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[Cornell] Lewis said the point of the rally was not to show guns, but to inform Black people of the need to own guns, due to endemic police killings of Black people, crimes against Black people that are not investigated thoroughly and the rise of white supremacist groups.

“Now it is time to come together and observe our Second Amendment rights,” Lewis said. “If the United States government won’t protect us, we’ll protect ourselves. If America doesn’t want to give us freedom and justice, we’re going to take it.

“We have our faith. We have our people. We have our guns. America does not want us here and does not care for us. We march. We fight. We die. That is the only thing left for us to do in this land of the free and home of the brave.”

– Susan Dunne in Armed Black protestors march in Hartford’s North End to advocate for Black gun ownership

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  1. Yeah yeah yeah. “You don’t want us” blah blah blah.

    I don’t want you; I also don’t not want you. Being either would require at least some interest in my part. I am in fact generally indifferent, so long as you leave me alone to get on with my life. I. Don’t. Care. And that probably makes me the worst possible anything you can imagine.

    So be it. Keep trying to make me care and tell me how bad I am. At some point I might believe you; what then?

    • ‘empathy‘

      em·​pa·​thy | \ ˈem-pə-thē \
      Definition of empathy
      1 : the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner.

      We all have our disabilities, some are visible and some are not, some are physical and some are psychological.

      • Miner49er,

        I certainly encourage everyone to have and express empathy — which I would characterize as the outward expression of a general concern for the well-being of others.

        The problem is that many/most people with a Far Left worldview demand empathy to the point that it becomes destructive. That is where I jump off the empathy train — and encourage others to do the same.

        • “The problem is that many/most people with a Far Left worldview demand empathy to the point that it becomes destructive.”

          They just want what you have, isn’t that just being ‘fair’?

          Deliberate confusion of equality of outcome with opportunity is the actual issue…

        • You mean like the way dumpster expresses his empathy for others? Being devoid of empathy and compassion is an unfortunate condition across the political spectrum.

        • you mean like OdumbBUTT did not for his 8 years “unless you were BLACK!” Ginder12???

          OdumBUTT only cared about anyone the press told the boy to care about and if polling agreed too!

        • The affordable care act covers all Americans, not just a particular minority.

          But when Republicans repeal Obamacare and 22 million American citizens lose their insurance, you can be sure it will affect many white folks just as blacks and other minorities.

          And millions more Americans, who have survived being Covid positive, will lose their insurance because of the loss of coverage of pre-existing conditions under Obamacare.

      • I have empathy. I want the white supremacist groups to go. Let’s start with antifa. Bunch of fascist brown shirts have to go.

        • Black communities destroyed by those rioters will never be the same, just like Detroit. The Puppet Masters living in their gated communities don’t have to worry about the consequences.

        • @dude

          Nailed it. Detroit never recovered. 1950’s highest per capita income in the Nation.

          If you wanted to work you had a job.

          Democrats wreck everything they touch.

        • It has often been pointed out already, but I’ll do so one more time here. Antifa is mostly privileged white kids with nothing better to do than raise hell and riot. All in the name of overthrowing the government or some such.

          BLM on the other hand seems to have some hotheads, some cooler heads, and some legitimate complaints. I do try to keep them separated, but Antifa spends a lot of time faking concern for BLM’s concerns.

          As for black people owning guns – that’s fine with me. The more the merrier. The first gun laws on this continent were racist in nature, and little has changed since then. Gotta keep darkie in their place, after all. And, his place is on the Democrat plantation today.

          Kim Klacik is really yanking the Democrat’s chains right now!

        • Paul. I normally do not include blm in my comments about antifa. I consider antifa to be nothing but fascist terrorists.

        • they are communists. even wikipedia, despite their coddling downplaying and denying, admits that the two flags in the ANTIFA banner, one of those flags stands for communism.

    • The two greatest crimes in society now are first being happy and second not obsessing over what other people are doing. Especially when they’re shouting “look at me!”

      • Yep. What’s that saying, it goes something like:

        No one wants to hear your opinion. They want to hear their opinion, come out of your mouth.

      • “… and second not obsessing over what other people are doing. Especially when they’re shouting “look at me!””

        Oh, yeah, F-book keyed into that and is riding it for as much as they can. People see others having more success, fun, *whatever* than they are, and are (self)-driven right into depression (or maybe worse).

        Did the ‘Social Media’ companies know these destructive outcomes were happening, or just not care? (Probably didn’t care, as long as the ad revenue was pouring in…)

    • It is better to drive wedges between the moderate and fully Marxist left and the racist and non- racist blacks and get the ethical ones to more actively oppose the unethical elements rather than speak of and treat them as monolithic. More time should be spent courting and strengthening ties with the rational among them than simply calling out the worst. Only a fool treats their opponents as monolithic.

      • Yup. That’s why Trump was attempting to box Biden into a corner during last week’s debate, and force him to make statements that would upset one side of his own base or the other (moderate Dems vs. Marxists).

        • Yes, Donald Trump’s verbal instructions during the debate were very clever.

          He did a good job of rallying the right wing brown shirts.

          “President Trump told the proud boys to stand by because someone needs to deal with ANTIFA. … Well sir! we’re ready!!,” Proud Boy leader Joe Biggs said immediately afterward, as “standing by” became an instant Proud Boy meme.”

        • Still refuse to say anything negative about the real brown shirts, antifa?

          Your silence in support of fascism speaks volumes.

        • Now now jaybird, don’t be fibbing.

          I think anyone who burns or loots a private business should be arrested and prosecuted, regardless of ethnicity, nationality or religion.

          Just because the longest serving republican speaker of the house, Dennis Hastert, was a child molester doesn’t mean I think that you are a child molester even though you are also a conservative Republican.

          It would be wrong of me to pre-judge you in that manner.

          Of course, it is possible, I really don’t know you that well…

    • That is the best thing that anyone can do. All of this so-called “caring” has done nothing but destroy minority neighborhoods all across this country. We are not children. We can take care of ourselves. Democrats kindly go back to your Klan meetings.

  2. I really wish that people would use the higher learning/reasoning center of their brains rather than their amygdala and raw emotion to makes sense of the world and determine how best to live life.

      • Yup.

        Marketing 101
        Convince your target that his/her life is not centered, and that your product will help return to center, and therefore happiness.

        Blammo! for everyone.

  3. “due to endemic police killings of Black people, crimes against Black people that are not investigated thoroughly and the rise of white supremacist groups.“

    All Completely made up, CNN talking points.

    Look random black guy, you’re a pawn. They consider you a “useful idiot.” They’ll dispose of you just as fast as the rest of us once they’ve solidified their control.

    • “…due to endemic police killings of Black people, crimes against Black people that are not investigated thoroughly…”

      How exactly is it the fault of police being unable to investigate black-on-black crime when no one will step forward to testify in the ‘hood?

      • IME it’s a vicious cycle. Basically it comes down, IME, to cops having an impossible job that they’re blamed for not doing completely.

        Most of the people I lived around in “the ‘hood” were actually pretty good people who wanted more policing to deal with the bangers. But they were terrified to help the cops put someone away unless the police presence was increased first. “Floodin’ the block” works both ways here.

        Ex: Shooting at a Section 8 house across the street. No one talks details to the cops but within an hour the little kids know the who and the why of what had happened.

        No one wants to talk because what happens if they do? Likely, retaliation is what happens. Even if they can’t get you, where’s your family at? Think the cops are going to post cars on the street 24/7 to prevent this? LOL. Cops didn’t have those kind of resources. Think they’re gonna protect your kids at school or your brother or cousin in another neighborhood?

        As I said to an officer about a later incident “Look man, I tell you things and what happens tonight or tomorrow night? You get off shift and go home. I LIVE here. They don’t even have to know it was me, they just have to think it and the next shooting is at my address. I don’t need that.”

        Like it or not, Biggie was right about this;

        “Number 9 shoulda been Number 1 to me/
        If you ain’t gettin’ bagged stay the fuck from police/
        If niggas think you snitchin’ they ain’t trying to listen/
        They be sittin’ in your kitchen, waiting to start hittin’/”

        Three things made us stand out in that neighborhood in a way that we didn’t get fucked with extensively. We didn’t talk to the cops, we gave the little kids sandwiches and we pulled rifles on bangers as if we were the ones g’d up from the feet up. Friendly-ish porcupines. The little kids next door called us “The white guys with AK-As”. (Hilarious since we didn’t have any AKs, closest thing was an SKS.)

    • Where is the data on all of these white supremacists killing black people? I’m sure the Party of Science has looked into that right?

      Police shooting unarmed black men…
      2015 -38 (the WaPo database only goes back to 2015)
      2016 -19
      2017 -22
      2018 -23
      2019 -14

      Under Obama, an average of 29
      Under Trump, an average of 20

      If we’re going to pretend this is solely due to the White House occupant, then why doesn’t the Party of Science ever talk about the data? If 20 is a national emergency, worthy of endless protests and riots, then what is 29? Because it’s really about politics and power. The emotional deep thinkers caught up in this are nothing but useful idiots.

    • Ron. The blacks in America are being actively disposed of by the left. A mass genocide under the guise of planned parenthood. It was the plan championed by margerat sanger and it works. The only demographic in America to decrease in numbers is blacks. More than 50% of abortions are black children.

      Socialist/progressives/leftist/fascist, all the same animal, are the biggest, best organized racist in America.

      • MY chocolate bunny isn’t worried about white supremacy. Au contraire it’s BlackLootersMurder & Antifa(and DIMS)she’s concerned with. Lewis is FOS…

        • Bet he don’t call her chocolate bunny to her face…

          Isn’t unconscious racism fascinating…

        • I HAVE called my gorgeous black wife of 31years “chocolate bunny” to her face…you’re full of s##t minor. And a chitty troll…

      • Here’s a question for you to contemplate. Who the FUCK keeps track of the race of aborted fetuses, and WHY? Can you think of any reason whatsoever? Are you even certain it has happened, or are these figures, this “evidence” simply fabricated, numbers invented to create some fictional reality to convince people to believe a lie? Where did your numbers come from, and what makes you think they are real?

        • The info is readily available. It takes but a moment to pull it up on the webz.

          The bottom line is that the black race has declined in population while all others have increased. Abortion plays a big part in this.

          Abortion is genocide.

        • Did that moron jwm just say the black birth rate has declined while all others have increased?????….wtf drugs are you on? Must be some good $hit if it makes you that delusional….

        • george. The only demographic in the US that has lost numbers is the black demographic. As a white supremacist you should be arm and arm with your lefty brothers as a lot of that loss is thanks to their support and defense of abortion.

          Actually the left has done a much better job of exterminating the blacks than you slacker skin heads.

  4. I didn’t need the racist white communists, some of them waving rainbow flags, who are now burning down black businesses in the 21st century, to get me to go buy guns. What motivated me was the white Jewish lawyers who supported the KKK marching thru black neighborhood while carrying guns. In the1970s.
    The same white Jewish lawyers have never supported the gun rights of law abiding black people.

    ;Better late than never for the blacks, who believed in the white democrat’s, who run the major cities in this country. And have kept blacks disarmed in the government “gun free zone” , housing projects.

    • I wonder how they felt about the Nazi march in Illinois back in the 70s?

      I’ve never really understood why so many Jews are left wing. The left hates Jews and Israel, and loves Islam. The modern American left also is now becoming very embroiled in the same anti western philosophy that Bin Laden preached.

      • Agree or disagree with them the ACLU supported the rights of all Americans to express their 1rst amendment rights. Which cost them a lot of support in the Jewish community. I remember my grandparents being quite upset that they were supporting known American Socialist Nazi’s in Chicago’s rights to march To the point where not a penny was ever again donated to any cause that even remotely was associated with the ACLU. Many of their generation never again associated with the ACLU.

        Notice I said First amendment rights. They for some reason are not as adamant about other rights enshrined in the Constitutions that might affect gun rights especially the Second. They believe the Constitution does not guarantee an individual right to armed self-defense. They feel it was written as a collective right not an individual right. Which is their interpretation and is their right to believe what they want.

        I too have my beliefs, one of which is to continue the not a penny to any thing even remotely associated with the ACLU. The SAF should thank them since they get most of my donations.

        • The ACLU has never supported the1st amendment. They do however support the actions of one group to pester another group. It is a myth, propaganda, they have never support the civil rights of groups they didn’t like. And the ACLU socialist’s, they do like the national socialist’s. Both have similar goals. Both hate Christians.

          There are videos of ACLU leaders, spokes persons, saying the 2A is for only the government to have guns. Those statements go back to the 1970s, at least.

          Also it was an ACLU board member who co wrote the most racist modern day gun control law. The Mulford Act. The ACLU is the enemy of the people.

        • You can have your version of beliefs in what they are. I feel its wrong but hey each to their own.
          I do get the feeling though from this and other post in the past that you really do not like us. Again that’s fine. Odds are if I ever was around you long enough I would dislike you too as you seem rather strident.

          But they are not a secret Jewish organization devoted to overthrowing all that you feel is right with America. I do not agree with most of their platform but do not feel they are anti American. They are big city Americans And tend to want the rest of us to do what would be best for a big city.

          I’ll tell you a joke a family member from Ohio likes to tell about people from Kentucky.

          Know why the bridge in Cincinnati to Kentucky has the people driving from Kentucky to Ohio on the lower part?
          So the folks going to Kentucky can throw their shoes to the people going to Ohio.

          I know you have one so throw a Jew Joke at me.
          Odds are I’ve heard it as I collect them and some are very funny.

        • It is the right of those making up the governing body of the ACLU to believe whatever they choose, and it is the right of everyone else to donate elsewhere, since the organization has NOTHING to do with civil iberties and everything to do with their personal control over everyone’s lives. Don’t be stupid.

        • Why did the JAP have a gold diaphragm? She wanted her husband to come into money.
          Why do rednecks do it doggy style? So they can both watch the race.
          I do have a million jokes, for every possible group, that I can’t tell in polite company any more.

        • Redneck jokes?

          If you get divorced, is she still your sister?


          How many Jews can you fit in a Volkswagen?
          5000, you put them in the ashtray.

          Latinos never marry black folks, the kids would be too lazy to steal.

          “Mr. Sensei, you have a cataract.”
          “No, Dr.. I drive a Rincoln Continental.”

          Self deprecating humor is an important part of psychological growth and realignment of the ego in a social being.

          Just ask Archie Bunker…

        • One of 0urs.
          Know what’s the difference between a Jew and a Pizza?
          Pizzas don’t scream when you put them in the oven.

      • “I’ve never really understood why so many Jews are left wing. The left hates Jews and Israel, and loves Islam.”

        Self-hating is a central tenet of Leftism. White leftists hate whites. American leftists hate America.

        Why do they love Islam? The enemy of my enemy is a friend. The enemies are the Republican party and Israel.

        • He is the President following the Christian Zionism platform.
          I’m not a Zionist nor were any of our family for the most part.
          But I am quite aware of the need for Jews to fulfill their part in your end of the world Revelations.

        • Dude blame either my eyes, my phone or this platform.
          I was trying to reply to another post and it attached to this for some reason.

      • I can tell you why.
        Note this is not me, this is what I have observed over the years from others.
        And will ramble as I’m just pulling from my memory.

        Many of us thrive in victimhood. Be around us long enough and tales of past persecutions will show up.
        Honestly, be around us and tales of stuff being like Nazi Germany are bound to show it. Even among young people. And they are accusing Trump and many prominent republicans and business leaders of being antisemitic, Which is funny in a way since the Presidents daughter and son in law are of us.

        You goyem pick on us, and all secretly want to exterminate all of us. Notice I used a word the separates you from us. Makes you an other, someone we can hate or blame for all that is wrong or at least we feel is wrong with the world.

        You blame us for the sins of our rich while ignoring the sins of your own. Those rich Jews, Soros, Bernanke, Zuckerberg Google, Facebook ( again Zuckerberg ) ( you did know he was one of us didn’t you? ) and others secretly control the world or are trying to buy a world that they can control. You too have yours trying to do the same David Green, Chick-fil-A and so on trying to do the same.

        If you listen to Gentiles long enough anti Jewish spew will come out, they can’t help it. I will give them this with some people.

        Republicans are hate filled antiSematic Christians bigots who secretly want to send us off with all the Browns and Blacks. Again the victim hood, we thrive on it I admit.

        But what has happened is you have become others. And it is easy to ascribe to others all sorts of things you need to be there to justify your reason to avoid or hate them.

        We are not a unified block. Personally I think our version of the Amish look and those who follow Hasidic traditions are a bit strange. But they feel I’m not a true Jew. And I did not like Chabad-Lubavitch taking over most of the the local Synagogues around here. But we are all Jews, and will group together or be grouped together by the others. And since many feel Republicans secretly are American Nazi’s or backsliding Klan members its best to avoid them

        We find reasons to dislike or show that you are not like us.
        You do it to us too. Maybe not even realizing it is being done but I do notice it on postings on here all the time. I ignore them or once in awhile will respond if the person is coming out as David Dukes long lost retarded twin brother.

        So we feel the urge to stick together and the need to have an enemy or someone who cannot be trusted makes you a handy target Note I am not speaking for all of us Jews but have noticed the above in quite a few of us. Including my own family.

        And that is enough, I am close to throwing this damn phone against the wall. Writing on it is almost torture.

        איך האָפֿן דאָס סענס

        • This for some reason attached to the wrong post so I’ll try again.
          Probably due to my hated cell phone

          He is the President following the Christian Zionism platform.
          I’m not a Zionist nor were any of our family for the most part.
          But I am quite aware of the need for Jews to fulfill their part in your end of the world Revelations.

        • “He is the President following the Christian Zionism platform.”

          Are you saying his pro-Jewish intentions aren’t pure enough for you? It isn’t the policy or outcomes that matter, it’s the intentions?

        • Dude for votes yes.
          His Son in law as well as quite a few Jews are Zionist.
          There are lots of people who feel Jews occupying Jerusalem are part of the end times so we need to do our part.
          So for the president this is extra good policy, he gets to bag two groups with anything he does pro Israel.

        • “There are lots of people who feel Jews occupying Jerusalem are part of the end times so we need to do our part.”

          And the flip side of this would be that democrats were against it because they didn’t want to bring about the end times? So, that entire situation was really just about hurrying along the “end times?” Is that why Bill Clinton promised to do this as well? Or was he just after votes? Interesting.

        • Is this also why Obama promised to “always have Israel’s back.” …only to stab them in the back in his second term? Was it okay when he was only after votes?

        • I wish that for a few minutes all could just relax and hypnotize yourselves to suppress your childhood brainwashing to realize all (that means ALL) religion is backwards ridiculous hokum, then go back and read this thread and realize how ridiculous it is. It might help you realize how stupid most of the wars in history have been, as well.

          And in case no one ever pointed it out to you (which is very unlikely), I say “brainwashing” because if you collect all the 1000 most brilliant minds on this planet who are 50 years old, 98+% of them will follow one single religion. That is, the religion of their parents, since all religions, always, demand that parents submit their children for “training”, and continue reinforcement of this “training” at home. Finding a brilliant 50-year-old Jew who was born and raised in a Catholic home is simply impossible. And vice versa. How could that be? Work on it.

        • You Jews are truly bizarre creatures…. Satan’s chosen ones…..
          You should realize evil never wins in the end….. never…

        • And here we have David Dukes retarded twin brother pretending to be George Washington.
          Of course his brain is a dead as the real George has been all these years so what would we expect from him.
          We could put him in a carnival show.
          Step right up folks and witness the truly absurd,
          A man who’s brain has been dead for over 200 years and body lives on.
          Zombies would have nothing to do with him as his brain is dust.
          Watch and listen folks as he spews long dead sayings.
          Be amazed as he expounds on the views of Goebbels .

        • LarryinTX, I’m actually saying that the policy and outcome is all that matters. Pick your policy and pick your outcome. That’s what matters, not the intentions, religious or otherwise.

        • I will criticize anyone. You don’t get any special protection. Just because your family or Tribe, went through a terrible time. I became a member of the JPFO in 1993. After hearing Aaron Zelman say gun control was created to keep blacks as slaves. And deny them their birth rights as Americans citizens. He was also reading from the research of Clayton Cramer. There are a lot of Jews who really hate themselves. And they project it. And it poisons the relations of everyone.

          “Why Jews Hate Guns”

          If your not a member of the JPFO?? What are you waiting for???

        • Chris I belong to the JFPO but sadly gun owning Jews are a minority and looked down upon by many. We are yutzi I guess. I’ve been asked before why if I like weapons am I not over in the IDF. First off I’m too old and even when younger would never have considered leaving the U.S. and becoming a citizen of or serving a foreign country.
          As a black American you probably have observed something similar, either gun owners are typically rednecks or guns are not part of what we are. Or gun owners of color are typically militants.
          At least I do not have that baggage instead I am told we are peaceful why do I need weapons of war?
          Or did until recently, now I’m asked if I would consider providing security, to which I say spend some money and hire off duty police. I’m not trained as nor do I have the legal protections of LEO so my weapons are for my own families protection.

        • These comments are very interesting, and I seriously thank you folks for expressing your experiences and opinions.

          I really don’t think the left hates Jews, many leftists are in fact Jews and they don’t hate themselves but they dislike Israel‘s actions as a country.

          Personally, I think Israel has acted as a terrorist country by stealing the Palestinians land at gun point, using a claim of ancient authorization as justification for their terrorism.

          The Palestinians, having no tool but terrorism, have replied in-kind to the destruction of their homes and theft of their property, as Winston Churchill once said, “what kind of people do they think we are?”

          In the end, it’s not about color, race or ethnicity.

          Those seeking power use those constructs to deceive people into doing bad things.

          It’s all about behavior, how you treat others.

          “You Jews are truly bizarre creatures…. Satan’s chosen ones….. “

          Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Jesus a Jew?

          “Imagine there’s no heaven, it’s easy if you try,
          no hell below us, above us, only sky
          Imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do nothing to kill or die for and no religion too”

    • If anything good is coming out of this it’s that the blame isn’t solely on us southerners anymore. I went to school every day with black kids and had black neighbors in the 70’s and it wasn’t us burning down the house next door because a black family moved in – that was Cleveland. It wasn’t us turning over school buses because they were headed for a traditionally white school – that was Boston.

      We are in for interesting times.

      • Truth, Klaus, truth. Zero racial issues in my area of the South in the ’70s, nor was their ill will (at least that I was aware of) toward Jews. WE just looked at Jewish folks like another religion, Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ, Catholic, Jewish.
        Me, I’m a Frisbeetarian. I believe when you die your soul goes up on the roof and you can’t get it down.

    • Plenty of black Democrats running cities into the ground too buddy…..js…
      I will agree with one point you make….. Jewish lawyers are evil….

  5. I am glad someone is pointing out the obvious need for arms to protect themselves from a tyranical government, but your organizational goals should include informing your youth, keeping them out of prison so they dont lose their constitutional rights! That is the real purpose of all these drug laws, taking the rights of blacks and other minorities. That is ultimately what blacks should fight to undo, all the drug laws.

    • If fighting drug laws is their thing, ironically then they would actually get the most support on the far right of the political spectrum, with the likes of Rand Paul ect…

  6. I’m all for black America arming-up & supporting 2A. When they do, they’re going to realize it’s not white people shooting at them.

  7. These guys are not your allies, their demonstrations are more about intimidation than rights. Commie pawns. And they tend to accidentally shoot each other an awful lot lol

    • I’m not intimidated by any color of a person who open carries. Why do you let them intimidate you? Because you let them do it to you.
      Get a spine.

      • I don’t think he said he was intimidated….. he said these “people” were attempting to intimidate….. read better..

        • If that’s true then You need to learn to not speak for other people. Unless you are projecting. Which I think you are. Grow a spine.

      • I think a black guy with a gunm looks more scary then a white guy with a gunm. Most white guys with gunms are old ,fat, and white. What gets me is, Whites try to get a nice sun tan, and Blacks straighten their hair, so the only thing I can think is were jelous of each other, jealousy makes hate, hate makes prejudice.

  8. Cornell should check the numbers. Who kills the most blacks? Clue: It ain’t the Amish white boy, or the cops. Look in the mirror, Cornell.

  9. “America does not want us here and does not care for us. ”

    I have a date later this month to take 4 black people to the range and then gun shopping. They are all intelligent, educated professionals. I’m about as white as casper the ghost. I’m also often described as a “right wing extremist”. If I didn’t want them here and didn’t care for them, or if I had any problem with black people in general, why would I have been encouraging them to arm themselves for years. Why would I be as as happy and excited as a kid at Christmas that they are finally taking me up on the offer of a range and gun shopping trip?

    Among white people, we have intelligent, educated, hard working, good people. And then we have white people cooking meth in trailer parks. And there is an entire spectrum in between. All white people are not the same. Black people have intelligent, educated, hard working good people. And then they have gang bangers selling dope in the hood. And there is an entire spectrum in between. All black people are not the same.

    America wants the hard working, good people and cares for them regardless of race, religion, etc. The ones America does not want or care for the criminals who prey on their fellow man, regardless of race, religion, etc.

    • The Left is invested in portraying anyone that doesn’t vote for a democrat as a racist. If they lose the black vote, they have little to no chance of being elected. They keep telling blacks that they have no power in America, yet black voters have ALL the power. They can decide elections. If black people voted like the rest of the country (50/50+/-), democrats would rarely win elections. BTW, how would the press portray Trump raising the hand of a KKK grand wizard? That’s what Joe Biden did…

      For a look into how these people think, read their articles:

    • AAa-a-r-r-gh, me matey. Tell those folks “welcome” from me, and it’s about time. I had ancient black folks (probably around 40) welcome me to motorcycling, 60 years ago when I was 15, and it was important to me. Now, if they are going to join me in being POTG I’d wish to make them feel welcome as well.

  10. As an American, being American is about being free.

    Personally, I couldn’t care less if you or anyone else (black, white, or other) decides to carry a firearm. Just act with safety, responsibility, and care with it. Be mindful of your states laws and federal laws.

    Shooting people (especially cops) just because they are there does not mean you are justified. It means you are a criminal. Your race has NOTHING to do with this.

    Carry your weapon FOR SELF DEFENSE. The fact that a police officer speaks to you does NOT mean you draw your weapon and fire. Do this lawfully and with a mature mindset. Understand your weapon and practice with it.

    ANY black person (male or female) reading this needs to understand that it is liberal/democrat/progressives standing in your way. It is your attachment to the democrat party that holds you down. You have rights. The US Constitution is there to maintain those rights (for all of us). BUT, burning down private businesses, killing innocent random people, and looting makes you criminals. It makes criminals out of ANYONE. ALL lives matter! that includes black lives. But if you want me to believe your life matters to you then you can start by being a mother and father to your children instead of abandoning or aborting them. EVERY black abortion tells me that black lives DO NOT matter to black people.

      • Not sure if we were both called naive, me, or you. But the future of the human race race is the business of every human on this planet. It is the business of every man and every woman. This is NOT racism. If you think what I said is racist then you do not understand what racism actually is.

    • Lol… there you go trying to skip millions of years of evolution again. … STOP…. IT WON’T WORK….. YOU’RE WASTING YOUR BREATH….. WE’VE TRIED THIS BEFORE AND IT WON’T WORK….

      • “millions of years of evolution”

        Well, at least you accept the theory of evolution, so you’re not completely brain dead.

        Next question, flat or globe?

  11. Simple and poignant.

    “A man’s natural rights are his own, against the whole world; and any infringement of them is equally a crime; whether committed by one man, or by millions; whether committed by one man, calling himself a robber, or by millions calling themselves a government.” L.S.

  12. That’s right drama queen black panther wannabe…Take another dump in the heads of Black Americans. Tell them to get a gun to kill cops like that gutless pos that walked up and shot two in LA and took off like his pants were on fire.
    Perhaps you should help hyper Blacks learn how to chill and not give other blacks reasons to call the police for help in the first place. And when the police arrive stupid gets even more stupid and the next thing you another dumbbell acting fool is dead.
    Do some police make stupid mistakes? Are there police officers who should not be police officers? Yes. Is bullying, threating, looting and arson an answer to that? No. All street drama does is make decent Black Americans more fearful and ashamed of their own race.
    Instead of applying your ignorance to the Second Amendment, etc. If you have a problem with cops you go get a Civil Rights attorney and if your attorney says you have a case then you file a suit and go to court. Cease acting as if cops are stacking the streets with black corpses. Blacks in Chicago are doing that on their own.

  13. I don’t think there has been a rise of white supremacy groups, they have always been there and are just more vocal with the polarization of our country. The far left has many factions, they are very fragment(by design, the powers that be in the left are just using these groups and paying lip service to them).
    The only difference between a black man with a family who is marching with a gun in hand and a white man doing the same is color. They both want the same things:
    1. A job as an entry into the so-called “middle class”
    2. A safe/comfortable home for their family.
    3. A future for their kids.

    I hope that these families can see a job creator and keep him in the White House.

    • “they have always been there and are just more vocal with the polarization of our country.”

      Plus the press gave them loads of attention in the lead up to, and right after the 2016 election. They made Richard Spencer famous. The logic was, that since Spencer supported Trump for president, that meant that Trump was a white supremacist. Fast forward to 2020, and Richard Spencer has endorsed Biden for president. Oh, what’s that? We don’t get to use the same “logic” because Biden isn’t OrAnGe Man BaD?

    • ” I don’t think there has been a rise of white supremacy groups ”

      And you would be right. The group that keeps track of this kind of stuff is SPLC — Southern Poverty Law Center. Don’t ask me how they got the job, but everyone uses their data. And according to their data, white supremacy groups have been on the decline for quite a while. What’s on the rise? Black nationalist groups.

      But — don’t take my word for it. Go look it up.

      • The SPLC is a racist organization. Run by anti civil rights Jewish people. Who claims they are for blacks. No they are not. They have worked to keep law abiding blacks disarmed.

    • How about a little bit of truth injected into the discussion…

      “Trump continually says that, “the U.S. is experiencing the best economy ever.” This is obvious gaslighting since the new results show that President Trump’s best year of job growth was 2.314 million in 2018 (the first year of the tax cut) but it falls short of any of Obama’s last three years. His boasts also don’t stand up when you peel the onion on GDP growth and realize that the Federal deficits during his Presidency will exceed any that were not impacted by a recession.”

  14. I support his right to carry but his reasons are every bit as ignorant as a white supremacist preparing for race wars. This separatist nonsense is what divides people.
    “Only people of color will be allowed to walk in the streets, Lewis said. White allies may walk alongside on the sidewalks. This is to emphasize that the protest is happening in a Black neighborhood.”

    • Democrats push the notion that only white people are capable of racism, which excuses and promotes the racism directed toward whites. Racism in any form is wrong. That shouldn’t be difficult to comprehend.

    • Given what antifa have been doing under cover of BLM protests, this could simply be a smart tactical move. If I were in his shoes, I’d want to keep those filthy communist shitheads separated from my march, too.

  15. I am trying to understand the purpose of the last few reports like this. Are you advocating for arming in support of BLM and Critical Race Theory, or are you simply reporting the conversation going on within the black community??

  16. “America does not want us here and does not care for us.”

    Oh boo hoo. “Amewica doesn’t like us, mommy.” Stop killing each other, stop taking handouts and agitating for reparations, stop burning down stores so you can steal the stuff inside, stop acting like racist @ssh0les, stop being a drain on society, and America will be just as happy with you as it is with anyone else.

    Black people have been dealt a bad hand. That’s true. Which has become a convenient excuse for stealing everybody else’s cards and burning down the casino.

  17. “Lewis said the point of the rally was not to show guns, but to inform Black people of the need to own guns, due to endemic police killings of Black people, crimes against Black people that are not investigated thoroughly and the rise of white supremacist groups.”

    This is NOT “advocating for the black gun ownership”, this is advocating an oncoming race war, and anyone who thinks otherwise is just foolish…

  18. “Rise of white supremacist groups” where the fuck are they then? Are white supremacists burning our cities? Has the whole country lost it’s damn mind?

    • Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment, often evoking in them cognitive dissonance and other changes, including low self-esteem. Using denial, misdirection, contradiction, and misinformation, gaslighting involves attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim’s beliefs. Instances can range from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents occurred, to belittling the victim’s emotions and feelings, to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim.

      • Oh fk all that nonsense…

      • You’ve heard of “white fragility”? That pseudo-academic book and the white “liberal” phenomenon it describes are examples of gaslighting at its finest.

        • One could say our friend George Washington above suffers from the ‘white fragility’ you mention.

    • “Rise of white supremacist groups” where the fuck are they then?”

      Nowhere, but Antifa is right there. The anti-fascists are the fascists.

      “Has the whole country lost it’s damn mind?”

      Sometimes I feel like I’m in ‘Straya. It’s upside down land where the truth is a lie, and the lies are the truth, according to the masses. Dude’s right on target, gaslighting is exactly what’s going on. Lewis is an easily manipulated fool with his own personal tyrannical streak, parroting what he’s told to think instead of searching out the truth for himself.

      I’m all for equality, armed and otherwise. Intimidation, burning people out, & unfettered violence being dispensed ain’t it. Acting like rabid dogs should see you hunted & put down like the same, were everything right in the world.

      I’m feeling a bit on the carronade side lately. 68# in point of fact.

      • That’s because the lefts spokespersons consider everyone who means right and will fight them to be white supremacists, and the other races among conservatives to be uncle tom’s. Dems have been doing this shit since the birth of the democratic party. They were the kkk, they were the confederacy. They still are, but now it involves all races and they seem to continue their manipulation of “minority” voters… Which enables them to continue their enslavement of not only minorities, but all of their voting base.

      • Oh don’t worry … these mobs already know what’s gonna happen to them if they bring that garbage into white suburban areas….. that’s why they burn their own neighborhoods to the ground….. they know better than to fk with all white neighborhoods…..

        I do have to say, I kinda wish they would come around here though…. js 😉

  19. What amazing horseshit! That time was over 150 years ago, circa 1870! And would best be described by “GET OFF YOUR DEAD ASS!” White men have been fighting and dying to earn your freedom since around 1840, without a bit of help from you, just more and more demands for free stuff and votes for your SWORN ENEMY! Get with the program before your chance is gone. Unaided, 13% is going nowhere except to the gas chambers.

  20. What kind of rifle is that in the photo? At first look, it look like a garden-variety AR. However, there is a bolt handle and a cutout on the receiver like an AK.

      • No it’s a brownells 180s.

        You can see the springs. It actually does not need a buffer tube at all.

        Great design. Much better than a side charger that still requires the buffer.

        • I humbly stand corrected! So basically the AR18 for the 21st century?

          “Hmm…”, looks at wallet.

          Even us old 11Cs can learn new things. Learned about the Sarsiimaz Sar 9 Debbie was on about too.

          Today has been a good day.

        • Yea I have been wanting a B180 for a while now. They recently came out with a V2.0 so maybe I’ll wait for the 3.0 lol. Once they get them in stock they are gone in a day.

          Checkout the Archon Type B too.

      • It’s a short barreled BRN-180 upper, too… with a folding stock. Unless my old eyes deceive me.

        I dunno who that person is… but regardless, it makes me wonder how many people are actually bothering to paper their SBRs properly. Perhaps he has… but I just see so many photos like this… with legit SBRs, not braced “pistols…,” and I tend to think– I highly doubt that everyone is papering these arms.

        Then I think… if that is the case, then good for us. Because the more “regular joes” we have walking around violating the numbskulled NFA laws, means the more people who are likely to be caught in “ignorance of the law,” and then the more likely prosecuted… which inevitably leads to more social griping, more irate shouts of “are you freaking kidding me?,” and maybe even the unholy Race Card being unleashed upon the ATF. All of which eventually adds up to mounting pressure and more public awareness to strike these moronic barrel length rules… even if the BATFE insists on enforcing some of the other messy NFA statutes.

        The whole idea of registering rifles that don’t have a minimum barrel length, or that don’t meet minimum dimensions… it’s absurd in our modern world. I realize that PDWs and subguns can be tucked under that ominous gangster trenchcoat… but as long as the spectre of ADA makes our braces a thing, then the entire point is pretty much moot anyway.

        Not saying anything (most) everyone doesn’t already know… but look at how often SBRs come up in these public photos, and then ask yourself if the folks are really papering them. Maybe… but probably not. That is good, I think.

        Anyway, be safe. Follow the rules. 🙄 Or maybe… just follow the 2A. 😆


        • Actually it has a “pistol brace” because it’s just the buffer tube with a foam pad. That said, I know more than a couple people who are not stamp collectors

        • Actually, it is a brace. The reason I thought it was a stock was because of the folding mechanism. The tube/foam thing would be something pretty rare to see on a weapon where a guy consciously chose to buy a shorty BRN-180 from Brownells… I mean, you’re doing that for a reason, which is almost always to make the buffer and tube itself unnecessary.

          It’s a Tailhook brace… that is why it is thin enough to be covered by the fella’s forearm and wrist. It occurred to me, with the colorful mags the guy carries, picking him out of a crowd would be easy. So I just took a quick look at Tim Easley’s other photos from that day. Tailhook, for sure.

          That tells me that this guy probably knows his stuff, at least insofar as what he wants/needs and how the law affects him. Good on him. The cause or whatever…. well… the Bill of Rights is for all American citizens, and I will leave it at that.

          Be safe. Take care!

        • Yea I see it now. I’d love to have a competition with someone like him still. Probably spends more time painting his mags and making sure the weapon rests on his mag pouches since he doesn’t have a sling than actually training haha. I honestly could care less. When your group makes it about race, and that is exactly what these “black militias” are doing, then you are a racist POS and you can catch bullets the same as the rest of the loony leftists.

  21. You support blacks owning firearms now. Let’s see your opinion when they want to make it illegal to be white. We’re nearing South Africa levels of social unrest now.

  22. They own there’s because of white supremacy….. and I’ve owned mine for years because of black criminals. .js

  23. I’m cool with it. Buy all the guns you want, believe all the mathematically disprovable propaganda you like about “systemic racism” in the year 2020, distrust big govts motives, and be more self-sufficient. Maybe if you actually start doing all that you’ll stop voting for people who want to regulate you into disarmament, dependency, and dysfunction.

  24. We advocate for all Americans to exercise their 2nd amendment rights. This is good.
    However, we must recognize there are some leftist/Marxist groups that will use our second amendment rights against us, and use those rights to destroy our constitutional form of government and set up a tyrannical leftist dictatorship. Then the leftist tyrannical dictatorship will eliminate the useful idiots.
    Patriots… stand guard.

  25. As Col Jeff Cooper said “just give blacks guns and they will take care of their own problems”.
    And if the atheists and the sexually liberated would just stay out of the bedrooms of blacks. Their family life would be much better in a traditional one man and one woman relationship. But that is something that the Libertarians Liberals and the Left really hate.

    They are all supporters of the Welfare Industrial Complex. And their favorite. Drug legalization. That won’t stop crime. It will only go up. But people will be able to get intoxicated w/o fear of being arrested.

  26. Here is one example of police murdering “innocent” Black men that this group is protesting.

    Never mind the fact that the “victim” was armed and the police officers had witnessed him shooting two people just moments before he ran towards them still holding a gun.

    The two men that the property had shot were also Black.

    I support the right of all Americans to keep and bear arms. However; the bay majority of the African American community seems to be suffering from mad hysteria. It is as if they are living in some alternate reality.

  27. I think all Americans should be armed, black, white, red, yellow, tan- whatever.

    I also have no problem with the NFAC militia, other than the fact that they are very poorly trained and incompetent.

    They have not caused any hostilities, and have peacefully mustered and assembled.

    There is no doubt that citizen militas give the government pause.

  28. Nothing but made up lies is what the blacks and anti whites, e legals spread around to be able to get pitty to do crimes, without anypunishment, the white people never claim to be any better then them and most treat them with respect and like family, even knowing they believe the white people O’s them, noone ask for them to stay are enter America, the blacks were freed from the evil our forefathers committed, if they are unhappy in America go back to their country, the foreigners if not legally in this country are trespassing and should be punished, sent back and forfeit The right to enter America again an become citizens of this country, America’s justice system has went to HELL, hopefully trump will change that, let us pray. AMEN

    • Thank you so much for giving us a demonstration of the actual intelligence level of the typical Trump supporter.

      Please, do society a favor and do not reproduce, thank you.


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