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Courtesy of Daily Mail

Geez what did Geoffrey ever do to this tween? Although it’s perfectly legal to hunt plains game in Africa I’m not sure I want to hunt this cute cuddly creature. Then again, apparently they drink too much water, creating a problem for the villagers. Surprisingly you can hunt one of these gentle giants for a mere $2500-$3500 (safari price list). More “outrage” . . .

Rebecca Francis claims she is the most hated woman in the world for posting this photo of herself with a giraffe. I have to disagree because I have never seen anyone get more hatred for hunting than Kendall Jones. The antis have even put up a hate page on Facebook for Texas born cheerleader.

Courtesy of People

Here is my gal pal Kendall Jones, showing off her huge lion kill. You can pay up to $30,000 for a white lion in Africa. If you think you’re gonna bring home your lion trophy after dropping 30+ grand, think again . . .

New U.S. rules affect the importation of any trophy from an African lion harvested on or after January 22, 2016. The rules were issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – “Special U.S. import required. Lions from southern and eastern African countries are considered ‘threatened with extinction.’ You cannot import a trophy into the U.S. without first getting a U.S. import permit, in addition to a CITES export permit. According to the rule, as of 2013 legal trophy hunting occurred in five southern and eastern African countries: Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.”

The couple that hunts together stays together.  Pictured here Josh Bowmar who hunted a bear with his spear got major crap for this photo. His wife Sara Bowmar even lost her sponsorship with Under Armour.

When we hunt hogs in Texas with a spear, no one throws up a roadblock protest.

How can we ever forget the DRAMA of Cecil The Lion. I mean really I think we saw more riots than when Trump won. So why do these hunters take hunting to the next level even though it may bring them into a negative light?

Biology explains why men kill big game like Cecil the lion — and how that behavior might be stopped – “Why do some humans engage in expensive ventures to hunt lions, elephants and other big-game species that often are endangered or otherwise threatened? The cost, according to a trio of scientists, is exactly the point: these pricey big-game hunts are meant to show off men’s high social status to competitors and potential mates.”

It appears the lions in this video are looking for a nearby Starbucks or Ikea… definitely not a threat to society.  

I wonder if anyone would have protested if this man pulled out a spear to defend himself? Hmmmmm.

Last but not least, the tragedy of the gorilla that only wanted to play with this little boy. Click here to read about the endless memes created by Harambe.

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    • FROM the bottom of my heart JWT, I want to thank you for making sure the first post was in salute to that beautiful, sweet Harambe.

      I further hope that Liberte wasn’t able to mention her post without a man in her life she cares about saluting Harambe. I’m sure Liberty would salute if she could/has the capacity.

  1. I hope all these ****** on the pics above eventually get kidnapped by a mexican cartel or by isis. They deserve it.

    • You are exactly why people carry guns and why gun control is rightly losing ground most everywhere. You absolutely deserve anything and everything you want to happen to those huntresses yourself, and literally nothing else, and your screen name fits you only too perfectly.

      • I am going to buy a gun to protect myself from people like YOU. I feel so unsafe right now, and I hope you get raped by a giraffe!

        • You’re buying a gun to protect yourself from people you PROJECT your nastiness onto, you mean. And yes, you do. You’ll always feel unsafe, no matter who many guns you own.

        • What you *hope* is so unimportant to me or anyone else, other than similar effeminate wimps, that you could not possibly imagine. Do you somehow imagine that your stupid hope is meaningful, in any way? Why would anyone even care what you hope, you are a mindless drone with no ability to think, you need someone else to tell you all the answers. Try learning a tiny bit about your subject, before making such a fool of yourself. I hope.

        • giraffe walks into a bar.
          bartender asks, “what’ll you have?”
          giraffe replies, “highballs.”

    • Disgusting people is just another one of the liberal trolls who have to hide behind an internet facade so they can feel powerful even though they are really compensating for something. probably their low iq

      • You guys are so tough none of you are on scene when there is an active shooter and other crimes involving firearms. Tell me about being tough lol. At least I have an excuse, I am unarmed. Most of you aren’t cops or soldiers so take it easy, you are just a bunch of gun range warriors, big deal!

        • DP is one of the scared little sheep that bad guys love because they’re great at being a victim. They’ll just lay down and let the bad guy kill them because they’re to stupid to defend their own life. On the bright side the police will arrive just in time to find the silly little sheep either dead or beaten to a pulp. Every knows that the police always arrive in time to save your dumb ass just like we see on TV.

        • God you’re retarded. A shit ton of people that frequent this site, not to mention gun owners, actually ARE soldiers and police, by the way. What’s really disgusting is how you lUberals think killing human babies makes you “empowered” and “feminist” and “strong”. In reality your just another lazy liberal who’s afraid of hard work. Like all lUberals are.

        • the reason we aren’t there when there is an active shooter is cause it happens in a place where guns aren’t allowed and we follow laws unlike criminals. and also cause the shootings happen in places that only pussies live in. i hope that by using the word pussy, it triggers you like how you were when trump used it

        • Dear DP, make sure you capitalize Soldiers the next time you refer to us… ok? Some of us are, I can speak for myself that I am. No I don’t want a f’ing pat on the back, it’s just the truth.

        • I’ll tell you about tough, you moron. Tough is the people who put their lives on the line every day to defend your right to run your mouth about things you can not even begin to understand.

          With absolutely no knowledge of the subject(s), you decide you are smarter than everyone else and that you should make the rules all others live by. I hope you remember that when you are confronted by some banger. Will you kneel and pray? Will you try to run away? Or will you just stand there like a deer in the headlights of an 18-wheeler as your family is cut down first so you can watch. What a hero you would be then.

          Many of us here are veterans and cops. There are also many who grew up on farms where killing protected the food they produced to place on your table (it really doesn’t just magically appear at Safeway, Krogers, etc.) People must WORK or you would starve. Lions and other animals in Africa destroy herds and crops which subsistence farmers depend upon for their families to live. The same is true in North America

          The 2nd Amendment is not my right. It’s everyone’s right… including yours. I know quite a number of people who spoke as you do, and who changed their minds as a result of life experiences. Many of them are even liberal women who found that they must look to themselves for protection. If things were your way they would have no right to defend themselves, and even cops know there will never be enough cops to protect everyone from the criminals among us. How would you feel if we started infringing on your right to run your mouth?

        • “many who grew up on farms where killing protected the food they produced ”
          Like me, for instance. I had to kill a fox in the henhouse with a Ruger Bearcat. 22RF SA. My Dad was in the field, and my Mom had taken a Sparine tablet for a migraine headache and was out like a light. It was just me and my Terrier/Chihuahua mix. But the Ruger did the job, even though he got a few chickens before I got him. I was 12 years old.
          Anybody that thinks food is born under plastic can go suck eggs, as far as I’m concerned. Not even worth talking about. Just human trash, either waiting around to die, or for somebody else to live for em’.

        • If you would have made your “point?” by commenting that pictures like the lead create antis and more importantly, are disrespectful of that fact that you did just end the life of a living thing, a fairly sentient mammal, to boot, I would understand.
          But mark the (b*sterdized) words of Roosevelt (T), Lincoln, Franklin, etc…
          It is far easier and more productive to appeal to a common interest and persuade, than to come out blazing and fight.

        • Step 1: Deny armed people access to a mall.
          Step 2: Complainthat there were no armed people at the mall when the shooter got there.
          Step 3: Lick the window on the short bus.
          Step 4: Vote for Hiliary.

        • You know what’s pathetic and psychotic….taking time out of your life to comment/troll on a site where no one gives a flying f@&k what you think. Go back to your hamster collection and PlayStation retard.

        • “At least I have an excuse, I am unarmed.”

          An excuse to continue to be a professional victim? And you’re proud of that?

          Case closed my friend, you have the mindset, outlook, and maturity of a child that wants no responsibility, isn’t self reliant, nor has accountability for the control you are trying to have over other people’s behavior.

          In short, you are a budding, powerless dictator that is having a tantrum you can’t control other people’s lives. Quite the spectacle.

        • Really, A lot of frequent commenters here are first responders and veterans. We have seen more than we should, and still have the courage and honor to act and sacrifice for all citizens. Maybe take a breath and enjoy your life in this great nation.

      • It takes heroes to shoot a giraffe! I am very impressed. And let me guess, if an African militia comes to you with AK47 and meat cleavers you are going to run for your life or die, just like me. Now that’s funny!

        • You are so tough that you actively deny by LAW our ability to carry in those places that get shot up, and it’s to assuage your paranoid delusions. So, no, you don’t get to tell us about being tough at all and you won’t. You’re not a cop or a soldier yourself, and you never could be, so your point is moot regardless.

          Let me guess: if an AntiFa platoon comes to you with truncheons and flagpoles, you are going to run for your life AND die, totally UNlike me. Now THAT is funny. 😉

    • Here’s hoping that “Disgusting people” gets abducted by munchkins and is throughly molested, that is, has a house dropped on them.

      Until then…………Somewhere over the rain…..

    • “these pricey big-game hunts are meant to show off men’s high social status to competitors and potential mates.”

      Actually, such animals might have become extinct long ago if not for the high fees paid which go to pay the salaries of armed game wardens who protect herds from poachers. This applies in Africa as well as the USA where, if not for sportsmen’s money there would be little or no conservation. (Anyone notice the similarity of the words “conservation” and conservative”?) It’s more the people who claim to want to protect animals who are responsible for the uncontrolled growth of herds of deer which leads to the rapid spread of diseases and the need to destroy whole herds. Conservationists (aka eco-Nazis) appease their immediate emotional needs but fail to look down the road and see animals like deer causing mayhem and death upon the highways due to over-population. At the same time, those expanding herds produce an abundance of greenhouse gases your type always whine about. So, in the end, you are responsible for global warming, melting of the permafrost which keeps greenhouse gases frozen in lakes and the ground. At present rate of progress, science will, in the future, be resurrecting extinct animals.

      You’re that way about how chickens are raised for meat and eggs; both cheap sources of protein for the masses who can’t afford much above that level; without even thinking about what your demands will do to the cost of food.

      You don’t want animals killed but you call for killing people who are, in the great scheme of things, animals.

      • Hey, don’t confuse conservationists with environmentalists. The “eco nazis” you refer to are the environmentalists. They’re all about the feelz and can’t possibly be bothered to learn about balance or the health of an ecosystem.

        • Agreed. Plenty of conservationists are hunters; they just want sustainable hunting and resource management. Ducks Unlimited and similar groups are conservationists for example.

    • Any chance Disgusting people says:

      Is an April Fools Troll posted by RF or the team?

      It’s so over-the-top it makes me wonder.

      P.S. If I’m wrong about that the Fool part still applies.

      • Potentially possible, nothing like a little controversy to generate traffic/activity.

        Then again, the subject of hunting tends to have its own inherent stigma.

        As stated, saying over the top things ’round these parts, is like poking the bear e.g. “Hunters are heartless bastards that need to be shot”, “Soldiers have become nothing but the Fed’s attack dogs committing war crimes” & ” All gun owners are complicit in murder”. This tends to bring trouble makers out of the woods.

      • “Is an April Fools Troll posted by RF or the team?”

        Nah. There’s no shortage of horses asses like Dp in this world. RF doesn’t need to invent them.

    • No kidding. Did y’all read about the guy in VA, just outside Richmond, had to whack a *545* lb feral hog? I didn’t even know they got that big, how would you like to meet that bitch holding just a spear?

      • Humans have been hunting hogs that big, and much bigger, deadlier critters with spears for thousands of years. The American Wooly Mammoth for example. Either ancient man was a lot braver, or a lot more desperate. Not sure which.

        Feral hogs are about the fastest growing invasive specie the nation

  2. My dad taught me early that hunting was ethical as long as you ate the animal. He was (and still is) a fine hunter. We always had our legal take of waterfowl, venison, and upland birds to eat in season. But never once did he go trophy hunting, and I inherited his disdain of the practice. He never even mounted a single fish on the wall.

    Johnny Cash once sang that he “shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die”. Somehow, that’s morally reprehensible, but shooting animals just to watch them die is OK?

    I think not.

    • I grew up the same and still today only hunt game for food, not to hang a mount on the wall–although I do have a few. Although I personally find these hunts reprehensible I’m not prepared to impose my moral principles on anyone else. As long as they’re legal and not negatively impacting the species I’m ok with it.

    • The hunter gets the trophy head and maybe the hide, plus the thrill if hunting some of the most dangerous animals (other than men) on the planet; everything else goes to the local villagers for consumption., except maybe a choice piece for dinner.

        • Each animal has been given a price tag by the country’s government, the locals have little to no money. Poaching is always an option, but most consider themselves to be a lawful and honorable people.

          Love the name BTW, has a Native American ring to it.

        • Not an urban legend at all. Most of the land is privately held. The animals belong to the land owners. Poaching by poor villagers is quite a problem and is highly frowned upon by the landowners.
          Meat is given to the poorer villagers as an incentive to not poach.
          Been there, seen it.

        • Exactly. These are privately held hunting preserves. Nothing more. Nothing less. Wrap all the ecology and hungry villagers you want into the urban legend. This is simply a private transaction between hunters with cash and landowners selling a canned hunt. The rationalization is the irritating part. Call it what it is.

    • Killing off 30 million Buffalo in a decade was reprehensible in so many ways it seems impossible, but it happened. To get the skin and tongue, millions upon millions of tons of meat left to rot, a single hunter might kill thousands in a month. But living in my little rainbow world with my pet unicorns, I am not willing to condemn much else. If you are, perhaps you could enlighten us as to the vast contributions you have made in this world which justify your expression of *any* opinion. If you think villagers are normally going out for some giraffe for dinner, maybe you should go try to kill one yourself, with your bare hands, after being starved until you’re skin and bones, which would be their option. Don’t worry, the lions won’t let your meat go to waste.

  3. Almost forgot. There is a difference between responsible journalism and pushing people’s buttons for fun.

  4. To the people of Africa, these animals are not cute, they are multi ton pests, some with teeth and claws. Controlled hunting is the best way to insure their existing in the wild. Otherwise the natives will have to wipe them out. Charging wealthy westerners incentives them to not do so. Besides whose lion is it anyway?

  5. I’ve got to say though these pictures are pretty distasteful, and if you’re just shooting then for the wall mount you’re wrong. I have no problem with posing for pictures with your kill, but the way they’re doing it is distasteful. Laying down with the dead animal and raising your rifle like you conquered some massive radioactive beast is just disrespectful. It’s a normal animal who you didn’t engage in combat with. You paid a bunch of money, that most of us don’t have, to shoot it from a comfortable distance from. Pose for pictures, sure, but do it in a respectful manner. Also (don’t know what they did with the carcass) but use as much of it as you can.

    • I dunno, I saw a mounted polar bear once was 9 feet tall, and mounted would be the only way I would ever like to see such an animal, even in a zoo, no thanks. I hate to imagine how much that kill cost.

    • well bill, if your going into “close combat” with a cape buffalo, your doing it wrong.

      No such thing as “fairplay” in real life…..

  6. Oh the humanity, such a tragedy that this one is cognitively dissonant. Attractive femme fatales and pitiable animals, can’t decide which to focus on. Perhaps the rather fetching lass with the harry carnivore holding a spear………nvm ’tis her husband.

    As to why men/women long to go on safari, two names come to mind: Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemingway.

    The Snow’s of Kilimanjaro-“And then he knew that there was where he was going.”

    • I’m pretty sure – others can correct me if I’m wrong – but except for other people lions and bears were some of the most important reasons we invented weapons. Must be a reason for that.

      Also, without having invented weapons we would all still be hiding in the bushes hoping not to be dinner for these beasts (giraffes excluded) rather than walking on the moon or contemplating colonization of Mars.

        • Guess I’m not seeing that “great difference” so much. In a lot of the world, if no one is controlling the populations of carnivores, within a few years the carnivores will be controlling the population of humans. Which makes that variety of hunting rather like self-defense.

  7. Well, uh, I’m not a trophy hunter. With that said I have no objection to people spending lots of money to go to Africa and support their economy (and ecology) by hunting nuisance animals. Lord knows we have enough around here, but I don’t see anyone with a nutria, hog, or squirrel mount in their den.

    Carry on. lol


  8. Whenever the subject of trophy hunting comes up, there’s no shortage of people trying to claim the moral high ground. It’s never that simple.

    I am saddened, though, that the young ladies in the first two photos above apparently were never taught to respect the creatures they kill. I don’t see them as future board members of Ducks Unlimited. I don’t think they get it.

    • Neither did Dan’l Boone, Davey Crockett, Jeramiah Johnson, Lewis and Clark, Theodore Roosevelt or anyone else when they went hunting the first time.

      The same can be said of anyone who has never handled a firearm as a recent experience of a group of college students revealed. Anti-gun, they were taken to a range and given an opportunity to actually shoot. Only one student said their mind had not been changed. Another student said they would not carry a firearm but they could see themselves returning to a range. One said they could understand what pro-gun people saw in shooting. The rest totally changed sides, and that is after only one trip to a range.

      Kinda like Hillary saying that Trump lacked experience to be POTUS. Not one first time POTUS who had not served as VP ever had the experience until they stepped into the shoes of their predecessor. You can have all the education available and still not have the experience Hillary indicated you had to have BEFORE becoming POTUS. Anyone who ever tried to get a job but was rejected because they had no work history, or anyone who was refused credit because they had no credit history knows this. Consider that Hillary had zero experience as POTUS when she ran.

      • Don’t be silly, that is different! She was referring to TRUMP! She, herself, is above such considerations.

    • Yes, that was a beautiful lion.

      And the video of the supposed attack on the village, while exceptionally well edited, is an obvious fake which can be told by the repetition of the same two or three lions over and over again as you continue to watch.

  9. “”””””The antis have even put up a hate page on Facebook for Texas born cheerleader.”””””

    Let me get this right?

    There is a hate page on the ‘safe place’ that FB pretends to be?

    Ohh it’s okay, I see it now, after going to the page to report it…unless it fits into the LIB box of hate speech then its just fine to HATE it!

    Gotta love a LIB their rules –their WAY! or F-u

  10. I was pretty mad at Toys-r-us after Christmas shopping too with so much stuff in the aisles I couldnt push a shopping cart and not enough people working registers but luckily I’m a hot head and while waiting for my flight to Africa to kill Geoffery I cooled off and just went home.
    Thank goodness for cool down periods!

    • It took that ‘Toys-r-Us’ Giraffe and NASCAR driver Geoff Bodine before far too many people could even pronounce my name properly.

      How in the *hell* could someone see my name and pronounce it ‘Godfrey’?


      • The same way people pronounce Penelope… Pen-a-lope. Geoffrey is an English (as in UK) name and is actually rather uncommon in the USA. You should hear, if you are not from there, how visitors pronounce the names of rivers and landmarks around the country. It’s a HOOT!!

        • My aunt from Missouri used to pronounce Sean Connery’s name as “Seen”. Indeed, a hoot. I would mention him every time there were people around to try to get her to say it. She never learned.

  11. I’m sorry but one can be pro gun (me) and yet find this crap extremely distasteful. It always appears blood thirsty and they’re killing for the sake of killing. Screw ’em, if you’re going to post that, you should be ready to deal with the consequences.

  12. People that murder these animals have no respect for life. I don’t get why someone thinks it’s cool to kill them and take a photograph next to the carcass. I believe, without doubt, people would hunt humans if permitted.

    • “I believe, without doubt, people would hunt humans if permitted.”

      They already do….its called Chicago, LA, DC, Baltimore, etc…..

      • Also Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Ukraine, etc. Hunting other humans has been one of the most popular activities since time began. Or rather, since time began… for mankind.

      • I’d be down for some human hunting……..release some rapists and pedos into a 100 acre enclosure, gimme an ATV, an AR (or AUG) and 12 mags and a G19 with a couple extras and ill go hogwild.

    • “murder these animals”?????
      “1 : the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought ” -
      The last I checked, animals were NOT “person”s. Is it possible for you to attempt even the most minor level of accuracy? Or do you just not speak English? Or might it just be that you make it up as you go along, and everyone else is supposed to adapt themselves to you, because you are so ‘special’?

    • Believe it or not, you’re not required to get it. In fact, your opinion is unimportant, just like mine, or that of anyone else not directly involved.

  13. Sooo..?

    Quoting old Russian movie, “I’ve chased you – yes! – for three days, to tell that I could not care less about you!”

    It is fine to disagree with trophy hunting practices and trophy showoffery, and fine to disagree with those who disagree. This is personal matter, and the loudest is most insecure here.

    • Make a civil statement…. start a Civil War!!!

      He who is flogged by fate and laughs the louder… is a masochist!!

      Said the Captain of the Titanic… ‘Damn the icebergs! Full speed ahead!!’

  14. I believe you must have some mental condition to enjoy killing something as beautiful as a lion or giraffe for pleasure. Well, it is better than going nuts and shooting kids or cops I guess.

    • Humans have been killing lions and such in Africa and other continents for tens of thousands of years and wearing the trophies (teeth, skins, claws, etc) as symbols of their bravery. Royalty among indigenous peoples wore skins and such as symbols of their authority.

    • Agreed. And the overwhelming majority of the comments here seem to be in support of these trophy hunters. There are some weirdos that roam this website, that’s for sure.

      • Not all so much in favor of trophy hunting. Just not in favor of anti-hunters setting their personal views as the only proper view (political correctness) and dictating how the rest of us should think and act.

        I have yet to hear anyone who favors hunting anything to the point of extinction. It doesn’t even make sense to think hunters would do so. Progressives seem to lean that way in their views. Just like the ones who killed the logging industry which planted more trees than they ever cut down. Where I live, logging companies even reforested areas ravaged by forest fires. They do so because not doing so would wipe out their livelihood. The same is true of hunters. If the wiped out all the animals they hunt without helping to manage the health and populations would end their lives of hunting. If you haven’t heard, the same people who attack hunters, loggers, etc, are now seeking to end sport fishing. If it wasn’t for the fees fishermen pay, there would be no hatcheries, environment reclamation, etc.

        I don’t object to people who don’t want to hunt or fish. That’s their business. But, if I have the cash and want to hunt a lion or whatever, that’s my business.

  15. This trophy hunting bullshit is beyond tacky. Paying beaucoup $$ to hunt an animal without the purpose of harvesting meat or even taxidermy is redneck rich. And then these pictures are hawked on the internet for Instagram likes. Disgusting people.

  16. disgusting, pointless waste of a life. absolutely disgusting and horrid. and for what, giggles? a photo opportunity? bragging rights? don’t they realize the animal has a mate, friends, young ones that depend on it? why don’t they show pictures of the animal in the throes of death, choking on its own blood, gasping for air, eyes popping out and such? or is that too gruesome for this stupid fantasy, has to be ignored for the sake of their own glory? wtf??? things like these are unspeakable atrocities. it would be if it happened to them or one of their loved ones. but it’s “just an animal”…

    • Oh, come on! Get real and get a life. Those lions, for example, kill each other, kill the young sired by other lions, kill other animals like giraffes, kill humans, etc, and I have never heard of one having a marriage license, belonging to a fraternal order, or even using a visa to enter another nation and kill people and animals there.

      Never, heard of any of them, or even great apes inventing anything to benefit themselves or the any living thing on the planet. They don’t write books, plays, or poetry. The only thing they seem to do is eat, breed, kill, eat, and sleep. They do teach their young to kill. Even chimps do that.

      • I don’t know what’s more disgusting: these Instagram “celebrities” or the people like you who think this is cool. America is going down the drain.

        • Sure is! We should all mourn the loss of the America which we all know was founded, hundreds of years ago, by people who ate grass and coexisted peacefully with wolves and grizzlys.

          The America you are speaking of is a lie, dummy, never existed, it sounds like you have been lied to all your life.

        • If you ever bothered to pick up a history book, you’d find that America was largely founded and constructed in blood.


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