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The old adage appears to be true; good things come to those who wait. The industry-wide whispers about Crimson Trace introducing green lasers can finally be silenced because they have officially unveiled new Laserguards and ever-popular Rail Masters with green lasers for purchase this fall. Don’t confuse this advancement in laser technology with the whole Zombie craze. The human eye naturally picks up the color green more so than red, allowing more accuracy in acquiring your target so green lasers were the next logical step . . .

Historically, green lasers have taken up more space and generate more heat than their red counterparts. To remedy this, Crimson Trace put countless man-hours into perfecting their green lasers, producing what they claim is the most efficient and lightweight green frickin’ laser beam to hit the market. They outperform their competitors in battery life, temperature variation and size.

With an “over two hour” run time in both green laser platforms and the patented Instinctive Activation on the Laserguard, these are no-brainers. So for those of you who prefer a more visible green laser over the traditional red, the streamlined Laserguard will be available for Smith and Kimber 1911’s, Springfield XD & XD(M), as well as full-size & compact Gocks. And you’ll be able to slap a Rail Master on just about any gun with a Picatinny or Weaver rail.

I can’t wait to test out the green Rail Master on my HK P30.  See you all at the range!

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  1. I assume they can’t make the green laser unit compact enough to fit into a lasergrip form factor. Anyone know for sure?

    • As far as green laser grips from Crimson Trace hitting the market, only time will tell. I do know, however, that there were a few sample 1911 laser grips floating around their booth at NRA this past April so it seems the engineers are trying to fill that demand.

  2. I was thinking about getting an Eotech EOLAD green laser setups for my Sig (would also be for my SCAR once I’ve moved)… do they generally run hot/eat up battery?

    • Green lasers in general run hotter than red and use up battery life more quickly (I’ll save the science lesson for another day) which is one of the reasons why Crimson Trace has not rushed their product to market. Unlike most of their competitors, they have managed to produce a top-notch green laser with an over two hour ON run time. That means two hours of the laser in the on position, keeping in mind, you control when it’s on or off. They have also successfully reduced the amount of heat produced.

  3. “allowing more accuracy ”

    Uhmm, the human eye is more sensitive to the color green making it appear brighter. Unless it is a situation where the ambient light is so bright that a red laser is “washed out” accuracy is not affected.

    Green lasers are usable in much higher ambient light, the real question is will it work in direct sun? or open shade?

  4. Hi all, I’m new here, and to my 1911. I never cared for auto-loaders in anything, hunting for more than thirty years with bolt guns, single shot and single action revolvers. Although I no longer hunt, today’s excursions require a better option, so I broke habit and bought a Girsan stainless .45acp w/Picatinny rail. I’d like to reserve that for occasional small flashlight use, but have been contemplating buying the Crimson Trace grips, and now I can afford them. Oddly, I hadn’t considered which to opt for, just having a laser on an auto pistol seems enough technology leap within a year period for me. What turned me off in some of the other forums and scources I’ve read, is the smaller window of temp range. Does anyone know about cases of failure, due to temperatures? What if your gun gets left in a vehicle in hot/cold weather? I don’t know, but I’m wodering about the Crimson Trace green grips. I do expect to be able to use it in day/night, from point blank to as far as practical, but that temp has me???? I appreciate any input, and will keep searching, thanks.

  5. I’m waiting for a laser grip sight that will fit on my American Derringer Model 4.
    Prefer Green, but will take what I can git.

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