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In the video below, Western Journalism puts the Trailblazer Firearms Life Card single-shot .22 gun through its paces. Or, more accurately, adds captions to the recently released promo video. Speaking of accuracy, forgetting the company’s disclaimer (“LifeCard is not a pistol that should be relied on for personal defense”), can a Life Card holder hit center mass at seven yards? Paging Jerry Miculek! I’d also love to see . . .

how quickly you can reload the wee beastie with the rounds stored in the handle. I guess all that’ll have to wait for a T&E sample. Meanwhile, click here for our first look, including the company’s explanation of the firearm’s benefits (hint: fun!).

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    • I always wanted one of those Hi Standards til I got one. Worse trigger pull on any gun I’ve ever used.

      In a self defense situation I would have been better off with a knife. I would have had to be at contact range with both and the knife wasn’t slow to reload.

  1. “But a .22 derringer has 2 rounds! Who needs that?”

    “You see, we can make it take up more space than a .22 derringer, and only have a single shot!”

    “Genius! But can you make it slower to deploy than a Heizer Double Tap or a derringer?”

    “Of course! Not only do you have to unfold it, it unfolds into a ergonomic trainwreck, even for a pocket pistol! Besides, that goofy Heizer has two shots, and remotely resembles holding a real gun. Not to mention those silly guys make it in 9mm or .45.”

    Is this from the same brain trust that brought us the laser that was activated by partially pulling the trigger?

    • …and for a $5 stamp, I can have that High Standard *2* shot derringer in a wallet holster that requires *zero* un-folding to fire. Fire *twice*, that is, one more than *once*…

      (Did I mention the High Standard derringers run about $75 bucks used, nowadays? And that thing costs $400?)

      • Agreed. Personally, if I was going to unfold something anyway, and only get a single shot, I’d go Braverman pen gun….

        • Those are neat.

          I blew a chance to pick one up local for $75 back in 1998, didn’t have he cash on me at the time.

          Those seem to run around $250 nowadays, and I’m half motivated to pick one up, one day.

          The *slickest* pengun I’ve seen was a home-made single-shot .22lr that looked just like a tire pressure gauge…

          I’ve seen pics of one of those Stingers with a threaded muzzle for a can.

          Pics, hell. I found a video:

        • My friend, if you see one for anywhere near $250, I’ll overnight you the cash, with an extra coupla Bens for your trouble, and my FFLs address.

          Last “cheap” one I saw went for $1500 a little while ago. One on Gunbroker right now for ~$2500 (no takers yet).

        • Rattlerjake, yeah, that’s well since crossed into the “I’ll just build one myself for a tenth of the money” category.

          In fact, at that price point, I might do a short run of the things…

  2. Thing looks larger than one of those little five shot mini revolvers and has 20% of the capacity, but if it floats your boat, have at it!

  3. I’ve seen pictures of a single shot pistol that shoots centerfire pistol cartridges, 9, .45, etc. called the Stinger Liberator.

    It’s super small and the recoil will hurt like hell, but I think it’s a neat design that if improved upon, would make for a much better gun than this Life Tard. If you can’t shoot it without having to open it and cock the striker, it’s not a gun worth owning.

    The NAA revolvers, while I’ve had issues with them indexing the cylinder, they are smaller, lighter, hold more rounds, and also… COST LESS!

  4. This thing is cute, and looks like fun.

    But not $400 worth of cute, fun, or any combination thereof.

    I like that it is small, safe, and self contained. It needs better sights and a lower sticker price.

  5. I think what we all long for is the day when there is no stigma at all in carrying a real, effective firearm in plain sight and exactly no one- neither neighbor nor law enforcement nor stranger nor coworker or employer – gives a damn.
    That will be the day this… contraption… will be of absolutely no use to anyone and would have no reason to exist.

    • While not a fan of this thing at $400 bucks for a single .22 lr shot I can see where some people might have a use for it.

      Even if we could get back to a fully Constitutional Open/concealed carry scenario there will ALWAYS be situations where a “Deep concealment” weapon could be useful. Assuming you have for some reason been deprived of your primary weapon it is possible that whoever accomplished that would not think to search for a non-obvious back-up gun.

      Still, how many people will ever actually face such a deep concealment requirement?

      Next question, how long until someone is caught trying to get one of these onto an airplane? Many years ago (too many, 1979) I worked security at Orange County/John Wayne Airport in California. We stopped a guy trying to take an North America Arms revolver onto the plane hidden inside a flip-top box of Marlboro cigarettes. He thought the foil in the box would conceal it from the x-ray machine.

  6. This is why, when we have a great new idea, we should do a literature / market survey to make sure someone hadn’t already solved the problem.

    Especially if the existing solution is better than the new one…

  7. The only practical application I can think of for this is assassination, really.

    SD gun? Been thoroughly discussed and even by the manufacturers admission sucks for that purpose.

    Range toy? There are many better and cheaper .22 range toys (that fire more than one round)

    Combat? Are you f*king kidding?

    This really is one of the dumbest ideas for a gun I’ve seen.

    Oh wait I just thought of a use! Remember the article recently about the woman who shoved the loaded Kimber in her cooter? This would probably be a much more comfortable option.

  8. I really like my North American Arms .22lr five shot revolver. I bought the model with the integrated folding grip that doubles as a holster. You can just clip it on your belt or pants pocket, or carry it in your pocket if you prefer.

    It isn’t designed for fast presentation, so it isn’t your go to sidearm against a blitz attack. However, it is completely inconspicuous, even on your belt, so you can take it anywhere without alerting anyone. For scenarios where you might have a little bit of prep time, say, you hear a gunshot down the corridor at work, or you’re about to walk out into a dark, isolated parking lot, it would be fine. About two or three seconds of preparation is all you’d need.

    Granted, .22lr isnt my preferred self-defense caliber, but it’s more than just better than nothing.

    • I juts looked that folding grip up. I like that the detentes are designed to hold it open, but not closed; with a little bit of working that action you could get it so that you could just flip your wrist a little and get the gun to open. I’m not sure how great of a grip you could have on that handle given the size, but if it is sufficient that could be a fast way to deploy it; pull it out/off, flick the wrist, then position the hand. You could do it one handed. Potentially you could find a way to even make it like a “wave knife” where you would have something to catch on your pocket as you pull it out to cause it to open as you pull it.

      I also love that it covers the trigger.

      Such a simple little accessory really could bump up the gun’s defensive utility.

  9. Too expensive. Too complicated and slow to get into action. Looks delicate.Did you see how gingerly the demonstrator handled it? One shot? What, no black powder muzzleloader version?
    Better for less money: Beretta 21A, NAA mini Revolvers, ANY Micro .380, ANY ,25 auto.
    What is is for? “Onion Field” last ditch gun? Laughs? People with more money than brains?

  10. Do they make that in .45ACP? ‘Cause one shot will drop a charging rhino in it’s tracks. Oh wait, how about .410?

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