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The Central Ohio Antifa’s Facebook page is a closed group. So I can’t confirm that this post — which has gone viral — is genuine. I certainly understand the angst with which it’s been greeted. The People of the Gun and the wider set of conservatives are deeply and completely opposed to the Antifa movemnt, whose values are summed-up here by the good folks at

Short for (militant) anti-fascists.

Middle-class champagne socialist/communist/anarchist white boys who don’t like nationalists or fascists. They consider themselves to be rebelling against the establishment, whilst upholding all of its ultra-politically correct views.

Antifa only dislike racism when its carried out by whites, and do not have the bottle to stand up against anti-white racism; leading to many people on the right to refer to them as ‘traitors’. I’d rather just call them morons.

Most are teenagers and university students who grow out of the fad when they start paying taxes.

Antifa is stupid.

Stupid yes, but dangerous? I suppose anyone with a gun can be dangerous. Or a car. Or a keyboard. If the far left thinks they can literally take the fight to conservatives to defeat the fascism that they dream of (go figure), ha!

Still, gun rights for all, right? And the more training antifa receives the less likely they’ll kill each other or some bystander by an ND. Unless it happens at the training camp. If so, oops.

[h/t DrVino]

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    • Antifar are just violent neo-marxest trash. These idiots actually wave communist flags around while they physically assault people. It’s 1973 all over again; and as such the response should be the same… free helicopter rides.

      • Very well said, young disenfranchised youth, or as I like to say, stupid young communists. They think that they are the new way, and they are violent it their protests too. violence begat violence and it is time that they are no longer able to openly practice their commie terrorism on the innocents. Simply put, they are domestic terrorists and should be dealt with accordingly. To turn our backs on their sad behavior is to condone it, make your local law enforcement stand up to the terrorism within.

    • Seriously? Say it were true and they were planning something scary, the FBI would be all over it, since it’s not like facebook is a super secure secret site. Second, how is this not like the brouhaha about Jade Helm, except this is about leftists. I mean aren’t a lot of people worried about the government turning against them?

      Are we now becoming ambivalent about people getting more firearms training now? This site is confusing me, with one article seeming to call for guns to be banned at protests, because the antifa had guns and didn’t hurt anyone with them but hurt a reporter’s feelings, and this one with something that hasn’t been verified. Maybe a better article could be about a code of conduct for protests with firearms that everyone could agree upon.

  1. Also who wants to bet that they’re just on public land, not private because you know, how do these fuckholes pay bills?

  2. Whether that Facebook post is real or not, you better believe these loons are dangerous. They have no problem with violence, and they absolutely do have people with military knowledge on their side.

    So far all we’ve seen is the useful idiots on campus and the antifa LARPers. Don’t make the mistake of assuming they’re all the Left has to offer.

    If the hard core of the black bloc decides to escalate, it won’t be wedgies in Berkeley anymore. We’ll be dealing with people who know how to make bombs, shoot guns, and escape into the background. And they have plenty of sympathizers in progressive circles who will give them cover and make political hay out of it all.

    This whole thing could get really, really ugly.

      • Eh, sedate a hundred feral Texas hogs, truck them into Berkely, wake ’em up and watch the show.

      • Because the cops and other authorities did so well at Berkeley? The people who tell the police what to do aren’t on our side in places like that.

        I do like the hog-drop idea. If they can kill ISIS/Daeshbags (that story was hilarious), they can take out antifa lunatics. Although collateral damage could be a problem…

    • The thing that bothers me about stuff like this is that these people routinely equate speech, and even ideas, with violence, and think that violence is acceptable if it keeps someone from saying something with which they disagree.

      They can, and should, learn how to defend themselves and practice their weapon skills. All I ask, in exchange, is that they not shoot me because someone has convinced them that my desire for smaller government is “racist” (or anyone else for that matter, but especially don’t shoot me).

      Trust me- I know what’s in my own head, and I know that I don’t hate anybody. Your presumption that you know better is… a little bit unhinged.

      • The moment you use the word “should” as applied to another person or group of people your analysis falls apart. They “should” be tolerant, but they aren’t. They “should” be able to defend themselves, but their intentions are offensive. They “should” see their hypocrisy, but their blindness is what drives their sanctimonious BS…… they are the neo-KKK as far as I’m concerned.

        • just because i have established a vaccination station for Antifa & BLM members doesn’t mean i would censor posy-bable

      • My presumption that I know better, or a general “you all”? Trust me, I am not saying these people know better than us, or that I know better than you. I agree with you. You’re absolutely right when you say these people are unhinged. To them, the simple fact that we don’t agree makes us legitimate targets for violence. That’s why I say if/when enough of these lunatics decide to pick up guns, it’s going to get real ugly.

    • Anybody with access to the internet has the potential to have military knowledge. It’s not one big highly kept secret.

  3. Training in South Dakota, they say. Wonder where. Wouldn’t think they’d get a friendly welcome here.

  4. Why the hell did I waste 3 months at Benning just to be run of the mill leg infantry when you can train to the level of Special Forces in 6 days?

    • Haha, I was thinking the same thing. I had 11 weeks of initial training to be a CO, and hundreds hours of training since then. I’m reasonably well trained in movement and tactics through CERT, but I am light years away from being special anything.

    • You probably ought to get your application in soon. It looks like all the high ranking positions like Lt. General, General, and captain are filled. I wonder how they are fixed for colonels? It’s funny how these self proclaimed revolutionary movements are top heavy with rank and PFCs are nowhere to be found. That’s a good thing because NCOs and junior enlisted men and women actually fight wars and the top brass just sits around and looks pretty. If they were looking for sergeants, corporals, and privates I’d be a little more worried. It also looks like they need an officer in charge of capital letters, punctuation, and run on sentences. When you’re a bad news revolutionary you don’t have time to worry about good grammar.

    • You nailed it. “Trained to the level of Special Forces” – that’s just lunacy. Plus, the simple fact is there’s a curve of talent in every service and unit (even special operations) and I seriously doubt the majority of these clowns could summon the commitment required to make it through boot camp, much less selection for any special operations unit.

    • Mike in OK,

      I agree with the sentiment of your response and I have to wonder if this is basically just a money-making scam.

      Methinks the organizers are playing the participants “like a banjo at an Ozark hoedown”.

  5. I’ve been monitoring these “Antifa” people for a while now. For now, I file them under “Misguided” to put it lightly. But I always knew there was going to be a point when they were going to escalate the situation. First it was protests. Then it was riots. And each time, they were defeated by big, strong, combat trained conservative/libertarian patriots. And now, predictably, they want combat training. This is going to get messy if we aren’t careful. Remember, they have to media on their side. If we fire on them, self defense or otherwise, they’ll be seen as the victims. They want justification for fighting, and the media will egg them on. All I’m saying is, this has now become a dangerous game of “Chicken”, stay smart, stay vigilant, and keep your powder dry.

    • “First it was protests. Then it was riots….This is going to get messy if we aren’t careful. Remember, they have to media on their side. If we fire on them, self defense or otherwise, they’ll be seen as the victims. ”

      Antifa makes me laugh sometimes, they are anti fascists who use the exact same tactics a certain political movement in central Europe used to great effect against the communist party during the early 30’s, oh yeah the epitome of fascism the Nazi party

      But this is an excellent point, these people should be taken very seriously, like the Nazis they had the help of the media to strengthen their position and a population desperate for strong guidance to cement their power. Not a group to take lightly, keep your powder dry

    • ” If we fire on them, self defense or otherwise, they’ll be seen as the victims.”

      That’s why if we elect to show up to one of their ‘protests’, we better have a bunch of folks there undercover and RECORDING them on video…

    • Already happened. CCW holder shot an Antifa thug in self defense. Media ignored it. Happened in Seattle at a Milo event.

      • Yup. And Antifar still whines about the fact the the POS got himself shot even though the police didn’t even arrest the guy that fired the shot. It was that obvious of a DGU.

        Personally the only thing I can say is next time aim for center of mass to put the scum down properly. Antifar started the fight. So they should be but down quickly and as lethally you can be. Just like any aggressor.

      • Actually, and unfortunately, that’s not true. The wife and husband were both arrested and just recently indicted on attempted murder charges. They left a trail prior to the event show their premeditated intentions. They were also video taped during the shooting. Essentially, they attempted to manipulate the circumstances to appear that it was in self defense. In Minnesota, where I have my permit, for instance, in order for a shooting to be legally justifiable, one must not be a “willing participant” (meaning do everything to avoid the confrontation and escalation). The wife admitted to pulling the trigger. She’s going to prison for a long time.

    • This sounds like a new iteration of the Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, a muslim extremist cult based in Eatonton, GA.

      The SPLC describes them thusly:

      “Nuwaubians refer to their belief system – which mixes black supremacist ideas with worship of the Egyptians and their pyramids, a belief in UFOs and various conspiracies related to the Illuminati and the Bilderbergers, as “Nuwaubianism” – not as theology, but as “factology, “Right Knowledge,” or a slew of other names. The group’s founder and leader, Dwight York, took extreme advantage of its adherents, sexually abusing their children and conning the adults out of their possessions. In April 2004, he was sentenced to 135 years in prison for molesting children, among other crimes.”

      But these folks actually have money to support their paramilitary forces. Dwight York paid nearly $1 million cash for 476 acres in the Eatonton area, and immediately began fortifying the place. The compound is guarded by an extremely well armed unit of goons. The group was ignored at first but no longer, it having metastasized into a large, well financed cult.

      Anyway, it pays to monitor groups like these nut jobs.

  6. “… we will be trained to the level of Special Forces…”


    Oh man, that’s either some serious sarcasm or these people really are dumber than… I dunno, something really, really dumb.

    • A toilet bowl full of rusty hammers? A pig’s foot in a box? A one-legged polyester jackrabbit? A kindergartener’s toenail? A Hillary supporter? That’s it! That’s it!

    • Then come back for the 2nd course where they train you to be a Master Ninja in one week, led by a couple of expert graduates from top schools of “Ninjitsu”.

  7. Bring it on losers. We have millions of guns and millions of pizzed off conservative dudes-OWFG and otherwise. I’m at the point of my life where I need some fun…BTW FFL holders can deny a gun sale for a myriad of reasons

  8. Look at the last election map. Avoid the blue areas. There’s too much red territory for them to try and intimidate all of us and not enough of them that are compelled to militancy. If you can’t avoid the blue areas, I’m sorry for you.

    • I’m down for some BBQ entrapment right now. Don’t know what the wife is doing in the kitchen right now but it smells good.

    • Nanashi,

      I was thinking along the lines of a false-flag operation to justify more law enforcement resources or (worse) to justify moving toward civilian disarmament. The really interesting question is who would run this operation?
      (1) U.S. government?
      (2) Progressive agitators?
      (3) Foreign government (cough, Soviets, cough)?

      And I can certainly see this operation being an intelligence gathering or entrapment mechanism for various state or federal agencies.

    • It certainly makes me think of that old joke where are and undercover officer and you get into the gang just to find out everyone is DEA/FBI/State Police/US Marshalls/etc.

  9. I would pay to see this.

    I wouldn’t THEM, but I’d be willing to donate to an agreed-upon non-political charity for a chance to laugh at these nincompoops try and play soldier without accidentally killing or triggering each other.

    • I’d pay just to see them walk five miles with an 80lb pack.

      The amount, and nature of the whining would be epic.

        • I can just see them “OK men, women and those of the long acronym persuasion, there’s a Starbucks 4.7 klicks down that-a-way. Let’s go fuck up some fascism! What? Well, of course we’re going to walk, we’re like Spec-Ops trained and shit! Huh? Oh, well I guess the city bus is easier. Or, we could just call a bunch of Ubers… Power to the proletariat! Smash the bourgeoisie!”

  10. They’re a giant parody of themselves and they don’t even know it. They are the fascists. And complete idiots. Stupid is the understatement of the century. I also don’t believe this FB post. No ex Green Beret or Ranger is going to train these kids to the level of “Special Forces.” Well maybe “special.” If anything it’s a scam for donations.

    • As much as I hate to say it, they are not fascists. They’re worse: commies. They call everyone else fascists because that’s how they see everyone who is politically to the right of commies. That’s also how lefties find themselves on the side of globalists. Communism is all about globalism and workers of the world and all that shit. Fascism is socialism combined with nationalism. Communists hate nationalism almost as much as they hate capitalism. And I hate socialists of all flavors. Fucking scumbags, the lot of ’em.

      • Thank you for posting such wise words, they are not fascist by any means.They are misguided communist scum who hide behind a mask and only attack the good people. Not everyone is immune to being hammered on the head by a U-style bicycle lock . That commie is headed for an assault charge now. These people believe that we should all share the burden as well as the wealth. Communism because their teachers and professors taught it their whole life. Notice that the cops in Berkeley had to “stand down” as they committed crimes because that mayor is one of them? Men in blue were quite pissed off!

      • Hey, we should arm Antifree like Very Special Forces! Did you see this?
        “Each soldier was then issued an AR-15 rifle, three clips of NATO 7.62 mm rounds,…”

        Gonna be hard to chamber a round.

  11. Where to begin? Some folks got cash signs in their eyes when they realizes the antifa bunch were college kids with well to do families that bankroll them. So they set up a summer camp and hired a couple of ex supply guys to yell at the kids for a week or two and they’ll make bank off it.

    Nobody. And I mean exactly nobody in civvie street can get the kind of training and experience that our rich uncle sam can provide. Being a Seal/Special Forces/Marsoc/Delta or whichever else cannot be achieved in a few days or weeks of soft ass civilian day camp.

    People die for real in those training programs. Some wind up crippled for life. The training is 24/7 with very few safety gaurds in place. And when these guys aren’t training they’re doing things like shooting bin lauden in his face.

    Is the 160th going to fly into their compound, and scoop them up for some real world training and experience? I didn’t think so.

    And South Dakota? That’s where you retreat to after you’ve been defeated repeatedly and your group of heros is down to the dregs.

  12. I didn’t realize there was such a thing as “ex Rangers” or “ex Green Berets”, I know quite a few Veterans, but none of them are “ex Veterans”. I have an ex-wife so I understand what that is. Luckily I have been training and prepping for much longer than these skidmarks, I guarantee my 5 year old daughter knows more about gun safety weapons handling and shooting than all of those turds together.

  13. Theyre mostly kids. Theyre not going to do anything. If anything does go down, 90% of them will cut tail and run anyway. Summer soldiers and all that. If anything it will teach them the importance of and to actually respect the 1st and 2nd ammendents.

    • Never underestimate the opposition. Even if 200 show up, and 90% fleet that’s still 20 armed determined individuals. Even if working together poorly they could cause a lot of damage. The antifa kids already throw Molotov cocktails at buildings that someone they don’t like plans to speak at. This could get dangerous very quick even if only a handful take arms against the general population. As said many times, keep your powder dry.

  14. So I can donate 50 bucks and get the training of specops in a week, what a deal! When do they start the “donate and become an F22 pilot within 2 weeks” program? I am interested.

    • Hell yes! I’m in. It doesn’t even have to be an F-22. I’ll settle for 6 days of training and an F-4 flight. Hope the ejection seat works well, because I think I might need it.

  15. I hope wherever these commie pinko fucks end up “training” that some well heeled 3%ers raid their camp and draw First Blood! As soon as they start “training” its time to act against them.

  16. Fake news! Antifa or idiot children would never train to the level of “special forces”. They train to the level of “spethial forces”. Their empty hand, limp wrist techniques can be lethal. You could die of laughter watching them.

    • Now that is funny!! Good line. Hmmm, and to think that our old buddy George Soros funds them too, one commie to another…

  17. I don’t think they’ve really thought this through.

    I’m from SD, the only place I can think of where they’d be “safe” is on a reservation.

    • Define safe, the Sioux would have a field day. I agree that is the most likely place as well. Maybe some of those tribal elders will get their reenactment of Greasy grass?

      • Nah, the tribe saw pictures of moldylocks and said we’ll host them so we can get a crack at the girls who come so they can show how #woke they are by sleeping with truly oppressed people.

  18. On a side note EVERY firearms site I’ve been to today has a Springfield arrmory sponsored fight SB 1657 ads that link to the nra article. Damage control much? Where were they before the house vote? Oh yeah, we know where….behind the people of Il. with the lube! Scumbags.

  19. Well, I just watched the PBS documentaries on Ruby Ridge and Waco. I suspect that if these individuals actually succeed in becoming competent infantry (they won’t) or goodness help us special forces (hahahaha) they will discover the American security state is no joke. Not in the 1990’s and certainly not today. This really is a very poor direction for them to go in, and could easily end in tears.

    • The militia groups that got shredded a few years back were leftist groups.
      The Conservative and “anti-revisionist” organizations all gave them a wide berth.

  20. Anyone wanna get together and go be double agents? We can go get some sick “special forces training” and send RF back some investigative reporting…

    I wonder what size pussy hat I would need to buy…

  21. The more things change the more they stay the same. The Left got violent when a conservative backlash elected Richard Nixon in 1968. The Black Liberation Army, Weather Underground and others turned to violence when it became obvious the silent majority decided to pump the brakes. Here we go again.

  22. Everyone is this political in college. You grow out of it, or you remain an ineffectual, and boring, person into the real world of adulthood, still whining about how we took America away from the Indians. I don’t disagree with any of their arguments, mostly because I don’t care to take the time to listen to them. I was in college once.

    The more divided we are against each other the less we will fight the upper one percent. That seems to be working really well right now. I hope someone with half a brain shows up at the next pro-whatever/anti-same whatever protest and mentions this. 99% of this country, if it took a second to stop and think about it, believes in the same thing. We just want our square of lawn and our cooler of beer and not to be getting fucked all the time.

    • Yeah, that’s what intelligent people want…Antifag, however, just wants to burn my cooler and lawn chair. That’s the only way they can convince the unwashed masses.
      Seriously, as long as I have a cooler and a lawn chair (or a guitar) I’m good. I really don’t care how many coolers, lawn chairs, and guitars Warren Buffet has.

    • Sledgecrowbar,

      I disagree that 99% of our country wants the same thing. Something like 1/3 to 1/2 of the country wants YOUR stuff without working for it … and has no interest in being responsible for their actions.

      Another large percentage of the people in our nation worship the Almighty Government and regard all of us, who are not part of the ruling class, to be subservient to the Almighty Government.

      I could go on … I hope you get the picture.

  23. Huge mistake. The cops tolerate Antifa because they’re just leftist troublemakers with sticks who maybe burn something or smash a window. That will change fast if they start shooting.

    Though this may be the most brilliant gun control fake out ever. Modern gun control got a huge boost in CA when. Black Panthers started carrying. Antifa brandishing firearms is a perfect excuse for more gun control.

    • “Antifa brandishing firearms is a perfect excuse for more gun control.”

      This was the comment I was looking for.

      A likely scenario. For the Soros and Bloomberg camps, it is a no loss plan. Stir up trouble, make conservatives look like the bad guys, the communists as the victims and in the end, get more gun control.

  24. Maybe some of these wannabes will learn some disipline and responsability in this setting. Of one thing I am certain, most of these ghetto rats have never had a firm hand(other than a jailer) and many will not like it. The ones that learn from the experiance will have to obey orders and will be better people for it.
    Most of the Black Panthers from the late 60s went through this, some turned to crime, or continued the life, but it wasn’t the willy nilly life they had before.

    • I dont think theyre will be any “firmhanded” leadership amongst them. Theyre just young wannabe intellectuals who dont know what theyre doing.

      On a side note, the idea of anarchists having leaders and a ranking system is pretty ironic. Ive never understood what anarchists define anarchy as. If theres no government, how do enforce your socialist values or provide for other people? Or maintain any kind of infrastructure for that matter.

      • It was explained to me once, by a “mature” anarchist, that the end game is no government at all. No masters. No lords. No chaos. Just balance. Everyone relies on themselves. You pull your own weight, or you kick rocks. No one is going to do it for you.

        Need something you don’t have? Learn to make it. Need it right now? Barter for it.

        Someone threatening the…(I was gonna say village but somehow that doesn’t really seem to fit here)…

        Someone threatening the collection of individuals who refuse to be called a group? All to arms.

        Threat vanquished? Back to your normal routines.

        No lords or masters. Everyone for themselves, unless a threat to one is a threat to all.

        I can readily see the appeal, though at this point in human history, it’s not gonna happen. Not on any real scale anyway. I guess for now Burning Man is (or used to be?) as close as were going to get.

  25. Well that just rips it! I’m going to start my own anti-antifa militia. I encourage everyone to join who is close enough to attend the training. Of course, I’ll need money to buy the land, the weapons, pay some ex ScubaRanger Commandos as trainers, and pay myself a salary to manage all of this. I’ll set up a go fund me account ASAP and will let everyone know how they can contribute. Our country depends on it so give till it hurts.

  26. I’m sure this is a scam. However, those of us born before the 1960s will remember names like the Weather Underground and the Symbionese Liberation Army. To advance the “revolution”, they blew up a few university buildings, robbed some banks and kidnapped a few people. Although they were dangerous, there weren’t very many of them and most ended up dead or in prison. The majority of “radicals” were college kids like the current crop of dildo-carrying, anti-gun protesters. They were contemptuous of their parents, who were paying for their “educations”, and of students from blue collar families for whom a college education was the pathway to a better life. Most of the “radicals” wised up when they grew older and discovered they had to earn a living. The major difference between then and now is that many more people, who are disinclined to tolerate being the targets of politically motivated violence, either hold concealed carry permits or are able to obtain them.

  27. Enlist in U.S. Army:
    Basic Taining>AIT>Jump School>Ranger School>SFQC>possibility of being recycled or failing at any point. Also, deployments and combat experience.


  28. Y’all realize this is a honey pot that white supremacists / NAZIS set up to get some poor unsuspecting 16 year old interested in anarchism or something to give them contact info and friends info so they can kick the crap out of them right?

    Only a complete moron or naive kid would think this was legit. Not that you’re all complete morons or anything…

  29. As I have said here repeatedly, the civil war has already begun.

    The left want you dead…act accordingly.

    When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag of anti Fascism..

    • Civil war? If you had been around in the 60s you would have been hiding under your bed. Civil war? You’re going to be suffering ptsd before the war starts at this rate. If it starts.

      Don’t believe it will.

    • No, the quote is “When Fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” let’s take a look at what happened a few months ago.

      We got a president and congress who:

      1. Fearmonger
      2. Uphold ultranationalist policies
      3. Only broadcast “truths” that make them look good
      4. Uphold themselves as being moral and guided by God
      5. Make heavy use of flag imagery.
      6. Stigmatize their opponents.
      7. Demand a strong military.
      8. Create fear of “others”.
      9. Demand a crackdown on “subversive” influences.

      The Republicans are Fascists.

      • You do realize that nice list lines up very well with both parties, especially this past election?

      • “No, the quote is “When Fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” let’s take a look at what happened a few months ago.”

        Hate Much?
        For all the populace talk Trump is not that. He and the people he has chosen are not fascists, He attacks the media because they lie about everything. The Media has been lying since Viet Nam. As a veteran I have NEVER trusted the media or the left but a fascist I am not. Not a Trump sycophant, I agree with his pick on the Supreme Court and Maddog Mattis. I want lower taxes and the gov should not be giving out our money to every little whiner.

        But Sergi you shouldn’t be standing by you mailbox for your I whine I get paid check. It ain’t coming.

        • Trump is the liar and headcase in chief.

          The media doesn’t lie about him — he just screams FAKE N000Z every time he’s caught in a lie. Sorry, alternative facts, which are a lot like alternative medicine meaning bullshit. I can call banging my girl with no protection alternative contraception and it doesn’t change the fact that it is only alternative contraception as in zero contraception.

          Now, let’s come up with a list of people Trump has told us to fear:

          * Mexicans
          * Muslims
          * Immigrants

          Additionally, I don’t get how you can like Trump as a vet. He insults our allies and was too chickenshit to go. Star athlete at a premier institution with bone spurs my ass! Of course he loves bullying and picking fights. And picking on actual warriors who went and suffered for their country.

        • Sergie,

          Your sources are pathetic. You are a textbook case of confirmation bias – you only listen to the fake news that’s as out of touch with reality as you are.

          Seriously.. this is sad. Just stop before this gets any deeper into tinfoil-hat land.

      • Sergei? REALLY?

        You can’t accept Uncle Joe’s definitions any more. The Soviet Union failed.

      • YAWN

        Empty Hyperbolic rhetoric is hyperbolic…. and empty.
        Get some new material. This is just the liberal version of “EHRMAGUUURD URBAMA ISH A MUSLIM SPY!!””

  30. I laughed when I saw the claim of having a former GB and Ranger as instructors. But is suppose its possible. The one Delta guy (too lazy to look it up) became a card carrying communist lowlife and he had previously done great things on behalf of the American people.

  31. So the first thing on our Antifa training camp agenda: start the day off doing yoga followed by an organic kale salad. After some heavy trolling on sites where I have no business being anyhow, drink some kombucha and play with my beard and mustache like a teenage girl does with her hair. Then meet up with my bromance to pose for Instagram photos of doing something extreme (like hiking three miles to a scenic vista being careful to crop out the litter from the other dirtbags who can’t pack it back with them). After making our way back to the shared house to argue about who drank the rest of my chocolate flavored boutique microbrew I can team up with some “artists” to do some protest street art to get our message out at the expense of some hardworking business owner. And there is a peaceful demonstration that we have to infiltrate later and really make ourselves known. If I don’t get arrested, that’s cause for celebration- guess I’ll put my parents trust fund up my nose. Plus, I believed everything my professor said so he gave me an A without any real effort. So now I deserve a gun. The very people that works to ensure that I have the right to buy one are a bunch of meanies who say things, so I guess we need to train real hard now… you know if my black pants aren’t too tight.

  32. I’ve been advocating for a Restorative War for many years. The Liberal Terrorists™ Pose an existential threat to our Constitutional Republic and the must be exterminated. All 25 million of them. Yes, I’m serious. Let’s get to killin’, so my child may know peace.

  33. These kiddies have the stomach to pull a trigger on someone? I bet they couldn’t even shoot a squirrel. If they start playing with big boys they might not like what happens.

    • The sight of the spent brass crossing right to left across their fields of view would give them instant PTSD. The smell of sulfur would make them vomit. And the recoil of a .223 would dislocate their shoulders.

    • Never underestimate a commie’s willingness to kill. They’re commies: they have no morals or conscience. If they believe it’s for the greater good they have no problem seeing millions of men, women, and children pushed into mass graves.

  34. You have got to be fucking me. Conservatives rant for decades about being armed and training for black helicopters and jack-booted government thugs and being ready to fight oppression, and it’s all okay. There is a leftist group that preaches pretty much the same idea and suddenly they’re terrorists? This isn’t the pot calling the kettle black — this is Gordon Ramsey calling a drill sergeant mean. Congratulations, when supreme stupidity and utmost retardation meet, we get this and we all lose.

    • When was the last time a conservative militia rioted in the streets and beat people up for going to a lecture?

      • Ding, ding, winner. I’ve known a few of those the government wants to get us guys, they wear there tinfoil and keep to themselves. They might prepare to fight, but they don’t start one with other citizens. It’s a little different when these guys are throwing molotov cocktails and bricks.

    • No one ever said that stupidity is confined to one side of the political aisle.

      Also, I’ve never seen or heard or a right wing militia advertising that you can join them and be a MAC-V/SOG/Delta/SEAL/ParaRescue/Cav Scout/Airborne/Ranger-operator certified badass.

      There are survivalist companies that put on pretty legit SERE classes where a bunch of serious people with a lot of prior experience show up. Often no one passes.

      • Bo Gritz used to sell S.P.I.K.E. videos that promised to make you a green beret just like him.

        I would love to see the links to private SERE training though! I’ve seen randall adventure training, which is survivalist, but never SERE. ESPECIALLY things that include counter-interrogation/torture training.

    • Look, moron: Alex Jones spent years talking about black helicopters. We rolled our eyes at him, and look! We were right. No FEMA camps.

      And now, the entire fucking Left has gone Alex Jones! You don’t even see that, do you? You’re a bunch of paranoid tweakers.

    • The right wing versions of these groups generally prepare for future contingencies and don’t bother anyone in the mean time. These leftists openly advocate and practice proactive violence against anyone they disagree with. They appear to be getting ready to escalate the kind of violence they use, probably out of desperation due to their failure at the Battle of Berkley:

    • These are commies. They are not remotely promoting the same thing. The nut jobs on the right just wanted to be left alone. The nut jobs on the left want to redistribute our stuff. Pretty much the opposite of leaving people alone.

  35. Id really, really like to see these homos go toe to toe with anyone. I mean anyone. A militia, the Feds, the NG, fuck, the Boy Scouts. Literally after one of them gets their head spilt open by a 5.56 the rest will run away screaming naked and crying, faster than the Iraqi army at Mosul.

  36. I’m an OFWG. My feet hurt, my back gives me issues, and I have to wear bifocals to read and watch TV. But on my worst day I’m still better at focused violence than they’ll ever be. Bring it.

    • Fighting HURTS when you’re an OFWG. When you’re young, you can mix it up on Friday night, take an aspirin Saturday, and play volleyball all day Sunday.
      When you’re an OFWG, you don’t want that. Take a month to walk without a limp when you get old. Old guy won’t fight ya.

      He’ll KILL ya.

  37. I wonder if the resistance is going to sign up for the training? Sounds like the perfect event for him so he can become a super seal ranger scuba operator!

  38. Most likely they are using this facility.

    Other than inner most parts of Cinnci, Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio is the not the smartest state to hold such training. Ohio is sort of redneck. Before anyone gits there knickers in a wad, I’ve lived their befur leavin to be a member of Uncle Sammy’s yacht club. Oh forgot about Athens home of OU, it’s another infestation of lefties.
    I would be more likely to believe a FB group of heroin users than this being group being real.

  39. Most of these guys who pick up arms and decide to fight that way will be poorly-trained at best. They’ve maybe squeezed off a few rounds at the range and possibly got some “training” from a guy who watched a lot of Youtube videos. It’s easy to get good when the paper targets don’t move. However, if they take the fight in this direction, the targets, whether they be right-wing gun owners, the cops, or other government types, will be shooting back.

    It’s also possible some of these guys could be disaffected people with military training, so that alone means people should exercise caution and not just dismiss the whole lot of them as kids who played too much CoD – even though most of them are.

    Also remember the golden BB theory, all it takes is one lucky hit. The kids might just fill the air with lead, hoping someone on the other side gets hit. It could be you.

    Is the threat worth watching? Definitely. Even without guns, these kids have proved they’re willing to get violent. Right no the violence is contained to where they have home court advantage, i.e. gun control cities and college campuses where compliant law enforcement officers give them room to riot. I’ve seen the Antifa banner pop up in surprising places lately, and I hope it doesn’t get beyond much more than some summertime pushover BS.

    Right now, just keep an eye on them, and be ready. They could flip at any moment.

    • Yes, It’s foolish to be dismissive of your enemies threats simply because you have contempt for them. Most of the Antifa are posers but I imagine that …..even though small in number….the true believers are still dangerous.

      As far as the OFWG go ….please, you guys won’t take any risks legal or lethal because you have too much to lose.

      • You denigrate the old guys, who have done things for longer than you’ve been on this earth, PDW.

        So, what have you done that you feel you have bragging rights?

        • I’m 58 years old, White but not fat ( 6′ 205 lbs ) so I doubt you’re too much older than me. But If you’ve been “doing things” longer than I’ve been on this Earth…which for me is almost six decades…then I salute you for even still being alive.

          BTW, I neither boasted nor bragged nor referenced some former military service from decades in the past to imply some present day bad-assery.

          What gets under my skin is the continued false bravado that permeates the gun community. I listened to the same shit back during the Ruby Ridge / Branch Davidians episodes of the early 90’s. It was all talk. Most of those guys would shit their pants whether they were faced with armed ATF or armed Marxists.

          They weren’t willing to do the easy thing and go with me and counter protest Handgun Control or the Million Mom March which required nothing from them but a little time. Why would they be willing to do the hard thing like risk their life in armed street fighting ?

          As for myself, how the hell I would respond fighting alone against angry Marxists is anybody’s guess. I don’t fantasize about being some kind of bad ass.

          I do know that if I cross that line my life as I know it is over with. We’ll see.

  40. General James proletarius thompson……

    Id laugh myself to death from repeating that name over and over long before any trigger gets pulled.

  41. They’re near my neck of the woods. If they bring their BS up here, I know plenty of people around here who would be more than happy to ensure that they go home in shiny black bags.

  42. I’m not concerned. Self reliance is the way of the conservative. The more self reliant they become, the more they are on our side. The antifa today that learn quality skills such as these may very well be conservatives in ten years after they have reconciled their cognitive dissonance, and current logical hypocrisies.

    • Spetsnaz was all about self-reliance ( especially in enemy territory ) and I’m pretty sure their devotion to communism could have been described as …..fanatical ? ?

  43. When their military style LARP’ing causes bodily harm to themselves, as shown in other videos, they will run away…still hiding behind face-masks they purchased from WalMart with Mommy and Daddy’s Visa.

  44. Well, its 2022 now and I do not see any Leftist militias insurrecting anything. I do not see even a third of the mass casualty events caused by right wingnuts or your police upon the left- being done by any of us here on the left. So all of your predictions were unfortunately wrong. I am an Armed Marxist. We espouse ANTI-REACTIONARY principles. We require Theory reading and understanding of both left and right wing history and philosophies. Whereas when this article took up the task to describe what Antifascism IS, this JoUrNaLiSt settled on “iTs jUSt dUmB.” Do you not see that this very thing is why you will all face the wall? I mean Im ok with that. Cultural evolution requires it. But, If you are going to be an armed right wing person who espouses fascism…you should all at least be served by media that ARMS you with real knowledge of what an Antifa IS before you get your necks split. At least we have extensive resources that help us to discern real threats so as not to waste our time, resources or ammunition.
    I could infiltrate ANY right wing event at a moments notice. I have every piece of wardrobe, knowledge about who I can contact for invites/access, an embedded right wing counter-identity WITH right wing contacts who accept me as their own, and most importantly I have been taught the ideology, talking points and regional nuances. It also helps that the talking points are so simplistic that they are easy to recall and parrot. I mean we even have events where we complete exercises by attending parties, live events and even TINDER dates to hone our skills.
    Your ilk on the other hand may have a handful of people who have this ability, but its def a rarity. Your willful reactionary ignorance and coveted individualism works against you from the beginning. Your leaders and media are making sure you think antifa is is just a bunch of waify soy boys who do not ‘understand’ our own lived experiences. As if we dont constantly hold other leftists to account to read theory constantly, lol. Your leaders and the author of this ‘piece?’ are teaching you that we are in a phase. As if leftism to right reactionism was some sort of natural evolutionary story arc. Now thats funny. But, I would feel pissed off and shorted at your poorly read leaders and media. They have helped to set you up for failure and most likely- earlier death. This article continues the hoodwink that Antifa is some hierarchy group that advertises like this when they are conducting training…That Antifa is like right wing militias- just with skinny kids and less racism…It doesnt tell you that Antifascists are already all around you. That overall, our younger aged demographic is not only replacing dying fash Boomers in the voting roles, but in general EXISTENCE. Your reactionism and misplaced outrage about public health has wasted years of research you could have done on what will ultimately be your demise if you even survive COVID. Your all so concerned about your THINGS and property that you propped your gun culture up with the idea of protecting a bunch of shit no one even wants to steal, anyways. SCARCITY is our specialty. WE KNOW HOW TO GO WITHOUT. Your so busy fantasizing and masturbating about “stand your ground” that I have already BEEN radicalizing your kids on TIK TOK😁. Im going to wrap this up before I enlighten any of you too much. But, bottom line is: HI, IM ADRIENNE. JUST YOUR TYPICAL SUBURBAN MOM OF 3 DRIVING YOUR KIDS IN THE CAR POOL. COACHING SOCCER AND THE DEBATE TEAM AT YOUR KIDS SCHOOL. KALASHNIKOV ENTHUSIAST. MY WEAKNESS IS COFFEE, BASHING FASH, AND BUSTING A CAP IN ANCAPS. OUR strength is that WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE.


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