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The best thing to get thrown out the window after ObamaCare is Obama Hunting…. Congress Rolls Back Obama-Era Rule On Hunting Bears And Wolves In Alaska – “By a largely party-line vote Tuesday, the Senate approved a bill that repeals Obama-era hunting restrictions on national wildlife refuges in Alaska. The House already voted last month to abolish those restrictions — which were instituted by the Fish and Wildlife Service in 2016 to protect predator species from hunters — and so the bill now heads to the desk of President Trump, who is widely expected to sign it.”

Apparently, Sarah Palin views wolves in Alaska the way Texans view hogs… helicopter worthy! Obama bans Palin-pushed wolf hunting from helicopters – “In the name of hunters and hunting, [the Alaska Board of Game] have approved shooting of brown and grizzly bears over bait; shooting mother bears with cubs, and even the cubs themselves; targeting bears and wolves from planes; and killing wolves and wolf pups in their dens,” said Fish and Wildlife Director Dan Ashe in a blog post. The practices he is referring to are those that Palin, a former Alaska governor, has touted in support of maintaining the caribou and moose herds that rural Alaskans depend on as a food source. She was criticized by conservation groups and Democrats for supporting the hunting and shooting of wolves from helicopters.”

Apparently, even Miley Cyrus has an opinion about the wolves. She says “I’m like, ‘I can’t believe I’m not a biologist and I’m a pop star. That’s ridiculous.’ But that’s given me such a platform. ” I tell Miley not to quit her day job but . . .

Wow, extreme hunting at 72 years old! . . . Lost in the wilderness: 72-year-old man survives 19 days, eating lizards, squirrels – – “Penaflor had walked out into the woods much farther than he had planned, his son said. He slipped on a steep slope and hit his head. It knocked him out cold, and he has no idea for how long. He still had his hunting rifle, but he told his son that he didn’t have the strength to hunt a deer. ‘He told me it was mainly in survival mode. He was trying to save energy,’ the son said.” I wonder what kind of rifle he was carrying.

  • Here’s a product I recommend you NEVER try! Bug/Bear/Shark) Repellent- Of course having a gun is the best line of defense against predators like bears and mountain lions. But not everyone has a gun. But we all need to keep safe from those large critters, so having a canister of some kind of chemical repellent would be greatly advised. Aerosol bear repellent sprays have been on the market for years, and recently a product for cougars has been introduced. We can’t leave out divers, either. Chemical shark repellents are new, and we don’t have much empirical evidence on how effective they are, but better safe than sorry!” Do people actually think this would work?? (eye roll)

Let’s carry bear mace in our pockets and go rattlesnake hunting with Oklahoma State Football Head Coach Mike Gundy. Seems totally legit. Apparently, there is a place in Texas where you can hunt rattlesnakes WITHOUT A GUN — and that’s the not the weird part. To hunt the rattlesnakes gunless you still need a hunting license. WTF

Let’s just end this week’s digest with some dumb hunting laws from Alaska. Moose may not be viewed from an airplane. While it is legal to shoot bears, waking a sleeping bear for the purpose of taking a photograph is prohibited. It is considered an offense to push a live moose out of a moving airplane. After reading this, it really doesn’t surprise me that Sarah Palin is in charge there.

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  1. Hmmm….Obama things to throw out….
    1. ObamaCare
    2. ObamaGun control
    3. ObamaEPA
    4. Obama….all…

    So much of what the former President attempted to do as to assert further control over the very people who elected him. By blocking off huge tracts of land in the name of protection, he restricted us from our birthright, access to public lands maintained by our tax money….good riddance

    • Lets just hope the current Chief does not allow cattle to ruin our public hunting land to profit a few families (cows destroy everything), or oil companies and mining operations to rip them up and pave in the name of profit. Once gone, its gone. Nope, if choice is open land to free enterprise and profit for a few, or close hunting for a few particular species, ill take the latter any day. Once gone, its gone.

      • Really? I guess I should run out to my rangeland then and see a barren wasteland then? The same one that has been in the family for generations?

        • “my rangeland”
          If you’re referring to land owned by the U.S. government, then that’s an interesting choice of words, and perhaps it bespeaks and attitude that is part of the problem.

        • ““my rangeland”
          If you’re referring to land owned by the U.S. government, then that’s an interesting choice of words, and perhaps it bespeaks and attitude that is part of the problem.”

          Yeah, damn all those people who squat on land they don’t own, even if they pay to be there. How dare they call those buildings “home.”
          Run all those renters out of town, I say.

        • ““my rangeland”
          If you’re referring to land owned by the U.S. government, then that’s an interesting choice of words, and perhaps it bespeaks and attitude that is part of the problem.”

          Yeah! All renters should be kicked out! How dare they refer to the houses they live in as “their home!”

        • I have rented land in the past. Yes, I referred to it as mine. I never had any illusions of any rights to that land beyond the terms of my lease.

        • No, its private land bought and paid for. But thanks for assuming my motivations and attitude….

          My comment was directed more towards “Cows destroy everything” which is patently untrue. Like all animals, there is a limit to the number of cattle a certain range can sustain but it isn’t destroyed by just a few cattle. Rangeland management is important and every rancher I know spends time and effort to make sure his/her range is sustainable for continued use. Sure, there are ranchers who abuse and overuse just like there are gun owners who do likewise but it is definitely not systemic.

      • “…(cows destroy everything)…”

        Says the drugstore cowboy whose probably never seen a cow outside his local McDonald’s.

    • “By blocking off huge tracts of land in the name of protection, he restricted us from our birthright, access to public lands maintained by our tax money….”

      What exactly is “public land”? Like, where and what is it? The White House and US Capitol are on “public land” but those are restricted areas. Same goes for military bases, and state/municipal lands, … You’re “birthright” you say?–so you wanna waltz into a National Forest or into the Pentagon and say that that public real estate is yours for the asking? You think that because “your” tax money pays for it it’s actually yours…personally YOURS? What about ME?…that’s “my” tax money too and maybe I don’t want you pooping in my lake. You have an odd conception of how societies work. Do you function well in real life?–I’m going to suppose that you might not.

  2. (Bear repellent) “Here’s a product I recommend you NEVER try!”


    ‘Bear-be-Gone’ is my choice for daily bicycle carry, ever since someone thought it would be hilarious to sic his dog on me one night I was out on a ride…

  3. Im from alaska, and the pushing the moose out of the airplane has been on the books since at least the 80s. i really want to know the story behind it.

      • Bull$#it!

        Here’s some free advice Liberte, when you get busted for a low information airhead comment that awkwardly suggests you most likely don’t have a clue WTF you’re talking about, try not to follow it up with a painfully dumb come back that removes all doubt.

        • This chick is only a thing cause she is hot. Great instagram with all the titty pics but she is a prime example of why I tell all the children that I teach that respect is vastly superior to attention.

        • Fuck you!! You don’t know me and you apparently don’t read any of my posts… I got busted lmao STFU I’ve been a paralegal for 15 years and I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about bc I have tits FU asshole guaranteed I would outlast you in the field or in a courtroom any day KMA

        • Very professional Liberte… Great way to represent TTAG. And I’m sure the mods’ll be censoring your post as well.

  4. Of course you still need a license even if your hunting without a gun. Hunting is still hunting whether your using a gun, a bow, or a baseball bat. You’re still taking an animal.

    • Whilst there may be many snakes in Washington D.C., the 500 or so inhabitants of which you speak are more of the slimy invertebrate type.

  5. I’m not opposed to sportsmanlike hunting at all. And one definition of sportsmanship is: if your prey cannot fly, then neither should you.

    I also strongly believe that if you kill an animal, you had better eat it. I hope those grinning hunters enjoy all that wolf meat.

    There is a lot of evidence supporting the claim that bear repellent is more effective than a firearm at stopping an angry bear. Not everything has to go “Bang!” to be effective. Putting a cloud of noxious spray between yourself and a bear is MUCH easier to do than hitting a moving target at 35 miles an hour that is closing on you FAST. And yes, they can indeed run that fast, not just at a sprint, but for a sustained period of time.

    • A great many raptors (predatory birds) would disagree with you, sir, including the national bird, the bald eagle.

      If a species is over-populated and reaches pest status how they are eradicated is not an issue, only that they are eradicated, or at least brought down to manageable population levels.

      And as for eating what you hunt and kill, I spent a few years in my youth hunting rats with a .22. Can’t remember anyone telling me it would be a good idea to eat any of them.

      As for bear repellent, I believe that in a life-or-death situation the mantra is “eliminate the threat”. I think that I would use the repellent, then pull my (really big) pistol and shoot the bastard a few times anyway. If he/she attacked me, he/she will probably be willing to attack someone else, who may not have either repellent or a pistol or a rifle.

      • Surely you are not attempting to equate wolves with rats? I think the writer was asking why these two had to kill 20 or so wolves, which, is a legitimate question. And please, no comments about overpopulation. If all hunters killed 20 wolves the overpopulation would soon turn into an underpopulation.

        • Then it’s probably a good thing that a very small percentage of hunters pursue wolves, and even fewer actually see any, and even fewer than that kill more than one.

      • Wolves are a native species that have been on the endangered list multiple times. Every time they finally start to get their numbers back up some idiots says “Sweet, let’s hunt the crap out of them again” and surprise, they get put back on the endangered species list within a few years.

        No one seems to want environmental protections until they wake up one day and realize all the animals are dead and that we have an air quality worse than China.

      • Hey man dont listen to the trolls, you are absolutely correct. Ive been trying to say this, but this arbitrary ruling is unsustainable in itself. i love to hunt but Im also a very conservative hunter unlike a lot of people who agree with this ruling. Hunting sleeping animals in simply not hunting, IDGAF who you are if you agree with hunting hibernating bears and the cubs youre a menace to society. here we have 7 billion humans, all off a sudden theres a couple thousand bears, everybody looses their minds, too stupid to realize its the bears back yard and not yours. While yotes can be an obvious problem, wolves are no where near the numbers they once were. Sad part is the people applauding this immoral rulling are the same fata$$’s who go out shoot 5 deer , eat a couiple of tenderloins and throw away the rest…all for their freezer. GTFO kill what you can use, not just to kill. I want our future generations to have the hunting opportunities that were 300 years ago, not this draw bs because game numbers are limited because of unethical idiots.

    • If your prey cannot shoot, neither should you. Go kill your dinner with your bare hands, wimp.

      There are many legitimate reasons to hunt. Meat for the freezer, wildlife management, and eradication of invasive species among them. Eating what you kill may or may not be part of the plan. I’m happy to leave coyote carcasses where they can become buzzard food.

      Calling it a “sport” is ridiculous. If you’re going to kill something, you really should have a better reason than that.

    • I’ve heard that bear repellent is a great way to tell is t he bears in your area are of the brown or black variety.
      If the local bears are of the brown variety, their poop smells like pepper spray, and has little bells in it.

  6. That must of been the time Bullwinkle jumped out of a plane to be near his buddy, Rocky. He never was the sharpest moose in the herd.

  7. 1. What is Liberte’s real name……..Gunpowder slutney?
    2. Sarah Palin is a total moron but she is hot! Totally doable
    3. I have never understood hunting critters you can’t eat. No matter what the whiners in Montana and Alaska say, wolves just aren’t that much of a problem. And prairie dogs!!!!! kiss my a**.

    • You know not about what you speak.

      Up here, wolves ARE an issue. A very real threat to a food source that many depend on.

      I have personally watched wolves kill multiple caribou and then move on to chase the rest of the herd, without so much as taking a bite out of the downed animals.

      I have seen the carnage, 50-60 or possibly more (we didn’t count) caribou slaughtered by wolves for no other reason than they could do it.

      Groundhogs, same deal. When I was farming, the groundhogs were a huge issue. Destroying our gardens, leaving holes everywhere that humans, cows, dogs, everything tripped in. I had to put a horse down because his ankle broke when he stepped in a groundhog hole. It was that day that I began shooting all that I could find, and sending my boys out to hunt them.

      Same story with coyotes. Harassing my sheep, killing chickens and turkeys. They were all shot on sight as well. Shot, and pitched in the woods. Best place for ’em.

    • Well what do you know, Liberte’s airhead low information Sara Palin bashing commentary has already managed to attract a anti hunting liberal eager to hate on the former Governor as well, gee what a surprise. Just out of curiosity, is Liberte also a contributor on Farago’a pro weed website with some of the other hemp heads on staff at TTAG?

  8. Look, I’m not a hunter, but I’m not anti-hunting, either. I’ll tell you this, though, if I’m in an airplane over Alaska and we’re going to crash because we’re overloaded, I will push a moose out of the plane to regain altitude, without a moment of hesitation.

    Don’t test me on this. If it comes down to me or Bullwinkle, he’s going down. Don’t kid yourself and think that SOB wouldn’t try to do the same exact thing to me.

    • Imagine yourself sitting in your barco lounger, eating cheetos and watching your favorite program.

      And then a moose lands in your lap after coming thru your roof.

      That’s some twilight zone stuff right there.

  9. Properly managed with permits and population research, predator hunting can and should be a thing.

    Unrestricted bear and wolf hunting? Probably not a good idea to maintain ecosystem balance.


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