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Listen up vegans, tree huggers, fruitarians and herbivorous liberals . . . According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, since the late 1930’s, hunters, target shooters and the firearms industry have been the nation’s largest contributors to conservation. They’ve paid up to $11b for programs that benefit America’s wildlife and ALL who love the outdoors. You’re welcome. Now let’s get this party started . . .

Picture or it didn’t happen! Thermal Scopes Now Shipping to North American Dealers “Pulsar listened to user feedback and designed Trails with built-in video recording, 8gb of internal memory, and Stream Vision compatible Wi-Fi. Stream Vision allows users to upload videos and pictures to their smartphones or tablets for video streaming, wireless monitoring and operating software upgrades. Pulsar Trails feature a rich 17µm 384x288px or optional top-of-the-line 640x480px sensor, providing clean thermal images to a frost-resistant AMOLED display.”

I need one for Tex, the TTAG Toyota Tacoma. Just sayin’ . . . “TruckVault Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of in-vehicle storage solutions invites the public to participate in a market research survey. Participants are entered for a chance to win a Benelli Super Black Eagle 3. The winner will be announced May 9th, at 10:00am PST via TruckVault’s Facebook page. Participants must be 18 or older to enter. To participate in the survey click here.”

I think Ryan, the healthy happy vegan needs to become a crocodile whisperer and live amongst the crocodiles in Africa for a while. It’s apparent he believes two crocodiles plotted and executed the assassination of a well known hunting guide in Africa to preserve their fellow animal friends. I felt like I was watching an episode of snapped with his descriptive crime scene theories. Apparently, he also believes that the meat harvested from elephants during a safari hunt doesn’t go to good use. Yet another reason why he should move to Africa, live amongst the hungry villagers in Zimbabwe that have to resort to eating baboons to survive.  I give Ryan the Happy Vegan one great big STFU from Texas.

Let’s watch how this elephant carcass clearly goes to waste at the hands of villagers. Ryan the Happy Vegan (eye roll) . . .
See What Happens to an Elephant After Elephant Hunting – “Hunting of elephants by tourists is cost effective, profitable and easily monitored. The foreign hunter pays for all participation in the hunt, including government fees, and for taking the natural resource. A government representative is usually present. Animals are taken under a quota. The stakeholders in such an arrangement include the hunter, the professional hunter (guide), the regulatory agency (National Parks or Wildlife) and the people who live with the elephants (the community).”

Excuses, excuses. Unlicensed hunting at three-year low . . . “’As you can imagine, we hear all kinds of stories about why they may not have had a license,’ Schaller said. ‘I think probably the rationale we hear most often is they thought maybe the species they were hunting was covered by the actual license they had; say they had a deer license and maybe they were hunting coyote, and they’d say ‘I thought the deer license covered all hunting.’”  Telling a game warden that you thought your deer license covers all other species is like telling a cop the you thought it was a really long yellow light. Stop lying.  In Texas, you don’t have to have a license to hunt “nuisance fur bearing animals” but you do have to have one to hunt a turtle apparently.

Cool ammo pouches but the music makes you want to wish you didn’t “Use it or lose it”. I’ll admit I’ve used a Home Depot apron on a dove hunt more than once . . . because I’m fancy like that.

Speaking of do-it-yourselfer’s, check out these awesome hunting blinds! I love looking at hunting equipment I can’t afford . . . it makes me feel like I have something to look forward to. Nah, just give me a trailer in the sky and my Weatherby Vanguard Camilla because I like the simple life. What’s your dream hunting blind? [Note: not “what’s your dream while hunting while blind.”]

I’m not a fan of fanning. Unless it’s Dakota Fanning. Which isn’t fanning in Dakota – unless it’s Dakota Fanning fanning in Dakota . . .  Turns out, the turkey hunters were stalking each other. Then one of them fired – “Fanning is an effective tactic, and toms that have often ignored a hunter’s calls have run to a turkey fan, thinking it could be a rival tom. Some turkeys have actually collided with fans held by hunters. Other times, hunters have hidden behind a fan and crawled across open ground to a flock of turkeys that think it’s just another bird coming to tag along . . . ‘The error is always with the shooter on these kinds of things. They pulled the trigger,’ said Hughes, with the National Wild Turkey Federation. ‘The problem is with some techniques, like fanning, it makes it all too easy for the shooter to make that mistake.'” Bottom line: beware of your target and who’s crouching behind it.

A final thought: “We’ve got a problem here, and we are willing to fix it ourself. We have that Western, swashbuckling, cowboying type of way to deal with things. It’s part of the culture, it’s different than any other state.” Representative Mark Keough, Texas Lawmaker Wants to Legalize Hunting Feral Hogs from Hot Air Balloons 

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    • “… thought it said “Money for Hunting Vegans” xD”

      I dated a vegan for a short time. A very short time.

      There is defiantly something in the wisdom of what a game animal eats can negatively impact the taste.

      I’ll stick to game that eats a well-balanced diet with lots of complex amino acids, thank you… 🙂

        • I must admit I’m surprised as hell that hasn’t been zapped yet.

          *snicker* 🙂

          But I was being straight-up swear-to-God serious in my observation.

          Her body chemistry was ‘off’, and *not* in a good way. Meats are loaded with all kinds of complex molecules, and we’re better off for it health-wise.

          If a potential date tells me she is vegan, I just don’t bother…

  1. Dove hunting in a Home Depot apron, Liberte? That’s awesome! I’ll have that visual for the rest of the evening.

  2. Reading the comments on the happy vegans video is effective if you’re looking for a way to become enraged without much effort. These sick, deranged individuals are actually praising the mans death. Maybe they should strike up a conversation with the indigenous people about the croc’s habit of eating children on a daily basis. At one point I would have raised an objection, but, what’s the point? Argue with an idiot, become an idiot.

    • Compassion for wild animals is inversely proportional to hunger. It is impossible to be compassionate when you are starving.

      • Human compassion is also inversely proportional to one’s dedication to veganism (at least in the aggregate; I know a couple of exceptions to the rule).

        • @Ing: Bulls**t. Studies prove exactly the opposite – as you would logically expect. You either are as a rule more attuned to and bothered by suffering, animal or human, or you tend to be sociopathically anesthetized against it. And any media entity or film producer wants to find the most outrage-producing quotes they can, boring quotes fall on the editing room floor. Are you sure you want your 2A positions judged by clips of nutcases selectively edited by the mainstream corporate gun-hostile media too?

          There are more of us pro-2A-defense vegans than you’d think. But it takes intelligence to think outside of the 2-party manipulation paradigm, and there’s not enough out there on either “side”, yours included. This is not about BS “liberalism” or “conservatism” or “parties”. When I’m worried the NRA might get soft I have been known to donate to NAGR – does that tell you anything?

          The 2A has nothing to do with land maintenance expenses. It is not about hunting. It is a constitutionally recognized (not permitted, recognized) right. It is about the security of a free state. That’s it.

          Stop forgetting that, people.

  3. Turkey hunters really are a bit weird. Dress up like a turkey during turkey season, nothing bad can happen.

    Do they dress like a deer during deer season?

  4. “…Texas Lawmaker Wants to Legalize Hunting Feral Hogs from Hot Air Balloons ”

    Knowing there are some lawmakers somewhere having conversations with other lawmakers trying to convince them to support hunting from hot air balloons…. really does bring a smile to the face.


    This is the problem with our current slate of lawmakers. Can’t you make a law that says it is legal to hunt feral hogs and be done with it? Why do you need one law saying helicopters are ok and then a different law that says balloons are ok? It’s the hunting that you are legalizing, why do you also have to add qualifiers to the process? Because if I am in a blimp and shoot a feral hog, a blimp is not a balloon so is what i did legal or not?

  5. Make it legal to hunt hogs from a hot air balloon if you want, but I’d rather use a powered parachute (PPC). At a fraction the cost of a helicopter and being able to control where you go unlike a hot air balloon a PPC would make a great platform for shooting hogs from the sky.

  6. So, something is ok so long as you pay for it? Plenty of homeless people out there, we could then donate to Habitat for Humanity and call it good. Soylent Green anyone. Some people think it’s not ok to terminate a pregnancy, others think it’s not ok to terminate a squirrel. Do animals have souls? If they do, you’ll be going straight to hell with the abolitionists. Keep some animals as pets, treat them better than humans, shoot other animals and eat them.

  7. Pittman-Robertson is supported by a 10% “excise” tax on firearms and ammunition.

    If the Supreme Court were to rule that you cannot tax a right, the money would vanish. If the Supreme Court were to rule that taxes or fees cannot be excessively burdensome, whether the tax remains depends on the ruling.

    This money not only funds conservation, but shooting and archery ranges on state lands -states which would never in a billion years fund gun ranges in today’s climate. Without the tax, rifles and ammo might be cheaper, but there would be no place to shoot in some states. Environmental regulations and land scarcity make new ranges extremely expensive.

  8. lol, I’m an odd one. I enjoy hunting, I drive a truck, and yet I’m trying to become vegan. Not because of the “don’t eat animals!…thing”, but because I’m hoping to lose weight & cure my arthritis…which it can supposedly do. You can Youtube “John Mcdougall” if your curious.


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