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Levi’s wants to make less money. No really. Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh posted an open letter in Fortune Magazine saying his company doesn’t want your guns (and, by extension, your money) in their stores. What’s more, Mr. Bergh’s utterly unconcerned about a boycott as “most boycott threats around this topic ultimately blow over.” Mr. Bergh apparently thinks gun owners are stupid, with short memories and no doubt other stubby attributes.

Mr. Bergh must think himself exceptionally intelligent, diving head-first into a very shallow pond of liberal politics following the recent election. Most smart folks would think it wise for an iconic American brand to avoid divisive politics, but not Mr. Bergh. He told Fortune, “You don’t need a gun to try on a pair of jeans.”


The prudent man isn’t worried about needing a gun to try on a pair of jeans. The prudent man or woman is concerned about the parking lot outside the business as parking lots are a favorite place of bad guys to accost unsuspecting shoppers. The prudent man knows that you never know where a bad guy will choose to prey on an innocent – maybe even a Levi’s store. We all know that signs and policies against good guys having guns act as a dinner bell for wackos, terrorists and thugs.

The denim company’s head honcho went on to further demonstrate just how out-of-touch his beliefs remain by tying the gun prohibition to high profile terror attacks.

“With stores in Paris, Nice and Orlando, and the company’s European headquarters in Brussels, I’ve thought more about safety in the past year than in the previous three decades of my career because of how ‘close to home’ so many incidents with guns have come to impacting people working for this company.”

Clearly strict Euro-style gun control worked so well to save lives across the pond, right Mr. Bergh?




That would be the aftermath of the Paris attacks on top, and then murder scene in Brussels below it. As for Florida’s blanket prohibition on licensed good guys carrying in establishments that serve liquor – even if they remain sober – it saved dozens at The Pulse nightclub, right Chip?


It’s more than a little alarming how Mr. Bergh conflates radical Islamic terror attacks with “gun” violence. Only a fool would think that asking customers to leave their personal defense weapons outside of his stores would render them — and the employees in a store — safer. Denial has no survival value, not even in Levi’s San Francisco home.

I only wish I still had a pair of Levi’s to burn. I quit wearing them nearly ten years ago and haven’t looked back. 5.11 makes more comfortable pants that allow me to carry my stuff. 5.11 and plenty of other companies welcome my gun along with my money. And they’ll surely do the same for any other soon-to-be former Levi’s customers.

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    • I used to as well. But, after their attack on the Boy Scouts and traditional marriage, I switched to Lees. Just more of the same from a Bay area cancer cell.

      • I too quit wearing Levis when they pulled the Boy Scout crap, so I don’t have a pair to burn either. I won’t buy Levis if they’re the last jeans maker on the planet!

        After that I wore Lee Riders (which were a lot more comfortable), but either they quit making them or they quit selling them here. These days I wear Wranglers, and I hope their CEO keeps his bloody mouth shut!


        • While reading this article, I was thinking the very same thing about their attacks on the Boy Scouts of America. I USED to wear Levi’s. Haven’t in years. I wear Lee jeans because like the elephant – I too have a long memory.

      • Think about it… most levis styles now are for metrosext ual snowflakes who only want skin tight skinny jeans. Nothing is concealable in $80 denim leggings anyway

      • It seems as if the more anti-gun Levis have become, the less room they have where us men need it most.

    • I just saw yesterday that Cinch is making concealed carry vests and jackets now. I still personally prefer my Ariats and Wrangler’s.

    • I’m a White Label guy myself. Once I found Cinch I haven’t even considered going bock to Levi’s.

    • Yep… haven’t owned or worn Levi’s since college days in early 90’s. Since then I only wear wrangler, cinch, and a couple pair of Gap jeans my wife bought me.

    • Used to only wear Levi jeans. Stopped buying them when they joined the war on the Boy Scouts years ago. Haven’t bought them since. If you want an example of a company that lost its compass, you cant find a better one. Is anybody in the company listening to all of this?

  1. Short memory?
    Remember the 1990s, when gun rights supporters were trying to end Missouri’s “No Issue” status?
    Remember Levi’s, Hanes, and a host of professional sports teams donating money to fight against concealed carry?
    I haven’t bought anything labeled Levi’s, Dockers, or Hanes in nearly 20 years, and I can keep that streak going for another 30-40 years.

    Thank you for attacking gun owners once again so that I may encourage a new generation of gun owners to join in the lifetime boycott of your company.

    • A gun owner was stupid enough to shoot themselves in a store, so I can understand him not wanting people to bring them in.

      • One accident out of potentially MILLIONS if not tens of millions of people annually?

        I’ll let you do the math, but I still can’t ‘understand’ why you would ban something that works 99.9999% of the time.

        • The problem is not the gun, its the soft tissue between the ears. Don’t have 99.9999% reliability with that. You can ask people to leave the guns out of the store, can’t ask them to leave the stupid at the door.

        • Binder, you are correct that you can’t check stupid at the door. But anyone who decides that they would rather spend their money elsewhere if they can’t carry there is correct as well. You are free to think it is okay and everyone else if free to think it is a bad idea. In the last few years we have seen terrorists attack a Navy base, shopping centers, several schools, with God knows how many foiled attempts on other places. I would rather have a gun and not need it that to need it and not have it. Google the Lubys Cafeteria shooting in Waco Texas, read about the lady there who left her gun in her car because the business in question banned firearms, she explains how she felt as her mother and father were shot…..while her pistol was in the car. If a business doesn’t allow carry, ask the manager what security they have in place to protect customers if some nutcase comes in with a gun. The answer is none.

          • If at all possible, avoid that business–if not, carry anyhow–concealed means concealed–keep it that way unless needed–refuse to be disarmed by a stupid sign–if there are metal detectors and/or searches, you probably do not need to go there anyways

      • Used to smuggle Levi’s into East Berlin. A very powerful weapon in the Cold War.
        Wouldn’t do anything like that now. So, this one man has decided to make my only real contribution to the alter of freedom, a joke. Sad.

      • I’d maybe cut that pass if that’s where he left it, but when he’s stupid enough to follow it up with statements about terror attacks and absolute ignorance that self defense might be required when NOT trying on jeans then he’s nothing more than an anti-gun jackass in denial.
        Too bad, really. I’ve worn their jeans for as long as I can remember and also buy them for my son. Because of this statement and what I’ve learned about the company’s stance on gun rights, I’m done. No more.

      • You need to be careful in the changing rooms if you have that gun with no safety cocked, round in the chamber, and stuck down your pants. 😀

        • No problemo. There’s a hook on the wall, just slide your trigger guard over the hook and let your gat hang out while you try on your denim delight.

    • Amen! Levi Strauss has been a prominent donor to anti-gun rights efforts nationwide for decades. They haven’t seen so much as a dime of mine since Missouri’s Prop B travesty in ’99, nor will they.

      • Probably has something to do with being based out of San Francisco. They picked their side long ago. It’s pretty evident by all their “Pride” branded stuff.

  2. Very timely. I buy a pair of jeans for myself every Christmas. By the end of the year they are worn out and its time to buy a new one. This year, for the first time in more than 20 years, it won’t be Levis. Probably Tunnel Rat instead.

      • My guess? Machine wash after every wear. Either that, or paying up for a brand name who’s primary concerns are appearance and brand visibility doesn’t get you the same functionality as grabbing two pair of Wranglers on sale at Wally World for $20.

        • The Wal-Mart store brand (Faded Glory) jeans are usually $9.99 and fit just as well and last just as long as the Wranglers.

    • Maybe I’ll shoot up a few pair and sell them for a fair mark-up. Torn up jeans are all the rage, again. I bet I could even get past patents and trademarks by sending a video with your custom denim.

      • OMG! A New style to take the world of Jeans by storm! “NRA certified: Lead-washed Jeans!!! 🙂 Bullet-Riddled, loose fit tatters!!!”

  3. “Bergh’s post comes just a few weeks after a customer carrying a handgun accidentally shot himself inside a Levi’s store in Commerce, Georgia, sustaining a non-life threatening injury.”

    OK, I think should have just gone with some people are stupid and just ruined it for the rest of gun owners.

    • Right. Because every non-gun owner has never done something to accidentally injure themselves. Brilliant.

  4. Switch to lucky jeans. Nice big pockets for guns and other necessities, and their clothing has a nice retrosexual feel to them. Where else can you buy a shirt that says ‘Don’t feed the Hipsters’?

  5. On the radio in TX this morning (via NY national press): “If you go to your Levi’s Store to buy your ‘cowboy jeans’, leave your ‘six-shooter’ at home.”

    1. I’d like to know what the city-slicker even thinks “cowboy jeans” are.
    2. I wonder what they think a “six-shooter” even is…does it shoot .6mm-caliber clips?
    3. All their TX locations are in malls or factory outlets. The only likely “cowboy jeans” shoppers are either hipsters being ironic or YMCA karaoke stars.


  6. You mean to tell me a company that advertises solely to skeletor euro trash hipster weirdos in testicle crushing skinny jeans is anti 2nd?

    Mind. Blown.

  7. While you’re boycotting and recommending against Levi, don’t forget their other brands, which probably sell more than the Levi brand: Dockers, for one. Denizen is another (frankly, I’d never heard of that one until I looked up Levi brands.) It will actually be pretty easy to give up Dockers, as the quality of those garments has really dropped in the last ten years, both in workmanship and durability.

    If you look at the Levi website and their associations and memberships, they are all about the liberal agenda and protecting themselves from restrictions on imports from third world labor cesspools–which all of their clothing comes from.

    • Yeah, Dockers slacks are not in a good place on the quality to price ratio. But since ’99, I wouldn’t buy them off the clearance rack.

      Several years ago, picking up blue jean shorts at JCPenney, I passed up some $5 Levis in favor of some $5-8 Lees. Boycott means boycott, means not at any price.

  8. I would also like to point out that this letter has a very different tone to it then the starbucks letter from a few years ago. The starbucks letter basically said ‘You’re freaking out the gun muggles, so stop bringing ARs with you to buy coffee’. This one basically says “I hate guns, I hate the people that buy them, you’re too stupid to own my jeans if you’re a gun owner, and I was in the military before most of you were born so I know more about guns than you do.”

    • I have never bought a thing at Starbucks.

      I don’t see that trend changing anytime soon. AR-15 on my shoulder or not.


  9. There are hundreds of high quality jeans manufacturers in this country alone. Honestly. I’ll buy something else.

  10. I’d have worn Levi’s for years and only have one pair left haven’t bought a pair in the last 10 years. But I will burn this today when I get home from work. I don’t even wear them anymore because they’re so uncomfortable there’s so many other jean manufacturers out there that make a more comfortable fitting Gene especially in the crotch area. I like a loose comfortable fit so that if I bend over I don’t feel like I’m giving myself a wedgie. LOL. Yeah he can say whatever he wants but basically not only will we keep our guns out of his stores will also keep our wallets out of his store as well. I grew up in Orlando and they have one of their big stores there never have gone in there they built it after I stopped buying their product and I basically stopped buying their product because they were outrageously expensive compared to jeans that actually fit better more comfortable and we’re cheaper to boot. This guy’s got a mind full of crap if parents didn’t tell him what gun control does I don’t know it’s just a lost cause on this fella. Nothing like seeing on live camera footage police running down the streets because they’re not armed and then being executed by Islamic terrorists and he just rolls that on into gun violence like Hillary Clinton did with the children supposably 33000 killed during every year gets shot by discovering their parents or loved ones guns and shoot themselves or someone else in the household when that number is actually 33 she just rolled in all the gang banger and dope dealers that blow each other away all the time another mental midget.

    • Excerpt:
      Hillary Clinton did with the children supposably 33000 killed during every year gets shot by discovering their parents or loved ones guns and shoot themselves or someone else in the household when that number is actually 33 she just rolled in all the gang banger and dope dealers that blow each other away all the time another mental midget.
      Reply: Don’t forget all those children that Hillary AOL Clinton had sent to “The DNC Kiddy camp on Epstein island, or sacrificed during some Spirit Cooking !!!” You know…good, decent Liberal agendas—–and evil occult activity!!!! They mix so well …….

  11. Actually, I do need my gun to try on a pair of jeans. I need to make sure they fit right with my IWB holster.

  12. Levis have always been overpriced and cater primarily to the name brand only crowd, Dockers too. Good to know about Hanes, though. won’t be buying their underwear anymore.

  13. Wranglers for me, black. (Black Jeans Matter) I also own a pair of (black) 5.11s. Nice pants, but strictly 3 star hotel quality – all the usual accommodations you expect, some interesting and welcome amenities, but no ball room. Much as I like them for style, no way I can get through a day driving a truck.

    • I started boycotting Levis three years ago. Wranglers are half the price and our justhe as durable.

  14. The slow graveyard spiral of shipping your jobs overseas. Started 16 years ago. First you chuck workers under the bus.

    Shut manufacturing in US in 2004

    Then support.

    Recently Shipped Call center to India

    Then you run your suck about how your customers should buy their stuff.

  15. No kidding our gun store during the concealed weapons class our instructors make sure to let people know that they are going to have to dress the part of being a concealed carrier. In fact all people who carry a firearm for self-defense including police officers make sure to get their uniform that they’re wearing for the job title that they are accomplishing fit their pants for a concealed firearm every person I know that carries concealed always brings their weapon so that they can make sure that they’re going to get a comfortable fit in right out of the pistol or revolver this guy is an American as a Russian submarine. It figures he’s based out of a European country another sell-out to manufacture his clothing out of the United States and import them for free no tariff. Just passed the word along don’t buy Hanes Levi’s or Dockers ever again put a Hurtin on this guy’s pocket book. We the people of the United States of America are tired of government infringement telling us how to live our lives and how to raise our children this isn’t up to them we pay their salaries they work for us if we don’t like the work they’re doing we replace them hence president Donald Trump.

    • 215 words.
      Five (5) periods.
      Average: 43 words per (run-on) sentence.

      Let’s work on that ratio, shall we?

    • I haven’t bought Levi’s since I made my own clothing purchase decisions. What did it for me was a high school class back in the early 90s, when a Levi’s brand rep came in as a “guest speaker” to talk about fashion cycles for an economics class. It was basically an hour-long sales pitch about how Great! Levi’s jeans were, even after shifting all their manufacturing to Mexico because their profit margins are actually super small, dincha know? This was right around NAFTA getting kicked around and I was exploring my personal political ideologies.
      I have no respect for that company. They’ve always been about lining their own pockets and treating their consumer base like morons.

  16. I haven’t bought new jeans in many a year(thrift stores a chock full of clothes).. But its it’s good to know who I won’t give $ to…whatever-everyone sucks.

  17. What a pity, I bought a couple of shirts from him a few weeks ago.
    Last money given to that guy.

  18. I’m going way out on a limb here to speculate that the negligent discharge that started this chain of events happened in a fitting room where the dude was migrating his IWB holster from one pair of pants to another to check the fit.

    So, let’s capitalize on this teachable moment.
    1) Leave the gun in the holster as you remove and reinsert said holster inside your waistband.
    2) An alternative: Leave the gun in your car and use the empty holster to check for fit.

    With modern, striker-fired pistols, the holster is the only device between a mistake and a dangerous event. The holster is the modern safety. Don’t forget its importance for that purpose.

    • How is taking it out of the holster in the parking lot better than messing with it in the fitting room?
      Then you have the whole ‘unattended firearm asking to be stolen’ thing going on.

      The main reason I got a CPL was that in my state car carry is not lawful unlicensed open carry, and unloading and putting it in the trunk every time you get in the car gets old, very fast. I like to handle my gun twice a day, when I get dressed in the morning and when I get undressed at night.

      • How about, if you are going to try on clothing, bring an unloaded firearm with you. If you take a gun to be worked on in any gun store, they want you to bring it in unloaded (preferably in a case). Still they get dumb asses all the time.

    • Springfield owner are less likely to have an ND. You know, because of that grip safety thing.

  19. I haven’t bought any Levi products in over 30+ years! They never seemed to fit right after the first washing…….
    Now they will never get another Dime from me or my family.

  20. Carhartt. ….way better quality….I quit buying Levis when they started making a cheaper version….

    • As much as I like to support Detroit companies, it must be said that Carhartt does a lot of their manufacturing overseas these days, and of late has started cutting corners with even the more expensive, American-made stuff. Replacing broken zippers on brand new work coats is apparently a cottage industry in my parents’ hometown.

  21. Levi’s have sucked for years. As others have said, no ball room and over-priced for the current quality. Why not try pointer brand:
    Made in America, real front rise and great quality. Not totally sure about their stance on firearms, but they still use the pointer dog imagery, that’s gotta count for something (?).

  22. For the price of a pair of Levis, you can buy so many other, much higher quality, jeans. My preferance used to be Ariet, but I recently tried a pair of Duluth Trading Company Ballroom jeans. I immediately bought two more pairs. They are extremely comfortable, and from my past experience with Duluth TC workpants, they should be able to handle just about anything I throw at them.
    Levis probably figured out that they same type of people gullible enough to buy their overpriced crap are not typically the same type of people who have the ability to think something other then “Gun scary.”

  23. I haven’t purchased anything Levi made since the first time they announced they were giving money to support anti-gun organisations. Not with my money, they won’t!

  24. Thanks for the heads up on Levi Strauss and “Chip” Bergh. Another San Fran Crisco know-it-all over paid a-hole.
    Lets not ignore that “Chip” can’t do a damned thing about your gun in a Levis-selling store. He’s really just hoping we’ll believe he’s got more than he’s actually got. He has no enforceable authority – I wear my concealed pistol everywhere there’s no metal detectors and law enforcement present to stop me. That includes carrying concealed into every retail establishment without regard to posted signs which mean nothing IF THEY CAN’T SEE YOU’RE ARMED.

    Besides, the laws concerning “trespass” vary by state. I know some are founded on the necessity for the property owner to “notify trespassers” that they are trespassing before any other action can be taken. There is no “automatic” ability to resort to force or even to call for police assistance UNLESS the trespassers refuses to leave. In reality – Bergh is doing all he can do – ASK customers not to bear arms in “his” stores.

  25. Someone need to host a list of anti 2A companies for those of us who weren’t gun owners when those companies joined the anti bandwagon back in the day.

    Nice to be able to quick search it on the ‘net to guide purchases vs going from memory.

  26. Does anyone else sell a button fly jean? That’s the only reason I buy Levi’s, everyone uses zippers.

  27. Is Levi’s a publicly traded company?
    If so, I wonder how the shareholders feel about the CEO pissing off a pretty good sized chunk of potential customers?

  28. Nah, just go commando or a tactical kilt.

    I have not brought any Levis 10 years now. I just wear shorts.

  29. Duluth Trading Ballroom jeans for me. It seems they had my body type in mind when they designed their clothes (long torso, big gut, no ass).

  30. —“You don’t need a gun to try on a pair of jeans.”—

    Of course you do!!! How else will you know if it fits? Does this gun make my ass look fat?

    • Seriously though, if you carry IWB, which I believe most people who conceal carry a pistol do, then you DO need your gun to try on a pair of jeans. How else will you know whether they’re going to fit properly once you stuff a 1″- to 1.5″-thick slab inside the waistband?

  31. Huh. Amazing the things you learn in the comments section here.

    Guess me and my relatives will be switching to Wrangler. Levis & Co. can go pound sand.

  32. Haven’t worn Levi’s in years. Wranglers fit better and at a better price. My local Walmart is a pain in the ass to get to and out of, so I seldom shop there except to get a couple of new Wrangler’s every now and then.

  33. Chip Bergh — yet another left coast vegan triathlete dipsh!t who hasn’t washed his pants in over a year.

    Please tell me where these clods are grown so I can sew the ground with salt.

  34. I, too, stopped wearing Levi’s about a decade ago when they started getting more vocal in going down the PC rabbit hole. I switched to Wrangler’s and haven’t looked back.

  35. No mention of Round House Jeans? For shame! Half the price of Levi’s and made in the US.

    And of course you need a gun to try on jeans, how else are you going to make sure you get the correct waist size?

  36. Jeans? Who wears jeans? For work pants Duluth Trading Co. Firehose pants are the only way to roll.

    For everything else there’s Arc’Teryx, Patrons, Kuhl or dress pants.

    Also, if I don’t take my gun how am I sure the pants fit my EDC?

  37. “Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh posted an open letter in Fortune Magazine saying his company doesn’t want your guns (and, by extension, your money) in their stores.”

    Except, that’s not what he said. He respectfully requested that you not bring firearms, but it is not a mandate that you may not. He’s probably just trying to walk a fine line between calming his moronic employees and customers, and not roiling gun carrying customers.

    Given that we live in a country where Chipotle is being sued for “making” a customer “too full”, he’s probably trying to fend off frivolous lawsuits, too.

    Obviously, that’s an impossible path, as everyone on both sides is an absolutist and nobody gives a crap about anyone else but himself.

    So, go buy Levi’s if you want, just keep your concealed self defense sidearm concealed. Or don’t, and claim smug self-satisfaction for adding another notch to your boycott list. But let’s not twist the man’s words to fit a narrative and hype hits.

    • If he respectfully requested that I not bring my firearm into his stores, then I don’t think it’s smug self-satisfaction to respectfully honor his request.

      And I don’t think he’s stupid enough to think those of us who normally carry while shopping for pants would disarm, rather than simply choose another place to buy pants. He knows darn well what we’ll do, which means the line you quoted was an accurate interpretation of his “open letter to customers.”

      He has made a calculated decision to alienate what he feels is a small portion of his customer base, in order to placate the irrational fears of other people. So be it. I will respectfully honor his request.

  38. I never buy pants or jeans without trying the fit for IWB & pocket carry both–pocket has to have right shape, size & opening–also carry everywhere, ‘no weapons allowed’ go to hell if there are no searches, in which case I do not need whatever is in there–fortunately where I live ‘no weapons’ signs them selves are almost illegal, believe or not–always looking for companies to boycott because of anti 2A stance–Heinz food products; the pathetic John Kerry married into it, will not purchase their product–probably have never bought Levi’s, but nice to know about Hanes

  39. ‘blow over’ eh? Works for me. If this asshat is so confident, he won’t miss my business. Same reason I don’t go to the movie theatre anymore- pinhead actors I don’t share political leanings with and theatre ‘gun free zones.’ Plenty of other choices in the land of the free and home of the brave. Boo yah!

  40. Is there a list of companies that do support carrying gun in their stores? A positive list would be useful to all of us.

  41. A little note about my memory. Based on Levi’s previous antigun sentiments, I haven’t purchased Levi products in a decade. So screw you Mr. Bergh, and I don’t mean that in a nice way.

  42. Levi’s quality is terrible these days anyways… Thanks for the recommendations everybody, I’ve bought my last pair, looking forward to trying something new… Cinch jeans just made my Christmas list… 🙂

  43. Clearly, you don’t have to have any brains to be a CEO these days.

    Since these people are silly enough to open-carry their political prejudices, I am perfectly happy to spend my money elsewhere.

  44. Levi’s is fighting to stay relevant….jean makers are fighting to stay relevant. Yoga pants and active wear are all the rage, and denim is so 19th century. This is what happens when you move factories for chinese sweatshops and still think you can sell jeans for 90 bucks.

  45. Since UnderArmour canceled their sponsorship of that female hunter for recording her husband killing a bear with a spear I haven’t purchased anything from that company. As it looks like they aren’t renewing that sponsorship they have lost a customer for life. New shoes for Christmas are going to be New Balance. For Hanukkah a pair of Crocs. I don’t even remember her name nor hunt, but they pissed me off. She wasn’t even the one that killed the bear. Now Levi’s what’s next? At least I’ve got more money in my pocket.

    • I’ve been buying the dwindling selection of Made in USA New Balance from Joe’s New Balance Outlet for a while now.

      The last couple of years, there haven’t been many of the USA shoes at a price I wanted to pay, but this fall they’ve been frequently giving away the 3040 models, ($160 shoe for $30-35) which are incredibly comfortable as casual shoes but have no heel cup and if you have weak ankles like mine you can’t really run in them. I unboxed a new pair of 857s from my old stockpile last month, and the heel cup irritated my achilles tendons until they broke in. The 3040s are comfortable from the first minute.

  46. I have not purchased anything related to Levi brands since they stopped supporting the boy scouts over gay boy scout leaders, what’s that, 20 + years now? So long ago I can’t remember. Plenty of other stuff out there as good or better. Sears Roebucks jeans for example! Wrote Under Armor off as well.

  47. He doesnt have to worry about my money.
    I havent bought a pair of Levis anything in 30 years.
    Over priced and fray like any other jeans.
    Ill stay with my $15 Wranglers and I dont care where my jeans are made, or by whom.

  48. Decades ago I gave up on Levi Button-ups and switched to Wrangler Original Cowboy Cut. Very recently I found I could get a comparable fit in Duluth Trading Company Firehose cargo pants.

  49. Since I wear jeans when I carry a gun it makes a lot of sense to wear a gun when I’m trying on jeans. In-waistband holster, much?

  50. “…saying his company doesn’t want your guns in their stores.”

    Who buys Levi’s at an actual Levi’s store?

  51. never found their overpriced clothing worth it anyway but now i wont even buy them used from resale shops. at the prices they want for their crap i can buy much nicer and higher quality tactical pants and shirts from 5.11 and similar companies who love us law abiding gun owners.

  52. Effing SJW dorks. You don’t need the First Amendment to try on a pair of jeans. Should we give that up as well when we walk into their store?

  53. All the progressive companies that have rolled hard left into full-progtard territory recently have one thing in common: I already didn’t give a flying feck about any of their products. But hey, in the unlikely event that Levi’s enter the purchasing equation, this is a handy bit of information to tip the scales.

  54. I do think he may be right about the effectiveness and durability of boycotts. Just look at Smith and Wesson? Everyone just uses the flimsy excuse of “new ownership” to buy from the, and they are one of the most profitable gunmakers. And that is a company, the revenue of which gun owners largely control. There’s absolutely no hope to dent Levi’s’ revenue with a boycott.

  55. Always been a Wrangler man myself so I’ve never had a reason to set foot in a Levi outlet and will make damn sure I never do so in the future or buy any Levi product from another retailer.

    I do however greatly appreciate progressive liberal CEO’s like Bergh voluntary outing themselves to a huge number of their potential customer base since which makes it simple and easy to identify companies never to give my business to.

  56. Crap, I’ve been wearing Levi’s all my life. It’s going to be hard to change, but I’ll never purchase anything made by this company the rest of my life.

  57. Yes, long memory. I’m still boycotting Walgreen’s since they fired that pharmacist several years ago who saved his own life and those of 2 employees with his legal concealed handgun. Lifetime boycott.

  58. I’ve been boycotting them since they first started bullying the Boy Scouts into accepting homosexuals, many years ago. This is just one more reason to continue that boycott. I will not give companies that engage in leftist activism a single penny, if I can avoid it. Its a shame too, as I grew up wearing Levi’s, I have always liked their products and would choose to wear them now, if it weren’t for their offensive political activism.

    • he prolly does or has personal security follow him around that are armed. that is the logic of the wealthy elite only they are allowed to be protected. same seems to be so of the first amendment if your not a wealthy elite your freedom of speech must be suppressed and you must have their christianity forced on you.

  59. Im done with levis too. Lee looks greatand im sticking with them.Chips an asskissing dork. Nust look at him.

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