gong.

    I’ve put 4 out of 6 rounds on a man sized target at 150yds with a taurus .357.

    My attitude is wait and see.

    • No one seems to have mentioned that the .45 will turn into a tumbling brick following a random trajectory at about 200 yards.

      No amount of calculating hold-over or wind-drift is going to help with that. You’re going to be lobbing curve balls and sinkers and knuckle balls.

  4. We will find a workable date for this. I’m trying to juggle our filming conflict (the IDPA Nationals in South Carolina) to make the 22 September date if we can. At SHOOTING GALLERY we’ve always been fascinated with long handgun shots. If you recall, when we filmed the Boomershoot in Idaho — the only shooting program to film that event fir national television, BTW — we focused on a T/C Contender pistol being used on the 300-yard targets. Heck, I’ve been shooting a 1911 for about 2 forevers, so I want to see this claim documented as well…

    Michael B

  5. I can hit a manhole cover with a 1911 at 100 yards, but there’s a huge difference between 100 yards and 600 yards. First there’s the hold-over: at 600 yards the bullet will drop between 900 and 1000 inches. Next is the bullet’s flight time of more than three seconds. Then there’s wind deflection, which will be measured in *yards* with even the most gentle breeze. Even with utterly no wind at all, heat ripples and thermal uplifts will push the bullet dozens of inches off-course.

    And if you can consistently hit a stationary target that’s smaller than an RV at that range (which I propose to be extremely unlikely) there’s the final problem of kinetic energy. At 600 yards a .45 ACP is barely clocking 550 fps, and retains only about 150 lb.-ft. of energy. It’s a piss-poor penetrator at that speed, and could be defeated by heavy clothing and even the thinnest of cover.

    Even if the Combat NCO is a remarkable pistol capable of consistent bullet placement from 1,800 feet away under laboratory conditions with perfectly consistent ammunition, it will still be completely useless at that range.

    • yes, and if you see an enemy soldier at 400 yards go ahead and lob a couple of 45’s in his direction. see what he brings to the table. if you’re on the battlefield armed only with a sidearm, and this could happen for a number of reasons, engaging a hostile at that range is giving him or his buddies your location. you shoot be seeking cover and avoiding engagements undeer those conditions.


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