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OMG where do I start with the jokes? This dude’s dog shot him. That’s almost as funny as the time Dick Cheney shot his friend during a hunt. Almost . . . Dog shoots hunter after man leaves shotgun on ground

A dog stepped on a 12-gauge shotgun Wednesday, shooting a hunter in the back with bird-shot pellets.

William Rancourt, 36, of Lebanon, N.H., was nearly 22 yards away when a hunting dog stepped on the trigger guard of a shotgun lying on the ground, causing it to discharge, according to a news release from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Rancourt sustained injuries that weren’t considered life threatening but still were “fairly moderate,” said Ken Lonneman, a state conservation officer.

Rancourt was conscious, alert and able to walk when he was transported to Trinity Hospital in Fort Dodge, Iowa. As of 4 p.m. CT Wednesday, X-rays were being performed to ensure all pellets had been removed from his back, Lonneman said.

Lucky girl…my adrenaline would be through the roof if I saw this 12-pointer like that walk up . . . Area hunter nabs 12-point buck

At approximately 11 a.m., Harrell was sitting in a tree stand when she saw a doe run across her field of vision. A few moments later, she saw a large buck following the doe.

“It caught my eye,” Harrell said. “I’d never seen a deer that big in person. He was running, so I kind of gathered myself together because my adrenaline was going and I breathing was so hard.”

Harrell picked up her gun and followed the buck in her sights for 25 to 30 yards, she said, before she got the opportunity to shoot. She shot the buck below the neck, downing her third deer ever.

It was a 12-point buck that weighed more than 200 pounds, Harrell said.

“I was proud of myself because I did it on my own,” Harrell said. “It takes a lot of patience, and I had waited all day for that perfect opportunity.”

Interesting read. Never thought surfers would hunt but I suppose it makes sense . . . Why Is Hunting Becoming Increasingly Popular Among the Action Sports Community?

Though it seems to be a polarizing topic among many, the popularity of hunting has increased noticeably within the surfing and action sports communities. Taking the life of an animal, in an effort to support your own life, is often looked at from several viewpoints. Many believe that hunting is a necessary element of life, or even an enjoyable pursuit, while others think it’s unethical, and those who engage in it have a skewed set of morals.

In light of the surfing subculture’s growing interest in organic foods and farm-to-table dining, alongside the recognition that overpopulation of non-native species is causing negative effects on the environment, hunting has become a hobby that some surfers seem to be embracing.

Guys like Shane Dorian, Matt Meola, and Mark Healey are clearly leading the charge in normalizing hunting among pro surfers, but the list of action sports icons who double as hardcore hunters does not end there – Alex Gray, the Malloy brothers, pro skater Geoff Rowley, Dave Wassel, Raph Bruhwiler, and even surfing activist Kyle Thiermann, to name a few. Some of these guys appear to be seasoned hunters, while others are merely beginning their pursuit because they see the incredible benefits. Regardless, there is no question that hunting is quickly gaining popularity and credibility in the world of surfing.

So, as a hunter myself, it made me wonder: what’s with this sudden interest? Is it an element of this whole sustainability movement that we’re seeing? Perhaps just an instinctual connection or necessity that some of the world’s hardest chargers feel a draw to. I spoke to a few of these iconic surfers to get a little taste of why they hunt.

This is probably New Jersey's last bear hunt.

New Jersey…where gun rights — and now hunting — go to die . . . It’s the beginning of the end for New Jersey’s bear hunt

What is likely to be New Jersey’s final black bear hunt for the foreseeable future begins Monday morning at sunrise, the political winds having shifted once again around the divisive issue of how to control the state’s bruin population.

Incoming governor Phil Murphy is sticking to his campaign promise to impose a moratorium on bear-hunting when he takes office in January. He released a statement  Friday that cast doubt on hunting as the most effective means of bear control.

“In the past, the bear hunt has been expanded without local input or evidence that it is effective at controlling the bear population,” Murphy said. “My first concern will always be for public safety, but before authorizing another hunt we need a fuller understanding and proof it works better than non-lethal options in the state’s long-term bear management policies. As governor my administration will institute a moratorium on the state’s bear hunt.”

It’s possible to take “start ’em young too far.” Is anyone actually taking infants into the field? . . . Wisconsin sells hunting licenses to 10 infants under new law

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources sold 10 hunting licenses to infants after Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill that eliminated the state’s minimum hunting age.

Walker signed a Republican bill on Nov. 13 doing away with the 10-year-old minimum age to participate in a mentored hunt.

The DNR released data Tuesday that shows the agency had sold 1,814 mentored hunt licenses to children age nine or younger through Sunday. The vast majority — 1,011 licenses — went to nine-year-olds. Fifty-two licenses went to children under age 5, with 10 going to a child under a year old.

A four-year-old was the youngest licensee to register a kill. Harvest data doesn’t show who actually killed the deer, however.

Just in time for Christmas, GWG launches their latest hunting line for women.

Girls with Guns® Clothing is proud to announce that our highly anticipated and long awaited Fall 2017 Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country® hunting collection is now available at! With a new and improved fit and upgraded fabrics, the Fall 2017 collection has everything the serious hunter is looking for. From articulated knees and elbows to adjustable waistbands and inseams, this gear is made to go the distance. No matter the climate, the DWR finish will keep you dry while the antimicrobial finish keeps you scent free, and the high quality Primaloft Silver insulation and butter pile fleece are sure to keep you nice and warm.

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  1. So a loaded shotgun was left lying on the ground. I’m not saying he deserved it at all but some common sense would have made this situation avoidable.

    • One of my cousins had a similar hunting accident with his dog back about 30 years ago. He had his shotgun laying up against a tree, and the dog knocked it over, and apparently hit one trigger (double barrel 12 gauge).

      My cousin took a load of waterfowl birdshot in the leg from about 8 feet away. He was fortunate that only one barrel fired, and fortunate to keep his leg. He is still an active hunter to this day (more careful I’m sure).

  2. Over the years I’ve heard of several accidental shootings blamed on the dog, including at least one fatality. We need to bring this to 2asux/sam i am’s attention so he can get right on campaigning for a mandatory gun safety class for all hunting dogs.

    Hunting is in our genes and blood. Metro males may be able to stifle the urge, but it’s there. And if you deny your true nature long enough it leads to mental health issues.

    • Those metro males don’t stifle the urge, they just redirect it into hunting for the perfect decaf soy milk cappuccino.

    • Eh… Not everybody wants to hunt. Nobody’s ever accused me of being metro, but hunting just isn’t my thing.

      I look at it much the same was as fishing. I brought fishing tackle with me on backpacking trips and fed myself with my catch. It was enjoyable and very fulfilling (and also filling). But I never have gone fishing just for the fun of it; I don’t care that much. Similarly, if I *needed* to hunt to provide food, I could get used to it and probably enjoy it. But I don’t, so I haven’t.

      At the macro human-species level, you’re right, though. Hunting is a biological urge (stronger in some people than in others), and forcing people to suppress a fundamental aspect of their human nature is a recipe for trouble.

      • “But I never have gone fishing just for the fun of it; I don’t care that much.”

        Now I have gone (and continue to go) fishing (fresh and salt) just for the fun of it, it’s a great way to spend a day out on the water hanging out with a buddy.

        The fish gets cleaned, filleted, and loaded in the freezer for a meal at a later time…

      • I’m the same. I’ve gone with friends on hunts before and it just doesn’t appeal to me. If I was in a survival situation, hell yes, I’ll murder any delicious meatsack I can get my sights on. I used to go fishing with friends all the time but I wouldn’t do any actual fishing, I’d just get a license so my friends could have a couple more rods in the water and I’d just drink beer and bullshit.

    • JWM I don’t think they are the same dude(dudette?). Different syntax,writing style and no obvious superiority complex from sam. They’re just 2 different trolls(?). This site is infected with more than malware and spam…I can’t comment with any device but my personal phone.

      • FWW, go to the post about the woman shot while walking her dog. Watch how he switches from name to name in the thread. Read the comments he makes under both names and tell me about syntax.

        He’s a phony. If this was an anti gun site sam/sux would be arguing pro gun.

        • JWM, I’m kinda with FWW on this one.

          Stylistically, they are *far* different.

          I hear what you’re saying on that *particular* instance, but I don’t think 2Asux is Sam I am…

        • 2ASux makes anti arguments with the goal that we improve our skills. That’s all. (And maybe he enjoys the back and forth, I dunno.)

          I am curious as to why there is still speculation as to whether he “is” or “isn’t” – this was put to bed long ago. Myself and at least one other person have had extended discussions with him, it’s in the old posts, somewhere.

        • 16v, he’s a troll. You may approve of his methods or reasons, but he’s still a troll. And since he’s fronting himself as an anti gun troll why would you trust his explanation of why he does it?

        • Yall call folks “troll” because yall are unwilling/unable to confront the substance of critical posts.

          Youre like little brats screaming “NUH-UH”!

          When you struggle to understand posts that challenge your delusions, when you are faced with peer reviewed studies and stats from federal agencies that confuse you, you dont want to embarrass yourselves so you pose as being aloof and poke your tongue out and cry “TROLL”.

          Along with changing the subject, attacking the poster and endlessly repeating lies, crying “troll” is another obvious way yall unknowing highlight that you lack the faculties to engage in any kind of evidence-based discourse….

          … oh wow, hey again jwm, youre so underwhelming I didnt see you, such a puny man, a real moral runt

        • jwm would you like to try explaining again how you are absolved of personal moral responsibility for doing wrong because someone told you to do it?
          And how none of the bad things you did are your fault because none of the civilians on the other side of the world stopped you from doing those bad things?

          This seems like a “troll” situation, you dont want to further embarrass yourself… the above pathetic transparent excuses are the worst attempt Ive ever seen, and your sad am radio-style changing of the topic and attacking me likewise doesnt make your childish failure to take responsibility any less wrong… yeah I would say just type “troll”, its the least humiliating exit you can make.

        • Tell me one thing I’ve done wrong and then explain where I owe you any explanation. As far as I’m concerned you’re a mentally ill stalker. You’re the reason people want to keep and bear arms.

          I get it, I really do. You’ve done nothing in or with your life. Hiding in the dark and striking out at others makes you feel strong.

          Do you think that anybody reading your crazed comments doesn’t see you as the moral coward?

          If you’re looking for a substitute father figure you’re going all about it wrong.

        • Take note that jwm again shows us what a small am radio-mentality man he is by ignoring the substance of my criticism and childishly changing the subject, attacking me and other gibberish none of which changes the fact that jwm lacked the moral courage to refuse unlawful orders AND persists in making the most pathetic excuses for why jwm is not personally morally responsible…

          jwm did wrong but in his “mind” everyone else is to blame…

          “Everything we did in those faraway lands, good or bad, we did in the name of folks like ehren, rob and comrade more dead soldiers. We did it in their names and under their orders. The American military is under the leadership of the American pols and people.

          We did nothing without their approval beforehand. And if they did not approve then they should have had the moral courage to try to stop what they thought was wrong. Refuse to pay your taxes. Renounce your citizenship and move to another country.

          Until they have taken actual steps to remedy what they see as wrong they do not have the right to judge others.

          My service was over 4 decades ago and I’m still proud of the men I served alongside.”

        • What unlawful order? Where? When? Do you honestly believe that repeating the same lie over and over makes it true?

          You’re mentally ill. That’s a fact shown by your irrational behavior. You need help. Hopefully you’ll get it before you hurt someone.

        • jwm, we have to define what a “troll” is

          The definition that I’m familiar with is that “trolls” set out to aggravate by taking a different view, usually an outrageous one, unsupported by fact. Throw in a few ad hominems, and, voila!

          Point being, one can easily ‘defeat’ his arguments if you stay calm , rational, and go point by point. Which is his real goal.

          I wish I could remember the exact posts where I discussed his MO with him, sadly my memory isn’t that great from over a year ago. Perhaps you can do a Boolean search in TTAG (though I doubt it, as I am still having to repopulate my name and email spaces with every post..).

    • “Hunting is in our genes and blood. Metro males may be able to stifle the urge, but it’s there. And if you deny your true nature long enough it leads to mental health issues.”
      Not sure about the mental health issues – id like to believe that but that’s just my bias. That the urge to hunt is natural and instinctive is, I think, an undeniable truth and present in everyone- to varying degrees.
      The last couple of times I was asked why I hunt, my reply was “I do it for love. I love nature and being out in it. I genuinely care for the animals I hunt and want them to be healthy and to produce strong offspring*. So I consider my efforts to control a given population as my contribution to nature. That it also fulfills a primal urge and gets my happy endorphins going is a plus too.”
      *feral hogs excepted. Kill those nasty things. 🤠

    • So the desire to hunt is of course not inherited (or as you say in your creepy eugenicist lingo “… in our genes and blood.”)

      All behavior is of course learned not inherited, so the desire to sneak up on animals and kill them is no more inherited than the desire to visit the dead animal flesh aisle in the grocery store.

      Its really bizarre that you would think this, Im stunned at how lilttle you know and at what a low level your thinking proceeds…

      Whats next, youll tell us that the desire to spread a lot of AR-15s around so we can shoot it out with the next mentally ill mass shooter is also “… in our genes and blood.”?

      • Are you feeling the urge to hurt yourself or someone else, professormanquespecialshortbusrideretc.etc.etc
        yada,yadaandso on? Should I call someone? Is there someone that cares enough about you to care?

        Your combination of low intellect, mental illness and no moral courage probably argues that nobody in your life cares. But I’ll be glad to call someone for you.

        • Thanks again to jwm for highlighting his childish am radio mentality by ignoring the substance of my correction and posting a near-gibberish personal attack, none of which changes the fact that the desire to hunt is of course not inherited (or as you say in your creepy eugenicist lingo “… in our genes and blood.”)

          All behavior is of course learned not inherited, so the desire to sneak up on animals and kill them is no more inherited than the desire to visit the dead animal flesh aisle in the grocery store.

          The level of ignorance of even junior high school level knowledge is breathtaking…

        • Thats enough examples jwm, everyone already sees clearly that you are unable/unwilling to respond to the substance of my criticism of your lack of moral courage and your pathetic childish excuses for that character flaw of yours.

          As far as you not knowing that hunting like all behavior is learned not inherited, this is such a shocking aspect of your ignorance Im afraid to imagine what other very basic low level information you are ignorant of… Im guessing evolutionary biology and anthropogenic climate change make the list

          Its important to remember however that although yall are extremely dishonest, constantly distorting or outright lying to deform the world into your delusional mold, its also true that even if yall sincerely wanted to see the evidence you are too dumb to grapple with even fairly straitforward material.

        • It’s obvious that you are mentally ill. I’ve responded to your false claims. The American military serves the civil government and the people of America. Not the other way around. My statement was accurate and to the point. I admitted no wrongdoing because I have done no wrong.

          And since its pointless to argue with the lunatic fringe I will no longer acknowledge you or your deranged claims. Seek help before its too late.

      • “Whats next, youll tell us that the desire to spread a lot of AR-15s around so we can shoot it out with the next mentally ill mass shooter is also “… in our genes and blood.”?”

        No. That’s just result of cold, logical thought process. You would not understand.

        Your reaction to mass shooter (mentally ill or terrorist) is crying and pleading for your worthless life, while you wait for guys with guns to come and save you. We understand our responsibility for our own safety and prefer to do the saving ourselves -immediately. For that goal we understand the need to keep and bear best available tools – guns.

  3. Further proof that using birdshot for self defense is about as logical as trusting a democrat. Birdshot is for the birds.

  4. “He released a statement Friday that cast doubt on hunting as the most effective means of bear control.”

    Yeah, so spay and neuter your wild bears! Lol.

    Maybe we can enact a 1 bear cub policy modeled on China’s one child?

    • If they do have a more effective method of bear control, I hope they implement it. But I’d be pretty surprised if this whole thing wasn’t more about hating hunters and their tools than effectively managing wildlife.

      • I think they are gonna have DFW Rangers go around and try to put condoms on a number of male black bears. I’m gonna say Yogi won’t appreciate the effort…

    • When I briefly lived in NE NJ ~16 years ago it seemed like there was a black bear wandering into Paramus every few weeks and panicking the sheltered NYC metro area suburbanites. This was a few years before the Christie admin gave the OK to bear hunts after decades of them being off-limits.

      Black bears have been doing quite well in NJ, from what I’ve read. NJ had its first recorded predatory bear fatality a few years ago. I would expect non-culling methods of bear population control to work as well as they have for whitetail populations.

  5. So long as it’s not Smoky the Bear, I’m OK with killing bears. Some of them need killing. Old frail, on their last leg, would be compassionate thing to do.
    Bears that have become dangerous in areas where they have raided garbage cans.
    And as meat on the table. Although I have no idea what bear meat tastes like?

    • I’ve had stewed bear meat before. Had it a wild meat roast some friends of my parents used to hold once a year. It’s absolutely delicious, fixed right. Reminded me a bit of beef, though a much greasier meat.

  6. “Never thought surfers would hunt but I suppose it makes sense . . . ”

    Why not? Some of the really big-water surf areas in California and Hawaii have active shark populations, including Great Whites (*not* the band) …

  7. If that dog had been ‘illegal’ and on a San Fran pier

    That man would be dead and the dog gets off scott free! To the admiration of the Lib media!

  8. “That’s almost as funny as the time Dick Cheney shot his friend during a hunt. Almost . . . ”

    All politics aside… FU stupid. If that’s funny, who hunts with you?

    • The fact that he stonewalled the authorities for what, 3 days, is infuriating too. “I’m the Vice President, I don’t have to answer to anyone.”

      Then Whittington apologizes to Cheney for getting shot in the face and suffering a heart attack because of it. What in the actual fuck?

      • Hmmm. The incident was reported to the local sheriff about an hour after it happened. The “three days” but is apparently the time until the first press interview–the media are not “the authorities”.

        • The “hour” was approximately 50 minutes, AFTER the full concentration on seeking medical attention.

          If you’ve ever hunted in open but rolling terrain (with gullies or between jutting fingers, or lined up farm equipment) and tried to sweep, or box pheasant or quail, you know you’ve opened yourself up to shooting each other. If you haven’t ever at least been ‘rained on’ with pellets, you hunt alone, or your chance is pending.

          Faulting Dick Cheney for shooting someone is just inviting some hypocritical karma.

  9. That kid in diapers, are those ducks legal? The sucker in his mouth is a safety hazard along with those fall me down cowboy boots. You guys hoorah Everytime a dog shoots someone, he may have been a decent owner. Once again you all are supposing this is a “good guy with a gun”. In 1846 Alfred Brunette said something about the second amendment needs abolished. So ONCE AGAIN IM SMARTER THEN YOU, and Mcickey D’s gave me a raise, so I do have a job. The men killed by dogs is your fault because I said so, errr, I mean the SECOND AMMENDMENT SUCKs

  10. “A dog stepped on a 12-gauge shotgun Wednesday, shooting a hunter in the back with bird-shot pellets.”

    I’m sure this was all just an unfortunate accident, with the dog not even realizing what he’d done.

    If it had been a cat, however…

    • If it was a cat it was attempted murder, plain and simple. I love cats but they’re just fluffy little murder machines. Except my Russian Blue, I have never met an animal with a sweeter personality….. although there was that one time he knocked my pistol of my desk…… if I owned a Sig I might be dead.

      • I have a Russian Blue!!!! Sweetest cat ever but still I feel she is just waiting to murder me in my sleep.

    • is a liberal POS (D)ou<he bag PAC. It's crap that they talk about veteran anything when libs sh_t all over the war in the first place. Weakness is provocative, and nobody likes exhibiting (and demanding from the U.S.) weakness in the face of the enemy like MF POS LIB/PROG/SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST/GLOBALIST/GLOBAL WARMERS AND (D). is probably hurting for clicks and donor $$$.


      F dat.

  11. Imagine how much more damage the dog could have done if only he had opposable thumbs to pump the action and chamber another shell.

    • That’s why I don’t like a semi auto shotgun. Fido can get payback for the last time you skimped on his feed.

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