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Rick Ector is an NRA-approved firearms instructor spreading the gun safety and personal defense gospel in the Detroit metro area. Seven years ago, he saw a TV news story about a woman whose body was found on Detroit’s east side and had a brainstorm. Why not give free firearms training to local women to give them the knowledge and confidence to defend themselves?

Through his company, Legally Armed In Detroit, Ector trained 50 women the first year at no cost to them. That number has grown every year to the point where the target for this year’s event — to be held on May 20 — is to train 800 women, again, at no cost to the attendees.

Do you know a woman who’d like learn how to safely handle a firearm? Here’s the press release with all the details:

Legally Armed In Detroit, a gun rights advocacy group, has announced that it will provide a free firearm shooting lesson at a southeast Michigan target range for 800 women interested in learning more about firearms and personal protection.

There will be no charge for the Firearm Instructor’s safety briefing, the usage of a firearm, ammunition, and range time. Participation is 100 percent free for all attendees. No prior firearms training or experience is required of the women who desire to take advantage of the lesson. Further, experienced women merely desiring to improve their marksmanship skills are also welcome to attend.

The free shooting lesson offer was the brainchild of Rick Ector, an NRA Approved Firearms Trainer, after seeing a local television newscast of a young woman’s body being discovered on an east-side Detroit street seven years ago.

This year’s event will be the seventh consecutive year it has been conducted. In the first year only 50 women were trained. However, last year the event grew sufficiently to teach almost 600 how to safely operate a pistol.

This year’s goal is 800 trained women over the day-long event. It is only with the cooperation of Ector’s fellow Firearm Instructor colleagues and supporters across social media that this event could even be attempted and safely conducted.

Ector believes that there are many women in the state of Michigan who are curious about firearms and their role in self-defense but are reluctant to investigate due to fears. He said, “If giving women a free lesson by a credentialed professional translates into women just trying it, it’ll be a productive use of my time.”

The ladies FREE shooting event will be held on Sunday, May 20, 2018 at the Top Gun Shooting Sports Gun Range at 22050 Pennsylvania in Taylor, Michigan. FREE Advance Pre-registration is required for participation. Interested ladies should visit the following event page on Facebook for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/334945773576906/

Rick Ector is a National Rifle Association credentialed Firearms Trainer, who provides Michigan CCW/CPL Class training in metro-Detroit for students at his firearms school – Rick’s Firearm Academy of Detroit. Ector is a recognized expert in Firearm Safety and Personal Protection and has been featured extensively in the national and local media: Associated Press, National Public Radio, MSNBC, The Guardian, Townhall Magazine, The Politics Daily, and Aljazeera.

For more info about the free shooting lesson and Detroit Michigan CCW Classes, please contact:

Rick Ector

Web: Legally Armed In Detroit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 313.733.7404

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  1. You will never see an in-depth news story on the hundreds of new women gun owners this well spoken black gun instructor has trained. Maybe on Fox. Never on NPR, unless they question why would a single woman in Detroit need a gun????

    On previous NPR interviews thats all they ever ask. NPR is racist to their core.

    Thank you Mr. Rick Ector for the important work you do.

    • I suspect you are correct about the news not covering this.. They can’t afford to.

      . . A very long time ago a reporter we will call Mrs. “P” of “Mrs. P’s Pistol Packing Posse”.
      Was attempting to ‘do something’ about a spike of 22 “agrebated rapes” ie beaten or threathened with lethal force until submission.

      She went to talk to the polise about getting rid of guns. The police responce [this was the old days] there is a constitutional right.

      But they offered to work with the paper in training women to use their hand guns.
      The paper advertised a class in the park. They estimated i forget, but around 700 attendees came. They were wrong.
      Women everywere, guns in holsters, guns in bags, guns in hand, guns in purses.
      The police dragged Mrs P into the Bushes grabbed some passing women and told them the class was postponed. The newspaper would organize a series of classes.
      In the weeks following Mrs. P and her paper we’re the butt of the other papers jokes, and so the above phrase was coined.

      The year following the classes the police were somewhat discouraged no women had to draw a firearm to defend themselves. [They were trained if you have cause to even show your gun.. you have cause to report it to us. ]
      They were encouraged that no woman reported “accidentally” shooting their boy friend or husband.
      It was only when the FBI reports came out that they realized the numbers had dropped from 22 to 2.
      That was the point they realized why no woman reported attempted rapes.. stopped by a firearm.
      They hadn’t dare try.
      The Alinskyites can’t afford any further dropped in crime and violence, they are desperate to keep it up.

  2. Yeah. Free Firearms training would be great! To everyone. Especially in states like Massachusetts where this is placed as a deliberate hurdle to block access to every MA citizens 2nd amendment right..Where its mandatory that all MA residents*(U.S. citizens) produce a copy of a firearms training certification before as MA resident can even request an application from their local police department to apply for other an FID card /or LTC…Which of course adds more cost and hurdles to a draconian mandatory licensing scheme to infringe upon every citizens constitutional right….

  3. Let’s work towards 8000, then 80K….
    I love teaching women… men have too much ego and aren’t nearly as good a quality of student. I never get tired of seeing a husband’s/boyfriend’s expression when a gal shows him her tightly perforated target.

  4. I think that every year he runs it, it makes the local news. He’s been a guest on the news a few times to discuss the event and gun laws.
    It is a LOT of work for him to organize it, and he calls in a LOT of volunteer RSOs and instructors. Rick is great for making sure there is always sponsorship from local ranges, local gun groups, freedom munitions, and even the NSSF.
    Even with all that sponsorship, big thanks to Rick and the other RSOs – we have always seemed to find a way to spend our own money and time for the cause. As long as I can get the day away from work, I’m there to help.

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