John Cornyn is a useful idiot for Chuck Schumer on gun control.
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“(W)hat about the roughly 13% of all (NICS) denials occurring under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(2) — a scary ‘fugitive’ category which normally means that the person had an unpaid traffic ticket while on vacation?  This is actually happening now, and is a major issue. Are we going to turn in the names of all ‘renegade parkers’ who haven’t paid their fines? If your answer is ‘That would be stupid’, well, guess what? Cornyn-Schumer is stupid. It is the sort of brainless solution which is concocted by politicians looking for a sound bite, who don’t know what they’re doing.” – Michael Hammond in Will the GOP Leadership Be the Ones to Deliver Gun Control (via

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  1. Cornyn has to know hes being a compliant a-h#l3 here and I hope it cost him his seat. This to me is worse then playing with the devil you know.
    This NICs thing is complete BS and wont stop anything. But make life more difficult for already complying gun owners.
    Criminals will always have access to back alley guns.

    • Cornyn is one of my senators; however, I have put him on my radar to actively work against his re-election. I am disgusted with his playing footsies with the Dems, especially Schumer. He needs to go. I can’t even get a decent reply from him when I write a letter complaining about an issue. All I get now is some form letter about an issue I didn’t even ask about. Talk about out of touch…

      • I finally got a response back from Cornyn, he replied to being on board with bump fire stock reassessment by the ATF. He won’t get a vote from me.

      • Cornyn is one of my senators too…IIRC he isn’t running again, so he doesn’t care about reelection and here in Texas we have no recall.
        More is the pity. That RINO needs to go away.
        In fact I dare say, he needs to pack up and move to DC perminantly and never come back to Texas. We don’t want him here.


    • Idiots keep voting for Cornholio even though he is the one that got us Obamacare by voting for cloture. He is one of the worst creatures in the swamp but has somehow stayed off most peoples radar. Hell, I voted for his demoncrat opponent last time just to get him out.

      • Ouch @ voting for the Dem. That guy is pretty connected.His record is trash and no attempt at primarying him. Wonder who he’s related to or has dirt on.

  2. Will Dan Zimmerman ever stop posting distortive articles? Will he ever acknowledge documented corrections to his false claims? The amount of moonshine he posted regarding justice for Zarate alone is overwhelming! Its just endless, all day, everyday this guy posts gibberish an ignores documente corrections, its beyond even am radio foolishness, and you jokers take this guy seriously!!

    • Will you ever stop posting distortive comments? Will you ever acknowledge documented corrections to your false claims? The amount of moonshine you post here regarding literally anything is what’s actually overwhelming! It’s just endless, all day, every day, you post gibberish and ignore documented corrections. It’s beyond even NPR foolishness, and nobody takes you seriously!

      No, we really don’t, crisco skinhead. Yes, we’ve made you already. No matter how many different screen names you use, you will always stick out like a sore thumb.

    • Hi there, name changer! If only there was justice done to that piece of excrement it would end with throwing his carcass over the wall.

  3. NICS doesn’t need fixed, what it needs is for the lazy assed data entry minions to actually input the correct data! Every failure of NICS can inevitably be traced back to some idiot not entering in the correct information or some idiot not reporting the information in the first place. No What NICS needs is to ultimately go away because we can never get it right and no amount of legislation will fix it. We can pinky promise to add even more info to the system but if the info isn’t being entered anyway what’s the fucking point? What checks are in place to ensure the right information is being entered? What guarantee is there that good ole ATF Agent Bob won’t get denied on a 4473 because DEA Agent Bob is a fucking scumbag out runnin around, killing nuns, raping hookers, and doing loads of blow off of underage Phillipino strippers asses? I’ve dealt with that before actually I used to get denials until I learned some one else with the same name was a freaking dirt bag.

    • NICS doesn’t need fixed, it needs AXED.

      The only value of NICS is that politicians can point to it and say, “See, we’re doing something about guns!” and the fact that it gives them political cover when we complain about infringing on the Second Amendment.

      For everybody who complains about gun control laws remember, the NRA backed NICS and now the politicians can point to it and say, “See, even the NRA is okay with it if we infringe JUST A LITTLE BIT.”

      Giving the government ANY authority to infringe on “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms…” means that YOU don’t really believe the Second Amendment means what it says either. Giving them authority to put your name on a list that removes your natural right to bear arms is the ultimate folly.

      • “No What NICS needs is to ultimately go away because we can never get it right and no amount of legislation will fix…”

        Already ahead of you. Ideally, that’s the best fix, but since I doubt this world will ever turn into the one where Jessica Alba nude crabwalks through my living room crapping gold bricks and begging for a 3 way that Mrs. ATFAgentBob is totally down for. I’ll just stick with saying there really ain’t no good way to fix it.

        There’s always going to be a mistake somewhere in the system like mistaking me for that dirtbag DEA Agent Bob or even worse FBI Agent Bob. You don’t wanna know what FBI Agent Bob does….

        The system is broken and has been for a long long time. Between erroneous entries, information not being reported, and no quick and easy way to report errors for citizens wrongly denied it amazes me there isn’t a national campaign to burn it down. That will never happen though, people have gotten too used to it. Legislation won’t fix NICS at all putting more information into an already struggling system will just tax it more and multiply the errors already in the system. GIGO Garbage In Garbage Out, until we go through an actually get the system right all we’re doing is dumping more garbage in a dumpster fire, and really that’s all most legislation does. Add more and more things to the list of crimes to try to deter criminals from committing crimes and making more honest people unintentional criminals.

  4. Before you ‘fix’ something that is already unconstitutional, why not actually go after those that
    1) lie on the form (knowingly – might be hard, but ya never know)
    2) are denied (ya know – actually prosecute)
    3) Ensure those charged with entering data actually ENTER the data; see Charleston, SC and Sutherland Springs, TX.

    Enforce what’s already on the books before adding more crap to the books.

    • Because all those “laws” already on the books have done such a great job of preventing crime, eh?

      The answer is to empower everyone (who wants it) to defend themselves, take full responsibility for their own actions and choices.

      Buying and carrying a gun should be no different than buying and using anything else. If you use it to do harm to others, whether it is a gun or your bare hands, that harm is the crime.

    • Before you fix something that is already unconstitutional you need to identify those people who supported and enacted the unconstitutional legislation and stop them from making the situation worse. You need to do everything you can to prevent them from enforcing ANY PORTION of that unconstitutional legislation.

      You need to work for repeal of that unconstitutional legislation and its replacement with legislation that is NOT unconstitutional and that actually addresses effectively the intent of the original, unconstitutional legislation — chronic violent criminals and random dangerous mental cases. Neither of those categories is impossible to identify in advance and imposing unconstitutional restrictions on law-abiding citizens who DO NOT fit into those two categories is, well, UNCONSTITUTIONAL. And stupid.

      If all of the money wasted on the NICS system was spent instead on identifying career violent criminals (why is that not considered a mental disease?) and putting them behind bars where they cannot hurt people (except other criminals) the majority of the problem would be solved.

      Most of such criminals live in urban areas and it has been established that the local LEOs KNOW who they are. The local D.A.s know who they are. The local judges know who they are. And the system still keeps spitting them back out onto the street to commit more violent crimes, many times while out on bail waiting for the trial on their previous offense(s).

  5. F Cornyn,



    • Schumer really does seem like the nastiest of slimeballs, doesn’t he? I think if you tried to hang him he’d probably slip right out of the noose and slither away.

  6. I gave up on Corny years ago.. Speaking as one of his constituents..,

    I would rather vote for a duck that him…(and have on occasions)…

    • I vote for his primary opponents and simply leave the worthless ballot blank whenever the general election comes up.

    • I’ve voted in the past but no more.
      You go “candy ass” no vote for you.
      Enjoy your retirement John!

  7. The GOP has no stomach for repealing/abolishing the already unconstitutional “gun control” laws already on the books at the Federal, State and Local levels, much less rigorously and consistently enforcing said laws. No extension of NICS will plug the Iron Pipeline, stop straw purchases, or otherwise prevent criminals and prohibited persons from obtaining guns. There is not, and never has been, any scenario that will put a stop to gun-involved violence as the delusion-ridden “anti-gun” factions persist in advocating. When you try to solve a problem by applying “solutions” to the wrong factor the only possible outcome is failure. Period. Like suicide, Human violence is means independent. Yet we persist in humoring/indulging the delusion that laws affecting the objects involved in the perpetration of violence are the key to controlling the violence. Worse yet, we allow the arguably most stupid people to control the focus of the discussion…
    Cornyn is one of those “arguably most stupid people”.

  8. Most Republitards are not our friends. I have no faith they’ll ever “fix” (get rid of!) NICS…

  9. Any excuse is good enough for gun grabbers. Look at Hawaii’s taking guns away from medical marijuana users. Marijuana users are not violent when high, I have never seen a heated argument from people under the influence(not to say it is impossible).

    If they also use other drugs, maybe, or maybe with other drugs they may try to take their own life, but that is a different story. If this does fly, I see many areas that may try to ban anyone who has a prescription for certain types or even any drug. Use Viagra – no firearms for you. Big Brother is watching(like the elf on the shelf)

    • Like the Elf on the Shelf, government wants to watch you but needs a lot of watching its own self.

      One year, that sneaky little rat in the pointy hat drank one of my mini-bottles of bourbon and had a wild marshmallows-and-syrup party with Barbie on our kitchen table. The year after that, he re-enacted “Wrecking Ball” on a tree ornament with a Miley Cyrus paper doll. Needless to say, Barbie was very upset. Paper Miley disappeared the day before Christmas Eve, and hasn’t been seen since. The crime is still unsolved, but I can’t help thinking Barbie did it; there’s no hard evidence, but she did have motive.

      Never relax your vigilance!

    • Your potheads may or may not be “violent” but it IS a gateway drug and they certainly have DEMONSTRATED “poor judgement” and lawlessness.

      • Gateway drug? Bullshit. Which decade are you living in, the 60s? That’s the same propaganda the .gov was pushing 40-50 years ago. And what “poor judgement” are you referring to? You have absolutely no clue how many pot smokers are healthy, productive members of society, with none of the supposed “problems” you presume they face.

        Maybe you should update your propaganda to, oh let’s say, the late 90s? Mid-2000s? It still won’t be true, but you’ll sound like less of an idiot.

  10. “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
    “If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”
    “The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.”
    ― Samuel Adams

    • Thanks, Dick. I’ve been meaning to find those quotes and save them for later reference.

      Mission accomplished.

      How were we so lucky to have so many great men at the time and place in history they were so desperately needed?

      And why can’t we find ANY now?

  11. I don’t want to improve what should just be eliminated. The government should be a prohibited possessor of my firearms transactions data. End NICS now.

  12. “Senators Cornyn and Schumer: Expand NICS! Quote of the Day”

    Expand it to what…??? It’s already as bloated as it can be…

    • You totally miss the point.

      For a politician it is not whether or not NICS does the job gun muggles think it is intended to do, it is a question of whether or not enough of those gun muggles believe it does and are willing to vote for the guy(s) who support it.

  13. Can anyone name me another right that is lost becuz of a parking ticket?????????????????

    Free Speech? No more Free Speech for you! No Words No reading No innerwebs!

  14. If the bill actually fixed it maybe. Like for example the original law was supposed to allow those with misdemeanor domestic violence convictions to get their rights back. The provision is in the law BUT congress has never funded it.

    I am fine with requiring the military to report the names of people who screw up there BUT we need to get things in return.

    If the bill passes the senate , the house should amend it to include national concealed carry or some other really hard to swallow provision.

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