If national reciprocity passes, ISIS wins!
courtesy politico.com
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“This is not just me saying it. These are the words in ISIS’ magazine. ISIS has specifically noted you can easily access weapons at 500-plus gun shows. And reciprocity is only going to make it easier.” – Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. in Pols, activists blast interstate concealed-carry bill at City Hall rally [via dailynews.com]

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  1. That is a picture Im not sorry to see.
    More of those home made devices should fail and self destruct the bomber as this one has.
    A great poster boy picture.
    Should get Picture of the Year awards.

    • Poor boy appears seriously hurt. Probably the only way to save him is a prompt application of a bacon poultice, tacked in place with a nail gun and then permanently baked on with a blowtorch.

  2. I’m sure that the people who got run down by a truck in NYC found solace in the fact it was not done by an “evil” gun too.

    • Hope he has a long slow painful recovery and spends the rest of his miserable life in supermax. Fit him with a remote control shock collar that goes around his balls and put the button in a public place like times square with a camera in his cell. Charge a buck to push it to defray the cost of housing his miserable ass and to buy new batteries as needed. He’s lost all constitutional protection by being an enemy combatant in my book.

  3. And how exactly does national reciprocity make buying guns at a gun show any easier or more difficult than it is currently?

    Oh wait, forget the facts, guns are bad.

  4. Daesh could easily access illegal firearms in Europe. As shown by the Bataclan. They stopped doing it because it’s even easier to get a truck and knives.

    If Daesh made the gun show claim, then it’s because of blithering idiots like this Vance fellow, who keep lying about gun shows and alleged loop holes.

  5. Nice suit. Show me the quote by ISIS where they have said “You can easily access weapons at 500-plus gun shows. And reciprocity is only going to make it easier.”

    • If Libertards didn’t lie. They would have no real reasons to get up every morning. Besides don’t expect a libitard press to do any less then give them a free soapbox to stand on.
      No one watches what I call AM TV news anymore anyway except the true Libitard to see themselves standing on said soapboxes.

    • The reciprocity part is his addition. ISIS made the easy buys at gun shows (5,000, not 500) and online claim last May, as reported in “Time” magazine.

      Even ISIS repeats the same liberal gun show loop hole myth, claiming that background checks do not apply there. Of course, it isn’t out of ignorance; it’s deviousness. ISIS wants to destroy our rights. Getting us to do that to ourselves is just that much more sweet.

  6. If we don’t surrender our rights, then the terrorists win? How is that different from the terrorists’ goal of depriving us of our rights on their way to winning?

    If the Democrats and the terrorists share the same means and ends, then maybe then they ought to share the same label.

    • Well, he reads the ISIS magazines so he is clearly able to draw that fine line distinction into getting his way, without giving in to the terrorists.


  7. NY is a failed state, with a failed black hole NYC. Why don’t you POS (D) MF’s DISCLOSE HOW MANY U.S. $$$ YOU BLEW ON SECURITY SINCE 9/11??? as compared with some comparably large cities and the rest of the country.

    NY is a DHS Homeland Security $$$ SPONGE, every time some quasi-jihadi does something like today (a/k/a: previous “Times Square Bomber (2010)”) NYC rulers breathe a sigh of relief because it means they can justify making more and greater requests.


  8. Wait I can buy all I want at a gunshow without a check?!? Hallelujah😄I have an idea…bar aloha snackbars from gun shows😎

  9. Isis is very correct and that you can indeed buy all the weapons and ammo at many gun shows or out on the street and its perfectly legal in many states which shows the insanity of living in the U.S. There is simply no counter argument on why this is legal. No other civilized country in the world permits such pure insanity.

    Yes we do indeed need to vet all gun purchases period no exceptions and there is no sane argument against this.

    Yes we do need mandatory safe storage to prevent any crook or crazy to just walk into a gun store or private dwelling and walk off with arm loads of assault rifles and high capacity pistols. And it would prevent the needless shooting of 10,000 children a year. Of course Right Wing Lunatics will argue numbers of dead children body counts and say no it was only 9,999 not 10,000 so don’t worry about it. And of course the 38,000 total dead body count will be parted up too by the Lunatics on the far right as well. The idea being if we can lower it a bit than again why worry about it. After all the rest of the innocent are expendable or collateral damage so learn to live with it because “we are nut cases and could not care less” as it might inconvenience us to sign for a weapon or move our 300 lb carcass across the room and put my gun in a safe so my kids don’t get shot or my guns get stolen followed by a burp from finishing off another 6 pack of booze and a flip of the remote to the latest football game. After all we have our priorities.

    • Ok, so we have to watch out for the Cisco kid (who doesn’t sound like xsheez from here [?]) AND our government gun grabbers.

      FTFU. If you’re really that scared have yourself committed. If you’re not really that scared, have your communist self deported.

    • Do you get paid by the word for your trolling? If not, quit rambling.

      “There is simply no counter argument on why this is legal” – because it isn’t legal. 30 seconds and a Google search will show you so.

      • It isn’t legal, but it should be. It also was legal for most of American history. Free people should be able to legally do business with whomever they want to. NICS is security theater at best and step down the road of 2A infringements.
        Free man should be able to go around armed if he chooses to.

    • I seem to have read this same rant before. Cut and paste job, same old b.s. from some Euro trash who doesn’t understand freedom.

    • Isis is actually categorically wrong and that gun shows are not even a blip on the radar when it comes to supplying guns to criminals, which actually shows the insanity of whatever civil rights black hole you crawled out of. There is simply no (non)argument to why it just doesn’t happen, either, because it doesn’t. Actually civilized countries don’t debar their citizens the use of arms.

      No, we don’t indeed need to “vet” a damn thing, period, no exceptions, and there is no sane argument against this.

      No, we don’t need mandatory anything, either, and it wouldn’t prevent the 350-odd (not “10,000”) children accidentally getting shot each year. Of course, Left Wing Lunatics (but I repeat myself) will make up numbers and ridiculously assert a 2,700% inflation over any actual statistic. And, of course, the “38,000” total body count is disingenuously inflated by the Lunatics on the far left, too, with suicides that would not have been at all prevented by gun control laws, either. The idea being that taking things away from peaceable people will somehow stop bad people from doing bad things. But, the innocent are all expendable and collateral damage to the left, so they say, “Learn to live with it because we are nut cases and could not care less as it might inconvenience us to go after gangs (our favorite voter base) and better care for the mentally ill.” After all, they have their priorities, and we have ours.

      Ours are correct, and crisco skinhead’s are not.

  10. ISIS says? Ohhhhh golly gee whiz! Well I heard that 4 out of 5 Dentist recommend National Reciprocity for their patients who carry guns! I also heard the Choosy Mothers Choose….you got it, National Reciprocity!
    But I’m a little vague exactly how National Reciprocity will make it easier to buy guns. Someones going to have to explain that one to me or at least draw me a picture.

    I’ve read H.R.38 now about a half dozen times and I know I can read well enough because my mommy, RIP, had her masters degree in education and majored in English and she taught me to read very well indeed.

    Don’t spoon feed me dirt and tell me its sugar. I know the difference.

  11. you know what else ISIS supports? State sanctioned religious doctrine/laws kinda like in the south you see laws like “an atheist can not hold public office”

  12. LAIR, LAIR, LAIR I just sick and tired of these lairs! @#$%^&*

    Fact “GUN SHOWS” MUST RUN “BACKGROUND CHECK! Federal requirement! (Some states require even stricter requirements!)

    Fact “National Reciprocity” only applies to those who have “Concealed Carry”.

    To those who lie without end may you be a victim of you lies and may you never receive justice.

    Alfred Tennyson:: “A lie that is half-truth is the darkest of all lies.”

    • To Ditty Brain.

      What type of a fantasy world do you live in. It varies State to state and even city to city and even show to show. You just pick the show that does not have background checks. Where I live you can buy all the weapons you want with no background check what-so-ever. Its great for crooks, crazies and gun runners who run guns to big cities like Chicago etc. Cash and carry and no questions asked

      Next time before you make an absolute fool of yourself check into a subject first and do a little research or were you too busy finishing off your six pack.

      • You know that all Federal Firearms Licence holders (meaning everybody who buys and sells guns as a business) have to run background check, no matter where they sell. Gun shows included.
        Private persons not involved in firearms business selling their guns don’t have to do that, except in certain states. Again, it doesn’t matter where the sale takes place. Gun shows included.
        See, gun shows are not magical places where federal laws don’t apply.

        But you know that and just LIE your empty head off. (If you by any chance didn’t know that, you don’t rate an opinion on firearm laws, until you educate yourself about them. No, your feelings are irrelevant.)

        Mandatory storage laws would do sweet FA to lower accident or theft rates. They are also unenforceable unless police can walk in and check your home wherever they feel like it. Count me out.

        Statistics including suicides in “gun violence” number are bloated by two thirds to get more shocking power. Very low, yet always used gun grabber’s practice. Statistics including 19 years old and older “children”, ditto. When you need to twist facts to support your agenda, said agenda is at least suspicious and most likely sucks.

        And your beloved vetting of every gun exchange? Illinois does have it. Chicago is therefore free of violent crime. Wait, nevermind. But I’m sure all gang bangers carry their FOID cards and dutifully check their validity on ISPD site every time a gun changes hands.

        Oh, it’s fault of legal owners in Indiana and Wisconsin that their property gets stolen and used by blacks to kill other blacks in Chicago, right? How come that people in Indiana and Wisconsin with much loser laws don’t get killed at Chicago’s pace? (Honorable mention to blacks in liberal controlled big cities like Milwaukee, who do their best to catch up.)

        Tl;dr – no matter how often you repeat your lies, they still remain lies.

      • To crisco skinhead

        We already know you already live in a fantasy world, so you just want to assume that the rest of us do. Crooks, crazies, and gun-runners don’t go to gun shows anywhere to get their gats. You’d know that he you ever in that miserable little existence you oh-so-desperately want to call a life did any modicum of research whatsoever. Oh, and at least half of all recovered crime guns in CHIRAQ actually originate from within The people’s RepubliKKK of Sillynoise — NOWHERE ELSE.

        Next time, before you make an absolute fool of yourself, actually take your own advice for once and check into the subject first and do a little research. Or, were you too busy on your knees under Michael Bloomberg’s desk?

  13. So moron the solution isn’t to keep guns away from law abiding Americans, its to eradicate ISIS. To start with don’t let any more come to American.

  14. Say what now?

    OK… OK. Let’s just fight crazy with crazy. We get national reciprocity but anyone who carries a firearm on them is also required to carry a piece of bacon.

    PRESTO! No ISIS extremist will carry! See? Laws fix everything.

    • At first I thought this was a brilliant idea, then I realized my bacon wouldn’t last 5 minutes before I gave in to my primal instincts and devoured it.


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