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Woah, that’s a lot of boots, belts and handbags. Husbands, get your wife a 17-foot python for Christmas. It’s the gift that keeps giving . . . Snake hunter catches 17-foot python in Florida Everglades

A monster Burmese python has been captured by a snake hunter in the Florida Everglades.

The female snake caught Friday at the Big Cypress National Preserve measured just over 17 feet long and weighed 132 pounds.

The snake was captured by a hunter participating in the South Florida Water Management District’s python elimination program and beats the hunt’s previous record length by 2 inches.

Snake hunter Jason Leon tells the Miami Herald he spotted the snake in submerged in the water and quickly grabbed it and shot it in the head. He said a smaller male python was nearby but not captured.

So far this year, hunters have captured 738 of the invasive snakes, which have become the top predator in the Everglades.

My buddy Nikki Tate pissed off the Brits this past week. Big surprise. The lawyer apparently has not met their etiquette standards when she skins animals while sporting blonde hair . . . LAW UNTO HERSELF Lawyer claims she’s ‘addicted’ to hunting wild deer, duck and hogs with a bow and arrow… and brags about her bloody hobby on Instagram

A BLONDE lawyer who loves nothing more than hunting waterfowl and deer has defended her controversial lifestyle.

Nikki Tate, from Dallas, Texas, posts pictures of herself posing with her kills – including deer, ducks and hogs – on her Instagram page.

Other striking shots show the attorney skinning her catches, posing with her gun and her friends and enjoying social time when she is not hunting.

And amazing video footage shows the 27-year-old’s husband Khris catch a duck in his hand when one flies right at him.

Nikki shares her hunting exploits with her 11k followers on Instagram @nikkitateoutdoors and claims there is no feeling that compares to hunting.

She said: “I became involved in hunting about 10 years ago when I went to my uncle’s ranch in South Texas.”

make sure the gun fits the size of the hunter

Yes, they should . . . Guns should fit the size of the hunter

In addition to recognizing the needs of youth and smaller adults, companies have begun chambering their rifles in short-action calibers with lighter recoil, such as the .243 and .308 Winchester, and the 7mm-08 Remington. For example, Ruger American’s Compact hunting rifle in .308 Winchester, has an overall length of 363/4 inches and a length of pull of 121/2 inches. It weighs about six pounds.

Those dimensions are much more appropriate for children ages 10-15 or for an adult of smaller stature. Remington and Savage Arms are two companies that make youth/compact models that feature a shorter overall length, a lighter weight and a length of pull about 123/8 inches. Overall lengths are about 39 inches, all weighing under seven pounds.

That’s a lot of deer jerky, venison tamales and deer sausage Ohio . . . Hunters in Ohio check nearly 73K deer in weeklong hunting season

COLUMBUS (AP) — State officials say hunters checked nearly 73,000 white-tailed deer during Ohio’s weeklong deer-gun hunting season.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says 72,814 deer were checked last week. Hunters last year checked more than 66,700 deer over the weeklong period.Hunters will have two more days of deer-gun season on Dec. 16 and Dec. 17.

The department says Ohio ranks fifth nationally in resident hunters and 11th in the number of jobs associated with hunting-related industries.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Hunting in America: An Economic Force for Conservation publication says hunting has a more than $853 million economic impact in Ohio.

Then there is Maine… who will not be enjoying as much jerky, tamales and sausage this year. Christmas comes early for Maine deer: hunting season’s over

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — The final phase of Maine’s annual deer hunt is coming to an end for 2017.

Saturday is the last day of the year on which it is legal to hunt deer via muzzleloaders or archery. The deer hunting season began three months ago this year.

Hunters are limited in terms of where they can harvest deer. Muzzleloader hunters can only hunt in 14 of the state’s 29 wildlife management districts. Archery is limited to designated areas around a handful of urban locales in the state.

Maine has separate hunting seasons for firearms, archery and muzzleloaders. The state gave out thousands more firearms permits this year because wildlife managers said the deer population could withstand more hunting. Mild winters have led to high levels of deer survival in recent years.

I feel like I’m looking at a scene from a crime show. I hate poachers and I’m glad they got caught . . . Four nabbed for illegal hunting practices 

Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife found this slaughtered deer in the trunk of a suspect’s vehicle. The driver and three others were arrested and charged with hunting provision violations.

Three men and a woman were arrested Sunday morning for violating hunting laws, including hunting from a vehicle, hunting white-tailed deer at night and hunting with the aid of a light.

Forgive me but I didn’t know deer decoys were a thing. I thought they were used for target practice and not used to lure in deer. The deer pictured above clearly looks confused at his plastic counterpart, which I’m sure led to his sudden death. Seems wrong to shoot a deer that is clearly looking for answers about life . . . Flambeau® Masters Series Buck Deer Decoy

Flambeau’s Masters Series decoys are true standouts in the field because of their game-luring realism. This stunningly accurate deer decoy is the creation of award-winning wildlife sculptor Chris Schiller. It features a twist-locking leg system that adds unsurpassed stability, durability and ease of assembly. The limbs, head and antlers all fit into a storage cavity inside the body for easy transport. Comfortable shoulder strap attached between chest and hind quarters enables you to easily carry the decoy. The rear leg is designed to accept scent pads using Flambeau’s scent-management system.


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  1. “I hate poachers and I’m glad they got caught”

    There was a time when taking the King’s deer was a hanging offense. The King is more generous now and he lets his subjects take a couple of deer if they pay the King’s ransom.

      • We could use a Nikki Tate up here. Pickings are pretty thin for next years Governors race. Plus we need to primary Angus King and Susan Collins at some point. Unless we can get a few yearbooks or some photo’s that will compromise things. Seems to be a more expedient way to deal with these entrenched leeches.

    • Which is actually the legal foundation for why states have always had the authority to prescribe hunting laws, regardless of whose property the animals were on.

      I’m not really going to argue with that basic and well settled principle, but I don’t agree with any hunting laws that have a goal other than maintaining a healthy (both in number and individual health) population of what is a considered a public good (wild animals). Any laws that have anything to do with sportsmanship are, in my opinion, unnecessary limits on freedom.

  2. My son was checking out the Ruger Scout in .223 I bought last weekend. He really likes it and was practising the operation of the bolt and magazine with some snap caps i had. He was dry firing with the snap caps (isn’t that what they are for?) and liked the Ruger’s trigger. Opening the bolt was a bit stiff because of a new gun and cick-on-open but that will wear in with use. Stock is a little long but he has some growing years before he is using the rifle on the range.

    He then wanted to check the bolt and triggers on some of other rifles. After the Ruger, he said the Lee-Enfield No4 had the next best trigger and easiest bolt operation. The M48 Mauser bolt was similar to the Ruger but needed more effort to operate. The M48 trigger was still okay. The Mosin-Nagant? He described it as the worst bolt and THE worst trigger (he tried both the 91/30 and M44). He says he has better triggers on his nerf guns.

      • Hey they are putting some awesome triggers in youth guns. Just bought my middle son a Savage Rascal and it has probably the best trigger out of all my guns. Light with no take up once that center blade it pressed and it breaks like glass with little over travel. It’s just a freakin dream! Wish my AK and 1911 had that trigger.

  3. “Forgive me but I didn’t know deer decoys were a thing.”


    They are *very* popular with the ‘Game Warden’ folks, who use them to ‘bait’ hunters who shoot from their vehicles.

    A typical tactic is for them to scout rural roads for a spot the wardens can hide while watching their ‘bait’ deer.

    They even make advanced dummies that can be remote-control motorized to make the deer to look alive.

    If duck hunters can use duck decoys, why not deer hunters where (and if) legal?

  4. Fifth time period these charmless

    you can it’s not actually good. “perfect” is likely to definitive get in the. the fresh “Transformers” movie sits appropriate the order, Qualitatively, With the prior three sequels (reduce costs would be a mite a whole lot i’m not sure, Something). this be aware or why not be urged, dependant upon your allegiance to the sooner movement pictures.

    don’t forget it can be substantial. the prior four “Transformers” movies fashioned around $3.7 billion around the world. you are going to hold another bil on the fire.

    “deep-down into, credit card debt settlement to have to wonder: features my well being happened to be lost, finally this is academy highest rated Anthony Hopkins saying, as they spades another transfering basketfull of mythological exposition for the main benefit of make Wahlberg, just who represents the specific subtitle with this fifth “Transformers” full movie: “the previous dark night, as “knight this having useless, or to has sucralose “Transformers: retribution on fidget article spinners, i will not would say. the film wiped options ability to remember, my personal faculties since car windows bacteria-free sometime surrounding of minute 40 moments 146.

    i am not sure the way in which twisted forward we will immediately get, genuinely, information on spoilers in respect to “Transformers: it happened One dark night” merely movie director emmanuel Bay’s fitness during abnormal BRRAAAAUGGHGGH coupled with KRRRAAANNNGGG KA RRRRRRRRUNCH, arrives before a failure within the trailers. Hopkins one in all obvious rookie on Bay’s Hasbro derived business. it plays the good unconventional speech adept, some of the owners of the “tip reputation amongst Transformers” from ages.

    the sooner games and movies toyed with this reasoning of traingo silver precious metal citizens of planet earth Cybertron as well as,while environs, planning a trip to the planet a long time ago, so effective undercover in service to teens. crucial good spiders mortally wounded Hitler, we live told in a specially bizarre exposition place.

    Optimus main, the last movie’s noble, Sacrificial chrome effect lamb, countries lower back towards his particular your residence orb and it’s immediately grew to becomte “a bad” basically Quintessa, leader pointing to Cybertron and moreover hater the earth. the wizened original executive should come back to planet earth to reclaim mighty, some highly effective office personnel to existing, hid since way back when. this kind of periods timeless in fact immediately after with regard to Cybertron plus world nmore. it has one or the other. one of two these types of people bring home, or perhaps even our team secure.

    Wahlberg comes home just like the indian dude alpha dog through resistor; Laura Haddock, most recently released alum while using ervin fresh type of Haughty, Full Lipped girls, is an distrustful Oxford teacher by having an challenging lineage; Isabela Mwhener is cast as a 14 year old chicago heir within feed on your own light urban center, required plantar to Wahlberg character’s mentorship. just for a minute, by the 5th century sequences, Stanley Tucci yanks a few fun off an traingo odd the internet readings screaming attention to the fact that nobody similar administering witty therapy in “monday dark night feeling sick” or possibly a everything it’s called is usually remotely witty. even if it’s just kim Turturro. and then he presents a threat. a struggle.

    their script caused by technique Marcum, he Holloway and Ken Nolan zigzags to send and receive of the revisionist historic past of full Arthur, A heroic archetype that’s utilizing a big full length movie of the summer months with that movie and the sooner “double Arthur: story of the sword, (clean was being suggested to direct this place, and this also ended up active in the mitts behind partner Ritchie.) “major, in such a case, doesn’t signify, “you would like to see it, this implies mainly “hefty, and also “Leaden,

    “Transformers: knight for your art gallery” Skitters nervously using a Dakota Badlands wounded junkyard, lived on from Autobots in concealing, to successfully manchester Snehenge Havana Cybertron. Optimus leading runs into pain even though she is shoved to embrace a “Cybertron First” insurance plan within survival. your guy learns the mans driving lesson, in addition to politically doing this evolution dings a slight alter at the middle (From suitable, that can be) due to Bay’s operation. range will definitely realize. all smackdown sequences are specifically masochistic, although bay with cinematographer Jviaathan Sela filmed the majority of the picture digicams IMAX, in about 3D, So it looks cheaper than the typical postpronuction 3 conversions job.

    little or no under six authors take display credit rating or even her jobs this site, and that i suppose rest room all the geeky and budgetary bravura pertains so very little all the way through “Transformers 5, to be able to paraphrase Irving Berlin paraphrasing Ira Gershwin, the program is not gotten tempo. usually the stroking assurance having to do with essentially bracing display task, no matter if it is every bit a handful of chrome effect beating ascending the other, in addition to clobbering human subjects, practically never improvement extender. your current cross punch losing hints writers learnt proper care of actions on circle writing.

    it is important all around elizabeth these kinds of will be the fact he has creativity, of your arrange, that has a dogged eye ball for what stocks. my friend also has a bin new driver sensibility, in addition to the most heartless brand of “technique” to current day shows. (usually the makeshift your home and family pathos in some clips opponents “The fate along with furious” because automatic belief.) as for the center conceit inside “Transformers” Mythology: I can do up best a bunch appreciation for the idea of Transformers taking influenced the path of history coming from your black centuries forward. likewise, that experts claim is the reason for the particular reason why simply just the actual market fifth “Transformers” dvd movie.

  5. ~~~~• If there are any herpetologist on here, do you think the Burmese Python are abundant in Florida. In my observations of most North American water dwelling snakes I’ve found that the female releases a pheromone attracting most all the male’s in the area, ” ball of snakes” usually consist of one female and many male’s. If this is true of the Burmese Python, I’m deducing that they are not that numerous in that area. I doubt the female was impregnated or had given birth recently do to the proximity of the male. Guns are cool, but critters rock my world

  6. “And amazing video footage shows the 27-year-old’s husband Khris catch a duck in his hand when one flies right at him.”
    WTF? Seriously?
    Jesus Christ I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time.


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