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“Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as best he can, the same cause.” – Abraham Lincoln

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  1. had to take my kid to get tested for marfan’s. turns out he’s a tall thin that really ~gruesome~ fast.
    but his ‘hood is on edge as the rogers park masked assassin is still at large.
    i hope his dissimilarities to abe continue.

  2. There are people who don’t like President Lincoln. I understand that. And there are people who do like President Lincoln and I understand that as well. But this quote applies to everyone and I’m glad he said it because it is very true.

  3. … said the man who presided over the needless deaths of 600,000+ Americans and forever set the Federal government on the path of total domination.

    • If the states will not honor the constitution and civil rights then the Feds must step in. Otherwise the constitution is not the law of the land. Then you have no rights but what 51% of the people or a strong dictator says you have.

      • jvwm: “If the states will not honor the constitution and civil rights then the Feds must step in. Otherwise the constitution is not the law of the land. Then you have no rights but what 51% of the people or a strong dictator says you have.”

        jvwm, You need to go take a decent US History class and also one on meaning and history of the constitution.
        The constitution was not a document to create any rights but to establish a government for a republic.

        The Southern States did honor the US constitution.

        All arguments about States Rights, North vs South, and the Civil War (aka the War for Southern Independence) all boil down to one of the fundamental questions:

        Were the States Sovereign?

        The answer is undeniably, “yes”.

        1. The Northern States threatened to secede in the early 1800’s because they did not want to pay their fair share of the War debt of 1812. Nobody threatened them with war if they seceded.

        2. The US constitution was a compact between the States as it expressly says so in Article 7 requiring a minimum of 9 States to RATIFY it for the constitution to go into effect and further elaborated on those State ratification conventions.

        Ratification means having the power to approve of something just the same as having the power to disapprove of it.

        Therefore, the federal govt. was a creation of the States because they were the same entities that were expressly declared as sovereign in the Article 2 of the Articles of Confederation.

        The Same States, the same Sovereignty.

        The States were the parties to the compact, not the federal government. The federal government was merely a product of the contract. It did not create itself.

        I am not saying that I support slavery in the least, but the contract between the States is a contract.

        And when parties create a contract, they are legally bound to comply with the terms of that contract.

        If one of the parties does not fulfill his part of the contract, then the contract
        IS IN BREACH and therefore, NULL AND VOID.

        It was the Northern States that were also in Breach of Constitution where it says that escaped fugitives and
        every person held to service [slaves and white indentured servants] had to be returned to State they belonged.
        Article 4, Section 3

        There were even TWO more Fugitive Slave Acts passed in the 1800 long before the 1860’s. This was federal law.

        I don’t like slavery in the least, but this was one of the terms of the contract.

        And the Northern states did not fulfill the part of the contract.

        Now if the Northern States were not prepared to keep their end of the contract, they
        should not have gotten into a contract with the other States in the first place.

        3. When the new constitution of 1787 was created, the States retained their sovereignty as evidenced by the fact that ANY Amendments to be added to the constitution had to be ratified by 3/4’s OF THE STATES as it declares in Article 5.

        If it still required their ratification for any amendments, it meant that the mere creation of the constitution did not eliminate their sovereignty.

        Whoever has the power to ratify (create) has the power to destroy.

        4. The 10th Amendment expressly says that the federal government had only powers that were “delegated” to it and that the States still had all the powers except the ones they surrendered.

        No where in the constitution was the federal government delegated the power to stop any State from seceding from the union for any reason.

        5. Further, no where in the constitution was it written that any State surrendered their right to secede.

        When a State is Sovereign one of those rights is the right to secede.

        The Southern States did revere the US constitution because when they seceded
        , they immediately created their own Confederate constitution written almost word for word of the US constitution.

        And they were expressing the real intent of the Declaration of Independence where it said that the people had the right and the duty to alter or abolish their government.

        Lincoln did not believe that that people had the right to alter or abolish their government but that the government should be all-powerful. He shut down the press in the North and imprisoned anyone who did not support his effort in the war.
        A true tyrant.

        6. When Lincoln called for troops to invade the South to force them back into the union, HE VIOLATED the constitution and became guilty of Treason as expressed in
        Article 3, Section 3 by waging war against the States.

        7. So, to my Gun-Rights friends, what the purpose of the 2nd Amendment as part of the Bill of Rights. ? Answer. Check the Preamble of the Bill of Rights. To suppress the powers of the federal government by use of arms if need be.

        The 2nd Amendment did not GRANT anybody any rights, but reaffirms the right and to make clear that the people of the Sovereign States had the right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of keeping their respective State free.

        And anybody who waged war against the States in order to forcefully take away their Sovereignty were enemies of the States and deserved to die, which included any president.

        Please know that at Gettysburg, the honorable and brave confederate dead were not show any due honor since they are all buried in unmarked mass graves and only the union soldiers were given a decent burials with markers.

        So please stop using Lincoln as someone who honor the troops.

        He considered the brave Southern soldiers as traitorous rebels.

        He got what he deserved.

    • Nonsense. There is ZERO provision for dissolution of the United States. If the Southern States didn’t like something in the Constitution, there is an Amendment process. They could have used it. Instead, they acted like spoiled children, stamped their feet, and screamed at the top of their lungs for ripping the Union apart. Note that THEY were the ones who fired the first shots.

      Killing Lincoln was the worst thing the South should have ever hoped for because they were militarily occupied for a long time. Lincoln was a forgive and forget President. But people like you have closed minds and very little real knowledge of the truth, so I am wasting my breath here.

      And there is no need to write an essay here. This is a comments section, not a submission for publication access.

      • “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. “ – The Declaration of Independence


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