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Hunting is dangerous! I often find myself walking through the woods, alone, thinking WTF is wrong with me? My affinity for wild game has led me to some dangerous places and put me in dangerous situations. But I can’t stop myself. Tip: always be prepared! Carry a sidearm and duct tape. Duct tape solves everything. Think how it could help this guy . . .

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New Hampshire! Your Fish & Game Commissioner has serious anti-gun issues . . .  Time To Stop an Anti-Gun New Hampshire Fish and Game Commissioner“Have you ever received a ticket for a loaded firearm in a vehicle? Were you ever told by a Conservation Officer that if you are observed carrying a loaded firearm in the woods, at any time, it is presumed you are poaching? Have you ever been forced to take a Conservation Officer back to the area where you harvested wild game and then been subjected to an endless barrage of questions, then, after answering those questions truthfully, your reward for cooperation was a ticket for maybe being a little to close to the road or to close to building even though no one was harmed?” I would literally be in prison for all the times I walked in the woods with a loaded weapon on my hip in Texas . . . looking for butterflies of course. Definitely not planning any trips to New Hampshire.

Here’s a good job for your teenager! Florida has a state-funded pilot Python-Elemination Program. Qualified hunters earn $8.10 an hour for up to eight hours a day PLUS an extra bonus depending on the length of the snake . . . Huge pythons caught so far during state’s Everglades hunting challenge – “The biggest catch, so far, went to hunter Patrick Campbell who caught a python measuring 15 feet, 10 inches and weighing 135 pounds, according to the South Florida Water Management District. The second largest catch was made by Nicholas Banos and trapping partner Leonardo Sanchez whose python measured 15 feet, 2 inches and weighed 144 pounds. The agency is paying hunters to kill invasive pythons over a 60-day period. During the program’s first 10 days, nearly $2,000 has been paid out officials announced Tuesday.”

Some people just don’t get it . . . The History Channel Must Stop Airing “Swamp People” – “Killing animals is not an acceptable thing, nor should it be televised as a reality TV show. It is clear that the History Channel and the producers of Swamp People are solely interested in making money wherever possible and they clearly have no regard for wildlife. Swamp People is a reality TV show that the History Channel airs which documents the Cajuns, or swamp people, that live in Louisiana in the swamp areas who hunt and kill innocent alligators during alligator season in order to make a living. In doing so, these ‘swamp people’ go around on a boat looking for alligators to slaughter.” Since when are alligators innocent? Never forget Disney! 


The antis want to destroy hunting like schools destroyed sex for us with those horrid sex education videos in 6th grade . . . Kill shots are educational but can they ultimately destroy hunting?  “Kill shots satisfy the cynicism of people who watch hunting shows and videos. But, I fear, they also lend ammunition to anti-hunting activists all too eager to depict hunters as bloodthirsty savages . . .The people who wish to eliminate hunting aren’t going to go away. They’ll use any wedge they can to rid society of a practice they abhor. Let’s hope kill shots aren’t that wedge.” Here’s my latest kill shot . . .

Love that Benelli shotgun! Review next week.

JWT’s wife — a serious scientist — says bigger, smarter Neanderthals lost out because they couldn’t eat as varied a diet as homo sapiens. Does that include each other . . .  Stone Age cannibals: Hunting each other not worth the hassle – “A new study suggests that ancient tribes were probably not hunting each other just for food. That’s because ‘we are not very nutritious, on a calorie level,’ compared to large game animals, said James Cole of the University of Brighton in England. Next to a mammoth, even a dozen burly Neanderthals would be slim pickings.” Tastes like chicken?

Grizzly hunting in British Columbia is on the ropes. Like dozens of publications, published an entirely one-sided look at the issue . . . A Timeline of How Grizzly Hunting Turned into a Major Election Issue in British Columbia – “Grizzly bear trophy hunting is an outdated tradition that serves no other purpose than ego-gratification and it is about time to remove this practice, which has no substantial economic or social value.” The 2017 bear hunting season could well be BC’s last.

I’m surprised Canadian anti-hunters’ arguments didn’t evoke Godwin’s Law . . . Revealed: How expedition ordered by Nazi chief Himmler to discover the roots of Ayran man in Tibet turned into a months-long drinking and hunting bender“Orders by Heinrich Himmler for artifacts and evidence of a super-race that the Germans were descended from were largely ignored by the team in the famous 1938 trek to the roof of the world [Tibet]. Having sent them on their way the explorers – led by avid duck hunter and zoologist Ernst Schäfer [above] – parked their boss’ demands and concerned themselves mostly with drinking and killing local wildlife to take back home.” If only the rest of those Nazi bastards had been so easily distracted . . .

There are people I’d hunt with any day, like my pal Matt. And then there are people I would never hunt with, even if I was starving to death. Mostly people who can’t shut up. What’s your hunting “buddy” pet peeve?

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  1. Is this a new version of Daily Digest? Pretty good for the 1st one! And I’m no hunter…

    • I’ve never seen an alligator fishing. Or was the dog fishing? Give the animals fricken lasers on their heads to level the playing field. Probably start a lot of forest fires. Lasers and fire extinguishers.

  2. “your reward for cooperation was a ticket for maybe being a little to close to the road or to close to building even though no one was harmed?”

    I’d have sympathy if someone was thrown in jail for doing that (when no one was harmed) but a ticket? Nope, you earned it.

  3. My prime complaint with my hunting partners is they move too fast. Slow down. It’s hunting game, not driving it.

  4. ” I would literally be in prison for all the times I walked in the woods with a loaded weapon on my hip in Texas . . . looking for butterflies of course.”

    So that’s what happened to all those ‘Killer Bees’ making their way north from Latin America since the early 70’s, they’ve been ‘getting busy’ with those Texas butterflies?

    *wink* 😉

    • Do you think it’s possible for him to look a little more evil? I mean, if he really, really tried?

    • He’s the asswipe who fought the “Hunting with Suppressors” bill for years in NH before it finally passed and was signed last year… F**k that toad…… Government totalitarian who will probably draw more in retirement pay, than he ever worked as a gub’mit employee….

    • New Hampshire Fish and Game seem to be intimidating law abiding hunters to discourage lawful hunting.These are public servants paid by tax dollars of NH residents? Sounds more like badge heavy bullies who with all their power, have zero sense of service to encourage use of natural resources. Why are these officials trained to harass,? Gestapo behavior do es not belong in USA. Horrible.

      • They need to be careful. I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard that being a game warden is the most dangerous law enforcement job. There may have been qualifiers on that statement, like “in Texas” or whatever.

        The reasoning is that they’re out in the woods, isolated (where it’s easy to hide a body, maybe), and about to charge someone, who is almost necessarily armed, with a crime, perhaps a felony. Even if it is a fine only, that would be a pretty big deal to someone who is poaching for food. I think everyone can see how this would escalate quickly and tragically.

  5. The public at large has become oversensitive to what was once mundane goings on. The more “carnage” on display, the better as it will have the effect of desensitizing the populace. Besides, a well placed “kill shot” is not only admirable, but also ethical provided it’s the first shot.

    Mike Godwin is a brilliant man, especially in regards to his theories of memetics and social trends. One can simplify most issues of humanity by merely superimposing this over the concept of efficacy. An argument can then be made that beings with higher magnitudes of cognizance, are simply the hosts or rather avatars of concepts and ideas.

    Hitler at his core was essentially a lunatic with a superstitious streak and affinity for the supernatural. He had a fascination with the ancient culture and religion of the Germanic tribes, especially the Norse. Woe to thy Scandinavian kinsmen as their current plight no doubt has shamed the einherjar, for there are no vikingar left in Sweden.

    That is all.

  6. Game officers in NSW Australia can give warning, ticket or court if your really stupid and are poaching. I normally see one every two years or so when I’m hunting and mainly the conversation is tips from them on where we might find more game. I meet their original manager years back and he would not hire anyone who was not a hunter before they applied.

    Off topic are there any readers around Sacramento? I’m here for weekend and local range can’t hire firearms to a single person under California anti suicide laws.

  7. Hunting partner peeve-
    I have to wear ear plugs when I hit the fart sack. His snoring is like a chain saw.

  8. That “Shocking video…” was shocking. I think if that bear had charged me several times, I wouldn’t still be filmimg!

  9. I’m mostly a bird hunter and my pet peeve is guys who move too fast and don’t let the dogs hunt.

  10. That uniformed “expert” should stop worrying about suppressors and think more about suppositories, by the look on that mug.

  11. “Never forget Disney”.
    Uh yea. Now every time I ride Splash Mountain I’m giving Br’er Gator the side eye for sure.

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