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I definitely wouldn’t mind filling my freezer with some tatanka courtesy of the Grand Canyon . . . Good with a gun? National Park Service wants your help thinning Grand Canyon bison herd

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — The National Park Service plans to thin a herd of bison in the Grand Canyon through roundups and by seeking volunteers who are physically fit and proficient with a gun to kill the animals that increasingly are damaging park resources.

Some bison would be shipped out of the area and others legally hunted in the adjacent forest. Within the Grand Canyon, shooters would be selected through a lottery to help bring the number of bison roaming the far northern reaches of the park to no more than 200 within three to five years.

About 600 of the animals now live in the region, and biologists say the bison numbers could hit 1,500 within 10 years if left uncontrolled.

Oy vey. Enough with the pink already. Geez, Michigan politicians debate pink vs. orange more than they debate important subjects like energy and teacher pension reform . . . Michigan hunters told orange, not pink, is safer choice

As hunting season rolls around, those looking to enjoy the sport in Michigan must wear “blaze orange.”

A ruling this week by the Michigan Natural Resources Commission rejected a proposal for hunters to have the option of wearing “hunter pink” as their primary safety color in the woods, the Detroit Free Press reported.

“The commission has retained the blaze orange requirement for hunter safety,” Ed Golder, a spokesman for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, told the Press.

With the decision, Michigan joins Illinois, Maine and Montana in rejecting “hunter pink,” an option that has been touted as a way of encouraging more women to take up hunting.

“Hunter pink” has been embraced in Colorado, Louisiana, Minnesota, New York, Virginia and Wisconsin, the Press reported.

Great news to go along with National Hunting and Fishing Day next week. Sec. Ryan Zinke and President Trump making good on some promises and scoring brownie points with outdoorsmen . . . Trump admin to expand hunting access on public lands

Interior Department Secretary Ryan Zinke signed an order Friday morning aiming to expand access for hunters and fishers to public lands and monuments.

In what is being described as an “expansive” secretarial order, Zinke’s rule would ultimately allow broader access across the board to hunters and fishers on public lands managed by the Interior Department, according to the order.
A section of the order also amends the national monument management plan to include or expand hunting and fishing opportunities to the “extent practicable under the law.”
If deer season is like Christmas to hunters then National Hunting and Fishing Day would be like . . . what? Easter? This is your chance to share the gospel with some non-believers. The hunting gospel that is . . . Remember National Hunting and Fishing Day next Saturday

One of the great annual traditions in the outdoors, National Hunting and Fishing Day, is set for next Saturday. For the past 45 years, the day has served as a public reminder that hunters and anglers are America’s premier conservation supporters.

So, how do hunting and angling translate to conserving wild places? How exactly do sportsmen and sportswomen help the resources that are also enjoyed by mountain bikers, bird-watchers, backpackers and others?

Hunters and anglers do lots of things for conservation. They volunteer for work projects such as outdoor cleanup days. They help biologists develop water sources for wildlife. They teach hunter education classes, and do lots, lots more. But when you get right down to it, their most important contribution is cash, and lots of it. Can you guess how much?

There’s a lot of talk about women and hunting lately, which is good. However, please don’t name a program “Becoming an Outdoor Woman” and expect us to line up at the door to get in. You think “gun slinging grandmas” wore pink? I don’t think so . . . Great time for women to join in the fun of hunting
Many times I have heard the saying that hunting is a man’s sport. But is it? Modern day women have decided they too want to get in on what the men have been doing for so many years. They are fast learning that the sports of hunting and shooting are a ton of fun.Many programs throughout the state in the “Becoming an Outdoor Woman” program are helping women learn about fishing for trout, freshwater bass and panfish as well as saltwater offerings.
In addition to this the ladies are learning the shooting sports of waterfowl hunting and identification, upland-game hunting and big-game hunting for deer.Right now women are encouraged to register for the upcoming deer hunt which will be held the first Saturday in December at the deer-rich South Post of Fort Devens.
Part 1 of the program is Oct. 28 at the Shirley Rod and Gun Club where there is a seminar on deer hunting plus live-fire training with your shotgun. Instructors will be behind every hunter for the program.The cost of the program is just $25 — a bargain no matter where you go. To sign up go to and click on becoming an outdoor woman. But please take note: You must register by this weekend or be left out.
Be honest with me, gentlemen. Is this the picture of your ideal family? Ralph clearly has it made with a beautiful wife, three beautiful kids and, of course, a lot of venison . . . Hunting is a way of life for Angelo family

Look out Duck Dynasty’s Robertson clan … the Angelo family is coming for you.

There is a family in Honeoye Falls that is the ultimate example of a family that hunts together stays together. Between them they have harvested well over 100 whitetail deer and that’s not counting Grandpa Ralph, Sr. Add in his deer harvest and you are well over 200 whitetails.

When it comes to an energetic discussion on hunting, Ralph Angelo makes me seem like a Trappist monk. The only difference between Ralph and myself is that his stories are interesting. The man has a passion!

I have one word to say about hunting hogs with thermal night vision . . . EPIC. Take a look at my hunt with Lone Star Boars last week. Article coming soon.

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    • I say let folks wear whatever they want. The less state/fed regs the better.
      And when you have different rules in different states for the same activity…well either state “A” is wrong or state “B” is wrong, or the rules don’t really have the effect on the reality of the activity that the law makers thought.

      I think better hunter education, and driving home the idea that if you shoot at movement instead of an identified target that matches what you are hunting, you are going to have a bad time.

  1. So, how come my cpu is hammered to 100% when I have TTAG open in a tab in chrome (adblock plus), firefox (adblock plus) and IE? Am I mining digital currency for the advertisers?

    • I thought you were kidding but I opened my systems monitor and I’ll be damned if it isn’t the same for me in firefox with adblock plus. Close the TTAG tab and it drops back down.

        • I don’t mean to say TTAG is mining in the browser, but that the javascript blocker seems to have fixed the cpu hammering for me. It also seems to have broke the edit feature on the comments here, but I didn’t have to type my Name and Email in to post a comment as I’ve had to for a long time now.

      • “So, how come my cpu is hammered to 100% when I have TTAG open in a tab…”

        Just checked mine, Win 8.1.

        Firefox at idle, 5-10 percent.

        IE, it averages about 95 percent.

        TTAG, this is *NOT* cool, in any way.

        What’s going on with this? I’ve always suspected the real threat from modern Trojans – malware – viruses wasn’t to crash systems, but to run ‘under the radar’ to do things like steal CPU cycles for crypto-currency mining…

        • Mark N.,

          Some definitions of cryptocurrency:

          “A digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.”
          ( result for “definition cryptocurrency” in Google’s search field)

          “A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. A cryptocurrency is difficult to counterfeit because of this security feature. A defining feature of a cryptocurrency, and arguably its most endearing allure, is its organic nature; it is not issued by any central authority, rendering it theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.”

          As for your systems monitor, you can access that on computers running Windows operating system if you press the “Ctrl”, “Alt”, and “Delete” keys simultaneously and choose “Task Manager” from the resulting pop-up menu.

        • “Heck, I don’t even know what crypto currency mining is or where to find my systems monitor.”

          Right click on that window pane-looking thing on the far lower left of the screen.

          Click on ‘Run’ in the menu, enter “taskmgr” in the empty box and click OK.

          And there you go on that.

          An example of a Crypto-currency is ‘Bitcoin’.

          The ‘Bitcoins’ are created by a *highly* computational-intensive computer program.

          It is so computational-intensive that the cost of the electricity required to perform the calculations can easily be as much as the Bitcoin is worth.

          Because of that, some nefarious virus-trojan spreaders are out there that infect your computer, use as many of your computer’s available ‘cycles’ to do those calculations and reports the results back to the thief.

          If they can spread thousands of copies of a virus to do that, they stand to make a nice profit on stealing your computer’s processing power.

          “Criminals are trying to take control of PCs and turn them into Bitcoin miners.”

          If you notice your computer running slowly, you may be infected with something ‘stealing’ CPU cycles…

        • You guys need to fix your computer’s – mine runs a steady 22%, like on every webpage. Maybe it’s my firewall – you guys have firewalls right?

    • If I don’t look at the site through Ghostery, the page goes into error mode and constantly reloads. The page jumps around too. Weird stuff.
      Still having to type my name and email addy.

      • Same on this end.

        Tom, on Firefox, I noticed if I double-click on the name-addy fields, it will pull up a drop-down that has my name-data in it.

        Select and click once, it pastes the data in the field.

        We shouldn’t have to do this in the first place, but that work-around saves typing clicks at the expense of a few mouse clicks…

        • Would be nice if clicking on “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” worked at all.
          Am I the only one it doesn’t work for?
          Using Ghostery, my performance monitor varies, but averages about 10-20%.

    • There is a script running all the time. I know this because it crashes frequently in Android. I know it is about to crash because I can not scroll up or down. This crashing script is the reason I have stopped going to TTAG on any Android device prior to 8.0. The jury is still out on 8.0 as I haven’t seen the failure in the three weeks I have been running it, but that may be because the script doesn’t run on that version of Android yet.

      • Use uBlock Origin for Android/Firefox. It’s a script blocker and the only way I have been able to make TTAG work on my phone without it devouring all system resources and crashing. I’m on Android 7.0 btw

        • No problem. I tried to avoid using script blockers/ad blockers for as long as I could, but the incredibly poorly scripted ad service for this site forced my hand. It had become so bad I couldn’t open more than one tab on my S5 or later my S8. TTAG, fix your shit or at least only allow scripts not written by paste-eaters. You are killing your community.

    • Just FYI, This morning I noticed TTAG is not causing the CPU to run 100% for me as yesterday on Chrome, FF or IE -even with no script blocker enabled.

    • I don’t see this on linux + chrome. All 8 cores are between 2-4%. I’m using almost exactly 10% memory. I am getting an interesting bandwidth modulation, with a tx and rx peak every 10 seconds.

    • This is not an easy fix, but one that I like to utilize for sites that eat resources (I’ve noticed it on several, and it seems to be the ad content). Put certain sites into the “restricted zone” (IE, internet options, security, restricted sites, site button). This will keep sites in the restricted zone from running scripts. Quick and dirty method is to put the primary site in the zone, but you often lose functionality, depending upon site. I will usually try to determine source for ad content (sometimes that info is up front, sometimes you’ll have to look at source code (IE=Ctrl+U) and search for .com and .net strings). It’s not for everyone, but it keeps some sites from killing my cpu. It keeps me from opening a tab, regretting opening it, and spending the next five minutes trying to kill it.

  2. They cull bison out of Yellowstone Park here in Montana also. Its a lottery, but the winner has only 24 hours to show up with his rifle and shoot the one the Ranger specifies. If the first drawn cannot make it in time, they draw again, and so on for each bison culled.
    Its not much of a hunt either. They drive you out to the herd and point at which one they want shot. Standing shot at a virtually tame animal at 100 yards or less. More like the old time ‘buffalo'(bison) ‘hunters'(shooters) than a real hunt.

  3. Yeah, this shit is getting old having to fill in name and email every freaking time I want to comment. It’s been going on for weeks on my iPhone. And my laptop.

    • You think that’s bed? TTAG is always a day late for me. I can never get the subject matter the day that , I guess everyone else gets it?? I have mentioned this to Farago a couple of time to no avail. I guess it’s true what some folks say about me. “a day late and a dollar short”

  4. Gee all I was going to say was WOW what nice thighs you have Liberte! As far as TTAG goes it’s been infinitely worse. I am annoyed with filling in the RF. I just don’t bother commenting if my interest is scant…

  5. Nice family and great NYS deer, but those kids did not kill any at least not in NYS .

    Heck my family killed over 100 NYS deer too, my daughter got one I got the rest .

  6. Got my second time with thermal gear in afghanistan (I refuse to capitalize the name after they killed my friend who was 10 days short, and going to go home to introduce his girl to his family and propose.), the way it cuts through dust is pretty amazing. Way better than standard NVG for dealing with hogs or hajjis.

    (My first time was some asshole shooting at me in iraq from a rooftop- thermal for the spotter, and I dealt with the problem with my beloved M-107 Barrett.)

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