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While Islamic dietary laws forbid the consumption of pork, the hogs in that country apparently have no dietary restrictions against the consumption of members of ISIS . . . Wild hogs kill ISIS militants in Iraq: reportForget MOAB. Just release the hogs. On Sunday, a herd of the wild critters saw some ISIS militants setting up an ambush outside the town of Kirkuk, in northern Iraq, and apparently decided there would be no more killing of innocents on their watch. The Times of London reported that the hogs charged the terrorists, killing three and injuring five. Sheikh Anwar al-Assi told the newspaper the militants, over a three-day period prior to the attack, had executed 25 people who were attempting to flee the caliphate.Despite the hogs’ effectiveness at wiping out the enemy, al-Assi doesn’t think they were necessarily pets of Gen. “Mad Dog” Mattis, trained for combat.”  Release the hogs of war, we’ve got plenty of them in Texas!

Hogs are dangerous, I feel like I say it all the time but it’s true. Besides snakes and other dangerous creatures you may run into in the wild,  hogs should be at the top of your list. Even a hike or walk in the woods can lead to an encounter with a wild hog and you need to be prepared. From the video, in my opinion a pistol would be the best solution for a surprise attack.

Anti-hunters are the biggest threat to the preservation of cute, cuddly giraffes! HSUS petition is a threat to giraffe populations, not hunting – “Last week, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) joined forces with fellow travelers in the animal rights movement — the Center for Biological Diversity, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and the Natural Resources Defense Council — to file a petition with the Department of the Interior seeking “endangered” status for all giraffes under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.” See 20 Things You Might Not Know About Giraffes for a cuteness overload.

You know Montana is in good hands when the only dirt you can find on their aspiring politicians has to do with their hunting and fishing license status.  Or, is that their priorities are in order? . . . Hunting records of U.S. House candidates released “In TV ads, Montana’s U.S. House candidates have been blasting away at televisions, but only one is licensed to hunt anything else, according to state records. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks records show that Democrat Rob Quist hasn’t had a hunting or fishing license for at least 16 years. Electronic records of hunting and fishing licenses begin in 2002. Republican Greg Gianforte has had multiple fishing and hunting licenses during the same period. “An outdoor way of life, particularly hunting and fishing, is part of who we are,” Gianforte said. “I believe it’s an individual’s personal choice whether they want to hunt or fish, but I think most of them would want to have a representative that understands their lifestyle.” Check out- The 35 Best Hunting and Fishing Towns in the US.

I guess the Trump boys didn’t get their hunting skills from dad . . . However, we’re so glad grandpa Trump passed along more than his money making skills.  Oh but how the antis hate him for it . . . Trump Jr. celebrated Earth Day by hunting prairie dogs – “Brave big game hunter Donald Trump Jr. celebrated Earth Day by shooting tiny prairie dogs — considered a “species of concern” for endangerment, a new report said Tuesday. President Trump’s eldest son spent the weekend in Montana with GOP House candidate Greg Gianforte, who boasted about blasting the little critters, which range in length from 12 to 16 inches and weigh between 1 and 3 pounds. “As good Montanans, we want to show good hospitality to people. What can be more fun than to spend an afternoon shooting the little rodents,” the clueless Gianforte gushed, Esquire magazine reported. Hunting prairie dogs is legal, but it’s not exactly ethical, the Humane Society told ABC Fox Montana, noting that they are in the middle of breeding season, so some if not most of the female prairie dogs were likely pregnant.”  Trump, Jr. the pregnant prairie dog slayer, KEK!

Is it Christmas yet? I better get off the naughty list quick because I know what I want to find under my tree this year.  LTO-Tracker – “The all new Leupold LTO-Tracker allows hunters to better understand their surroundings, easily recover game and have more success in the field.”

OFWGs vs. young bucks . . . Can’t hunters all just get along? – “In today’s outdoor community, blood seems to boil in the older generation when someone says they are ‘training’ for the upcoming hunt this fall. The common response is something like ‘you don’t need to do all that running or weight lifting to get an animal,’ or maybe even ‘son, when I was your age, we would go out on the weekends and harvest a deer right away; we didn’t have to do all that running stuff.’ What has become a fitness-minded approach to hunting has been met with significant resistance within the hunting community, particularly the older hunters who I like to call ‘the weekend warriors’.”

Blatant pandering to anti-hunt ignorance . . . Florida bear hunting put on hold for at least 2 years “Commissioner Liesa Priddy said she wasn’t concerned that a majority of Floridians don’t support a bear hunt. ‘There’s really no scientific reason whatsoever not to have a hunt,’ Priddy said. ‘We can’t substitute politics for science. And if we don’t approve a hunt today, we’re really just throwing the science that we’ve gathered out the window.’ Commission Executive Director Nick Wiley said the agency’s science is ‘rock solid’ on the side of a hunt. But, he said ‘we need more time’ to work on non-lethal bear management practices. He pointed, in part, to research that shows far less support among Floridians for bear hunting than for hunting in general. ‘The thing that troubles me the most in the social dynamic and social science is the gap between a 70 percent support for hunting and 48 percent support for bear hunting,’ Wiley said. ‘We’ve talked to people that have done this research, and they said that (gap) is troubling. Those numbers are not where you want to be.'” Wonder if the gap will narrow after the next bear attack . . .

I end this week’s digest with my recent appearance on Info Wars. I got to talk about hunting, Miss Wildgame and the recent stabbing on the UT Campus in Austin, Texas. RF reckons I need to be a bit more animated on camera. Roger that.

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  1. I knew a lot of “stand” hunters back in the woods back home. Use an atv or truck to drive to your stand and then climb or just walk a few feet to your stand. That part of the country was called the stroke belt for a reason.

    Regardless of hunting, it doesn’t hurt to get in a little regular exercise.

  2. In my state, more hunters die from heart attacks trying to drag or dress deer than from gunshot wounds.

    And calling ground poodles a species of concern while pretending they’re in danger of extinction….ROFL

    • I think it’s the same here in PA. Hunters are more likely to die or be injured dragging a deer or falling from a treestand than by being shot by other hunters. Still, heaven forbid PA allow semis for big game, why that’ll turn the SGLs into war zones or some such BS…

  3. Yep prairie dogs are vermin. I’d hate for my horse or cow to snap a leg from holes. Let’s hear it for the swine who took out the ISIS scum! No paradise,no 72 virgin goats either…btw if you’re an ISIS boy do you get paradise if a JEW kills you…LOL!

    • Yep, prairie dogs are a serious problem for ranchers.

      Thanks to JWM, the first thing that will pop into mind evermore if I think of ‘prairie dogs’ will be ‘Loony-Tunes’ tiny white flags of surrender popping up out of their burrows.

      Curse you, JWM! 🙂

      • Don’t really call it hunting, but I shoot prairie dogs several times each summer for my father in law as a town is taking over his pasture. It’s stopped growing but it ain’t getting any smaller either. Endangered my ass.

        • When I lived in SW Oklahoma in the 70’s, there were ranchers who were known to give away free .22lr.

          The only condition was that you shot the prairie dogs infesting that ranch.

          Nowadays, I’ve seen prairie dogs being sold as pets…

  4. “There’s really no scientific reason whatsoever not to have a hunt,’ Priddy said. ‘We can’t substitute politics for science…”

    We can and do. Science might be able to tell us what will likely happen to bear populations without a hunt but that isn’t policy. Policy is made by politics and, at best, is INFORMED by science. But ultimately voters (and representatives) decide what they want to do with that information.

  5. Could these finally be the elusive “moderate rebels” Obama spent so much time searching for?

    Release the hogs, and Daeshbags beware!

  6. Humans are very easily manipulated by propaganda. Floridians have been bombarded with anti bear hunting propaganda way more than actual facts that support limited hunting as a management tool. The same tool as for deer and other animals that Floridians do support. Who needs facts when the left has money and propaganda works so well?

    I’m not a hunter only a fisherman, but I do understand the importance of hunting due to the imbalance we have created just by living. And as humans will continue to live hunting is a valuable resource.

  7. So, miss Liberte, when you were at ‘Info Wars’ central, did you get the opportunity to meet Alex Jones?

    A local radio guy down here met him at an annual radio broadcasting convention a few years back and was very surprised that his extreme on-air persona is indeed ‘performance art’, and that in person he was shockingly a normal, rational person with good business sense.

    (And I hope he gets the custody of his kids…)

    • That’s because Alex Jones doesn’t believe a word he says. He’s a charlatan, pure and simple. He’s not crazy, stupid, or correct about anything in anyway. He’s found a wide niche of real idiots who believe him to the point where he can make money off advertising.

      • If nobody else believed Alex Jones either, that would be just dandy. But he’s misleading thousands, if not millions, of gullible people. That ain’t cool.

  8. There’s a fight between OFWG’s like the guy in the picture and younger fitness minded people?

    I don’t hunt any more but I certainly lift and do all sorts of other fitness minded activities specifically so I don’t end up a disgusting pile of crap like the guy who bagged that lion. Have fun dying young and of some entirely preventable malady there fatboy.

    From the looks of that guy he’d lose a fist fight with a sandwich baggy if his lunch decided to give him some trouble.

    And yes, I know that’s not nice but truth be told “fat shaming” is something that (with some medical exceptions) should happen, happen regularly and be absolutely vicious. That kind of morbid obesity is not good for you. It puts a lot of stress on your system and, were a serious accident or other major trauma to happen to that guy, his chances of survival are greatly diminished even with the immediate application of modern medicine.

    • Hey now, I’m 50 and I’m not fat, and neither are most of my friends. But I do know many 20-something landwhales. I’m 6 foot and about 15 pounds from the swimmer-body that I had up until my mid 40s. I’ve got 4-pack abs, because I’m low on time to work out, and frankly, need to curb my foodie tendencies and my affinity for good booze…

      Yes, fatties need to be told they are fat.

  9. So tranquilize a couple million Ok/Tx hogs, pile them into C5s and airdrop them in Western Iraq/Syria. Win Win


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