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Somehow we’re not optimistic . . . California Supreme Court to rule on gun law – “The state Supreme Court agreed Wednesday to decide whether gun manufacturers have the right to challenge a California law requiring identifying microstamps on bullets fired from semiautomatic pistols, a requirement the manufacturers claim can’t be met with current technology. A state appeals court had ruled in December that gun groups could present evidence to support their suit seeking to overturn the law, an exception to the usual requirement that statutes can be struck down only if they are unconstitutional. But the state Supreme Court voted Wednesday to grant a hearing to defenders of the law, which remains in effect while the case is pending. Six of the seven justices, all but Ming Chin, voted to review the appeal by the state’s lawyers.”

Now we understand why New Jersey and California are so concerned about “high capacity” magazines . . .  Man tries to rob pizza place with gun magazine, employee slaps it out of his hands – “A man tried to rob a pizza place on Ocean Boulevard Tuesday night by pointing a gun’s magazine at the employee, but the employee slapped it out of the suspect’s hands, according to a Myrtle Beach Police report.”

Zero tolerance idiocy . . . 4-year-old suspended for bringing a shell casing to preschool daycare, goes viral on Facebook – “’This is a spent .22 caliber bullet casing,’ Kristy Jackson said, holding the object that got (her son) Hunter into so much trouble. ‘I was met with a stone-faced teacher who said that my son had a shotgun bullet.  I was horrified thinking, ‘where could he have gotten this?’’ Jackson said, recalling when she picked up Hunter from the preschool in Troy, IL, Tuesday. Hunter’s parents got a letter from the school’s director saying Hunter had been suspended for 7 days. The letter says they’d repeatedly been reminded about Hunter using other toys as make believe guns, in violation of school policy including Monday, when Jackson picked Hunter up from the preschool, the day before the shell casing incident.”

Century Arms Announces­ Release of new AK-47 Pistols – “Century Arms has announced that the newest addition to their AK-47 line, the C39v2 and RAS47 AK pistols, are now shipping and will be available through major distributors and retailers across the country. The C39v2 and RAS47 AK pistol s combine the high-quality features seen in their rifle counterparts, trimmed down into a compact pistol form.”

How ’bout them hogs?! . . . Arkansas Reconsiders Letting Guns in Stadiums, Arenas – “The change , which now heads to the House, also would exempt the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and the state hospital from the gun rights expansion. The law as-is would let guns into Razorback Stadium while umbrellas remain banned. The lawmaker who called for the sports exemption noted that there’s already police and security on hand for stadium and arena events.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in SEC country . . . Signs prohibiting guns removed at Birmingham Zoo, Bessemer City Hall and more -“Signs prohibiting guns at locations in Homewood, Birmingham and Bessemer have been removed following complaints about possible gun rights violations, said Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall. Marshall’s office received formal complaints about the possible violations at the Homewood Public Library, the Homewood Community Center, the Birmingham Zoo, and the Housing Authority of Birmingham District. After reviewing and investigating each complaint, where appropriate, the Attorney General’s Office worked with the public entity to achieve compliance with state law, according to a press released issued by Marshall’s office on Thursday.”

Of course they do . . . In the aftermath of London attack, some Brits praise their strict gun laws – “Britain was rocked by a terrorist attack at the center of its capital Wednesday, but there was also a widespread sense that things could have been worse. Four people, including the perpetrator, were killed in the attack, and 29 more were wounded. But the toll was lower than in other similar recent attacks. “To some Britons, there was one obvious reason for this: Britain’s strict gun laws.”

The age-old dream of anti-gun leftists . . .  Report: ‘Amnesty’ policy, outreach could help rid city of street guns – “If Providence wants to keep illegal guns off the streets, city officials should implement a ‘no questions asked’ policy for turning in firearms and improve community outreach to limit gun thefts in homes, according to a just-released report from a council advising the mayor on gun violence. The 11-member group, comprised of community leaders, policymakers and members of the police department, was created by Mayor Jorge Elorza’s first executive order after he took office in 2015.”

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  1. I GUESS the pre-school story has gone viral. I weighed in on several FB groups. The owner is an idiot. A 4 year old BOY acting like a 4year old normal boy-not a puzzywhooped snowflake. God help us when I was a 4 year old (in the 50’s!) this would be applauded…oh well. Change pre-schools.

    • This whole thing is a load of crap that is further pushed by TAG. The owner has a CCW permit. And I don’t even think is is just about make believe guns either. “In the interview with Fox 2 Jarman (the owner) added that other parents complained about graphic details in those make believe incidents.” And to quote the owner, “I’m a conceal – carry person myself. My children shoot guns. My wife can shoot a gun. Nobody here is afraid of guns.” Sounds more like the mom was being an ass, and the preschool owners are tying to be diplomatic as possible.

      • Here is the problem binder:

        The letter says they’d repeatedly been reminded about Hunter using other toys as make believe guns, in violation of school policy including Monday, when Jackson picked Hunter up from the preschool, the day before the shell casing incident.

        The school’s vice-president told Fox 2 the suspension was for more than the shell casing; that the school was simply following its discipline policy. He said he couldn’t go into further detail, citing confidentiality concerns.

        Nonsense polices implemented by buttercup liberals more concerned with feelings than reality.

        When I was a child we played make believe Cowboys and Indians with guns and arrows. We had fun and nobody cared. This school policy is just liberal brainwash nonsense. Luckily school vouchers are coming, and parents can yank their kids out of these liberal hell holes, while simultaneously defunding their schools. Win win.

        • You think that the School Vouchers are going to be a good idea?
          Parents that care about their kids will move to an area with good schools and suck up the higher property values or pay for private schools. Once you make the “good” schools free, how exactly are you going to get you kid in, lottery? Your going to have to compete with every other kid who is tying yo get into the school.
          Schools are a reflection of the parents of the kids. No matter if they are private or public. You think that any school board is going to be anti-gun if the parents cared about the second amendment?

        • Binder, I think you are right in your ideas about vouchers.
          To a point.
          The problem isn’t vouchers, though. The problem is in the school systems we have. There is simply far too much variability in the quality of schools.
          Does that mean the federal government should intervene? Absolutely not! There is absolutely no authority for that in the constitution, which means, according to the constitution, the federal government can’t do that.
          IMO, what’s needed is for the states, individually, to become more involved with both funding and teacher quality. It is also imperative that parents become much more involved in their local schools. Also, unfortunately, the adversarial stance many parents have (“Why is MY child being given these bad grades?”) as well as the just plain “I don’t care” attitude, have to go away, somehow.
          The answer isn’t, as some seem to think, to make all schools equally bad, but to make all schools equally good. If that means vouchers to demonstrate how good schools can be, then good for vouchers. The problem isn’t the vouchers, but the entrenched unions that say “vouchers are stealing our funds, so they must be made to go away.” Instead, these people need to say, “Hey, if they can do it, we can do it.” But I see none of that. It seems to be all about bringing everything down to the lowest common denominator, and banning anything that doesn’t make more money for them.

          The love of money is the root of all evil, even in education.

        • Binder, the school administration which runs the school all the kids want to transfer into, will find it possible to expand their school, while the one everyone wants to transfer out of will close. It’s called the free market, we are supposed to understand that. Who opposes choice, with all manner of fictional excuses, is teachers and their unions, wishing to continue to ignore the needs of the students while climbing the ladder to their own personal success. If everybody leaves, that won’t happen.

        • Whenever a fool is doing something he is ashamed of, he aways claims it is his duty.

      • Q:How do you know an anti gunner (or at least the owner of a business run in an extremely anti gun fashion) is lying through his teeth?

        A:When he feels it necessary to expound at great length about how pro gun he is.

        And how do you explain this away, Binder?

        To add insult to injury A Place 2 Grow, aka Snowflake Academy, demanded that Hunter’s mother (Kristy Jackson) pay for the time he was being denied.
        When she posted about this on Facebook, they reported her to the Department of Child and Family Services.

    • Just tell the teacher it has a legitimate sporting purpose, like a football bat or hockey cleats.

    • Mom was being a Tiger mom and if you read more into it, sounds like the kid was being an ass. The preschool’s owner has a CCL and really didn’t care one way or the other about the .22 casing

      • A FOUR year old cannot be an ass. He might not even know right from wrong at 4. The owner is an idiot. Thechild is being a NORMAL child. Duh..

        • OK, My kid was going to Pre-K and had to go in for “incident”. One kid kept poking my son with a popsicle stick. My son grabbed the other kids hands and jabbed it back in their face. Came close to putting the other kids eye out. They were 5. So don’t tell me that kids can’t be asses or really hurt each other. The school has a policy about make believe weapons and aggression for a reason. An before you think they are liberal, they have a indoor air gun range, and to quote the schools policy “The second amendment of the United States Constitution defends (protects) this right of the individual to keep and carry guns”. They still refuse to post a 430 ilcs 66/65 sign.

        • I have FOUR SONS. They all went to preschool. I GET it. One son did get picked on. He needed to learn how to be a little boy-mommy babied the hell out of him. At 24 he’s OK now but had to learn to stand up for himself. Why does the preschool owner get a pass because he claimed to have a CCL?Like people who carry guns are sacrosanct? You are in a distinct minority opinion on this…

      • Bull. That’s the school trying to cover its ass from a PR nightmare.

        The whole “He did something but we cant talk about it because we pull it out of our… I mean confidentiality.” schtick has been beaten to death by educators to try and wriggle out of the hole they dropped into.

        • Sounded like the kid was getting letters before this latest incident and the owner is pro gun. So yes, someone was for certain overreacting.

        • The fact that someone has a gun permit does not make them pro gun, and certainly does not make them sane. Dianne Feinstein had a carry permit.

  2. “improve community outreach to limit gun thefts in homes, ”

    I’ve read this several times now, and still don’t see how B follows from doing A.

    Unless they mean reaching out into the community to arrest known thrives who have been left to roam freely until now, but somehow that doesn’t seem to be the nature of the executive order. Because, you know, reaching out to bad people and nicely asking them to stop doing bad stuff has a pretty long history of being ineffective, unless backed up by some serious consequences.

    And oh by the way, they’re asking criminals to leave guns alone, but by implication the big TV, Dad’s watch and Mom’s earrings are fair game?

    • No, no, no… you missed his point…
      In Mr Elorza’s mind, if you own a firearm you’re the one doing something bad… or at least you will be, eventually. So he’s graciously offerring you the chance to kindly hand over all your naughty guns without any fear- or compensation.

      • Yeah, because Providence politicians like their victims unarmed…. Easier to make people “an offer they can’t refuse” when they’re unable to defend themselves…. Mafia and MS-13 gangsters; every frigging one of them….

      • To be fair, the community outreach can be to help people understand the benefits of a gun safe.
        We may keep a gun or two out withing easy reach for defense, but far too often that gun is also left out within easy reach when we leave the house. More guns are stolen during burglaries than robberies. Hiding your gun under the mattress isn’t hiding your gun. (Read “any other obvious hiding place” for mattress.) Burglars used to be kids; they know the obvious places.

  3. The challenge to the California microstamping law should really turn on what is being challenged, which is not the law per se, but on its implementation by then Attorney General Kamala Harris and her factual flawed “certification” that the technology that would allow manufacturers to make guns in compliance with the law existed and was not encumbered by a patent. The factual issue is that the technology on which she relied for her decision was both experimental and only stamped a casing in one location, while the law requires a stamp in two locations. Therefore, Plaintiffs should not have to demonstrate that the law is unconstitutional, but should be able to prove instead only that the AG abused her discretion in declaring the requirement to be active. I have not read the appeals court pleadings to see if the Plaintiffs were able to accurately frame the issue, while I have no doubt that the State is making every effort to obfuscate it.

    I suspect Chin, who is an arch conservative, did not vote in favor of review for these reasons.

    • Article claimed the requirement was for “bullet” microstamping, which I cannot understand how it would even be possible. Is that a misquote or something? Casing would be tough, but bullet?

      • Remember the source, a source that has probably never handled a gun. The law specifies two places on the casing, which to some is a “bullet.” Although there was a proposal by an Illinois Representative to stamp each and every bullet with a separate serial number…I don’t thin that bill ever cleared committee.

  4. Hunter’s parents got a letter from the school’s director saying Hunter had been suspended for 7 days. The letter says they’d repeatedly been reminded about Hunter using other toys as make believe guns, in violation of school policy including Monday, when Jackson picked Hunter up from the preschool, the day before the shell casing incident.

    I have a habit of picking up my brass – even 22 casings. If this happened at my kids school, kids would be finding 22 casings all over the playground, the track, the jungle gym, the swings, the school front lawn, the school back lawn, the parking lot, and the school sidewalks. And… I’d be giggling the whole time while high fiving my preschooler.

  5. A kid named “Hunter”, bringing a spent shell casing to school.
    How very appropriate. I applaud his parents.

  6. Bwahaha! Up yours Bham! Someone I know made national (gun) news! And not for a bad reason! Woot!

  7. The story about the kid and the spent shell casing….when I enrolled my kids in private day care (and, later, public school) I was given written information concerning rules. Had to sign that I had read them.

    First day care was affiliated with a Baptist Church. I decided to support the school and not allow “gun play” at home, Really not a problem. Took the kids to a business a friend owned one Saturday, they pulled a box of toys containing play guns and swords. Totally amazed me the kids were extremely good at sword play. So, maybe the school wasn’t enforcing the rules that I was enforcing.

    Moved, changed day care. Still given rules. Got to know the owner and the Director pretty well. They usually called me if there was a severe infraction of the rules. But, no suspension. Suspend my child, I simply move him to another school. Their loss of my money.

    Let’s see, my son dropped the F-bomb once, in class. In casual conversation, the Owner could drop a few words of her own, away from the kids. She told me his pal Joe had a teenage older step brother who thought it was cool to teach a three year old all the words he would ever need to know. Son also offered to show his if a little girl showed him hers. Since he wasn’t doing his own laundry at this age, I pretty much knew what was in his pockets.

    But, suspension? No. This was a business. The owner could and probably did tell some parents their kids could go elsewhere, either a problem child, or more likely, a problem parent.

  8. “If Providence wants to keep illegal guns off the streets, city officials should implement a ‘no questions asked’ policy for turning in firearms and improve community outreach to limit gun thefts in homes, according to a just-released report from a council advising the mayor on gun violence.”

    Not for nothing, but I’d rather keep criminals off the streets than guns, if you’re asking us to make that choice.

    “Turn in the gun you used to rob/rape/murder, and we won’t do even cursory forensics on it!”

    Great idea.

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